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‘He Deceived Me:’ Erica Mena Now Claims That She Was Unaware Of DJ Envy’s Marriage

February 25th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Earlier today, we told you about radio host DJ Envy coming clean over the air about his relationship with “Love & Hip Hop” star Erica Mena. His confession appeared to be in response to Erica’s internet radio interview from last week, where she confessed to sleeping with the married DJ, justified it by saying he didn’t act like a “proud married man” and revealed that she would be dropping a tell-all book about the affair. Now today, in an interview that appears to be in response to Envy’s confession, the walking, talking, breathing contradiction told Vibe Vixen that Envy failed to inform her that he was married.

“DJ Envy’s definitely talking about me, but I’m one of many. I was under the assumption that he had kids but wasn’t actually married. I found out around the time that I started filming “Love & Hip Hop”. After I found out, I was still in shock because we were together for so long. I didn’t understand how he could take a vow as serious as marriage and take on a whole other relationship. It’s sad that now he’s taking all these shots saying I’m a liar and I’m pathetic, when he deceived me. It’s not fair to paint me out as a liar when he was leading a double life for many years. He’s never publicly come out with his wife until now because he’s ashamed of her. It’s no secret.”

She went on to claim that her upcoming book is not a tell-all about the DJ, but a story of her life.

“For me, I never spoke about it [the affair] because it was embarrassing as a woman. Of course, now I explain it in my book. I want to be clear: My book is not a tell-all. It’s just a book about my life and Envy is apart of my life.”

She also posted a public message to Envy’s wife on her Twitter page

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 5.34.05 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 5.34.22 PM

Meanwhile Envy expressed via his Twitter page that nothing is going to come between him and his wife, not even Erica’s book.

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 5.26.27 PM


It looks like this back and forth thing between Envy and Erica may go on for awhile.

It’s difficult to believe Erica’s claim that she didn’t know Envy was married considering how unapologetic and bold she came off during last week’s interview, but then again, it wouldn’t be the first time someone lied about their marital status.

What do you think?

Erica Mena Justifies Her Affair With Married Radio Host DJ Envy By Saying, ‘He Wasn’t A Proud Married Man’

February 22nd, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Since her 2012 debut on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop”, the media world has been buzzing with gossip bits that Erica Mena had been engaged in an affair with very married Power 105.1 Breakfast Club host, DJ Envy. The troubled reality star unremorsefully confirmed the affair and admitted to only having ended it because of her relationship with co-star Rich Dollaz in an interview with I Am Super Gorge.

“I just wanna clear something up. I know that people have been calling me a homewrecker or whatever. I’m just gonna keep it real simple and say this, you can’t break a home that’s already broken. So, I mean at the end of the day, whatever happened with him and his marriage definitely has nothing to do with me… He’s been married for 18 years. He never once acted married until he found out that I was engaged. He definitely wasn’t a proud married man.”

She went on to say that anyone who’s interested in learning the dirty details of her affair with Envy can get the scoop in her new tell-all book, Underneath It All, which is scheduled to be released in April.

“I definitely think in time people will kind of get a better understanding of where I’m coming from because my book will be explaining it all. It drops in April. So you guys get to get the full-on story about me and this whole DJ Envy situation. [In the book] I give actual dates and how everything went about. You guys will also get the scoop on the fact that I kind of left that situation alone because I wanted to be with Rich.”

A delusional Erica took to her Twitter page this morning to offer fans the opportunity to select the cover art of her tell-all book.

“Help Pick The Cover To My New Book #UnderneathITAll By Me Coming This April ! @lffpublishing @michelefletcher VOTE!” she tweeted.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

During the interview, she also danced around questions regarding her “pregnancy”, seemingly using the rumor as a ploy for reunion show ratings.

“Right before the reunion airs, I’ll tell you guys the full honest truth.I would rather keep people in suspense a little bit more, but you guys will be surprised at the final answer. I’m real excited.”

Considering that she was photographed throwing back a bottle of Patron on the same night that those alleged pregnancy photos surfaced, I doubt she’s pregnant. At least I hope she’s not.

You can listen to Erica’s full interview on the next page. Thoughts?

An Open Letter To All The Homewrecking Women: Have Some Respect For Yourself

January 22nd, 2013 - By Cecily Michelle
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For the first five years of my life, I grew up in a two-parent household. My mom and dad had been married for four years before I was born, and although things were far from perfect, we were a family. Along with my sister and half-brother, we lived a pretty decent life. That is until my dad got involved with a crazy, desperate woman who did everything in her power to split our family apart.

My mother deal t with all kinds of disrespect, from random phone calls at her job to narsty messages on her answering machine. But her breaking point came when she’d discovered that my father would be welcoming an outside child with this woman. Then all of her hopes of sticking it out with my dad to give us, her children, the family she never had, all flew out the window. And she left.

Even then, the drama continued. I remember walking outside with my mother early mornings as she prepared to drive me to school and seeing slashed tired and headless birds lying lifelessly atop her burgundy Hyundai. This homewrecker was still taunting my mother, making sure that all thoughts and chances of her and my dad getting back together were dead. She sent voodoo dolls to my grandmother’s house with threatening messages, unleashed black birds in my father’s apartment and did everything else she felt necessary to get what she wanted, and she got it (along with a few a** whoopings too).

As a kid, I never fully understood what was going on, but as a young woman who has seen it happen over and over again with friends, family, strangers and mildly in my own relationship, I am fully aware of what these type of women are all about. Yeah, I know, it’s been said a million times, and it’s very true: a good man is hard to find. And with drugs, gangs, and the prison system swallowing up our brothas, this is especially true of black men (sorry, I love y’all to death, but let’s be real). Therefore, some women are so deprived of love and afraid of being alone that they’ll go above and beyond to get a man, even if he is married with children.

If you are this type of woman, here is what I have to say to you: it’s very clear that you have issues, particularly with self-esteem. To get involved with a married or committed man is one thing, but to deliberately try to take him away from his wife and family, or to intentionally do things that will ruin his life at home is on a whole other level of disrespect. If you love and respect yourself enough, you’ll know that you shouldn’t have to fight to have a man, and that you shouldn’t battle to get something that’s not yours. You would understand that you deserve someone who isn’t solely interested in sneaking you around for sex. Someone whose family you can meet, who will put you first and do things to let you know that you come second, third or fourth to no one.

If you truly respected yourself, you couldn’t bear even the thought of causing another woman pain and watching children suffer over a half-a** relationship. And yes, the men in these situations are just as guilty. If not, they’re even more to blame for stepping outside of their commitments, and worse, allowing their girls, fiancés or wives to be disrespected. But you have a choice as well. You can choose to try and come between what he’s established with his lady (and their children, if they have any), or you can walk away. For any woman who cares enough about herself and is raised on respect, there’s no question that the best option is number two.