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Did Juelz Santana Blast Baby Mama Kimbella For Showing Her Glutes?

August 20th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Juelz Santana Blast Baby Mama Kimbella

Source: Instagram

There’s a new trend taking over social media, Instagram specifically. It’s called “Blast your baby mama.”

“Love and Hip Hop New York” star, model, and the mother of two of Juelz Santana’s children, Kimbella, recently posted one of her standard backshots on Instagram.

Nothing extraordinary about that. But then immediately after, Juelz took to Twitter, saying:

Maybe the kissy faces are to show he meant no harm. 

We’ve seen this before haven’t we? This reminds me of the way in which T.I. tried to come for Tiny after she posted a shot of her in a bikini on the beach. The only difference is that T.I. was very clear that he didn’t approve. And with Santana’s kissy faces, I’m not sure if this is some type of paternalistic shade or an invitation for her to strip for the people. If it really is a jab, isn’t this interesting? It’s always funny to me when men suddenly want to change the very behavior that attracted them in the first place. Kimbella does this and Juelz certainly didn’t have a problem having kids with her, knowing all that information up front. But it could have been the complete opposite. Who knows, maybe Juelz wants homegirl laying spread eagle on a bed of white sheets somewhere. Reading the tweets, what do you think? Then again, the upcoming season of “Love and Hip Hop New York” is coming up, so this could all be a way to start some mess for the show. 

“Miss Me With That BullSh*t” Kevin Hart Clapsback At Folks Who Called His Proposal “Shady”

August 19th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Kevin Hart Clapsback


When news broke that Kevin Hart proposed to his longtime girlfriend Eniko last night, people had all types of things to say. Naturally, there were well wishes but there were also those who suggested that Kevin proposed to Eniko last night specially because it was the night “Atlanta Exes” premiered. And as many of you well know, the new VH1 reality show follows the ex wives and girlfriends of famous men in the industry. And Torrei Hart, Kevin’s ex wife, is on the show.

Folks were wondering if he proposed on this night to… I don’t know rub salt in Torrei’s wounds, send a message that he really is over her…who knows.

Either way, Kevin got wind of the comments and a few minutes ago, he took to his Instagram page, to offer a bit of clarification.

I wish y’all could see my face when I read some of the comments that you guys leave….I just want to take a second to share some COMMONSENSE with you guys!!! August 18th was @neekibaby actual Birthday…it wasn’t the day before or the day after. I will say this one more time & never repeat myself again….I wish my X Wife nothing but the best in life…I’ve moved forward with my life & have been doing so for the last 6 years. The only thing that was on my mind yesterday was making sure my lady had an amazing 30th B Day. I’m happy to say that my now FIANCÉ was blown away by the entire evening. #MissMeWithTheBullshit #KillNegaitivityWithPositivity

“Had This Been Handled Privately, You Would Have Gotten An Album” Dawn Richard Defends Herself Against Angry DK Fans

August 18th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Dawn Richard Defends Herself Against Angry DK Fans

Source: Instagram

These days it seems like everyone is on somebody’s team. And the Danity Kane fans are flocking to Dawn Richard’s Instagram page, to let her know that they are #TeamDanityKane over everything. On one of the few Instagram photos Richard has left up on her page, she’s singing by herself, showcasing her vocal talent.

But instead of commenting on her voice, one person took the opportunity to tell Dawn that she’ll never make it without her former group. And apparently, there have been several of these types of comments because Dawn responded to one of them, suggesting that she’s not the reason–or at least the sole reason– why they won’t be getting any Danity Kane music.

Presumably, someone suggested that Danity Kane should just leak the album that they were working on. Dawn responded:

“…you can’t leak an album that doesn’t belong to you. People have no clue how business works. We don’t own the songs. You’re looking at me like I stopped the music. Actually we had a deal and because WE–and I mean all of us–took this publicly we have stopped music and money. Producers nor label will release now because they lose money. Had this been handled privately you would have gotten an album. And apologies and all would have been made and we would have moved on. But that isn’t the way it was handled so let’s move on as that is not MY only option. Those who rock with me will..And those who don’t I respect that and will respectfully block. I never want dk fans to have to fight each other and choose sides. But we left you no choice. So do what your heart tells you and let’s just move on.


And then to another commenter who probably suggested they work things out and get back to the music.

“nah babd. I’m good on that. She leaked this story on my birthday. And knew she was doing that. Then wrote a 3 page essay about how I ain’t sh*t. I’m done. That was enough for me to know the beat.” 


I wasn’t there so I don’t know what Dawn said or did or what Aubrey said or did. But I can understand fans being upset that this group couldn’t just get along, after getting them all excited about news of a reunion.

Cutie Patootie: Evelyn Lozada Shares Precious Pictures Of Her Son Carl Jr.

August 18th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Personally, I love mommy Evelyn. Not only has she mellowed considerably, it’s nice to see her devoting her energy to something worthwhile. Over the weekend, Lozada shared an absolutely adorable picture of her son Carl Leo Crawford Jr. And he’s just so yummy, we had to share with you all. Precious. Take a look at the pics she’s posted on Instagram over the past few months.

Underneath the picture above, she included the caption:

Spent the day with my love <3 He just woke up from a nap & was not trying to crack a smile #CarlLeoCrawford

Evelyn says this is how she finds her son every morning, getting his exercise in. #TummyTime

“I Been Thinkin’ Bout You” Chilli Posts TBT Picture Of Herself And Usher

August 14th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Does Chilli want that old thing back? As you Instagram users know, today is Throwback Thursday, TBT, where users post pictures from the past.

