According to a new ranking of the 100 most in-demand employers by LinkedIn, the third installment, people want the attractive perks, great pay, and excellent workplace cultures that Google as well as Apple and Facebook have come to be known for.

In fact, the three tech companies are all among the world’s most sought-after places to work.

LinkedIn’s list is based on an analysis of more than 35 billion interactions between companies and members on the professional networking site, reports Business Insider.

LinkedIn examined member awareness of every company (how many people have viewed their employees’ profiles within the past year), and engagement on LinkedIn (how many members have followed the company’s Company or Career Page within the past year). And the company that came out on top: Google. This marked the third consecutive year Google did so.

After Google came Apple, Unilever, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Procter & Gamble, GE, Nestle, and Pepsico (in that order). The five largest companies on the list were: IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, Oracle,and Microsoft. The five smallest companies are: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Airbnb, Netflix, Spotify, and Uber.

The cities with the most in-demand employers included not surprisingly Silicon Valley’s home San Francisco/Bay Area, New York City, London, and Paris.

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