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The Irony: Gossip Bloggers Funky Dineva And Michelle Brown Beef Over Rent, Missing Washer & Dryer

March 3rd, 2016 - By Charing Ball
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Somebody call the Maytag man because never in a million years would I have expected all of this to come out in the rinse.

I’m talking about Quentin “Funky Dineva” Latham and Michelle “ATLien” Brown. You know, the dynamic blogging duo mostly known for their exposés on Chateau Sheree?

Yeah, them. Well, they’re not friends no mo’

It all started when Brown, who runs the site Straight From The A, took to Periscope and basically had a meltdown over allegations that her former BFF trashed the townhome she was renting to him.

As Brown tells it (and a blog posted the following day after the Periscope meltdown), she wasn’t trying to air him out but “my emotions got the best of me and the video (which should have disappeared after 24 hours) was placed on YouTube and my emotional moment has now become fodder.”

She also adds, “Hell, I may as well join in on the tea party…”

Well, that’s the spirit. And here’s the video below:

I’ll try to summarize it for those folks on a Cricket wireless plan. Basically, the 13-minute long video features Brown and her friend Joy going from room to room in the townhome, surveying the damage they claim Latham did to the residence during his two-year lease. From the video, some of the alleged damage includes warped floor boards, bleached carpets and piles of dog mess everywhere. Also, Brown points out that her washing machine and dryer are missing.

After filming more of the damages, Brown turns the cameras on herself and gets emotional as she tells her Periscope audience, “I let a friend move in – I’m about to cry – I let a friend move in, no security deposit. You know what that friend did to me? That friend did not pay rent for three months. I had to put my friend out. So now my friend is mad at me because I had to put him out.”

On her blog she also alleges drug abuse might have played a part in Latham’s alleged troubles and adds:

I never intended to go through with an eviction and was hoping that he would ‘do the right thing’ all the way up to the day the Marshal’s came to put his belongings on the curb. I even called and told him they were coming.

In the end, throughout years of helping someone earn a living and providing them with tools that COULD have made their bank accounts flourish, I got in return a townhouse that looks like a crackhouse and stolen appliances.

After all these years of blogging, my ‘friend’ still walks out the house looking homeless, doesn’t have a car, and on top of that… didn’t pay rent for months.

So, NO… this is NOT a blog beef. This is a FRIEND hoping and praying that their FRIEND gets help for whatever ISSUES he is going through.

Unsurprisingly, Latham would respond with a scathing blog post – and alleged receipts – of his own, claiming Brown is lying and falsely accusing him of theft. The post is rather long, so I’ll try to summarize it the best I can. Latham acknowledges that he had fallen behind on rent but attributes it to depression and financial problems caused by the recent passing of his mother. He also said that because freelance checks don’t always come in on time, that was another reason he was frequently late on rent. However, he thought Brown understood as much, considering she has never made mention of it being a problem before.

And Latham denied destroying the property and said that Brown was a daily visitor to the house while he lived there. Therefore, if there was any damage, she would have certainly said something before. Likewise, Latham also denied owning her any money other than a couple hundred dollars he claimed he didn’t pay once she started the eviction process against him.

And the washer and dryer? Well, Latham said that he didn’t have them, nor did he want them. As proof, he posted a picture of his new front-load washing machine and dryer.

As to why this massive airing of grievances is happening now between two gossip bloggers who were once thick as thieves? Latham writes, “When it boils down to it, Michelle is mad that I don’t want to be her friend, has moved the hell on, and she can’t take it. It’s eating her up so bad that a bitch is over here lounging, drinking, and eating good, that she had to start more unnecessary drama. But per her email, its no drama only business.

We all know I am far more entertaining on camera than Michelle will ever be. I can easily do a video and read Michelle and reveal embarrassing things about her, but for what? For why?”

Nevertheless, Latham did a video (with the wig off):

Messy, right?

I’m not going to lie: I adore Funky Dineva’s no-nonsense approach to tongue-wagging (the recent Jada Pinkett Smith read still has me in tears). And I used to live for Straight From The A recaps.

