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Trey Songz Talks Wanting Kids, Monogamy And Proving He Wasn’t The Father

June 24th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: YouTube

Source: The Breakfast Club

Trey Songz stopped by “The Breakfast Club” yesterday to chit chat with Charlemagne, DJ Envy and Angela Yee about the success he’s been enjoying from theTrigga Reloaded album, wanting kids, Chris Brown and some of the drama that comes along with being such a sex symbol.

Check out some of the excerpts from the interview below and then watch the full thing on the next page.

On touring with his friend Chris Brown 

Charlemagne: Do you ever have conversations with Chris Brown like ‘You f**kin’ up the money bro?” 

I mean I’ve had many conversations with him about the money, about his personal well being all that. But what Chris got going on with Chris, Chris got to figure out. No matter who talks to him. And I think it’s beautiful that’s he’s just being a father in his daughter’s life right now. It’s dope. I pray for Chris. I pray for all my friends. I think he’s under a lot of scrutiny. And it’s very hard. The difference between me and Chris, I tell people all the time, is Chris was 15 when we started. I was 20. It was different. Chris went straight up the pop charts. It took me a cool four years to see the amount of sex–success he had initially.

Charlemagne: You said amount of sex. *Cackles*

That’s cliche. I was trying to say success. Yeah, Chris was having so much sex. Yeah… so you know for me, I was already a man perse when this happened and the slower escalation of success. It got me a chance to actually wrap my mind around what it is. But when you actually become a person and figuring out who you are in front of people, and then you have something crazy happen in your life. People build you all the way up to try to tear you down.

On being blamed for Stephanie Moseley’s death

Everyone knows that Trey’s nickname is “Mr. Steal Your Girl.” Late last year, the moniker led to questions and speculations about him being involved in the death of “Hit The Floor” dancer Stephanie Moseley. 

See what he had to say about that incident:

I actually was really in a crazy place in my mind at that time. Because to place somebody’s death on somebody else, without knowing the dealings. Just based off speculation and wanting website hits and wanting this generation to get this…that’s sad. That’s real sad. You don’t know what spirits you playing with. And I won’t go into the depth of the situation because I respect the woman we’re talking about. I respect her family and I don’t want to talk negatively about anything in the situation. But it’s a sad story. Did anybody lose their life because of me? No. Point, blank period.

On wanting to have children

Charlemagne: Have you caught the Daddy Bug yet?

Man I want kids. I’ve been wanting children before you could even imagine. I raised all the kids in my family. My younger brother, he’s 20-years-old, he just had his first child.  I remember when he was a child. I used to burp him change his diapers, now he got a baby, so…

Charlemagne: Just take the condom off

Naw. I don’t think it’s that simple for me. You just want to take the condom off, that sounds a little crazy. It’s more to it than that, I would like to believe. No, but I want kids, I want a family all of that. But I’m not in a rush to do it because people think that’s what should be happening in my life or that I need kids or my momma been begging me for a grand baby or any of that, I just want to make sure that it’s the right decision.

Charlemagne: That’s important you say that because a lot of girls think that only happens to them, like as they get older people are like ‘You gotta have a baby now!’ ‘You gotta have a family.’ No, guys get that too!

No everybody. My whole family. Every time I come home. Now, I got a nephew, they want me to have a baby like six months from now.

Angela: But I’m sure they’re very concerned about who you have a baby with.

Naw, actually they not too much, at this point.

I just was actually talking about it earlier with my friend. I remember a couple years ago, I had to go take a couple of tests. I actually didn’t know these people who were claiming that I had children. This is the type of stuff that I keep out of the media. It was a couple of accusations. Throughout my career, it’s happened a few times. I remember my momma went with me. And I was like ‘Momma, it’s cool. I don’t know this girl.’ She was like ‘But, if it is yours, we gotta see it for the blessing it is. And it’s going to be…’ No! I don’t know who this person is.

See what he said about the special woman in his life and monogamy on the next page.

What’s It Like With The WeekNd? Groupies Dish On Their “Date” With Celebrities

February 3rd, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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groupie confessions

Image Source: Shutterstock

Which celebrity is surprisingly sweet? What are the secrets you haven’t heard from Andre 300? And who likes things so filthy we couldn’t print them?

Former groupies from Reddit, Playboy and all over the internet have dished on their favorite groupie confessions guaranteed to be worth the read.

How “Thotful” Can You Be? Christina Johnson Clapsback At Groupie Coming For Her New Man

September 4th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Admittedly, I’ve fallen behind on my “Atlanta Exes” viewing because the last time I watched Christina Johnson, Cee Lo’s ex wife, and Willie Wallace had just gone on their first date and she was trying to determine if she was comfortable dating a man who was still technically and legally married.

