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How Much Is The First Family Worth?

May 19th, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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"The Obamas pf"


According to USA Today, the Obamas have their listed assets valued at about $2 million to $7 million. Although for the average citizen, this information would be private, White House spokesperson Jay Carney reminds us that the opposite goes for the First Family.

“The Ethics in Government Act of 1978 requires high-level federal officials to publicly disclose their personal financial interests. The public filing system serves to prevent financial conflicts of interest by providing for a systematic review of the finances of government officials,” said Carney.

We see the President and First Lady so often, we think of them as celebrities. And many celebrities make many millions. So to see that the Obamas — he’s the leader of the free world and she’s the bomb — don’t have more in the bank might be a little jarring. (Mitt Romney, for instance, is said to be worth hundreds of millions.) But keep in mind, the President’s salary is $450,000, a figure that hasn’t gone up in the past fiscal year.

CNN Money tells us the Obamas have invested between $1 million to $5 million assets into U.S. Treasury securities. Their daughters, Malia and Sasha, will not have to take loans to fund their college educations; their parents allocated between $200,000 and $400,000 in 529 college savings plans for them.

However, some time has passed since President Obama’s bestselling books were smash hits. In comparison to their 2010 stats, the President’s memoir sales this year earned him about $165,000, a big drop from their $1.1 million sales. President Obama’s personal assets are reportedly worth between $1.95 and $7.15 million.

Their mortgage was the only liability listed by the Obamas in their financial disclosure.

Michelle Obama “I’m First” Video Encourages Kids Who are the First to Attend College

February 8th, 2014 - By Rich
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Michelle Obama is inspiring the kids again. The First Lady spoke about a subject near and dear to her heart, education, as part of the “I’m First” campaign, produced by the Center for Student Opportunity. The video series shows successful people who were the first generation in their family to go to college.

The College Board finds that about a third of students ages 5 to 17 in the United States are the first in their families to go to college, with the highest rates among families of color. Obama was one of those kids who went on to have a successful career, even outside her husband’s. But she definitely remembers those first days at Princeton where she felt completely out of her element. “Neither of my parents graduated from college, so when I got to campus as a freshman, I’ll admit I was a little overwhelmed. I didn’t know how to choose my classes, or find the right classrooms. I didn’t know how to furnish my own dorm room.” But she realized she had just as much right to be there as her classmates from wealthier backgrounds and she encourages kids in her place to remember just that.

What do you think of the Michelle Obama “I’m First” video?

Fox News Host Crosses The Line In Debate And Asks If Malia Obama Will Be Put On Birth Control

May 7th, 2013 - By MN Editor
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Credit: AP Image

Credit: AP Image

From The Grio

The families, and especially the children, of the commander-in-chief are almost always considered off-limits by the media and the political opposition, and yet, some conservatives can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to Malia Obama.

In the wake of President Obama’s statement that he would support the selling of Plan B, a birth control product, to girls as young as 15, Fox News host Andrea Tantaros speculated about the sex life of the president’s 14-year-old daughter.

“Are they gonna put her on birth control? Because he’s very concerned with contraceptives and pharmaceuticals that are going in the mouths of everybody else’s 15-year-old daughter,” she said, according to Media Matters.

Tantaros also lashed out at the Obama administration: “They consider 15-year-olds to be women. They want to tell grown women what to do. They know how grown women feel. They have no idea how women feel. They should stop talking about it, because they have no clue.”



Obama Says If Daughters Get Tattoos, He Gets One, Too

April 24th, 2013 - By Rich
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Plenty of teens consider tattoos and parents have to figure out how to prevent it until their kids are old enough to make the decision. Reuters reported President Obama has gotten pretty creative when it comes to deterring Sasha and Malia.

In a prerecorded segment that aired on the “Today” Show, the President said, “What we’ve said to the girls is, ‘If you guys ever decide you’re going to get a tattoo, then mommy and me will get the exact same tattoo, in the same place, and we’ll go on YouTube and show it off as a family tattoo.'” The First Parents don’t want their daughters to think tattoos are a good outlet for rebellion.

We think this is pretty funny. How do you talk to your kids about tattoos?

WORK! Michelle Obama Covers Vogue And President Obama Speaks On How Loving Her Made Him A Better Man

March 14th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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People Michelle Obama

Michelle…you better work!

