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Flavor Flav Strikes Plea Deal In Domestic Violence Case

April 14th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Former rapper and reality TV star William “Flavor Flav” Drayton entered a plea deal regarding a 2012 domestic violence incident involving his longtime girlfriend’s 17-year-old son, theGrio reports.

According to Fox 5 Vegas, 55-year-old Drayton is accused of chasing and threatening to kill the teenager with a butcher knife following an October 2012 argument with the boy’s mother over infidelity. Things are believed to have gone awry after the teen tried to intervene in their dispute. Drayton initially denied chasing the teen with a knife, says investigators.

The troubled hip hop icon was set to face felony assault and child endangerment with a weapon charges in court on Apr. 28. While the charges collectively carry a maximum 12-year prison sentence, Drayton entered a guilty plea to the charges earlier today. According to the terms of his plea deal, Drayton faces one year in prison if he fails to complete a required series of counseling sessions prior to his next court date.

He is scheduled to appear back in court on Aug. 18.

Lost And Found: DeVante Swing Pops Up On Instagram, Has Emotional Meeting With The Jackson 5

April 1st, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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DeVante Swing Pops Up On Instagram

Source: Instagram

It’s time for a celebration; the prodigal member of Jodeci has resurfaced!

Last night, @madamenoiredotcom kept being mentioned in a video on Instagram and when we finally clicked to see what all the fuss was about we got a pleasant surprise. There in picture and video form was record producer Donald Earle DeGrate, also known as Jodeci’s Devante Swing, hanging out with The Jackson 5 and Flavor Flav.

Posted by @forever_devante, the person behind the IG fan page wrote:

“DeVante Gave Us permission to post other exclusive footage!!! . .. . .. . .. Thank you DeVante!! DeVante always wanted to work with the Jackson’s Last night was Surreal”

In a second video, you can see DeVante grinning like a little child whose dream has finally come true. And by all accounts it just has. We’re just happy to see the talented producer out and about and doing well. In the past few years we’ve seen Jodeci attempt to reunite without the 44-year-old singer/song-writer who used to be everyone’s favorite group member back in the day. If he can bang out a hit for The Jacksons maybe he’s on his way to being a major force in music again. What do you think?

Check out another video of the DeVante-Jacksons reunion on the next page.

You Win Some, You Lose Some: Celebrities Who Made Bad Investments

July 30th, 2013 - By Blair Bedford
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Alberto Reyes/

Alberto Reyes/

Talent and drive might get a lot of these celebrities far, but does that translate into business? Sometimes, it doesn’t. From closed-down restaurants and nightclubs to clothing lines that flopped, our favorite celebrities might be masterminds behind the mic and on the big screen, but not as talented in the business world.

Although these celebrities didn’t go bankrupt from their failed businesses and investments like these bankrupt celebs, their bad investments cost in the millions. Here are a few celebrities whose investments might have been a bad business choice.

Time Runs Out For Flavor Flav’s Chicken & Ribs

July 28th, 2013 - By Ann Brown
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Flavor Flav performing with Public Enemy. Brigitte Engl/

Flavor Flav performing with Public Enemy. Brigitte Engl/

Flavor Flav was trying to hold on as long as possible to his last remaining Flavor Flav’s Chicken & Ribs, but the restaurant has served its last six piece. TMZ says the fast food restaurant in Sterling Heights, MI, has been evicted, following a high-profile battle with its landlord.

Back in June, Flav’s Chicken was first evicted when the landlord claimed Flav’s business partners had not been paying the rent. The business partners however got extra time by filing a Motion to Stay the eviction and re-opened.

“The Motion to Stay was granted on the condition Flav’s business partners and the landlord came to an agreement regarding past rent — but that never happened … so on Thursday, the Motion to Stay was officially denied,” reports TMZ.

Earlier this week, employees were seen loading items from the restaurant in to U-Haul trucks while the police watched.

This location was the last Flav’s Fried Chicken eatery in the country. Locations in Vegas and Iowa have already closed.

But Flavor Flav didn’t seem too upset over the closing.  A rep for Flav told TMZ that the old school rapper-turned-reality star didn’t have anything to say about the eviction, that Flav leaves the day-to-day operations of the restaurant up to his partners. No comment from the partners.

“We Didn’t Give A Damn About Flav”: Shay “Buckeey” Johnson Talks Faking Her Feelings For Flavor Flav, And Trust Issues Caused By Lil Scrappy

June 18th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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If you’ve been engulfed in the foolery that is reality TV over the past few years (and we’re guilty of course of falling in the trap too), then I’m sure you know a lot about Shay “Buckeey” Johnson. She was introduced to us as one of many thirsty women vying for the “love” and attention of Flavor Flav on one of Vh1′s biggest reality shows, Flavor of Love 2. And since then, she’s found her way back on the reality TV scene by finding herself in a torrid love triangle with rapper Lil Scrappy and his on-again, off-again lady, Erica Dixon. In an interview with TheJasmineBrand, Johnson opened up about her time on Flavor of Love, where she admits to not really being into him at all, and how her up and down friendship/cuddle buddy/boo-ship with Scrappy has affected her. Here are the tidbits that had us talking:

About Her Time On Flavor of Love 2

“It was a show and when I was on the show Flavor Of Love, I was trying to win the title as the winner. Because we were told during the taping that the longer you’re on the show the more relevant you will be. So we didn’t give a damn about Flav. ‘Flav you’re cool peoples,’ but it wasn’t about that. It was a show and I’m a very competitive person and I was trying to win the title. That’s it. Not him.”

