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“He Is EVERYTHING”: Fantasia Has Found Love Again In Businessman And Her “King,” Kendall Taylor

September 22nd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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It looks like Fantasia Barrino has found love again and is happier than ever–well, according to her Instagram account.

The “Lose to Win” singer has been focusing on herself, her family and her music after weathering the storm that was ex-boyfriend Antwaun Cook (who was married and returned to his wife later). But now she seems to be head-over-heels for a new man in her life, and his name is Kendall Taylor. She tried to keep her relationship private with him for a while, only posting images of him with his head down or just their feet together, but now she wants the world to know that she’s in love. She wrote this about him on her Instagram account late last week where she spoke on finding the love that she always dreamed and wrote about:

“I wrote this song years ago titled Daydreaming.. It’s On YouTube now ( the First song I had ever wrote) In the song I was singing about A very special presence that would come to me in my dreams every since I was 12 years old. He would tell me how beautiful I was and would always talk about my eyes and my smile. When it was time to wake from the dream he would asked me over and over please don’t go. The funny part is it was never a sexual thing it was just his presence and the love that I felt in the Dreams (I felt Protected and so very safe). I would hear him call my name *Fantasia* and I would go, I would just follow him wherever.. It would be long walks in Beautiful places and EVERYTIME It was so peaceful, it felt like a best friend somebody I had known all my life. The Only people I would talk about the Dreams to was My Mommy and @neek1064 I began to think that I would only feel that kind of love in my Dreams.. Well I Don’t Have That Dream Anymore because he CAME”

She also had this to say about Taylor last month:

“HE- God Sent… True… Honest… Sits Back and Let’s Me Be a Star (His Star) Need No Attention Only Mine… Loving… Understanding… Wise… Strong… Humble… Boss Man…Pertecter… Provider… Given… Gods Son… Fine… Handsome… Mine… He Is EVERYTHING”

According to TheYBF, Taylor lives in Charlotte (Barrino is from High Point, Carolina) and is COO of Metro Transportation, where he’s been a partner for six years. Barrino posted the image below of herself with her bald boo and said that “Kings love a Real Queen.”

It’s nice to see Barrino so happy and we’re hoping that Taylor, aka, her “Ken doll” as she calls him, stays good to her.

Celebs Who Prove How You Get ‘Em Is How You Lose ‘Em

May 22nd, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Sometimes how you get with a person is how you lose them. After being the “other person” in the relationship, these sidepieces turned main chicks found out what it felt like to be cheated on.

How You Get 'Em Is How You Lose 'Em

Source: Twitter

Tara Wallace

If “Love & Hip-Hop” is nothing else, the reality show is beyond messy. In season four we were introduced to former rapper Peter Gunz and his artist Amina Buddafly. The chemistry between the two was obvious and it was clear Gunz was dipping out on his longtime girlfriend and mother of his two sons, Tara Wallace. But we soon found out afterwards that Gunz and his artist were actually married. And when Tara found out about their union, her on-and-off relationship with the “Uptown Baby” rapper, which actually began when with her being the other woman, was over. Amina is currently pregnant with her manager’s baby.

Kandi Burruss Loved Fantasia’s Wacky Wedding Speech, Says Rep

April 10th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Rep says Kandi Burruss loved Fantasia's wacky wedding speech; denies rumors that it ruined their friendship.

Source: Instagram

The National Enquirer recently reported that Kandi Burruss’ wedding this past weekend was completely ruined by an inappropriate, drunken speech given by fellow singer and bridesmaid Fantasia Barrino.

“Kandi was horrified!” an eyewitness exclaimed to the magazine. “She and Fantasia are close, but this may ruin their friendship.”

The sources adds that Tasia’s speech was riddled with profanity and totally infuriated Kandi’s new husband, Tood.

“Fantasia started by saying, ‘Kandi, you are my m*therf**kin’ friend and I love you,’” the snitch continued. “Then she called Kandi the ‘realest b*tch I know’ and rambled on about her big butt. Todd was furious, and the other bridesmaids got Fantasia to sit down. Thank goodness!”

Reps for Kandi recently commented on Tasia’s wild wedding speech to TMZ and according to the rep, Kandi found it to be hilarious. Apparently the ladies go way back so there’s not much Tasia can do (or say) to offend the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star.

Guess Whose Adorable Son (And Future Ladies’ Man) This Is

January 9th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Fantasia Barrino son


Whose absolutely adorable son is this?

Well, this two-year-old cutie is the son of one of today’s most gifted singers. She’s a Grammy winner who got her start on American Idol, and she’s a talented stage actress as well, showing off her skills and voice in The Color Purple and After Midnight. If you look closely into this little guy’s eyes, I’m sure you will see his mom. So who is his mommy?