Well,I don’t have to watch the show to know that the two are still together and, judging by each of their social media pages, going quite strong. Wallace called homegirl his “woman crush everyday” and said she was the only woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Well, that escalated quickly.

And after dealing with Cee Lo’s philandering ways, it seems that Christina is a bit protective of her new boo. Now that Willie’s on tv and what not, the groupies have descended. One of them sent Willie a DM, basically inviting him to look at her booty and hit her up if he ever found himself single again.

I can’t make this stuff up. And luckily I don’t have to because Christina took a screenshot and posted it on her page.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Am I the only person tickled by #TeamCancer? People take this astrological sign thing entirely too far. Anyway, I blotted out what could have been Miss Educated’s real name but left her user name because that page has since been deleted. I’m sure all of Christina’s newfound fans and other internet trolls have completely annihilated her notifications.

Johnson didn’t just post the thirstiness, she also responded in the caption.

It amazes me how utterly “THOTFUL” and blatantly disrespectful (of course while claiming to mean “no disrespect”) some women can be (and I use this term loosely). But I thank you @williewallace_ for being the MAN you are and sharing with me the THOTFULLNESS of @miss_educated_to_you. I love MY SISTERS BUT WE CAN’T KEEP DOING THIS TO ONE ANOTHER. If you see with your own eyes that someone is happy in their relationship why would you want to plant those kind of seeds? Remember you reap what you sow! Sending Love and Light! <3 #letsbreakstereotypes #womantowoman #loveandlight #sisterhood


While we can argue about whether or not Christina should have put this woman on blast, her words are pretty on point. What do you think about her Instagram clapback sent with love and light?

Exclusive MN Chat With Luke Christopher: Singer Talks Groupies And Creating West Coast Music

July 25th, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Hailing from California, Luke Christopher and his infectious smile captivated us while we interviewed him about his budding music career. Growing up in a biracial household, Luke Christopher mixed various genres together to create his own sound. As a self taught musician, Luke Christopher’s claim to fame has been to blur the lines in music. Therefore, his personal edge has been covered through working with artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Common and Usher to name a few. In this  intimate interview with the L.A. crooner/rapper he details how he entered the music industry, deals with groupies and is changing the West Coast sound.

How did you get you start in the music industry?
I started writing song on GarageBand back in the day, when I was 12 years old. My brother and cousin would create music with me on the program but to be honest, we were just messing around. We would take nursery rhymes and turn them into raps. Then at some point, they started to do their own thing but I stuck with creating tracks on it. I started rapping when I was 13 and I started singing when I was 15 and producing. I didn’t have anyone to sing on my hooks, so I began to just do it all and it worked out to being a blessing.

Who would you like to work with currently, or in the future?
I definitely would like to work with Andre 3000, James Blake, Regina Spector, Mos Def and Kanye. I really like what Pharrell is doing right now; to be honest I am really drawn to artists who are extremely creative.

Every Tuesday, you promised to release a song. Have you lived up to that goal?
My team and I have released 15 weeks worth of Tuesday “singles” of original songs and some of them are samples.

Creatively, how does that affect you as a writer?
By releasing a new song every Tuesday, it has been a cool exercise. Every single week, you have to create something different. None of the songs sound the same and I notice my fans realize that. They will tell me “oh snap, that new track is different and dope.”

You call your fans the TMRGang; Are they just as crazy as the BeyHive, Beliebers or other stans?
Yeah the TMRGang stands up even though they are not as big as the other fan bases but they are crazy [laughs]. But on a serious note, they love good music and that is what it is all about.

Since your status is changing due to you becoming more popular, do you feel the people around you have changed? Also, have you had any experiences with groupies?
The people around me have not changed. The homies are still the homies, because we are a team. But the groupies are coming. But to be honest it has all been all flattering, so it’s all good. Nothing too crazy [laughs].

What style of music influences you when you are in the process of creating a song?
Writing wise, it would be Stevie Wonder. Also, The Beatles, Micheal Jackson; if I am writing a rap song, I look to Pac, Mos Def or Common. I like to input wisdom in rap. I definitely go back to early Kanye too; he has been a great influence on my music.

West Coast rap has changed; do you think it should revert back to its 1980s style or do you like how it is transitioning now?
The nature of music is to change and grow, so sonically it will never sound the same again. But I like the current sound and I think it’s dope. There are a lot of artists coming out of the region now, so it is a perfect to be out there. The sound is ill and it’s like we are coming back now to take over the industry.

Check out Luke Christopher’s latest Tuesday song, “Sunny Days!”