On The Relationship That Went To Hell With Lil Scrappy And How That Affected Her

“The way Scrappy did me, he did find a way to cause a lot of trust issues within me – and that’s on me. So I’m not too quick to jump into relationships at this point. But there is a little somebody that I kinda been seeing but I’m not willing to move fast. You just never know where it will go. I’m not going to mention his name but there is someone.”

On How Those Trust Issues Are Keeping Her From Jumping Back Into Dating

“Let me tell you what I like. I like tall men. I like articulate, intelligent men. I like men who don’t like to go out SO much. I don’t want to rush anything because I have trust issues because it’s unfair to bring my past into my future. But that’s exactly what I’m doing because I don’t trust anybody. From friends to cousin, manager…the relationship-wise, when you’ve been hurt by somebody you’ve put all of your trust into, it’s not easy to jump into something else. I’m either in or I’m out. I don’t half-step anything. I love and I love extremely hard and I don’t think anything is wrong with that, it’s just about finding somebody compatible with me.”

And What Her Thoughts Are On Erica Dixon, Who She Recently Had A Fight With

“I don’t hate her. I don’t know her. I don’t choose to know her at all. I think that she’s ignorant in certain situations, but that’s just who she is. But I don’t hate her at all – my life goes on.”

Well there you have it. From the video interview, Erica definitely seems to be a very smart young lady, just not when it comes with messing with folks like Scrappy. But then again, who hasn’t been there when they’ve been in love? What do you think of her comments?

No Money, More Problems: Flavor Flav’s Chicken & Ribs Facing Eviction

June 14th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source(s): Facebook, WENN

Source(s): Facebook, WENN

Now that his popular reality show, Flavor of Love, is nothing more than a distant memory, former Public Enemy hype man, Flavor Flav has been putting his entrepreneurial skills to work, opening three Flavor Flav’s Chicken & Ribs restaurants in Iowa, Las Vegas and Michigan. While opening the food chain seemed like a great look for Flav, something went terribly wrong because both his Las Vegas and his Iowa locations have been closed within the last three years. Now, it appears that his Michigan location may be shutting down soon as well.

According to TMZ, the landlord of the Sterling Heights, MI restaurant has filed eviction papers against the reality star’s food franchise, claiming that rent hasn’t been paid in full by the restaurant’s owner’s since it opened back in 2012. Court documents reveal that the landlord is asking for $25,000 in unpaid rent, late fees and damages or Flav has to get his chicken, ribs and get to stepping. The landlord says that back in September and October, FFC&R were late with their $3,500 per month rent payments and failed to pay anything for the month of November.

The landlord is also claiming that he warned Flav about his failure to make payment back in January and now he’s hoping that a judge will honor his decision to evict Flav if in fact he’s unable to cough up the owed amount. TMZ reached out to Flav regarding the situation and surprisingly, he claims that he didn’t know anything about it.

“I’m gonna figure out what’s going on and get to the bottom of this ASAP!”

Yike Flave! Maybe that money he’s getting from appearing on VH1′s Couple’s Therapy could help him save his restaurant.

First Look: Flavor Flav Sheds Tears And Chingy Talks Impregnating Another Woman On VH1′s Couple’s Therapy

June 10th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Get More:
Couples Therapy

On Wednesday night, the third season of “Couple’s Therapy” will debut on VH1, and according to resident therapist Dr. Jenn Berman this will be the most difficult group of estranged lovers to appear on the show yet. Looking at the cast lineup it’s not hard to see why. This go ’round Dr. Berman will be helping “Teen Mom” couple Caitlin Lowell  and Tyler Baltierra, “Girls Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis  and Abby Wilson, Flavor Flav and his lady Elizabeth Trujillo, Chingy and his actress girlfriend Temple Poteat, and “The Real World: Las Vegas” alums Dustin Zito & Heather Marter.

From the five minute super trailer, it doesn’t take long to see Flavor Flav is the most unstable creature on this season of “Couple’s Therapy,” and similarly to Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden’s appearance on season 2 of the show, the other cast members are questioning whether he should be there or not, calling his behavior disruptive to the overall purpose of them being there. But tears don’t lie, and from the emotional outpourings he and Elizabeth had, it’s clear to see they need some form of help that Dr. Berman can hopefully provide.

We also learn a little more about what Chingy’s been up to over the past few years — particularly impregnating a random woman while he and his girlfriend were on a break (in his mind) — and why five years in, Temple is demanding to know where their relationship is going. “Teen Mom” duo Caitlin and Tyler also shed more than a few tears trying to figure out if marriage is really in the future for the very young couple.