“Let’s Ask Wendy About Her Relationship”: Kandi And Fantasia Say Wendy Williams Needs To Mind Her Own Biz

December 9th, 2013 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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It’s nothing new to hear of Wendy Williams being in hot water with celebrities, but it’s rare that entertainers publicly address the notorious gossip queen. Such is not the case with Kandi Burruss and Fantasia.

Last night, while appearing on “Watch What Happens: Live” with Andy Cohen, Kandi and Fantasia plainly stated Wendy needs to mind her own business. If you’ve been keeping tabs on Real Housewives Of Atlanta (RHOA), you know Burruss’ mother, Mama Joyce, does not approve of her relationship with producer Todd Tucker and, of course, Wendy has thrown in her two cents on the matter. Kandi told Andy Cohen her comments have only made her situation worse, saying:

“Every week Wendy was coming on, you know, saying negative things about my relationship with Todd and then my mom would come [saying], ‘You know Wendy said … even Wendy said …’ Every week. I was like, I don’t care what Wendy said. Let’s ask Wendy about her relationship.”

To back her up, Fantasia jumped in and said:

“Seriously, at the end of the day, I feel like everybody has something that they went through and they have a past. Nobody’s asking her about hers. It’s not her business.”

Though both women were passionate about their angst against Williams, they ended their thoughts on good notes, saying they love Wendy but she needs to lay off on her negative commentary. Fantasia even added when Wendy speaks about you: “It’s good promotions.”

Check out Kandi and Fantasia’s take on Wendy Williams in the “Watch What Happens: Live” clip below. What do you think?

MN Exclusive: Pass Or Play? Fantasia Drops New Track, “The Side Effects Of You”

October 8th, 2013 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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The Side Effects Of You

If you follow Fantasia on Instagram, you know the “American Idol” winner’s artistry has grown tremendously over the past year, and her new single, “The Side Effects of You,” written by Emeli Sande, is a tell tale sign of her maturity as a vocalist. The song describes the issue of codependency between a couple as Fantasia melodically describes her significant other as a man who is supposed to be a cure for her alignments. As the song reaches the chorus we learn he is the reason for her feeling sick. She learns it’s the “side effects” of him that are keeping her from not becoming better.

Fans of Fantasia usually note her as a soulful songstress who can be identified by her “catch-the-spirit” riffs,  but on this record, Fantasia enunciates every word, and her crystal-clear voice translates the tone of “The Side Effects of You” without the R&B drama of hooting and hollering. If Fantasia keeps this up she will give other R&B divas a run for their money — like she always has.

Click below to experience “The Side Effects of You” from Fantasia’s fourth studio album. What do you say, pass or play?

‘You Got Your Shine Today:’ Fantasia Blasts Fan For Making Rude Comments About Her Niece

August 27th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Fantasia Barrino

Source: WENN

You don’t have to follow Fantasia on social media for long before you realize that she does not play with her children, yet, somehow, “fans” insist on making disparaging comments about them. Back in May we told you how the 29-year-old North Carolina native kindly addressed an Instagram follower who said some nasty things about her daughter, Zion. Now it seems that another female “fan” is trying her luck, but this time, Tasia wasn’t too nice in her approach. This time a follower decided to attack Fantasia’s adorable niece, whom she appears to have acquired custody of recently. It’s currently unclear what the woman said about her preteen niece, but it appears that it had something to do with her clothing. Whatever she said set the “Lose to Win” singer off.

Tasia initially responded to the woman beneath the photo, scolding her for stooping so low.

Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 2.35.20 PM

She went on to address the woman directly, promising to put her on compete blast.

Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 2.38.14 PM Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 2.38.26 PM

As if that weren’t enough, Fanny took a photo from the woman’s Instagram page and shared it with a caption that read:

Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 2.44.33 PM

The woman has since deleted her Instagram page. Thoughts?

Fantasia And Missy Elliott Slay The “106 & Park” Stage While Performing “Without Me”

August 15th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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YAAAAAASSSS to this! That baby can “sang!”

Fantasia enlisted the help of her girl Missy to perform the popular single “Without Me” on 106 & Park last night. As my “YAAAAAASSSS” implies, the two women definitely killed it when they opened the show with the hit. Fanny’s vocals were on point, as were her background singers’ voices as they took over Kelly Rowland’s verse since she wasn’t available. And what can you say about Missy? Energy is always on 10.

