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Apple iCloud Glitch Possibly Linked To Celebrity Photo Leak

September 2nd, 2014 - By Janel Martinez
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icloudApple has some ‘splaining to do! The tech company is in hot water after photos said to have been taken from the iCloud accounts of celebrities such as actress Jennifer Lawrence, singers Rihanna and Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian, among others, surfaced on Sunday morning.

The Cupertino, California-based company said Monday it is “actively investigating” the incident to see whether or not a security hole at its iCloud service was responsible for the leaking of a number of private images. “We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report,” Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris told tech site Recode.

The photos (some real, others fake) were posted to web image-sharing community 4chan and have since traveled across the Web, appearing on social media sites like Reddit and Twitter, as well as others.

Although Apple hasn’t confirmed how the attacks were executed, researchers at security firm FireEye believe it was a “straightforward attack that could’ve been thwarted.” A reported flaw in the “Find My iPhone” feature, allowing multiple, vigorous attempts to guess an account’s password could be to blame. Code-hosting site Github has noted that Apple repaired the vulnerability. Two-factor authentication/two-step verification is the additional step that, when enabled, can prevent such an attack.

Even the FBI has gotten involved, saying that it too is “addressing the matter.” In a previous incident, when the FBI got involved with a celebrity hacking, Christopher Chaney was prosecuted and sentenced to a decade in jail.

Two-factor authentication requires users to enter a numerical code that is sent to their phone or another device, in addition to using their regular password, suggests Recode. Since the number constantly changes, it makes it increasingly difficult for attackers to get access to the account, even if they know the password.

Unique passwords, locks and passwords on all your devices, as well as constantly updating your software can also keep your computer and mobile devices safe from attack.

Are you concerned with the recent iCloud glitch? How do you protect your smartphone and/or computer? Let us know in the comments section.

Based in New York City, Janel Martinez is a multimedia journalist who covers technology and entrepreneurship. She is the founder of “Ain’t I Latina?” an online destination geared toward Afro-Latinas. You can follow her up-to-the-minute musings on Twitter @janelmwrites


What Does Apple’s New OS Have to Offer?

February 21st, 2012 - By Lauren DeLisa Coleman
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by Lauren DeLisa Coleman

Okay Apple users, rejoice!  The new Apple OS is on the horizon.  And there are a few new goodies, if you haven’t yet heard.  First of all, the operating system is called Mountain Lion (gotta love the continued homage to  fierce, powerful animals, no?)    You say it seems like yesterday that there was a previous OS introduced?  Well, you’re right.  Apple is now releasing a new one just about every year, just like it does with iPhones and iPads now, so we digital divas have to stay up to date.

Now, with this new OS it seems as though deeper seamless integration was the mantra of the developers.  For example, all you have to do is sign in with your Apple ID and all your contacts, email, calendar and more sync right to your make.  Here’s the hot part:  whenever you make a change on your Mac, it will also appear on your iPhone, iPad, etc. too – even your iWork documents  making a multi-device life a bit simpler. This is all thanks in large part to iCloud,

Want more integration?  Well, now Mountain Lion comes with Messages, a chat aapp that enables users to not only include iMesssages but also import them from iPhone or iPad.

Further, for girls who love to make lists (and who of us doesn’t),  Mountain Lion comes with the new app that came with iOS 5 called Reminders.  All your reminders will also sync across your iDevices.

In addition, Twitter is deeply integrated in Mountain Lion.  This means that you will be able to now Tweet directly from within several applications.  This is central to something Apple calls “Tweet Sheet.”  And given the fact that African-Americans already far out-index across Twitter than any other demographic in our country, the synergy of all this together for us is incredibly thought-provoking.

Finally, there are other compelling elements centered around gaming and notifications, but what I think is a game-changer is AirPlay.  Via this capability, users can display what is on their computer screen onto a big screen TV hooked up to an Apple TV.   Fellow technies are saying that it will be great for presentations, but I think the general consumer will use this to ramp up even further on watching digital video.  (look out cable TV providers).

So, there you have it. Looks like there will now be just one more reason for all those consistent on-lookers at every Apple store you pass.



3 Things You Need to Know About iCloud

June 13th, 2011 - By TheEditor
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"Lauren DeLisa Coleman"What’s the latest thing on the lips of everyone in the tech game?  Of course it has to be Apple’s new iCloud announcement earlier this week.  Clouds are really the cherry on the top of a lot of digital cakes right now since they enable users to access their data (i.e. films, music, etc) from anywhere on any device.  I reported on Google’s cloud here not long ago, but now it’s time to examine Apple’s offering.  With the Cloud phenomenon taking over, it’s also good to do a quick  compare and contrast to see what you’ll actually be getting for  money and/or effort from some of the leaders in this technology.  So fasten your seat belts, here we go:

#1 By logging into iCloud, users can access to all previously  purchased musicfrom iTunes no matter which device he/she is using — iPhone, iPod, iPad, or computer.  Gone is the hassle of multiple purchase or the inconvenience of traveling with one device only to remember that your favorite joints are, in fact,  on a different platform.   And later this fall, Apple will offer iTunes Match which will be able to scan a user’s entire local iTunes library and provide access to high quality AAC files of songs found for direct download to any device associated with their iTunes account. The important take-aways about this services is that it can be used for any music that you already have on your device, not just tracks purchased via iTunes.

Also, Apple reports that it will actually enable users to match thousands thousands of tracks in just “minutes”.  Google and Amazon?  Apple says it would take weeks for their competitor’s systems to complete Apple’s iTunes Match scanning service.  And given that iTunes Match is not tied solely to the Apple purchase system, this cloud package could really become the dominant one for today’s make-it-happen-now consumers whose music library is often compiled from a number of different sources (both paid and non-paid).

#2 5GB free (at least at first) when you register and all your apps, music and all don’t even count within that. However, if you’re going to be checking for the iTunes Match service, that will cost $24.99  a year.  Amazon’s annual price is $50.  Google has not yet reported one.

#3 iCloud enables you to take a photo on one device and have it immediately appear on all your other devices – no syncing required. The photo is pushed to the cloud and your other devices see it.  Futher, all your apps, books, and documents are backed up and accessible any time you want them.  Amazon and Google do not yet seem to be able to offer the photo element yet (since they are not devices, per se) but certainly the latter features go toe-to-toe with the iCloud offering.

So what are your thoughts on how iCloud stacks up and what it has to offer?  Lemme know below.

Lauren DeLisa Coleman is a writer, speaker and thought-leader specializing in the diverse segment of the Gen X,Y demo, tech and its convergence with socio-economic concerns. Follow her @mediaempress