The First Lady of the United States is looking regal and fabulous on the April issue of Vogue, her second cover to commemorate another four years of the fierce fashionista that is Michelle Obama. On the cover of the mag, you can see her in a gorgeous Reed Krakoff dress and diamond-drop earrings, sitting on a table with her bangin’ bangs and bright smile. As for inside the issue, Michelle and President Obama open up about their family, their relationship and their critics. The latter including people who like to claim that the First Family is more antisocial than those of past, not extending invitations to kick it at the White House to those with opposing ideas in office in Washington, but Michelle makes it clear that while they don’t mind rubbing elbows with who they need to, that’s definitely one of their main priorities:

“Our job is, first and foremost, to make sure our family is whole. You know, we have small kids; they’re growing every day. But I think we were both pretty straightforward when we said, ‘Our number-one priority is making sure that our family is whole.’

“The stresses and the pressures of this job are so real that when you get a minute, you want to give that extra energy to your fourteen- and eleven-year-old. . . .”


Michelle also talks about the man her husband is, and why he’s so damn cool–aka, relatable for many people:

“I’ve tried to explain this guy to people over the years, but there is a calmness to him that is just . . . it has been a consistent part of his character. Which is why I think he is uniquely suited for this challenge—because there is a steadiness. And maybe it’s because of his Hawaiian upbringing—you go to Hawaii and it’s Chillsville; maybe it was because his life growing up was a little less steady, so he had to create that steadiness for himself . . . but he is that person, in all situations, over the course of these last four years, from watching the highs and lows of health-care reform to dealing with two very contentious, challenging elections. . . . The most you get from him is ‘You know, that is gonna be tough. . . .’ There are a lot of times I can’t tell how his day went. Unless I really dig down. Because when he walks through that door, he can let go of it all. And it just doesn’t penetrate his soul. And that’s the beautiful thing for me to see as his wife. That was one of the things I was worried about: How would politics affect this very decent, genuine, noble individual? And there is just something about his spirit that allows all that stuff to stay on the outside.”

I also love the back and forth between these two, as they talk in the interview about the early struggles in their marriage of getting adjusted to each other’s personalities, but how years together have made them better people. And funny people too:

POTUS: “There’s no doubt I’m a better man having spent time with Michelle. I would never say that Michelle’s a better woman, but I will say she’s a little more patient.”

FLOTUS: “I would say I’m a better woman. You couldn’t say it.”

POTUS: “I couldn’t say it,” he says.

FLOTUS: The First Lady looks at me: “It’s good that he learned not to say that.” And then turns and looks at him and smiles. “Don’t say that.”

*Sigh* I just think they’re amazing. And the article about the couple in April’s Vogue is pretty amazing too, as it gives a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in the White House and how they as a couple keep their heads with the spotlight constantly on their every move. They already came off as very human and relatable, but the article make you appreciate their down-to-earth personalities even more. Pick up the new issue when it hits newsstands on March 26.


 Photos courtesy of Vogue by Annie Leibovitz

Boys?! The President & First Lady Talk About The Girls’ Dating Future In The White House

January 5th, 2013 - By MN Editor
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"Malia Obama pf"

Getty Images


Malia Obama, 14, has four more years left in the White House before she jets off to the college or university of her choice.

But in the meantime her parents, President Obama and First Lady Michelle, have one major hurdle to cross: boys! The First Couple sat down with People to talk about the possibility of Malia dating in the coming future.

The President was asked about his jokes on having the Secret Service keep boys away from Malia and if she wanted to put an end to those rules. “She actually doesn’t pay any attention to what I say,” he said, laughing.

He went on to share he doesn’t worry too much because he and Michelle have set a strong foundation for their girls. “The great thing about the girls is they’ve got a wonderful role model in their mom. They’ve seen how Michelle and I interact — not only the love but also respect that I show to their mom. So I think they have pretty high expectations about how relationships should be, and that gives me some confidence about the future…”

Amen, President Obama. Read the rest of his fairly moving comments about the girls and what Michelle Obama had to add over on Essence.

Are we the only ones who can’t wait to see if Malia will be dating  – and if so, who – over the next four years?

Oh So Cute: The Obamas Release New Family Portrait

December 15th, 2011 - By MN Editor
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We love the Obama family, don’t we? Who can resist Michelle O’s style and the sweetness of daughters Malia, 13, and Sasha,10. Since the two girls have grown and changed so much since the first family portrait taken in 2009, the White House thought it was time for an update. More and more, Sasha is looking like her dad although some say she more closely resembles her mother. What do you think? Who resembles who?

Here’s a flashback to the first family photo in 2009. My, have the children grown!

More on Madame Noire!

Young, Black and Fly: Malia Obama’s Trendsetting Style

December 12th, 2011 - By Veronica Wells
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Most of the time when we talk about the first family, we’re talking about President Obama’s policies, Sasha’s latest cutesy move or Michelle’s fabulous style. But don’t be deceived, Michelle is not the only one who’s being styled to a tee. The eldest Obama daughter, Malia, is slowly and steadily solidifying herself as a style star as well. Check out some of her best looks below.