Dressed in black leather with her background singers, and showing off her edgy haircut (the half-shaven haircut that can’t seem to bow out gracefully), Fantasia growled and danced and just had a gool ‘ol time on the main stage. When talking about the song’s inspiration later while being interviewed by Bow Wow and Angela Simmons, she said she was “feeling some type of way” about a certain somebody when she made it:

“When I recorded ‘Without Me,’ I was feeling some type of way that day. I got a little phone call and I remember going back into the studio like, ‘Yo, I need a record that’s gonna give me some club feel. I want to go a little hood, I want to get a little ratchet.’ You know what I’m talking about.”

She definitely had more fun on this track than any of the songs I’ve heard her put out recently, and it has been a huge club banger. Check out Fanny and Missy’s performance above and let us know if you were grooving as much as we were around these parts!

Comeback Queens: Celebrities Whose Careers Are Poised For A Second Act

August 9th, 2013 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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Lindsay Lohan during her hosting gig on 'Chelsea Lately.' Is she poised for a comeback.

Lindsay Lohan during her hosting gig on ‘Chelsea Lately.’ Is she poised for a comeback.

There are many times in our lives that we’ve done double-takes at the television screen for celebrities we haven’t seen or heard from in a while. “Where have you been?!” Some stars, who have so much potential, have come crashing down — or have remained stagnant — in their careers for some reason or another. But, we’re starting to see some fallen stars who are re-emerging into the spotlight and might possibly reclaim their spot on top. Here’s a list of celebs that we believe are poised for a come up–again.

I’m Not The Only Celeb Who Got Caught Out There With A Married Man: Fantasia Says She Was Singled Out Over The Antwaun Cook Scandal

June 7th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

The saga known as Fantasia and Antwaun Cook has been a long-lived one. Although their hot and heavy romance appears to be a thing of the past, it still appears to live on in the public’s memory and in her music. During a recent interview with iFelicious, the mom of two expressed how hurt she was by the way that the industry reacted to the scandal involving her married ex-boyfriend, Antwaun Cook, her new music and being singled out by the media. Check out some of what she had to say below.

On co-directing the “Without Me” video with Missy Elliot:

“I’m actually in artist mode; let me be honest because [Missy Elliott and I] have been up all night creating this amazing video for ‘Without Me’ which is with me, Kelly Rowland, and Missy…jotting down all these ideas I have for the video. I’ve never really directed my own video so Missy Elliott allowed me to come in with her and co-direct it and work on the concept. We’re both Cancer women so we both think out the box. We go a little crazy sometimes, but I’m very excited for what we’ve come up with”

On the role ex-boyfriend Antwaun Cook plays her in music:

“All of my music is not just based on Antwaun. You know, he plays a big part. I think with the songs like, you know, where I speak about ‘I’m a lady, I’m a woman,’ and I came in at the beginning of the song and I say ‘Look, the world says this love is no good to me, but my heart says that it is.’ So I think it’s my way of speaking to everybody…You only heard what you heard, you only got what you got. But you never got to see that real love and that relationship, that friendship that we had. They kept running with this whole knowledge thing, and she stole somebody from some woman…Well, if everybody really looks at it and goes and does their research, I won that case. So obviously, if I won that case, it never was what they said it was. But once something gets out there, people believe everything they hear, or they just put their own twist, their own spin to it…Regardless of what you say, he’s still my son’s father. I still do love him. No, we’re not together, but he’s still a great father, a great friend, and nobody’s gonna change that. So I would have to say that this album is my way of letting go of a lot of things, letting go of a lot of things holding me back, the world mainly.”

On being burned by the industry:

“But the main thing that hurt me, the industry was the main thing that hurt me. It wasn’t really the relationship. It was the world. It was me having to turn on my TV and seeing my name all over CNN, TMZ, all over the blogs, all over radio station. That hurt me the most. Some of the main people that sat and voted for me and said that they loved me, they were fickle. And stuff started happening, and people believed what they wanted to believe. And as far as putting all types of stuff out, that hurt me the most. But the industry hurt me the most…I never understood how someone could love you so much at one point, and then months down the line, everybody is against you, everybody’s trying to make a mockery of you.”

On other celebs who were caught up in infidelity scandals:

“And let me just say this, there’s been so many other artists, and I’m not gone say any names, who have been in the same situation that I have, but you never hear it. So Fantasia was that person that they said ‘Hey, let’s make her the crash dummy.Let’s make her the person who we’ll talk about. We’ll never praise her good but we will always expose her bad.’ So I would have to say “Side Effects of You,” my main hurt, all of those songs came from the industry…And I’m not just talking about Antwaun. I’ve been in a lot of relationships where they’ve just been, not good.”

Listen to audio from part one of her interview below, flip the switch for part two. Would you say that people were more forgiving of other celebs like Alicia Keys, for example?