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Watch These Guys Try To Create “On Fleek” Eyebrows

October 9th, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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“Eyebrows on fleek” has truly become synonymous with having the best eyebrows ever. And it’s not just a phrase the ladies have adopted, it’s now a permanent part of pop culture. So much so that some guys have even been caught saying it while trying to figure out what it truly means and why it even matters.

Well, the folks over at Mayvenn, a luxury hair extension company, decided to put guys to the test of perfecting the phrase by actually challenging them to draw eyebrows on a model that are worthy of being “on fleek.”

As we all know, the process is quite tricky and these guys learn all about it firsthand. While some do a decent job, others completely fail. One of the guys even references NBA baller Anthony Davis who is known for his unibrow, but it’s the thought that counts right? A for effort, maybe?

Press play and get ready to get your laugh on. Maybe even show your guy this clip and hopefully he’ll ease up on the time you spend primping in the mirror everyday.

3 Regrowth Products For Girls Who’ve Over-tweezed Their Brows And Found Filling Them In Isn’t Enough

August 16th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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Hair is everything to women, and that doesn’t only refer to the hair on our heads. A messed up wax, thread, or tweeze job when it comes to our brows will bring out the b-word in any one of us — perhaps even more so than a bad haircut because it’s very hard to camouflage bad brows. And the wait time for regrowth? Excruciating.

But, instead of waiting in agony — and anger — you can do something to speed up the process, according to Semi-permanent make-up technician Sophie Doros, co-founder of The Mint Clinic. In an interview with Cover Media she recommended three products to undo over-tweezing, and we guarantee you already have one of them inside your home.

mary-kay-lash-and-brow-building-serum-alt1. Mary Kay’s Lash & Brow Building Serum

This serum is made of Amino Acids and Red Clover extract, a botanical known to contain antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals.

hi brow2. Hi Brow

This serum is keratin and caffeine based to stimulate growth and condition lashes and brows.


3. Coconut oil

As Doros explained, “Coconut oil isn’t just a nifty product in the kitchen, it can also be applied topically to help encourage healthy, impressive eyebrows as it is full of proteins and nutrients like vitamin E and iron. Apply to your eyebrows using your fingertips, massaging in gently for a few minutes to boost blood circulation.”

Try Root Spray For A Simpler Solution To Filling In Your Brows

April 10th, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Making sure your eyebrows are always on fleek can be a hassle. As easy as the beauty vloggers of YouTube make it seem, sometimes a gal just simply doesn’t have the time nor a steady hand to create the perfectly feathered pair of twins whether you are a powder or pencil user.

Nevertheless, beauty vlogger Tootsie Time​ shared with her followers a super simple way to fill in your eyebrows that takes little to no time. Using a bottle of temporary hair color spray, she simple shook the canister and used an eyebrows template as her guide, and literally sprayed on her brows. Sounds easy? Maybe a little terrifying? Well, it’s just as easy as it sounds and once you get over the initial shock of the spray. 

This is honestly a genius beauty hack we should have thought of sooner! However, if you’re into a more natural, not-so defined brow, this method might not be for you, as the spray is a bit of a heavy-handed method. But press play and see for yourself if this may be something you’d add to your daily beauty routine.

The Worst Eyebrow Sins A Woman Can Commit

April 6th, 2016 - By Julia Austin
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#i’m #ok #but #your#eyebrows #is #not #on #fleek #justsaying

A photo posted by Humble With A Hint Of Kanye 👊🏽 (@saroush_paroush) on

Well-done eyebrows can change your entire face. If you determine the perfect eyebrow style for you, you can even cut back on makeup because good eyebrows do plenty of work to bring out your best features. The right brow can open up your eyes, make your cheekbones look higher, and even adjust the proportions of your forehead. The wrong brow, however, can end up leaving you with a permanent look of confusion, surprise, or come-hither eyes on your face, when you’re not feeling any of those things. Trust me; I did the pin-up brows incorrectly once and had men thinking I was trying to hit on them constantly when I was just trying to read a sign next to their heads. Here are the 15 worst eyebrow sins a woman can commit.

