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15 Hilarious Don Cheadle Moments You Missed

November 29th, 2013 - By Meg Butler
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We can’t wait to see Don Cheadle play Miles Davis in “Kill the Trumpet Player.” Until then, let’s take a look back at some of the most entertaining moments in Don Cheadle’s career. Find out who calls him “Don Che Che” and why he loves getting nakey on camera as we celebrate the actor on his 49th birthday.

Kerry Washington And Don Cheadle Talk Race In Hollywood, Starring On Their OWN Shows, And Being Activists In “Variety”

June 5th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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Who doesn’t love Kerry Washington and Don Cheadle? They hold things down on their respective TV shows, ABC’s Scandal and Showtime’s House of Lies. They are exceptional actors in some of our favorite movies. And when they’re off-camera, they fight for causes, social issues and the democratic process as involved activists. They’re more than just red-carpet mainstays and the usual over-exposed celebrities. In an interview with Variety, the two powerhouses discussed their road to primetime success, being black in Hollywood, and using their celebrity powers to improve the world around them. Here are some of the highlights from their interview below:


The role race plays in their career, and if they think it’s something “overplayed in the media as part of your story?”

Cheadle: I think I’m somewhat defined by my race for sure, and I’m good with that and I actually want that to be a part. … I think that should be fodder for our work — we should use all aspects of ourselves. I’m always trying to find a place where that’s actually an impact on what I’m doing as opposed to going, “Well, we’re all just people and we’re the same.”

Washington: I agree. I think it’s relevant. I think gender is relevant. I bring something to the table as a woman; I bring something to the table as a woman of color. So I feel like, if it’s the only thing you focus on, then it’s a danger, and if you never talk about it then it’s a danger.

Finding work and opportunities as black actors and actresses when roles are so scarce:

Cheadle: There’s not enough work for anybody, so whenever there’s not enough for anybody, the people who are somewhat already marginalized, the margin is going to be even smaller. … That being said though, where we are is sort of antithetical to that: She’s the lead of a hit TV show, and she’s not the only black actor on network TV in the lead of a show. That’s amazing.

Washington: That’s huge right now, and different. I think you’re really right. I think there’s that curve, but I do have a sense that it’s curving upwards and that I have more opportunities than Josephine Baker and Lena Horne and Diahann Carroll had. … This is a business where, if you’re looking for consistency and dependability in your work, this is not the career for you. But I think as more women are in positions of power, more people in color are in positions of power, the stories become more inclusive, the casts become more inclusive.

How they use their celebrity to fight for big causes and important issues:

Cheadle: You’re there because you can draw focus and attention and attraction, but really what you’re (trying) to do is go, “That’s the expert, that person really knows a thousand times more than what I do about this issue and these are the people who it’s about. Yes, I would love to talk about Iron Man with you, but I want you to talk to them about their thing.”

I’m trying to pass the ball like Brad Pitt was saying: “We can’t get out of the light, and they can’t get in the light.” So, we’re trying to use that bounce and go, “Oh you’re looking me? Bing! Now go look at that.” … A lot of it is frustrating to me because — and I see (this) when I get the feedback from the organizations I work with — when I pull out of it, a lot of times that whole energy gets sucked out of it, too, and now it’s hard to get that issue back in the press.

Washington: It’s one of the reasons I feel like it’s so important when we do this kind of work to shine the light on the organization but to also encourage our fans to become involved, because that’s what it requires: the ongoing momentum of people being involved. For me I remember a point when — I come from a family that is pretty politically active and politically engaged — and for me there was a point in my career where I thought, am I going to have to stand back and not be involved because I’m in the public eye?

…but I said, “No, I participate because I’m an American, and I live in a democracy that needs me to participate.” So I can’t stand back and let go of my responsibility because I’m an actor, but the hope is that other people will know it’s their responsibility to also participate, because if they want to be like us in these other ways — in terms of what shoes are they wearing and where are they going on vacation, what are they eating, what all the weekly magazines are telling you — then they should also want to be engaged with their friends and want to do something more meaningful. So you hope that example is part of what comes out of it.

Check out their full sit-down (and the video of it, which is a hefty 30 minutes) over at Variety where they talk about the paths their career have taken, and let us know what you thought of their comments below!

Fight The Power! Don Cheadle Talks About His Super Hero Role In “Iron Man 3” And What He’s Got Coming Up!