#IsThisYoThot: 2 Chainz And Entourage Clown Groupie On Camera For Sneaking Backstage

March 28th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Screen shot 2014-03-28 at 1.18.35 PM

We frequently hear about the interesting things that go on backstage at rap concerts, but rarely do we ever actually get to see what really goes down. Well, until now that is. Rapper 2 Chainz and his team captured a young woman’s thirsty attempt to meet a member of his entourage named Cap 1. And well, it’s quite embarrassing.

It’s not really clear how the woman, who identified herself as Tina, made it backstage, but she was pretty hell-bent on seeing Cap 1, who she says she met on Instagram.

“You ain’t gonna catch nothing out here but a cold, baby. Put something on your back, baby,” 2 yells out to Tina before the entourage bursts into laughter.

2 and the camera man continue with their shenanigans before finally allowing Tina to meet Cap. Cap, however, doesn’t appear to be the least bit interested.

“Nah, I’m straight,” he says, barely looking at Tina.

So of course, the horseplay continues.

“I think you should go that way,” 2 tells Tina before pointing towards the door. “Because while you’re back here, you’re in blog territory.”

Apparently still confused and failing to realize that she’s the butt of their jokes, Tina says:

“Oh sh*t, this is going on a blog for real? Do I look good?”

After letting the guys have their fun for a little longer, another man encourages the girl to just leave.

“Go on and walk out the door baby. Baby, listen to me, just walk out the door.”

Tina left without putting up a fight, but it’s rumored that she has plans to sue the “I’m Different” rapper. Oh, and for those who may be unfamiliar with the term, THOT is slang for “that hoe over there.”

Turn the page to watch the messiness unfold.

Scorned Groupie Attempts To Expose New York Jets Star Quarterback Geno Smith With Nude Photos

January 3rd, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Geno Smith

Sources: WENN, Instagram

Apparently we live in a day and age where groupies get more bent out of shape about ballers and their indiscretions than the actual girlfriends. The latest athlete to get caught up in his own wicked web of deception is 23-year-old New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith. From the looks of it, Geno has been seeing a medical professional from Atlanta named Jackie Presley. Apparently things were all good between Jackie and Geno until she learned that he had a girlfriend. Since making her discovery, Jackie wrote a rather detailed letter to Baller Alert, hoping to expose her ex-lover and even resorted to releasing his alleged penis pic. Catch her letter in its entirety below.

“My Instagram/Twitter name is @1jackiepresley. I am currently involved with NY NFL quarterback Geno Smith. I want you guys to tell my story on your blog. I recently found out that he has a girlfriend & he has been flying me out to cities to see him & never told me. I don’t want to be anonymous. He is an a**hole. He meets women off the Internet & tells them to come to whatever city he is in or to his house & he has a damn girlfriend. Smh.

I logged on to my Instagram about a month ago & seen that Geno had followed me. I looked to see who he was & I saw pics of him & Jay Z & saw that he played in the league so I followed back. Immediately he wrote under one of his pictures & asked for my #. I gave it to him & he contacted me ASAP. So we were talking via Facetime for like 2 weeks then He told me to come to Charlotte for his game. That’s when I first actually met him in person. Long story short we had sex at the Marriott. We continued to talk via text & Facetime then he told me to come to NYC for Christmas so I did. All this talking & texting, he NEVER mentioned a girlfriend. I went to his house Christmas day, we had sex & I spent the night.

I finally found out he had a girlfriend after snooping around on his close friend page. And he didn’t officially tell me he had a girlfriend until we fell out recently. So he is am a**hole, who has a girlfriend but literally BLOWING me up to come see him. And we had unprotected sex. Smh but he never mentioned a girlfriend not once !These athletes are disgusting & cheaters. I blame myself too! He deleted his Instagram page because of me. He even offered to pay me not to talk but I don’t want his money now.”

According to Baller Alert, Geno’s girlfriend is Kristen Stubbs, a former classmate. At this point we know that professional athletes have a pretty bad track record when it comes to being faithful, so unfortunately, in what appeared to be an angry attempt to expose Geno, Jackie only wound up exposing herself. And of course, Jets fans were quick to attack her for calling out their beloved Geno.

Screen shot 2014-01-03 at 12.27.09 PMScreen shot 2014-01-03 at 12.27.09 PM

In addition to the letter and Geno’s alleged nude photo, Jackie also released screenshots of text messages alleged to have been sent between herself and the New York Jets star. You can find those images here. Reps on behalf of the football star have yet to publicly comment on the allegations.