Microblading — Would You Try It?

April 3rd, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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How far are you willing to go for full eyebrows?

Well, for those that are serious about having the brows of their dreams, tattooing them on has always been a option. However, it’s definitely not the best solution. Many times, those that have chosen the ink method are left with very dark, unnatural looking brows that nearly look like Sharpie strokes. Not to mention, the ink pigment can be a tad off and look like you tattooed them on, which isn’t the ideal result whatsoever.

Nevertheless, there’s a new solution to combat those woes. Try microblading. Commonly referred to as, 3-D eyebrow embroidery, microblading creates strokes on the brow that looks just like real hairs with no tattoo gun, no ink, and no bleeding or downtime.

 “Microblading is perfect for those who want to fully reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill-in over plucked brows,” Nadia Afanaseva, microblading expert and trainer at Eye Design New York shared with InStyle. Instead of tracing over the eyebrow with harsh ink, a semi-permanent pigment is pushed into the surface of the skin with a fine blade pen to draw individual strokes one by one to the existing hair, therefore creating the most natural looking, full eyebrow you can possibly imagine.

While this procedure does call for numbing cream and large threshold for pain, it’s bit rough on the wallet — costing you anywhere from $300 and up —  but if brows are your crutch, go for it! I mean, seriously, flawless brows that will last you anywhere from one to two years until they gradually and naturally fade away sounds like it’s totally worth a try.

This Is The Biggest Mistake We All Make When Penciling In Our Eyebrows

February 20th, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

It’s no secret that eyebrows have become a dominant part of makeup. Therefore, as expected, the shaping and filling in of the area is pretty important, too. And if you’re one that subscribes to the idea of “brows on fleek,” you’ll definitely want to hear this.

Recently, I was watching a makeup tutorial on Kylie Jenner’s app — yes I have the app, don’t judge me — and one of her makeup artists Ariel Tejada executed a sultry yet natural glam look on her friend Jordyn Woods. Overall, the video was quite helpful and I picked up a few tips and tricks on makeup application of eye shadow and contouring. However, the biggest takeaway from the clip was that I was penciling in my eyebrows wrong this entire time — even adding extra stress to my beauty routine for no reason!

I’ll admit it, sometimes it takes me nearly 30 minutes to get my brows to look like perfection, sometimes less. When things go in my favor and my hand somehow pencils in my eyebrows like a pro, I can never remember just how I executed the look. It’s a real hit or miss for me on the daily. However, Tejada definitely schooled me on how to pencil my eyebrows correctly with no hassle at all, pointing out the number one mistake most people make.

“The overall objective is to fill in the sparse areas, not to fill in the entire brow,” he explained. “I’ll comb through the brows and wherever I see a little gap I’ll just fill, but I won’t fill in the entire eyebrow because that’s when you get a more drawn-in effect.” “I start at the arch of the brow, just creating a shadow like a background for the hairs so it’ll look like the brow is slightly fuller than normal,” he concluded.

Many times we try and create an entirely new shape to our brow instead of following its natural shape, which then leaves us looking like a caricature at best. So, blending the pencil in softly to those sparse areas to make those strokes look like real hairs is key!


Put Down The Eye Liner And Step Away: The Scariest Eyebrows On The Internet

July 1st, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Getting your eyebrows perfect is a tough job…especially if you’re taking tips from these internet eyebrow experts. Check out these pics of the 15 absolutely scariest eyebrows on the World Wide Web.

Image Source:

Image Source:

Just the Liner

Want thick, luscious eyebrows but you’re low on pencil? Just draw the outline and let people’s imaginations take it from there.

Why Do Women Shave Their Eyebrows, Just to Draw Them On Again?

