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15 Things A Woman Thinks When Going Down On A Man

October 9th, 2014 - By Julia Austin
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Going Down On A Man


Men: you may think you have the easiest equipment to navigate, but women disagree! Even though we might make going down on you look effortless and natural to us, it’s not. In fact, there are a million things buzzing through our heads. Like this.







Between The Sheets: F*replay Starts Before You Enter The Bedroom

November 21st, 2013 - By Madame Noire
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From YourTango

What is 4play anyway? Well to start off, it’s a noun, but it is so much more than that, and if you pay attention and learn the art of epic 4play you might not even make it to the bedroom. (The backseat or the broom closet might just have to do)!

According to the Urban Dictionary, 4play is touching, kissing or licking each other in a stimulating manner, in order to become “turned on” before having actual sex. However, in most public places this kind of 4play isn’t too acceptable, especially the licking part.

But that doesn’t mean you need to wait until after your date to put 4play skills into action. Non-physical 4play is a bigger turn-on than twerking to Justin Timberlake’s latest in the club. Trust me on this ladies, subtlety is Hot. Keep the twerking for your alone time. He’ll think it’s much sexier if you only twerk for him.

There are just a few simple steps for 4play that starts before the bedroom, and they start with you getting in touch with yourself.

1. Get in tune with your sensual side.
You can do this by getting in touch with your six senses. Oh… you thought there were five? There is one that many people don’t talk about, and we’ll get to that later. Clueless in how to connect with with your sensual energy? Learn more 4 more subtle seductive communication tips.  There are the five senses that we all know: taste, touch, smell, hearing and seeing — and using all of these is a big part of 4play. You’ve got to be tapped in to be turned on.

Try this exercise: next time you are eating your Caesar salad with grilled chicken, really pay attention to what is going on around you. Notice the heat of the chicken as opposed to the coldness of the fork, and the crispy, crunchy sounds of the romaine and croutons. Notice the textures too.

Whenever you do anything, be really aware of the way things look and feel around you while you have. See the sun shining and be aware of the shimmery ice cubes in your drink, what the condensation feels like on your fingers. Licking the condensation off of your glass is not quite what you want to go for hwew. (Remember subtle is Hot, at least in public).

When you tune into your body and live in the moment, you can get more in touch with your sixth sense. When you are in tune with what is going on with you and your body, you can tap into your intuition, and trusting that part will allow you to be more open with you man. Trusting your instincts will turn both of you on.

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When Should I Have Sex With My New Boyfriend?

September 25th, 2013 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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From YourTango

I got a call from a client earlier today that really annoyed me. She’d been out the night before on a first date. The guy asked her if she’d have sex with him, and when she said, “Not until I know you better,” he started getting annoyed and told he she was a tease.

I’ve been in the relationship business for nearly 20 years, and I can’t believe there are still men that behave like that. It’s one of the reasons I’m so determined to teach guys how to behave with, and communicate better with women.

You see here’s the truth…

Real men who are used to having sex, and men who understand women properly will NEVER attack a women for not having sex with him; especially only after one date!

Men who get angry when a woman won’t sleep with them are the ones who don’t have sex on a regular basis. They’re so hungry for sex, when they get an opportunity they become aggressive. Think of a dog that hasn’t eaten for days being thrown a steak.

A guy who reacts badly when you hold off from sex is telling you what sort of person he is. He’s pretty much saying, “I’m a very insecure guy who hasn’t had sex in ages. I’m so desperate for this opportunity because if I don’t sleep with you now, I may not get another shot for ages.”

Seriously, you need to keep away from this kind of “man.” They’re not emotionally mature enough for a relationship. Even if you like them, I guarantee it’ll end badly for you.

If a guy accuses you of teasing or leading him on, get rid of him as soon as you can. You can do so much better.

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You Really Think You’re Doing Something, Huh? 9 Mistakes Men Make in Bed

November 25th, 2012 - By Brooke Dean
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When it comes to sex, it goes without saying that men and women have very different expectations as well as likes and dislikes. None of us are exactly the same when it comes to what turns us on or off, but there are some things that most women agree on when it comes to determining if we allow him back in our bed or not.

