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They Just Can’t Stay Away: Celeb Couples Who Filed For Divorce Then Reconciled

May 15th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Sometimes it’s just cheaper to keep her. These celebrity couples made public declarations that they were calling it quits then went behind closed doors and were able to work things out.

"Kobe and Vanessa Bryant pf"


Kobe and Vanessa Bryant

After just six months of dating, Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant married his wife Vanessa in 2000. The mother of his two children stuck by his side as he faced sexual assault charges in Colorado after having sex with a hotel worker in 2002. As an apology, he bought Vanessa a $4 million eight-carat purple diamond ring. After years of reportedly putting up with Bryant’s infidelity, Vanessa had finally had enough and filed for divorce towards the end of 2011. But the NBA superstar did his best to win the love of his life back and in 2013 it was announced that the divorce was called off.

“I Didn’t Mean You Were A B***h, I Meant You Were Acting Like A B***h”: Cynthia & Peter Confront NeNe; RHOA Ep. 20

March 31st, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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NeNe and Cynthia


After last week’s drama, this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta saw the trip to Mexico come to an end (thank goodness!) and we got to see how folks dealt with the aftermath of NeNe’s mouth, and also how the cast got back into the swing of things in Atlanta. Porsha showed her diva side in dealing with Kandi and her play, “A Mother’s Love,” and Cynthia fumed at the fact that one of her best friends would disrespect her man the way they did. Another week, a lot of drama. Check out how things went down in episode 20.

“You Need To Stop Trying To Be A B***h”: Kenya And Phaedra Go At It, And Gregg & NeNe Check Peter; RHOA Ep. 19

March 24th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Was Sunday’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta crazy or what? In a terrible idea to do a part two to couple’s night, Phaedra and Kenya bumped heads, and Peter and Gregg almost came to blows! Let’s talk about a very interesting episode.

Are NeNe And Gregg Looking To Add To Their Family?

March 20th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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NeNe And Gregg Leakes Want Another Baby

Source: Instagram

As Kim Fields and Halle Berry have shown us, turning 40 definitely does not mean that a gal’s baby-making days are over. But what about “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes? After going through a rather ugly divorce, she remarried the love of her life, Gregg Leakes, last year and appears to have an amazing career that most only get to dream of. So is a new baby exactly what the Leakes need to make their picture perfect life complete? Well, not exactly. According to NeNe, she has her hands full with her son, Bryson’s daughter.

“We have a grand baby and have no desire to have more,” the “Dancing with the Stars” contender recently told Life & Style.

In addition to her two-year-old “glam baby” Bri’Asia, the “Glee” star says she’s busy raising her 15-year-old son, Brent, and that she has no interest in subjecting her body to child-birth ever again.

“My son [Brent] is 15! I would never push out another child!”

Well, that settles it. But you have to admit, a new baby would certainly make for an interesting storyline for the full-length spin-off show, “I Dream of NeNe,” that insiders claim Bravo is working on.

Nene Leakes Says Slim Pickings On The Dating Scene Made Her Fall For Gregg Again

February 7th, 2014 - By Rich
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Nene Leakes - Dating Other Men



The queen of the Georgia Peaches, Nene Leakes, has been quite vocal about her relationship with second-time-around husband Gregg Leakes. After watching every episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta from its inception, we witnessed first-hand how the the Leakes fell out of and back in love with another to the point of having their own wedding spin-off.

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, the Leakes’ talked about what made them reunite after a very short break and how they made their love better. Curious what really made Nene fall for Gregg again? She says other men.

 “When we were apart I dated and I was just like, ‘Uh uh this is not going to work,’” Nene said. “We’re a great balance for each other, he challenges me and we’re great for each other.”

Gregg jumped in and shared:

“It would take less time for me to tell you what I don’t love about her … I just love her, she’s my wife.”

Aww! Aren’t they sweet? We’re happy the Leakes are still adding chapters to their love story. What do you think about what Nene said?

“I Want My Wife To Be Successful. I Really Do.”: RHOA Husbands Open Up About Their Marriages

February 1st, 2014 - By Raven Carter
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RHOA Husbands Open Up About Their Marriages

Source: Bravo

From Essence:

The ups and downs in the relationships of the women featured on Bravo’s hit reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta instantly become news headlines and social media debates among cast members and fans. We always get to hear what the women have to say, but what about the fellas?