December 5th, 2013 - By Charing Ball
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shaving their

Source: Shutterstock

After rediscovering some long forgotten photo albums around the house, I was thinking about eyebrows.

One of the pictures was of me in cap and gown, taking for our University’s yearbook. What stuck out to me the most was my horrible eye shadow. It was bright blue and way too much of it. And then there was the eyebrows. They were jet black, pencil thin and definitely stenciled on. I can not believe that I used to walk around publicly like that. And yet I did – like a boss.

Despite the brazenness of what was my eyebrow game back then, I notice that I was not alone in my liquid liner obsession. As a culture, we are extremely obsessed with eyebrows. And as I walk along the streets, I take notice of the various degrees in which women will arch, pluck, tweeze, wax and shave their brows into unnatural angles. Like the thin dramatic high arch brow or the thick and full brow with the softer angles. And then of course there is the already spoken on, yet equally mystifying, stenciled brows. It’s like out of all the body parts, eyebrows have the least utility and yet eyebrow shaping and grooming is virtually a necessity – in some instances our most important facial grooming habit. So why do we shave them off if we are only going to draw them back on again?

According to this article, published in the New York Times back in 2009, fashionistas at the time were all about the brow-less look including a 26-year-old fashion consultant, who painstakingly plucks her eyebrows each day to keep them from growing back. She tells the Times:

It’s unifying,” she said. “There is an asexual element to no eyebrows. We are much more accepting of the ‘other’ nowadays. Removing eyebrows removes a degree of expression, which makes one look less human and more cerebral, maybe even mechanical. It’s an exercise in modernity.”

And yet eyebrow shaving defies culture, race and even time. It is said that in the reign of the Pharaohs of Egypt, shaving off the eyebrows was a sign of mourning. According to Wikipedia, the beauty standard among the Japanese royal court during the imperial Heian period (794-1185), called for powdered white face, blackened teeth and eyebrows shaved and redrawn high on the forehead. Historical documentation shows that Queen Elizabeth I overly-tweezed and a virtually non existent brow line became synonymous with wealth and influence and a trend among the aristocrats. And probably the most famous eyebrow-less babe is The Mona Lisa, who in addition to her “smile” is also missing her eye handlebars. But according to the book, Encyclopedia of Hair: A Cultural History, our contemporary obsession with the stenciled eyebrow can be traced to the 1930s when a thin and more exaggerated brow came into fashion. Unfortunately the brow itself was so unattainable naturally, that several of the trendsetters, including several popular actresses at the time including Jean Harlow and Marlene Dietrich, shaved their eyebrows and repurposed them into thin, high arched swipes of black liner just above the sockets. Outside of its Hollywood influence, the modern day thin, arched and stenciled-on eyebrow also has a notorious, less glamorous (depending upon the lens in which we view it) distinction, particularly among its association with the heavy-lined faced Cholas of the Californian Latina lowrider and gang scene. 

Yet despite its historical usages there is still an element to eyebrow shaving there is a much more sinister side to browlessness particularly trichotillomania, which is a compulsory disorder, which compels people to pull, pluck or shave hair from their bodies. Probably the most prominent brows in contemporary American culture belong to Whoopi Goldberg, who ironically does not have them. When asked in this 2007 interview with Perez Hilton why she shaved her eyebrows, Goldberg simply stated, “because they itch when the come in.”

While it would be easier to brush-off every woman walking around today with the Sharpie brows as a candidate for therapy, the culprit behind why women continuously shave all their brows, just to draw them back on again might be as simple as what I like to call the Pringles potato chip-effect: basically, once you pop (one piece of hair), you just can’t stop. In a culture that abhors hair and see hairlessness as a sign of civility, it is easy to become addicted to tweezing. I know the obsession with shaving the brows started right after I achieved what could be classified as the perfect arch. Unfortunately when you reach the pinnacles of success anything afterwards just seem to fall short – and that included my eyebrows. So I plucked, tweezed, waxed and eventually shaved hoping that once again I could create that same eyebrow-magic. It never happened. It was only when I forced myself out of the plucking eyebrow-matrix, did I realize how deep my obsession was getting.