But with that being said, it’s quite ironic that two bloggers who basically made pretty decent careers for themselves airing out everyone else’s dirty laundry are not only airing out each other’s (and their own) dirty laundry, but also arguing over a damn washing machine and dryer.

If that is not a sitcom episode waiting to happen, I don’t know what is.

Still, I wish them the best. Based on everything I read, both Latham and Brown’s relationship could have benefitted from more honesty. For instance, Latham should have been more open about his feelings, in particular, why he felt the need to become distant from her. And Brown should have spoken up sooner about how she felt about him always paying the rent late.

But if I’ve learned anything from this hot mess tea, it’s that you should always get a deposit and a receipt – even from friends.

“Kenya Is Not Innocent”: Phaedra Speaks On NeNe’s Claim That Apollo Lied About Lying On Kenya

December 2nd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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After it was revealed on episode two that Apollo Nida lied on Kenya Moore about meeting him in Los Angeles and offering him a blow job, Kenya Moore was hopeful that her reputation would be redeemed. She was also hopeful that everyone who called her a “whore” would finally see her in another light.

But not so fast.

NeNe Leakes shared on Sunday night’s episode that she thinks Apollo actually lied about lying on Kenya, and that they did in fact engage in something inappropriate. In her mind, she thinks that in an attempt to hurt Phaedra, Apollo bent the truth in order to make Kenya look good, and Phaedra look bad (and in the end, make himself look worse). Later on in the episode, when Kenya found out about this theory, she broke down crying in anger over the fact that the ladies were “still trying to throw dirt on me.”

In her Bravo blog, Phaedra shared her thoughts on NeNe’s theory, and said it’s not so farfetched…

Given the circumstances, I believe that NeNe was being a very supportive friend to me. Hurt people, hurt people. And NeNe observed that Apollo was coming from a place of anger and self-inflicted pain. All in all, I think NeNe made a fair observation. She has also witnessed Kenya’s unladylike, disrespectful behavior with men so it was easy for her, and anyone else, to conclude that Kenya is not innocent. There has been so much lying and manipulation going on and it is not a constructive use of my time to keep score. In the end, it really doesn’t matter to me whether Apollo was telling the truth about what happened with Kenya. What matters to me is that I have two fine young boys who are growing up without a father, and the person I thought was going to be my life partner decided to take another path.

She also said that she wasn’t moved by Kenya’s emotional breakdown at the end of the episode. In her mind, Kenya was trying to play victim as usual:

Kenya is being Kenya; twirling on an emotional rollercoaster in an effort to gain sympathy. Playing victim is a tool of distraction people use to get others to forget the role they played in a situation. Kenya wants everyone to forget that she is the person who brought up the texts in the first place (and beat the subject to death), flaunted inappropriate, flirty behavior with numerous men, and repeatedly lied about her male suitors or lack thereof. You cannot make it so easy for people to believe salacious stories about you and then expect pity when one story may not be true.

And when asked what she thought about Apollo putting their past on blast (including his claims that Phaedra was visiting him in the projects and sleeping on a blowup mattress with him when he got out of jail the first time), she kept her comments concise:

All you needed was one more person and it could have been a Three Stooges movie.

Well, one person who actually believes that Apollo lied is blogger Funky Dineva. He gets along with a few ladies from the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast, specifically Phaedra and Apollo. So when Apollo started saying that Kenya came on to him, Funky Dineva, like many people, believed him. Because of his friendliness with Phaedra, the blogger often talked quite ugly about Kenya in his stories, and she at one point, threatened to sue him. But now that Apollo has said that he lied, Dineva decided that it was only right to apologize to Kenya, and do so publicly on his blog:

Dear Kenya Moore,

Let me start off by saying when I found out that you would be joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta I was overjoyed. I kept thinking OMG that history making beauty queen lady is really going to add some class and legitimacy to RHOA. Boy was I wrong. Much to my dismay, Kenya you are crazy as hell. All things constant, you fit right on with the ladies perfectly. Adding further insult to disappointment, when Apollo said what he said about you, I went from side-eyeing you, to closing my eyes on you altogether. I’m cool with Phaedra and Apollo, and just like the other ladies, I took what Apollo said as the gospel and treated you as such. For that I am sorry. Unlike Apollo was able to do, let me be specific. I am sorry my role in perpetuating the notion that you were a whore and tried to sleep with Apollo. I’m sorry for the mass dissemination of information that may have painted you in a whore light, albeit I did not know the information was false, and was just reporting what I saw on the television. Lastly, I apologize for really not giving you a fair chance because I thought you were trying to suck my friend’s husband dick. I’m sorry.

Now don’t get it twisted, I still borderline don’t see it for you. To be honest, every time you tootsie roll your ass across my screen I roll my eyes so hard that I’m now blind in my left eye, and developing cataracts in the right. Quiet a its kept, I might need to sue your ass (the way you threatened to sue me READ : Kenya Moore Threatens To Sue Blogger Funky Dineva For Exposing Her – Ohhh You Mad Huh?) because My Obama care package did not include vision insurance, and I need my vision to continue to throw shade at you in the future and make coins off it. Hopefully this whole Apollo revelation will open the door to me one day seeing it for you. Only time will tell, but I did want to offer up an apology. Again, I’m sorry…


Funky Dineva Ross

P.S., You are slaying these hoes with your confessional looks!!

What are your thoughts on all these new statements?

Kandi Burruss’ “A Mother’s Love” National Musical Tour Canceled

September 18th, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Kandi Burruss' "A Mother's Love"


This morning, Quentin Latham, better known as Funky Dineva, announced on his website that Kandi Burruss’ tour of her play A Mother’s Love has been canceled. As a fellow cast member and friend of Burruss, Latham said the tour’s promoter did not follow through with the tour contract. He wrote on his blog:

I want you guys to know and understand that the tour was cancelled due to no fault of Kandi & Todd’s. Everything was booked and handled through the promoter. With that, when the captain sinks, the whole ship sinks. I’d also like to take a moment and express my sympathy to the promoter as well. In all fairness, I don’t think that the promotion company set out to partake in any shady business practices. I simply thing [sic] they overshot their gamble and bit off a little more than they could chew. The promoter is hundreds of thousands of dollars in the hole if I had to guess, and that is worthy of my sympathy and support as I see it.

Latham says he knew something was amiss when he did not receive his travel schedule to Detroit, the next city on the tour’s schedule:

We successfully performed in 3 cities in Georgia. The shows were stellar, though attendance could have been much better. It is my assumption that the promoter was banking on the week one shows to sell out, to carry us into week two, and so on and so forth. Well , you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip. When the week once [sic] receipts were tallied, the bottom line was, we didn’t have enough resources to move into week two. Week two was subsequently cancelled. No tea no shade, I wasn’t trippin, because after the weeks of rehearsal and rigorous week one schedule, The Doll needed a break. I figured we’d pick back up with week three, which happens to be the present moment. However, once the sun went down yesterday, and I didn’t have any travel arrangements for Detroit.

Wednesday night at 10:30 p.m. Funky Dineva shared that Burruss delivered the unfortunate news to the cast that the tour  was canceled. In a statement released via Instagram, Burruss said of the cancellation:

I licensed A Mother’s Love to A promoter with high expectations of finally seeing my creation go on the road and I am very saddened and frustrated by the cancellation of the tour. More than that my heart goes out to the cast who all are AMAZINGLY talented. We really worked hard to put together an awesome show. It breaks my heart that we wont be able to put on this show for my fans who have bought tickets, & who all were looking forward to seeing it. I stand with them in disbelief and despair that this has happened and was caught off guard as well. I want to thank everyone who have supported all of the projects I have worked on. I hope you understand that the cancellation was beyond my control. Please don’t hold it against me! I know that a lot of tickets were sold & from what I understand they will be refunded. Thank you to all the people who tweeted showing excitement for the show & sending love my way. I was suppose to be headed to Detroit this weekend & to find out that we’re not going kills me. To all the fans who volunteered to be on the street teams promoting the show I promise to make it up to you! I love you guys! Thanks for your love & understanding. Much Love, Kandi

The play was scheduled to perform in 30 American cities. The three cities in Georgia that the production made it to were Albany, Savannah and Columbus.