The men on the show, Gregg Leakes who’s recently married NeNe Leakes a second time, Apollo Nida, husband to entertainment lawyer and entrepreneur Phaedra Parks and Peter Thomas who’s married to model and mogul Cynthia Bailey, recently stopped by our offices for a little face time and we couldn’t wait to dig deep with them. We asked about their marriages and what it’s really like having your love spats put on display for the entire world to see.

Read what “The Real Husbands of Atlanta” had to share on

‘I Picked Mine Up There:’ Gregg Leakes Dishes On Meeting Wife, NeNe, During Her Days As An Exotic Dancer

January 31st, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

After a few of the Atlanta housewives and their hubbys took a group trip to the strip club last season, it became pretty obvious this particular group of men spend quite a bit of time at exotic dance clubs. So during their recent appearance on “The Bethenny Show,” Bethenny pried a little and questioned whether or not they believe strip clubs are a form of cheating.

“No,” Peter, Apollo and Gregg answered unison.

“Absolutely not,” Peter added. “That’s like our office,” he continued. “Guys go and meet at strip clubs. We’re not there to pick up the girls. It’s just that that’s the environment that we want to be in.”

Speaking of strip clubs, RHOA star NeNe Leakes has never been shy about revealing that she worked as a stripper in the past. And apparently, her hubby, Gregg, has no issues with admitting that’s where he picked her up, either.

“I picked mine up,” Gregg said raising his hand. “She used to work there [at the strip club] and when I went there and I saw her… That’s not where I met her. She invited me to her job and I graciously accepted.”

Phaedra, who was a part of the live audience for that particular episode also chimed in on the strip club discussion.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I represent some of the hottest adult entertainers in Atlanta and have been for almost 20 years now,” said Phaedra. “I have no problems with [my husband frequenting the strip club]. I frequent them myself to visit my clients as well. It’s not considered sleazy in Atlanta to go to a strip club because it’s probably 50/50 men and women there at all times as patrons.”

Though the fellas spoke freely about their strip club excursions, they say that going in the boom-boom rooms with a dancer is absolutely off limits.

“You can’t go to the boom-boom room,” Gregg said as the rest of the men nodded in agreement.


Watch their interview on the next page. Do you think it’s inappropriate for a married man to go to the strip club?

“So Many Of These Girls Are Thirsty”: Nene Leakes Pens Blog About Kenya Moore

November 5th, 2013 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

If you tuned in to Sunday’s premiere of Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA), you saw Porsha reveal some dark secrets about the nature of her relationship with soon-to-be ex-husband Kordell, you met the new man in Phaedra’s life-“Mr. President” – her son Dylan, and you witnessed the beginning of the drama between NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore. Prior to this season, Nene tried to see the best in Kenya despite her numerous issues with the other housewives. But currently, the two are not on the best of terms because Kenya never responded to NeNe’s wedding invitation. As you know, NeNe re-married her ex-husband Gregg Leakes in grand fashion this summer. Although Kenya may have another side to the story, NeNe released a blog statement on the Bravo TV Network website clarifying why she isn’t a fan of Kenya, and why she wasn’t feeling her trying to give NeNe a guilt trip about not calling when Kenya was getting evicted. Here’s what she said:

“If you have ever been a bride, then you know the high stress involved to plan and deliver a dream wedding. My wedding was no exception. I would go so far as to say mine was even more stressful, because I was getting married on TV and the world was invited to attend.  I invited family, friends, business associates, and some people out of respect! Kenya fit in the respect category, because I didn’t know her well, but we were on the show together.  She responded on Twitter by saying congrats to us, which showed me she wanted the world to know she was invited and also wanted them to know she didn’t attend. The motives people have are sometimes crystal clear! As you saw, Kenya visited with Cynthia and told her she thought her “friends” would have reached out to her during her time of eviction (referring to me, Kandi, and Cynthia).