Guys, if you’ve managed to have sex with her once, but you now find that she’s MIA after your encounter, chances are you did or said something wrong in the sack and she’s not eager for a repeat. If you get your cues from adult videos or your boys, you might’ve been led astray…and here are 9 things that you might be doing that SOME women hate in bed.

Put Those Hands To Work: 5 Ways All Men Want To Be Touched

July 16th, 2012 - By madamenoire
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Learning how to touch your man is essential to your relationship’s success, growth and development. Many women do not know how to touch a man, and learning this skill is needed for a healthy intimate connection. Touching is a skill that, for the most part, has been forgotten and replaced with other activities, like shopping at the mall.

Most women just assume that because they are beautiful and smart, have a great body, know how to dress and have a great job that they have the full package men are looking for. But some of these “perfect” women have no clue how to properly touch a man. You can only be good at what you spend your time practicing. What men truly desire is as simple as being touched the right way.

Check out the five right ways on

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Why Foreplay Is Important (It’s Not What You Think)

June 4th, 2012 - By Julia Austin
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"Young couple in bed"

You’re watching TV with your man. You’ve had a laid back night with not a lot of talking. And then suddenly, out of nowhere he says, “Let’s have sex.” And even though you love him, and even though he usually turns you on just by laying one finger on you, this doesn’t do it for you. In fact, it’s kind of killed the mood for the whole evening. Here’s why:

Tuesday Talk: Lamman Rucker Discusses Forplai, For Play And Foreplay

April 17th, 2012 - By Betsy Ice
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courtesy, Anthony Frausto

Sure, he seduced our senses as the stunning Sheriff Troy in Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married and Why Did I Get Married Too movies and gave us lots to laugh about in the sitcom Meet The Browns. Most fans can and will appreciate his fine acting chops, but there’s so much more to the man. For instance, he’s a founding member of the Black Gents of Hollywood, an all-Black male theatre company. The current production, Black Angels Over Tuskegee, is one of the longest running off-Broadway productions in New York City.

He’s a relationship coach, of sorts anyway, freely doling out sage advice to his female friends. “You have to know where to find us [men]. You have to know where to go and sometimes, pay a little more attention to some of the men right under your nose,” Lamman says.  “We’re here.”

If you’re single and looking, take note. Lamman even recommends a few places to find brothers including the aforementioned theatre company and the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). He emceed a gala for the latter recently and happens to enjoy the company of mathematicians, engineers and scientists. Oh yes, he holds a Masters in IT and a Bachelor’s in education (image how exciting parent-teacher night was).

And alas, he’s co-founder of unisex signature body line called, forplai ( “Often, a lot of bath and body products smell like flowers and vanilla. I’m not really trying to smell like [that],” Lamman says. With body butters and mists called passion and purity, it’s easy to image what his definition of for play and foreplay are. Want to know more about the actor-activist-educator-entrepreneur? Keep reading.

7 Signs You’re Good In Bed

April 9th, 2012 - By MN Editor
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It’s something every girl has wondered: am I good in bed? Sure, like kissing, much of it may have to do with compatibility—what might be hot for one guy could be just plain freaky to the next. But no matter what your guy’s preferences are, here are the 7 signs to know that you’re rocking his socks off:

For the signs, visit

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If Your Man Only Knew: Things You Wish He Would Never Say Or Do

April 1st, 2012 - By Julia Austin
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"Woman mad at her boyfriend"

There are just some things that men should never say or do to a woman. Unfortunately, many of the them don’t know it and they later find themselves in the dog house with no sign of getting out anytime soon.  To save face, we’ve outlined a few of those things so everyone stays happy and reminded…

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7 Things We Wish Men Knew About Our Bodies

February 28th, 2012 - By Julia Austin
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"Beautiful black woman"

After enough men and enough mishaps, you realize that there are some things men just didn’t get the memo on when it comes to the woman’s body. Like these:

"T-shirt with handprints on boobs"


Boobs bruise

Sometime after high school, all guys learned—no more hickies! But, that doesn’t mean bruises are a thing of the past. Ever woken up the next morning with black and blue finger prints on your chest? Some men get a little too excited and in the heat of passion, don’t realize that they’re grabbing your breasts as if they’re planning on stealing them. And while it’s nice we get them that excited, it’s not nice wearing turtlenecks for the next week.