Did you purchase a ticket to A Mother’s Love?

Watch: Kandi Burruss Debuts Trailer For ‘A Mother’s Love’ DVD

March 26th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Former Xscape singer Kandi Burruss debuts trailer 'A Mother's Love' DVD.

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans who don’t live in the Georgia area or were unable to attend Kandi Burruss’  November “A Mother’s Love” production will be happy to know that the former Xscape singer is preparing to release the DVD version of the popular stage play.

As she previously stated while doing press to promote the play, the storyline closely mirrors the emotional tug-of-war that she has been experiencing in her personal life due to her mother’s disapproval of her relationship with fiancé, Todd Tucker. The production features an array of familiar faces including Kandi’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Porsha Williams, Danity Kane’s D. Woods, 112’s Q Parker, Shirley Murdock and Internet personality Funky Dineva.

The DVD is scheduled to be released on Apr. 8, but is already available for pre-order, along with official t-shirts and a soundtrack. The busy bride-to-be announced the upcoming release via Instagram yesterday.

“Hey everyone! Go to & see the trailer for my musical! Preorder by the 8th & get free shipping! Repost! @weheartkandi “Preorder by 4/8/14 & get FREE Shipping! #AMothersLove #AMothersLoveDVD #AMothersLoveSoundtrack”

Judging by the preview, “A Mother’s Love” is definitely worth checking out.

Watch the trailer on the next page and let us know what you think.

Your Hair Is Laid Like A Lie! Funky Dineva Claims Nicci Gilbert’s Clothing Line Does Not Exist

June 20th, 2013 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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nicci gilbert

From EurWeb

As if the petition to get her fired from the very show she helped create wasn’t enough, Nicci Gilbert finds herself in the middle of even more drama and speculation this week. According to a new report, the Brownstone and “R&B Divas: Atlanta” star is not the real designer behind her much promoted line, “Curvato.” Funky Dineva has made claims that Ms. Gilbert’s fashions are really designed and shipped by a China based wholesale company. “Nicci Gilbert does not even design Curvato clothing. Instead, she purchases the bargain basement fashions from China Wholesale. Hey, why pay more when you can pay less?” reports Funky Dineva.

The first to question the validity of Nicci’s business was Angie Stone, the aftermath of which will be seen during tonight’s episode. Both Angie’s discovery and Nicci’s reaction will be highlighted.On the previous episode Angie went to do her research on Gilbert’s charity event only to find out that the charity itself didn’t even exist “yet”. When questioned about it the diva grew seemingly defensive and tension began to flair. Now the word is the entire group will bring Nicci’s actions and business into question during the next episode. This new revelation will only add fuel to the fire started by the recent petition to prevent Nicci from returning to the show if it’s picked up for a third season. As previously reported, despite the fact that she’s one of the show’s creators, fans would like to see her replaced by Blu Cantrell, Sunshine Anderson, Nivea or Tweet. As of press time there were 222 signatures on the petition.

Read more at 


Homophobia And Masculinity: The Real Problem With Russell “Hollywood” Simpson Allegedly “Outing” NFL Star Kerry Rhodes

April 19th, 2013 - By Charing Ball
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Image Source:

Image Source:

Russell “Hollywood” Simpson speaks to Bossip about his alleged relationship with NFL free agent Kerry Rhodes:

Kerry paid for everything. We had a very good life together. I always got any and everything I ever asked for. Vacations, red bottoms, the private jet in my video was us going to training camp together. I had a driver and he even gave me his Aston Martin. He later bought me my own car and because I’m not a dumb bi**h I made sure to get it my own name and he paid the whole thing off! He treated me very well. I will never talk bad about him in that way because he was really good to me.

