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Tears Of A Clown: Comedic Characters Who Had Sad Backstories

September 8th, 2015 - By Kendra Koger
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I don’t want to be a kill-joy, but in the midst of laughing, have you ever sat back and listened to some of the back stories of some of your favorite characters?

Sometimes the writers allude to it and slightly reference it; however, when you really digest the background of some of these characters, it can make you really sad, especially since they’re in comedy shows.

Let’s take a look at some of these down, but not out, characters, and add your favorites (or any that I missed) in the comment section (and maybe there will be a part 2).

Keep It Trill Part II: 15 Black TV Dads Who Played No Games

June 19th, 2015 - By Desiree Bowie
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Daddy Pope


Parenthood is not all sunshine and lollipops. Sometimes, you have to come correct and keep it trill with the kids. Good cop, bad cop. As Father’s Day approaches, we take a look at Black TV dads who did not mess around and faithfully kept it 100 with their offspring. And in case you missed the trill TV moms edition we did for Mother’s Day, you can check it out here.

Retro TV Shows To Help This Current Generation

August 25th, 2014 - By Kendra Koger
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Dear 90s Babies and Millennials,

I’m not going to pretend that my generation has it all together.  Yes, there are some things that we have not done right.  However, I find myself puzzled by certain actions a few of you commit.  I’m not saying all of you, but some of you all… what’s going on?

I try to figure out what is a big difference between my generation (80s babies), and the current one and the easiest thing that I could tackle is that our taste of entertainment during our formative years.

Since networks are flooding our TV airwaves with reality shows, I’m gonna say that maybe people are indulging too much into that.  Reality television should be seen like junk food.  Of course you’re gonna indulge in it, and enjoy it, but if that’s what you’re feeding yourself constantly, you’re going to become obese.  So, what I’m trying to say is… some of you are mentally obese, and it’s not healthy.

So to you, dear 90s and millennial babies, here are a few shows that I think if they were still on, they could help expand your minds.  Now, some of my picks might seem a little crazy, but I’ll give my reasons why and hopefully you’ll see that there’s a method to my madness.


Kendra Koger

(Dictated, not read.)

Quiz: Which Family Matters Character Are You?

March 18th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Are you smart and sassy like Laura or a dweeb like Steve Urkel? Take our quiz and find out which Family Matters character fits your personality!

Jaimee Foxworth To Appear On “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” Tonight

February 14th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Jaimee Foxworth

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If you’re at home solo this Valentine’s Day evening, we’ve got something that will entertain you. A lost child star from one of our favorite ’90s shows will appear on an all-new episode of “Oprah:Where Are They Now?” That’s right, Oprah has tracked down Judy Winslow, a.k.a. Jaimee Foxworth, and the 34-year-old is being very candid about her journey since she left “Family Matters.”

We’re sure you’ve heard the stories about how after disappearing from “Family Matters” after four seasons Jamiee entered the world of porn. Using the name “Crave,” Jamiee appeared in several porno flicks, and actually talked about that experience on a previous episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” entitled “Former Child TV Star Reveals the Biggest Mistake of Her Life.” This time around, it appears Jamiee will be revealing the biggest lesson of her life as she talks about being a happy, sober stay-at-home mom. Here’s what she says she’s learned:

I’ve learned that all women go through certain situations with their husband, boyfriend and mine was just a little more elevated because it was in the media. But if you love someone and if they make a promise and to treat you right and treat the child that you guys have together, to give another chance because I was given a second chance.

“Oprah: Where Are They Now?” airs tonight at 9pm ET/PT on OWN. Check out a preview of tonight’s episode in the clip below. Will you watch?

Family Matter’s Darius McCrary Releases New Song And Wants You To “Get It, Get It”

October 28th, 2013 - By Madame Noire
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From EurWeb 

Former “Family Matters” star Darius McCrary has released a new music video for his single “Get It, Get It,” which is featured on his debut album, “The D List.”

Some of you “Family Matters” fans may recall the star singing on the sitcom and he has also starred in the television musical, “Something to Sing About.”

McCrary, who currently stars opposite Charlie Sheen on the FX series “Anger Management,” told Jawn Murray’s AlwaysAList that music has always been in first love.

“Music is huge in my life. I’ve been doing music all my life. Acting is what I call the wonderful accident that God placed in my life,” he explained.

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When Does Casual Flirtation Cross The Line Into Thirst?

October 9th, 2013 - By Charing Ball
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What’s the difference between being thirsty and casual flirtation?

That question crossed my mind the other day while virtually hanging out in a closed Facebook group. I won’t say which one it was, but it has to do with hair. Anyway, the other day a guy comes into the group and introduces himself. It’s a hair group so it’s mostly dominated by women, but no biggie because men have hair too, right? Well, he starts off well, posting hair pictures, talking about hair regimens and engaging in the normal non-hair related gossip we are so fond of from time to time. And then, without warning or provocation, the guy decided to jump straight out the window and ask the room of a few thousand strange women (and men and probably intersex too), if there was anyone interested in being his lady?

Maybe I just haven’t caught up with all the other uses of this new technology, but this approach to dating just seems, for a lack of a better word, desperate. If not thirsty, definitely his open air pitch was cover for some extreme drought-like conditions in the sex and romance department. Perhaps I have been subjected to the advances of too many aggressive and hyper dudes over the years, but I see boldly posting in a chat room of mostly women, “who wants to be my woman?” as the equivalent of standing on a street corner and hollering at each and every girl you see, “Hey baby, what’s your name? Hey girl, come here and let me talk to you for a second. Girl, don’t walk past me without giving me your number.”

