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From Dijon To Webster: The Interesting Government Names Of Today’s Popular Rappers

August 5th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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As a person with a long and interesting surname, I can always appreciate a good tongue twister or head scratcher when it comes to other people’s names. We’ve found that you all enjoy such quick glimpses into the lives of the people whose music is all over the radio, so here are few (make that quite a few actually) government names of rap stars that are quite the contrast from their colorful stage names.

Trinidad James

While his look and his stage name are very colorful (many have likened his image to that of Jerome from “Martin”), James was actually born Nicholas Williams. No frills, just Nicholas (probably called Nick or Nicky). The Atlanta-bred rapper was actually born in Trinidad, so one can assume that the island influenced his rap name.

That Is NOT Your Name…! 10 Celebs Whose Government Names Were A Surprise To Us

December 27th, 2012 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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If someone were to say that they were a fan of a singer named Kelendria, would you know they were talking about Kelly Rowland? If I tell you I used to have a crush on Elgin Lumpkin, would you immediately know I was talking about Ginuwine? Well, if you were a thirsty fan like me back in the day, you probably knew too. But that’s the thing about celebrities and their government names. If it’s not the sexiest or coolest thing you’ve ever heard (or if it’s just too long), most will ditch it for a funky stage name or flip their name around in the hopes that they’ll have an easier time making it in the entertainment industry. So when we find out their real names, sometimes it’s a surprise. A very interesting surprise. Just check out these 10 names and you’ll understand what I mean.

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Shaunie O’Neal – Va’Shaundya Nelson

The entrepreneur, TV personality, and person we have to blame for the ratchetness of Basketball Wives hasn’t been known as Va’Shaundya since she’s been in the public eye trying to build her own empire. She’s been trying to push “Shaunie” since she started hosting small sports shows and doing correspondent work for entertainment programs, and now that she’s a respected producer, I’m sure we won’t be hearing anybody call her Va’Shaundya (except for maybe moms?). It’s not a bad name though, it has personality in fact!