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You Might Wanna Shave That…15 Of The Hairiest Celebrity Men Ever

January 3rd, 2014 - By Meghan Reid
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Even though many women aren’t fans of chest hair these hairy celebrities could care less. You can’t tell Ed Westwick and Simon Cowell that they aren’t hot in their low cut v-neck shirts. Allen Payne’s chest hair had us thinking of  Teen Wolf  in Jason’s Lyric. And Seth Rogen bared all in the Bound 3 parody. Check out 15 of the hairiest celebrity men to ever walk the planet.




Allen Payne

Who could forget Allen Payne’s chest rug in Jason’s Lyric? His chest was completely covered with thick hair back in the day, but (thankfully) that has changed. He now goes for a more baby smooth chest these days.