During the summer, Kenya Moore‘s landlord tried to evict her after she claimed the reality star did not pay her rent or up keep the property. Unfortunately, the real reason why the landlord tried to evict Moore is because it seemed that she wanted more money in a divorce settlement. As NeNe continued her letter, she stated that she didn’t reach out to Moore during that time because she felt the whole situation was just gossip:

“Foolishness! She approached me about why Walter was invited to my wedding and why I hadn’t reached out to her during her eviction drama. So let me answer! Surely someone who claims to be a top actress, producer, and director who is selling DVDs everywhere is not evicted!  I didn’t feel the need to reach out about gossip.Now let me say this before I end. My Twitter blew up and my phone just about caught on fire when Kenya grabbed my ear. I know when somebody wants a reaction out of me for their own purposes. I know water is free in America, but so many of these girls are thirsty! I’m not willing to risk what I have, what I have worked for, and what I have become for somebody that has been on a 20 year hiatus!”

To read more of Nene’s letter, click here. What do you think of her side of the story?

Kordell’s Sexuality And NeNe Vs. Kenya: RHOA Season Six Premiere Recap

November 4th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Who else tuned in for the premiere of season six of Real Housewives of Atlanta? It definitely didn’t disappoint, right? We got to catch up with all the ladies as they take on new stages in their life (including marriage, divorce, motherhood, business success and more). But you know there was enough drama to go around for everyone, and if the previews for the season as a whole are accurate, it will go around for quite a while. Check out nine major moments from last night’s premiere of RHOA and talk about what caught your attention below.

Let ‘Em Know: NeNe And Gregg Discuss Their Prenup On The Arsenio Hall Show

October 21st, 2013 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

If you’ve been watching the “I Dream Of NeNe” series, you know that one of the many hitches in Gregg and NeNe’s wedding plans was the discussion about whether Gregg was going to sign a prenup. The couple went back and forth, though ultimately, Gregg bit the bullet and signed the document. NeNe And Gregg discussed their prenup during their recent visit to the Arsenio Hall Show and he got all up in their business as he discussed the drama behind their prenup and why Gregg ultimately decided to sign on the dotted line.

Arsenio: If you were my baby sister, and he wouldn’t sign the prenup, I would say ‘Move On, Move On!’ I like when Cynthia’s husband said, ‘You sign it if you don’t want nothing but the woman. Now, why are you apprehensive to sign that?

Gregg: We’re not going to need it. We’re never divorcing again. We don’t need a prenup! Go away.

Arsenio: But you know there have been people in the past in our world who have said that, and thats game.

NeNe: And he did say it, but listen, let me just tell you how I feel about the prenup. I personally feel like I got so many people talking to me about a prenup like it was a bad thing. To me, In the African American household, a lot of people feel like a prenup is a bad thing and it’s not, it’s a great thing. It’s like you would handle your will upfront, or your life insurance you handle all those things before you pass. It’s the same thing, in case something happens I feel like it was easier for us to work everything out on the front end while I like you. Okay? Thats real! Because if I don’t like you and we break up, honey you not gon’ get nothing. I will be fighting you tooth and nail!

Arsenio: So where does it stand right now with the prenup, right this minute?

Gregg: We got a prenup cause I want this!

Then, still probing, Arsenio asked the couple why they didn’t sign a prenup during their first marriage. NeNe pretty much said Gregg was  so distracted by her cootie cat that he wasn’t thinking anything about a prenup.

Arsenio: Okay now I’m going to flip it, why you want him to sign one, when he had more paper than you?

NeNe: Gregg met me in 1996, okay and he was pursuing me and he asked me to marry me, and he never asked me to sign a prenup because he liked all of me. And men are just very different, you know they like Hello Kitty first. Well, they like Hello Kitty then they worry about the other stuff later, but I, you know, listen, he didn’t ask me to sign a prenup. I don’t mean to sound you know, this is a different time. We have to sign a prenup, I already seen his hand. I seen how he fight in court so we need a prenup!

Well there you have it. I’m not mad at NeNe at all. If you know Gregg is going to come for your money should you get divorced again, then by all means protect yourself.

Watch the video of their discussion below. 

How do you feel about prenups? Is NeNe wrong for requiring Gregg to sign one?