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MN Jam Of The Day: “My Love” By Justin Timberlake Feat. TI

January 4th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Oh how I miss the days of Justin Timberlake singing and dancing around on my TV screen instead of just standing around while talking and trying his best to be a character actor. Off of the FutureSex/LoveSounds album, “My Love” was one of the standout tracks from the album, and definitely one of the most live with its bass-bumping Timbaland beat. The video was fabulous as well with the slick dance moves, the well-dressed men and the sleek way it was shot in black and white. Personally, I was just jamming to the track on the train earlier this morning and it definitely made me want to pull out the old-school body roll. If you need something to put you in the right mood for a long day, you won’t regret checking this chic clip and awesome song out. Happy Friday friends!

“O” Really? Omarion Says That He’s About To Be On That MJ/”Thriller” & Beyonce/”Crazy In Love” Level

November 29th, 2012 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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I’m probably one of the few people in my office right now who wants to see Omarion win. Probably because I used to be a B2K stan (though I had more of an affinity for Lil Fizz), and more or less because I’ve seen him at his best (“Touch” anyone?) and knows he can drop some chart topping stuff. And after watching him dance for his life in almost a comical fashion at the BET Hip Hop Awards a few months ago, I can tell he’s hungry–thirsty even. But at the age of 28, post his boy band heartthrob status and dropping four solo albums, the latter two which were received with lack of enthusiasm, can Omarion really blow up big again? Or better yet, as he says, can he ever be on the level of Michael during Thriller? Beyoncé during Crazy In Love? Justin Timberlake during his FutureSex/LoveSounds reign?

He seems to think so. When talking about his upcoming EP, Care Package, with Billboard, Omarion discussed why he believes that it’s his time now to drop a classic. He’s a new and improved and eclectic O, and he’s excited for the fans, and the haters, to hear what he’s got, especially since he personally feels like most people still look at him as teeny bopping “Bump Bump Bump” Omarion from B2K:

A lot of my fans are adults and have children and lives. It’s really interesting because they still come out and support, the fans that used to chase my car. I think they ready. This is the real grown-up me. This is that age when Beyoncé had ‘Crazy in Love’ and Michael Jackson had ‘Thriller,’ when Justin Timberlake had ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds.’ I feel like I’m at that age. I can’t wait to display this new me.

If he’s trying to show that he’s grown up and out of his dance friendly pop stuff from back in the day, it helps that he’s rolling with Rick Ross and MMG, as he got signed with Ross’ crew after they met up at a strip club of all places. Magic City is the perfect place to do business, right? And since then, he’s been so hype and full of enthusiasm that he’s not letting anybody bring him down. Don’t want to see an Omarion comeback? Well, homeboy says too bad, because it’s coming: “I hope that they hear the emotion and take away one thing, and that’s that I’m coming. I’m going to continue to create music. I’m here, and that’s what it is.”

While I do like Omarion, I can’t say that I really see him making an impact or the type of music that really blew people like Bey, Justin and MJ into the stratosphere of stardom. I feel like that opportunity came and went. But hey, you can’t knock a brotha for trying. Never hurts to be ambitious, or it least it doesn’t hurt much? Care Package drops for free on file sharing sites on November 29, will you check it out?