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“Hide Your Husbands…”: The Woman Kirk Frost Cheated With On “LHHATL” Responds To Critics Of Her Behavior

July 5th, 2013 - By La Truly
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Kirk Cheating girl

So Kirk Frost – husband and manager to ATL rapper Rasheeda – took disrespect to a whole new level on this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta when he decided to make nice with groupies at Bobby Valentino’s “cabin.” Chief among them was a certain young woman with a rumored affinity for married men, little miss Alexis Miller, who was licking all on his ear and sitting around with no bra or underwear on. She ended the night going to bed with Frost and another female friend knowing he was married, but not caring whatsoever like it was the normal and acceptable thing to do.

It didn’t take long for Twitter users to track down the young woman, and when they did, it wasn’t pretty. LHHATL watchers called her everything from “homewrecker” to “h*e” and kept it coming regardless of her very salty, dismissive, and downright disrespectful comebacks. She tweeted a heads up to wives everywhere telling them to hide their husbands – I guess as an extreme measure to keep them from falling for (or into) her.

“F**k how u feeling cause business is business, its Strictly financial…”

“Best thing to do is fall back Stay in ur lane and ima stay in mine… Cause this not what u want!!!”

“2 for that Team! Lmao guess its ok to kiss once cast member one day then another the next Who’s a h*e again? Ohh right.”

“Stop tweeting me just Hide Your Husbands…”

“I’ll be the BAD gyrl…”

What makes this whole situation so much worse is that last year, Miss Miller posted photographs of herself being friendly with Rasheeda.

The drama between Kirk and Rasheeda has caused outrage among fans and other celebrities alike (Nicki Minaj anyone?), but it has also caused some raised eyebrows with onlookers wondering if it’s real or if it’s all just staged for television. Of course, it’s not staged according to creator Mona Scott-Young, who says, “everything that happens is completely organic.” Yeah…right.

Kirk and Rasheeda have been on the verge of separation this season, ever since Rasheeda told Kirk that she was pregnant. He didn’t want children, being that he has children from a previous relationship and is in some current financial straits. In one episode, things became so bad that he told her she should have tried to get an abortion and he even went on to question the paternity of the child claiming that she “did this on purpose.” Boy, what? Surprisingly though, Rasheeda has stated that the two are hoping to make things work. We’ll see how that works out.

Do you think this is all for the cameras or is there a serious marital problem between Rasheeda and Kirk? What do you think of Alexis Miller and her thirst for 15 seconds of fame?

Adrienne Bosh Responds To Lil Wayne With Positivity…And Then Cam’ron Exposes Her Past With Old Pic

February 20th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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We told you a few days ago about Lil Wayne’s rant about how he was banned from NBA games and events because of the Miami Heat. This is something an NBA executive told TMZ was not true, and that in fact, he was kicked out of that particular game of the Lakers versus the Heat (Weezy was rooting for the Lakers by the way) because reports say he made a gun gesture with his hand at a fan. Either way, the rapper was none too happy with the Heat and their players because of it, and even took time out from an All-Star Weekend performance to throw shade at Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and even his wife, Adrienne Bosh, by letting the world know that he allegedly had slept with her.

While Chris Bosh hasn’t responded to such claims as of yet, Adrienne took to her social media (aka, Twitter) to respond, indirectly, by speaking words of positivity and talking about karma, taking more of the high road.

“Truth prevails. Today stand in your truth and ignore the chatter around and about you. #myhighestself #TodayICan #chakrawisdom. Some people create hate for profit, and some people create love for free. Pay no mind to the haters, embrace the love. #TodayICan. #TodayICan ignore those who live in hate for their own ego, and keep my eyes on pure love. They will never bring me down.”

Bosh also posted a picture of a woman with the words, “KARMA: What goes around comes around. Keep your circle POSITIVE. Say good words. Think good thoughts. Do good deeds.”

However, the rumors going around about her past are hard to ignore. Global Grind did a little digging and found out that Adrienne Bosh did date Lil Wayne in the past, before she was with Chris, but before they parted ways, she scammed him out of money by claiming she had cancer and needed help for treatment. Allegedly, Wayne didn’t go looking for her and just took it all as loss and moved on. And if that wasn’t enough, now rapper Cam’ron is coming forth posting pictures of a much younger Adrianne, implying that she used to run around trying to get a check from industry folks and ballers, including a friend of his:


“My man @britishthetitan been had bosh wifey under wing b4 Wayne. Lol she use to be pissy drunk in my club in da Cincinnati”

Well all right. While all of this might sound a bit messy, reports say that Chris Bosh knew about Adrienne’s past when he met her, and as it seems, she’s turned herself around, and comes off as devoted wife and mother. Well, from what we can see on social media of course. I’m not surprised one bit that a majority of the people hobnobbing with celebrities and getting wifed up have cloudy pasts, and if they’ve moved past it and their current partner/homie/lover/friend doesn’t care, then hey, it is what it is. Though, if she did swindle some money out of the rapper, that’s dirty..but that’s between her, Weezy and God.