May 5th, 2013 - By MN Editor
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"Cheadle pf"

Dominic Chan/

From Essence

“I had a great time in this movie being outside of the suit and getting to really be a part of the action as a regular guy,” says Don Cheadle on starring in the colossal blockbuster, Iron Man 3. Cheadle spoke with about playing an action hero, his experience filming the movie and who his real-life superheroes are.

How he prepared for his role as War Machine:

I bought a cape and tried to fight a human size tuna can. [Laughs] No, I really just read the comic, got involved with the script and really tried to make him what he was in the second movie but even more beefed up.

His real life superheroes:

The people around me and my parents. Especially my dad, knowing what it takes as a father myself to raise a family.

What other projects he’s working on this year:

I’m going to take the rest of 2013 off. I’m doing a lot of things with my production company, developing shows, movies and plays. I won’t be going back to work until August when House of Lies starts up again.

Now who told Don he could take the rest of the year off? Did he get permission from his fans? Just kidding…good for him! You can check the rest of the interview out (and he’s a really funny guy) over on

Have you checked out Iron Man 3 yet?

Nia Long Is Still In No Rush To Tie The Knot With Her NBA Coach Boyfriend

March 1st, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Nia Long recently sat down with the hosts of Access Hollywood Live to discuss her new role in Showtime drama House of Lies. She also chatted it up about what life is like being a mom for the second time and whether or not a wedding is in the near future for her and boyfriend, Ime Udoka. Check out some of what she had to say.

On being a mom for the second time:

“I have a 12 year old and a 15 month old, he is so juicy. That’s my juicy baby… They have the cutest relationship. I was kind of worried because of the age gap, but they have the most delicious relationship. The little guy looks at the oldest like ‘Oh my God you’re my hero,’ and my big boy is like ‘Oh, I can actually rough house you because you’re so juicy.’ They’re awesome. It’s very different [having a baby right now] because I get very little sleep. There’s been longer than a 10-year age gap, but it’s all just so wonderful because it really enriches your life. I just have such a clear perspective of what my needs are and where I’m going and what kind of job works for me and what doesn’t work for me. Babies are like light in your life.”

On the possibility of marriage:

“I don’t know [if we’ll be getting married anytime soon]. You know, he’s assistant coaching for the Spurs, so we spend a lot of time going back and forth to San Antonio. It’s tough. It’s hard. It’s a challenge. But we are committed to one another and our babies. You know, you just do what you gotta do. It was a great opportunity for him, coming from being a player. It was like the perfect way to parlay into his coaching career and so I have to support that.”

On predicting Don Cheadle’s Golden Globes win:

“We actually shot [for House of Lies] a couple of days before the Golden Globes and I said ‘I just have a feeling you’re going to win. Congratulations this is great,’ and he goes ‘I’m never winning.’ So I was watching the show and just before he went on I had this vision of him winning. So the next day we all had a table read and they scheduled the call for 6:00 am and he was so tired. He gets to work and he’s wearing his Golden Globe like a Biggie Smalls album cover. I’m like ‘You look like Biggie Smalls with a big medallion.’ It was so funny. He was so cute”


Check out footage of Nia’s full interview on the next page. Do you have any thoughts regarding her nonchalance about exchanging vows?

Back To Work! Nia Long Hits The Small Screen In Showtime’s “House Of Lies”

February 23rd, 2013 - By MN Editor
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"NiaLong pf"

C. Smith/


Showtime’s hit series House of Lies has earned much attention since it debuted in 2012. Now in its second season, the clever comedy about an over-the-top consultant, played by Best Comedy Actor Golden Globe winner Don Cheadle, continues to up the ante with guest stars. Nia Long is among the selected actors to appear on the series this season and we hear her upcoming episode may raise some eyebrows.

Nia talks about her character, Tamara:

“The very first time you meet her, she talks about how she’s been out of the game raising children. She’s a wife. And coming back into the game she wants to have some sort of integrity for herself. When you look at the characters on House of Lies, they are all very twisted. They are not what they seem. They’re back stabbing. They’re just ugly people, not nice people. They go for theirs.  I think Tamara’s approach to things isn’t that way. She has a different way of getting what she wants.”

On what it’s like working with Don Cheadle:

AH-MAZ-ING! He is probably my new favorite person right now. At first I was so intimidated and nervous and I never get that way. I don’t know what it was about him. I don’t know what it was that made me feel that way. I think it was me coming on to a show that’s already established. I’ve seen almost everything he’s done. I’ve always wanted to work with him. I really like him because he stays under the radar and does great work. He doesn’t care about the fanfare or the fame.

Don’t you just love her? It’ll be great to see her back to work.  You can read the full interview on Essence.

Do you watch House of Lies?