Today, Chilli decided to show us a picture of Usher hugging her from behind while she smiles blissfully, in the other direction, eyes closed.

The picture is cute and led many of us to ask two questions.

1.) Was there an ulterior motive in her posting it?

2.) Why did she break up with Usher in the first place?

The world is dying to know.

Initially, we all thought that it was because Usher cheated on her. Because you know, that’s what Chilli wanted us to believe when she called Atlanta’s Q100 in 2004, saying “Usher did the ultimate no-no to me. I will never be with him again, and that is that. He portrayed himself to be this honest and great guy, and he really wasn’t. I will never take him back. It is a done deal.” For years we believed that’s what Confessions was about. But now it seems that it may have been a way for her promote Confessions. 

Because last year, Chilli said that Usher never cheated. Instead, she said, “We broke up because I guess it was that time or whatever, he was that real love for me.”

She almost mad it seem like she wanted dude back or something. Which makes this TBT picture all the more interesting.

Usher is very much attached right now. Do you think Chilli’s picture is in bad taste, is she passively trying to reach out? What’s going on?

Bow Wow + Foundation = Lil’ Mama: The Funniest #makeuptransformations on Instagram

August 14th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Have you been following #makeuptransformations on Instagram? We don’t know whether to laugh or cry or pile on the concealer. But we do know one thing: you’d be amazed at what people can do with just a little foundation.

Trey Songz

We don’t know what’s better: the eyelash curler or the magic marker.

Blame The Trolls: Yaya Dacosta Quits Social Media After Mean Comments

August 11th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Many of you may know that Whitney Houston’s birthday was this past Saturday and in celebration of the day and of her life, Yaya Dacosta, the former Top Model whose been cast to play her in the Lifetime biopic, shared a series of photos of the late singer on her Instagram page.

And apparently, there was continued backlash.

I’m sure there were several tweets but on Instagram one user, who clearly follows Yaya, took the time out to express his discontent about her upcoming portrayal of Houston.

@theyayadacosta u do not deserve to play Whitney at all u look nothing like her at all and your career does not any major credits or acting credits to play a woman of such standards as Whitney u and the only major acting role since Take The Lead and I watched it once and it wasn’t all that and @angelabassett needs to learn how to cast the right people and Whitney’s mother should have been there to see who best fits to play her daughter and that is not you

So yesterday she posted a picture of a cave with the following message:

Although I’m a private person by nature, I reluctantly heeded the advice of seemingly knowledgeable socialistas who insist that these outlets- Instagram, Twitter etc.- are the new way. “Connect with your fans”, they say. So I swam out of my cozy cave a little, shared a little, held hands a little- only to have those hands of strangers squeeze and pull and punch. They steal your photos, miss the message, and point to delusion. I’m simply an actor for hire- like Whitney would say, just a human being. Until the consumers we pour our hearts out to on stage or on a movie screen learn that “artist” is not a synonym for “punching back”, I’m going back in. Back to basics. Back to instincts. Protecting my family. Projecting only what the public can handle. When we meet in person, love, humanity, and shared light, are real. But as long as ugly, unhappy people sit their happy meal asses on fat couches and spit venom to make themselves feel better, I swim. Thanking God for my beautiful, beautiful family.

It’s a shame people haven’t gotten over it yet. Thing is, Yaya has been casted, played the role and the movie is “in the can” as they say. It’s over. Your opinions about whether or not she’s the right choice to play Whitney are completely irrelevant now. Furthermore, I’d bet nearly any amount of money that the people who are doing the loudest complaining about the casting of this biopic will be the main ones tuned in.

Omarion And Girlfriend Apryl Jones Welcome Son Megaa Into The World [Photos]

August 8th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Omarion, whose real name is Omari Ishmael Grandberry, and his girlfriend Apryl Jones welcomed their son Megaa into the world recently and the couple are just tickled pink about his arrival as they should be. They both posted some pretty adorable pictures on Instagram and Omarion’s birth announcement is to die for.

Two days ago, he uploaded the above picture with the caption: “Babe @aprylsjones [emoji for water] just broke. #abouttobeafather #mylilME&herlilHIM [prayer hand emoji] [100 emoji] wish us health. Bless up!

Then today, he posted this adorable shot of him holding little Megaa and wrote:

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

This caption gave me so much life. First props to Apryl for pulling off this type of delivery and Omarion’s excitement over the birth of his boy is just too precious. And we can’t forget the hashtags.

Apryl also uploaded a photo with her two faves resting in bed.

A few days before her water broke, Apryl made Omarion her man crush Monday, which is not at all unusual but she also seemed to make an announcement about their future as a couple.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

We certainly wish the best for these two and their son Megaa.

15 Times Fast Food Failed So Hard You Had To Instagram It

August 7th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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They got your order wrong, skipped on the fries and now they want extra for sauce. These are the fast food fails that make us so mad, all we can do is Instagram it.

When They Get Stingy With The Sauce

What, exactly, do they expect you to do with twenty nuggets and one measly packet of sweet and sour sauce?

I’m Good: 15 People You Shouldn’t Take Makeup Tips From

August 6th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Makeup Tips

Image Source:

Do you let just anyone do your makeup? From mismatched foundation to out-of-control eyebrows, we’ve got a few reasons why that might be a bad idea.