And yet you put him on blast.

Listen, I am always down for the shenanigans. But I also know that if this was a woman doing this, her name would probably be all sorts of synonymous with the term, “bitter jump-off” right now. And I’m not saying that he is. Actually, I’m not saying anything because I don’t know for sure who is or who is not telling the truth. Right now, it is Simpson’s word against Rhodes’s word – as well as some very suspicious pictures. We can infer all we want, but with this week in the media, with supposed reputable news sources getting their facts completely wrong, it has taught us that it’s best not to draw conclusions too quick.

Not that what these two consenting adults do is any of our business anyway, which is why I am happy to read some of the pushback to this sort of sexual outing. To me, it amounts to bullying. And I know certainly this would be the attitude if Simpson had been born with female chromosomes. If Simpson was a woman, we would be questioning where his self-respect and self-esteem had gone for daring to be so tacky as to go public with their intimate details. We would be calling girl Simpson a bird and accusing her of breaking all sorts of side-jawn codes. We would be testifying about how these cluck-clucks “do the most” and pondering about what he hoped to gain from exposing such a relationship. Money? Fame?

If Simpson was a woman, we most certainly would we imploring her to take responsibility for the role she played in this situation and verbally flogging her for the part she was playing in trying to ruin this man’s reputation. And then a friend on Facebook shared this link from Funky Dineva with me and I began to think about the nuances of the If-Simpson-were-a-woman comparison more fluidly:

There are also certain segments of the gay community who are using this story to promote their anti-feminine ignorance. Sites like Discreet City have been exploiting the story to further their own agenda. The Twitter account for the site sent out a tweet implying that Kerry Rhodes is in this situation because of feminine gay men, and that the actions of feminine gay men like Kerry’s alleged ex-boyfriend are why masculine gay men don’t like to mess with feminine gay men. It amazes me that people will use any situation as an excuse to scapegoat a group of people. Instead of looking at the ways that homophobia prevents all gay men from being viewed in a nuanced light, sites like Discreet City promote the ignorant view that the problems of gay men are rooted in the fact that some men are feminine. It’s as if the site thinks that homophobia would cease to exist if only all gay men were masculine–never mind that a significant chunk of homophobia rests on a overall hatred of men being with other men.”

Simpson gets a pass because what he says is not only scandalous but it also helps to stoke already existing paranoia around gay men, particularly gay black men. However, he does not get a pass from being on the outskirts of what is considered normal and acceptable masculinity. And in a lot of ways, his limp wrist, shrill voice and hip switching while walking are more uncomfortable and threatening than his actual loose lips. And why is this? Probably for the same reasons some call these men, “pu**ies” or “mitches” as a way to demean them.

Of course, the inference here is that anything associated with femininity and womanhood should be considered as weak, inferior, or less than manhood. And over the years I have learned that regardless of sexual orientation, there is nothing more important among men than maintaining “manhood” – or at least the perceived characteristics of what manhood is supposed to mean. It’s probably the reason why AP.9, the unknown rapper whose claim to fame was outing Ice-T’s wife Coco, can still maintain his “dignity,” despite his gossiping. And it is probably part of the reason why Rhodes doesn’t want to come out the closet – allegedly.

Yet and still, I am tired of the kiss and tell genre of gossip. Everybody is trying to be the next Karrine Steffans, but they come up looking just starved for attention. I don’t know enough about Simpson to make that determination, but anyone clamoring to get on reality television has to be looked at in a fishy manner. And unless Rhodes was some sort of right-wing, anti-everything nutjob preaching hate and intolerance while living this secret lifestyle, I don’t really see the relevancy in discussing who he is sleeping with. Honestly, if not for his connection to the NFL – and the homophobic connotation that is associated with the league – most folks wouldn’t care anything about who Rhodes was screwing. Most of you are probably even saying, “Who??” Plus, sexual snitching is just the worst, just think about Ray J.