Basically, that’s something that only the thirsty would do.

However, not everyone sees it that way. In fact, when I posed the scenario on my own personal Facebook page, I received varied responses: from those who thought that dude was so thirsty, he was on the verge of seeing desert mirages, to a couple of Facebook friends, who thought that the chat room guy was just seizing the moment. Said one friend:

“I don’t like that term. There’s nothing wrong with desiring or trying to get your needs met and that is what thirst is…..a need. It maybe how you get them met that makes it a problem but if the guy is putting his need out there. Nothing wrong with it.”

I actually don’t disagree with this. I mean, conventional wisdom tells us all the time that those who ask, shall receive. I’m sure his inbox got a few hits from some ladies, who too might be on their carpe diem vibe. And it is not like there isn’t precedence. Remember in the film Love Jones when Darius Lovehall showed up to Nina Mosley’s apartment unannounced because he was uninvited? If you’ll recall the plot points, he got her address from a check she left behind at a record store. And remember on the television show Family Matters when Urkel committed to a whole bunch of antics, which could be classified as high-level thirst, to gain the affection of beloved next door neighbor Laura? Being thirsty, and then acting on it, certainly played out well in the romantic best interests of both men in both situations.

But that’s in film and television. In real life, there are all sorts of awkward and downright dangerous things that could befall someone who falls prey to the unquenched desires of the thirsty. At the least, you could end up having to cyber cuss out some annoyingly desperate dude, who persistently pursues you via text message or your Facebook wall. Worst case scenario, you could end up like Georgina Bloomberg, daughter of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who had to get the police involved with her love-crazed cyberstalker, who sent her numerous and at times crazy emails, text messages and Facebook postings. And according to the University of Houston Women’s Resource Center website, approximately eight percent of women and two percent of men have been stalked at some point in their lives. Generally speaking, “stalking behavior may be seen by the stalker as romantic rather than intimidating, but the fear experienced by the victim is a more reliable indicator of stalking than the intention of the perpetrator.”

However, even with the potential for danger, the lines between the flirt and the thirst are pretty blurred. Just look at some of the varied responses to this article in Gawker about Brody the barista, who sent a video “selfie” to LA model Piper Kennedy a day after meeting and “reluctantly” ciphering a phone number from her lips. According to the Gawker article, “Brody can be seen “sensually” touching his face with his hand while Drake’s ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ plays in the background.” It is probably the most pitifully hilarious 16 seconds you will see on film today. Or maybe not. As one of the commentators pointed out in the comment section, “So she gives her phone number to the guy, and he rightfully assumes that it would be acceptable to text her a flirtatious message. He does so in a creepy but still PG-rated way, she shames him in front of millions.”

There does appear to be an effort as of late to reclaim – or completely abolish – the term, “thirsty.” I don’t know if I agree fully with the rationale, however, I can somewhat empathize. Perhaps the fellas are sick and tired of having their legitimate interest in the opposite (or even same) sex be dismissed or diminished as desperate. It is possible that the acceptance of some flirty behavior might depend upon the attractiveness of the pursuer. With that said, I have also been in positions where a very attractive guy did something so desperate that it became an instant turnoff. So perhaps folks are trying to normalize some pretty abhorrent behavior all in the interest of not appearing desperate. Since technology, particularly social networking, is still in its infancy stages, the rules that govern the appropriateness of flirtatious behavior are still being defined. Until those parameters are set, I think it is best to leave those boundaries up to the recipient(s) of the attention.


Milk Carton Characters: Actors Who Mysteriously Disappeared From Our Favorite Shows

June 21st, 2013 - By Meg Butler
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Tiffany Holloway

Have you ever been watching a TV show and suddenly noticed that one of your favorite characters wasn’t there anymore? You’re not alone. Writers may think we don’t notice when their characters up and disappear, but we do. And sometimes, we miss them. If you need closure for some of your favorite characters, check out our milk carton list for characters who disappeared without a trace. Have you seen them?

Where Are They Now? 10 Of Our Favorite TV Dads From Classic Black Comedies

June 13th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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With Father’s Day right around the corner (seriously, have you picked up a gift yet?), we thought we’d take a minute out to shout out some of our favorite black TV dads who made some of our favorite shows even better and see what they’re looking like now. Some of them we’ve highlighted in previous “Where Are They Now?” profiles, some of them we haven’t, but all of them are familiar faces we thought were outstanding dads in one way or another (and we thought we’d stick to the ones still in the world).


James Avery as Uncle Phil/Philip Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 

“Big ‘ol uncle Phil was always known for his temper, but good heart. While he might throw Jazz out by his shirt and snap at Will at any given moment, he was also there for Will when he needed him (remember the episode where Will’s dad bailed on him??). After the show ended, Avery worked on the show “Sparks,” guest starred on “That ’70s Show,” “The Closer,” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” and also did movies including Hair Show and Who’s Your Caddy? He’s still working and still doing big things.”

TV Shows Every Kid Should See At Least Once

June 7th, 2013 - By Meg Butler
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Jaleel White stars in "Family Matters"

It’s not always easy to find good things for your kids to watch on TV. If you’re tired of flipping channels and finding nothing but junk, check these shows out. We’ve gathered a list of the best kids’ programming in history. These shows promote positive self image, good values and they’re a lot of fun to watch for the whole family.