Check out the supertrailer for the new season in the video above. The show premieres Wednesday, June 12 at 10pm on VH1. Will you watch?


Where’d They Find Him? Chingy And Actress Girlfriend To Appear On Next Season Of VH1′s ‘Couples Therapy’

May 23rd, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Talk about resurrecting somebody from the dead. I feel like that should be the slogan of reality TV because every single one of these shows is good for putting a D-list celebrity we haven’t thought about in ages on a national television show and making us somehow care about them again. Judging from the lineup of season 3 of VH1′s “Couples Therapy,” this show is no different.

The network behind all things ratchet just issued a press release detailing the pairs who will be put through the ringer by licensed psychotherapist Dr. Jenn Berman and there are some extremely interesting characters this time around:

“Girls Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis  and Abby Wilson

Rapper and TV personality Flavor Flav and Elizabeth Trujillo

Rapper Chingy and actress Temple Poteat

“The Real World: Las Vegas” alums Dustin Zito & Heather Marter

“Teen Mom” couple Caitlin Lowell  Tyler Baltierra

Chingy though?

We would be surprised by Flava Flav if, one, he hadn’t been on at least three other VH1 reality shows, and two, that news didn’t leak a little while ago — oh and we didn’t know of the domestic disputes he and his lady have been going through lately. So that makes Chingy the surprise oddball in this group since we haven’t heard from the man since he was chilling at the “Holidae In” in 2003. Sorry, I lied, he is the spokesperson for Shpilka Vodka, as evidenced by this bootleg commercial on YouTube, but you know what I mean.

Because he’s been out of the limelight for so long, it’s hard to speculate what his issues with Temple might be, but I’m thinking maybe there’s a difference in maturity level. Temple, who’s had small parts in soap operas “Young and the Restless” and “Passions” is turning the big 4-0 this fall, while Chingy just turned 33 in March. I wouldn’t be surprised if much of their struggle has to do with a ticking biological clock and a rush to get down the aisle– but that’s just a wild guess.

It won’t be long before we get a definitive answer, season 3 of “Couple’s Therapy” returns Wednesday, June 12 at 10pm on VH1. Will you watch?

No Fertility Issues Here: 15 Celebrities With Lots Of Kids

May 14th, 2013 - By Meghan Williams
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Source: OWN

Source: OWN

Shoutout to Oprah for introducing a black family to this genre! Rozonno and Mia McGhee of Six Little McGhees had sextuplets in 2010, making them the first couple in Columbus, Ohio to pop out a half dozen babies at once.

Yeah Boyeee — Or Not! Flavor Flav And Fiancee To Star On This Season Of ‘Couple’s Therapy’

April 2nd, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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flavI’m still trying to take in the fact that Flava Flav still pulls women — multiple, ethnically diverse, somewhat youthful women — so news that the Public Enemy rapper is going to star on the next season of “Couple’s Therapy” is somewhat secondary to that first surprising point. But nvertheless, the 54-year-old and his fiancee Liz Trujillo are slated to appear on the next season of the VH1 relationship counseling show and according to reports from TMZ, they got on this show not a moment too soon.

Yesterday evening, the gossip site known for breaking news first, reported that Liz was rushed to the hospital after overdosing on pain killers. According to one of their sources:

“The OD was accidental and not a suicide attempt. We’re told she was ‘acting strange’ and it became apparent ‘she took too many pills.’

“The 39-year-old woman was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where she remains although we’re told she’ll be released soon.”

Now we’re not saying TMZ is losing their spark, but after making this report, the site came back with an update, saying:

“A rep for Flavor tells TMZ, Liz was NOT treated for an OD. The rep says Liz was briefly treated for exhaustion at the hospital after being kept awake all night doing “Couples Therapy” stuff … and producers are hyping it up for ratings.

“The rep adds, “The claim of an overdose, or any involvement of drugs, could not be further from the truth.”

Though it is possible TMZ rushed the gun, far too many celebs have used that “exhaustion” excuse when everyone knew good and well they were checking into something like a Betty Ford clinic. Unfortunately, So Hip-Hop had more disturbing news, recounting a violent situation that occurred between Flav, his alleged mistress, and Liz in October:

Flavor Flav’s fiance, Elizabeth Trujillo, tells RumorFix exclusively that the brutal attack she endured on October 17 stemmed from a fight over her fiancé cheating on her with another woman…

“Trujillo, who lives with the entertainer at his home in Las Vegas with their son Karma and her son Gibran, tells RumorFix exclusively that Flav beat her up so badly she can’t walk. She also alleges that the rapper tried to kill her 16-year-old son with a 20 inch butcher knife after Liz accused her fiancé of cheating. ‘He’s been cheating on me for months. I saw a text on his phone from a woman saying she ‘had a great time’ with him, and he was going to meet her in Vegas. [When I saw the text] I threw his phone and the screen cracked.’”

Flav was arrested and booked on two charges — felony assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor domestic violence — but as you can see the two apparently decided to “work things out.” Let’s just hope whatever the situation, “Couple’s Therapy” is doing more good than harm for Flavor Flav and his lady.


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