Listen, I understand his feelings are probably hurt. Nobody – woman or man – likes to be viewed as a secret lover. I can imagine how it must feel to hold hands behind closed doors and once someone comes along, be shoved into the proverbial bushes – not that this has ever happened to me, but I do understand the feeling. With that said, did he not seem perfectly fine and cool with being shoved into the proverbial bushes prior to this very public outing? Maybe he had his money cut off. If you were conscious enough to accept that position before when he was tricking you off with red bottoms and car notes, you can’t quite claim victimhood now that you two are – allegedly – no longer together.


Stay Away From Me! Sheree Whitfield Granted Restraining Orders Against Funky Dineva & Others

March 2nd, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's Mimi Faust Birthday Celebration

You all are going to stop messing with Sheree about her still under construction palace.

On Friday, we told you about former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Sheree Whitfield filing for a temporary restraining order against blogger Tamara Brawner.  But TMZ has learned that Whitfield was granted not one, but three separate temporary orders of protection against three bloggers. According to the report, Whitfield got the restraining orders on February 22nd and on the 26th.

Sheree says that the first restraining order against Brawner, also known as Tamara Tattles, is due to her actually spying on Whitfield and trespassing on her property since 2011. As Whitfield tells it, Brawner has been writing a blog called “Chateau Sheree” since 2011 on the construction – or lack of it – of the mansion.  She adds that on February 18th, Brawner actually entered the home and took pictures. Whitfield says that she is now afraid for her life.

Brawner has been ordered to stay at least 500 yards from Whitfield.

The remaining temporary restraining orders are against bloggers you might know: Michelle Brown, known for her website, and Quentin Latham, also known as Funky “Yasssss Gawd Hunty” Dineva.  Whitfield says that while the two never entered the home, they have stepped foot on the property.

However, on Saturday morning, Brown posted a response to the temporary restraining order and she says TMZ got it all wrong:

“I haven’t been served with a thing and if Sheree Whitfield was granted a ‘Temporary Restraining Order,’ me and my attorneys all anxiously await it’s arrival.  No more lies Miss thang!  Everybody knows Funky Dineva and I taped on the street… near the stop sign… on a busy route!”
Brown also added that she could actually be the one to file a temporary restraining order after incidents that have happened with Whitfield stalking her.  The shade she’s throwing is what classics are made of.
Both Brown and Latham have been ordered to stay at least 200 yards from Whitfield.
This is a bit messy. Brown says that media outlets and passersby often take pictures of the construction so she thinks it was Tattles actually entering the property that made them all alleged targets.
While we can all still get quite the chuckle out of Sheree insisting she will be living in the home “soon,” no one who is unauthorized should be entering the property. That’s taking things a bit too far with trying to get the scoop. The reality is, there is no scoop; Sheree has been talking about moving in that place for years and it still hasn’t happened.
We’ll see if Funky Dineva goes on record to read Sheree Whitfield for the filth!

What ‘Chu Say Boo? Caption This Pic Of Funky Dineva At Mimi’s Birthday Party

January 11th, 2013 - By madamenoire
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Source: VH1 "funky dineva"

Source: VH1

Looking at this pic you know there has to be a “yessss gawd!” coming soon because anytime Funky Dineva is around, that phrase is coming out of his mouth. And there’s no telling just how many of those were heard while he attended Mimi Faust’s birthday party early this week.

All of Mimi’s “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” girls were there, like Ariane, Erica, Rasheeda, and Kylie Redd. That crew must now include Funky Dineva whose hair is laid like Rihanna circa 2007, yes honey! The hair is actually the least of the issues here though, as we cannot stop looking at that neon yellow lipstick — surrounded by a full grown man beard no less. We already know Funky Dineva has ad libs for days but we want to hear what you all have to say about this pic. Caption it and tell us what the hayell is going on here.