Serious question though: What’s really up with these rappers publicly talking about who messed with who and trying to bring drama into people’s homes??? Geez. Now THAT’S really messy.

‘Take Your Meds:’ Gabrielle Union Publicly Snaps On Alleged Dwyane Wade Groupie

February 20th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Yesterday, the calm, cool and collected Hollywood actress that we know as Gabrielle Union showed us a completely different side. It seems that she doesn’t take kindly to reckless women seeking to throw a wrench into the happy home she’s built with her Miami Heat-playing beau, Dwyane Wade. The Being Mary Jane actress took to her Twitter page to address a rather bold “groupie” who was circulating an extremely disrespectful open letter to Union, claiming that she has a sexual relationship with Wade. The woman also released photos, which she claimed were proof that her story was legit. In a spit-fire Twitter-lashing, Gabby lets the groupie know that she’s onto her games and she’s not phased.

“Dear Batsh%t crazy loon, u seemed to have forgotten that u used the “valentine” pic on another blog last year when u claimed I was cheating. Take ur meds,” Gabby tweeted in retaliation to the letter.

“Once again…just cuz loons are talkin, u aint got to listen especially when they can’t keep their lies straight,” she continued.

“I’ve found that when dealing w/ ppl who want to see u miserable, the best “revenge” is living an amazing happy life. #Strut,” she finished before posting a photo of Dwyane holding her Being Mary Jane script.

We can’t say for sure who this woman is, but judging by these tweets, she’s a repeat offender and Gabrielle is clearly fed up with her. If you’re interested in reading the actual letter she penned to Gabby, you can check it out here. But, we advise that you take it with a grain of salt, as it was sent to MediaTakeOut and we all know how iffy that site can be.

What do you think of Gabrielle responding to the alleged groupie? Was she justified in lashing out or was she better off keeping her cool?

Grinding The Right Way: Using Your Mind, Not Your Body To Get Ahead in Your Career

July 11th, 2012 - By Erica RivaFlowz Buddington
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A few years ago, after a string of small performances at local cafes and schools, I was asked to open up for a rising underground emcee. Well, I must admit, I wasn’t the only one. There were three other female poets who were also asked to present during other intervals during the show.

I walked into the dressing room, where the other girls were already adorning their faces with foundation and giggling galore. They inquired quickly, before asking my name, if I knew whom I was about to perform for. They awaited my answer, excited to hear my take on their adoration. I shrugged; I’d only heard one song he’d done with a famous mainstream artist.

They instantly schooled me: Grammy bound, poetic and cute. He had morals and values, unlike most of the other hip-hop artists they confronted.

I snickered at their clamor while I threw on a tee with fresh Nikes. Even the enlightened and intellectual buzzed with hopeless romantic and crush.

Soon we were confronted by spotlight. We spit rhythmic verses that descended into the crowd and correlated with the songs that were up next. The adrenaline sifted through my veins and promised that I’d stand on a literary platform several times during my future.

There was a euphoria that laced the dressing rooms as we tumbled backstage. We swung our legs from the tall stools and bantered our experiences. In the middle of our chatter, the door flung open. The emcee we’d just opened up for, stood at the door, lit up with pride, “You guys did an amazing job! Man, I wish I could have you spit every time.”

We swarmed him, questioning his plans and lyricism. After an incredible set, even I was now enthralled by his work. After an hour-long conversation, his “posse” came to fetch him, ready to hit the road.

It was then he uttered those magic words. Words that groupies and good girls alike often yearn to hear from “men like him.”

“You guys want to come back to the hotel with us? We can finish the conversation there.”

Pause. Stop. Halt.

Conscious, indie or mainstream; I wasn’t following any rapper anywhere. Yes, it’s possible he might have good intentions, but even on the first date you don’t shadow a brother home. (Or the second & third, for that matter.)

The other girls accepted immediately and I started to pack my bag.

“You down love?” He asked.

I looked him up and down and then around at the too eager faces of the other people in the room.

“Nah, I’ll rain check this one.”

I threw my backpack over my shoulder and headed out while waving small goodbyes to everyone. As I left the arena, I heard quick footsteps behind me. It was Mr. Underground Emcee. His hand was pushed forward, handing me a business card.

“In case you ever need a feature, feisty girl.” He laughed.

I smiled, “Sure.”