The good news for us all is that our eyebrow neurosis may soon be coming to a conclusion. According to this article, which cites this study, women are not only tweezing a lot less than before but brows have been moving lower for the past 60 years. And in fact, all indicators suggest that the high arch brow will soon be obsolete and replaced with a more masculine eyebrow. I for one, am totally looking forward to the masculine, aka not giving a damn, look.

An Ode To The Almighty Eyebrows

February 26th, 2013 - By Veronica Wells
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"Woman tweezing her eyebrows"


Has anyone else noticed that your eyebrows have the ability to make or break your look? I know the Bible says a woman’s hair is her crowning glory; but if you gave me a choice, I’d take my eyebrows being properly coiffed over my hair being “done” any day. In all fairness though, since I have locks my hair is never “not done.”

Anyway, I come from a long line of expert brow shapers. My maternal grandmother who completely devoted her life to raising her children and later grandchildren, still always made time to make sure her brows were right. For decades, she was the go-to woman when it came to shaping and sculpting. And she shared that vital information with her sisters and passed it down to her nieces and eventually her daughter, my mother.

I’ll never forget the day my mother looked at me and decided it was time for my first plucking session. I was a freshman in high school and had just come home from the summer school gym class I was taking. Needles too say I looked a bit rough and my thick, unruly eyebrows weren’t helping the situation. I showered and my mom had me lie down on her bed as she sat over me, plucking away.

In retrospect I should have been more afraid of this process. The whole thing was pretty agonizing. My stomach was knotting and unknotting as I felt her rip each individual hair from my face with precision. I felt trapped, like a form of torture.

But once I was released and I looked at myself in the mirror, I realized what wonders the plucking had done for my face. My eyes looked brighter. My face looked softer and more feminine. I looked less like a little girl and more like the woman I would become. For the next couple of days, I couldn’t walk past a mirror without doubling back to take a peak at my new eyebrows. You couldn’t tell me nothin’. I had arrived.

From that moment on, if my eyebrows weren’t done, I just didn’t feel right. I could have on the flyest outfit, my hair could be styled to perfection and my face could be beat for the gods; but if my eyebrows were bushy or too overgrown, it was all for nothing. Try as I might to hide the stubbly hairs growing in, eye shadow and even foundation did little to hide the coarse black spikes that were coming in. It was time to shape again. The look of having my eyebrows properly shaped is virtually magical. There have been times where my face looked like I’d applied some makeup, simply because my eyebrows were right. It’s important that they be done promptly and properly.

As the years progressed, I would put the tweezers down in favor of waxing. And just a few months ago, I stepped into the threading world for the first time. (I’m still not convinced that it’s the better option.)

Brow Beating: People Whose Eyebrows Inspire Our Tweezing

February 8th, 2012 - By MN Editor
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Oh, eyebrows…

When we get them done, they can open your face in ways you never thought or dreamed of. And when we don’t, they can make us look like unkempt Neanderthals. A good or bad set of eyebrows can define you. I loved Lauryn Hill’s brows back in the day, hated Bette Davis’ and was just puzzled by Groucho Marx’s caterpillars. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to make your own brows do big things so that they can make your eyes pop, we’ve supplied some looks from models, and other celebrities who keep their eyebrows looking fresh and clean. Happy tweezing! Or whatever it is you do for brow maintenance…

Bey doesn’t have the thickest, nor the thinnest eyebrows out there, but somehow she manages to keep them full and arched in all the right places. Back when I used to get my brows threaded, crazy enough, Beyoncé’s eyebrows were an example of a look that you could get, and many women wanted them. Why? Maybe because they stay full up to the very end of the brow and still have enough of a prominent arch in the middle to give your face a little more flair without looking like a caricature.