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Allergic To Being Single? Women Who Can’t Seem To Live Without A Man On Their Arm

January 24th, 2013 - By Meghan Williams
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Some women seem incapable of functioning without a man at their side. You know the type: the ones who are always in a relationship, never single, and never trying to be single. I’m not going to say outright that this is a sign of insecurity, but I’ve always been one to believe that time alone is good for us ladies, especially if we’ve just gotten out of a relationship. Though some women may agree with me, clearly these 15 do not. And while their levels of desperation may vary, they all seem just as intent on being in a relationship, no matter the cost.


"Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart PF"

Source: WENN

Jennifer Lopez

Is there a waiting list to date this woman because I can hardly remember a time when Jennifer Lopez was ever single. She had married and divorced actor Ojani Noa by 1998, then dated and broke up with Diddy by 2001, married second husband Cris Judd in 2001, but before divorcing him became romantically involved with Ben Affleck in 2002 only to be dumped by him before their supposed wedding, then she married (2004) and divorced (2011) Marc Anthony before finally meeting current boyfriend Casper Smart in 2011… and these are just the men we know about!

J.Lo is fabulous and all, but if things go south with Casper she may want to take a moment to be single and just breathe, or something.