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“Bye Felicia”: Jennifer Williams Isn’t Feeling Evelyn Lozada’s Apologies Or Friendship

July 25th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Johnny Louis/wenn

Johnny Louis/wenn

We told you earlier this week that Evelyn Lozada had her former BFF, Jennifer Williams, on her mind and wanted to try and mend the friendship they once had. She took to Twitter to publicly say that she had a dream about Williams (it was a funny one) and after her followers told her that she should reach out, Lozada said that she would try.

As it turns out, Lozada says that she DID call Williams. In some posts on Wednesday, she spoke about the importance of letting go of anger and grudges and the importance of trying to be a better person. And in the midst of all that, she let it be known that she did reach out to call Williams, but it’s unclear if her former friend even picked up the phone or called back…



The same day Lozada divulged all that information, Jennifer Williams only had this to say:

Jenn I


I know most people were saying that Williams shouldn’t give Lozada the time of day, and I can understand why she wouldn’t (you couldn’t be jumping over tables trying to fight me and then turn around and want to be my friend again either), but I do think it’s big of Lozada to publicly acknowledge that she behaved out of pocket while on Basketball Wives. It might be a little too late, but better late than never, right?

Evelyn Lozada Wants To Patch Things Up With Former BFF, Jennifer Williams…

July 22nd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Johnny Louis/wenn

Johnny Louis/wenn

If you used to tune into Basketball Wives, I’m sure you remember the close bond that Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams once had. They shopped together, threw shade together, and they were each other’s support system. However, their friendship fell apart when Lozada started dating Chad Johnson, who Williams called an “attention wh*re.” She wasn’t all that supportive of Lozada’s new relationship, and they eventually had a big blowup. And did we mention that Lozada’s former assistant slapped Williams in the face on national TV? Yeah, things got quite ugly.

Eventually, Williams left the bottle-throwing, table jumping shenanigans of the show behind, and after dealing with his cheating ways and some domestic violence, Lozada left Johnson. Life has gone on, but that hasn’t stopped Lozada from thinking about her former friend.



After posting this on Twitter over the weekend, followers of the former reality star and future Mrs. Crawford told her that she needed to reach out to Williams, whom she traded in for a no-good man:

ev II







So could Lozada and Williams mend things and become friends again? While Lozada is open to the idea, we’re not so sure about Ms. Williams. She posted this on Twitter last night, and we can’t help but wonder what she’s trying to say…


Jennifer Williams


But what do you think? How do you know when it’s a good idea to allow someone back into your life? And when do you need to leave certain doors closed?


Evelyn Lozada Accused Of Fraud?

June 30th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: IG

Source: IG

We were aware that Evelyn Lozada’s ex-fiancé, Antoine Walker, had some serious money problems. But did y’all hear that things got so bad, Evelyn was accused of hiding nearly $700,000 for him so that the people he supposedly owed money to couldn’t access the funds?

According to The Jasmine Brand, the former “Basketball Wives” star was sued by the trustee of Antoine’s bankruptcy case. The trustee accused Ev of accepting several money wires from Antoine, summing up to a total off $649, 497. 56. In the suit, the plaintiff argues that Evelyn used the money to jump start her shoe company, Dulce. The trustee felt that Evelyn should have been aware of her fiancé’s money troubles and that the money should have gone to the ex-athlete’s creditors, not her.

Ev, however, reportedly denied the allegations and argued that she was unaware of Antoine’s financial issues. Though she continues to proclaim her innocence, the new mom recently reached a $40,000 settlement regarding the case after engaging in “extensive settlement negotiations.”

Between November and February, Ev made 4 monthly payments of $10,000. The case has since been closed. We imagine Evelyn is happy to put this all behind her.


Evelyn Lozada Says Carl Crawford Is “Definitely An Upgrade” From Her Last Relationship…With Chad Johnson

June 27th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Evelyn Lozada hasn’t really talked that much about her man Carl Crawford, or her wedding plans like that, and all that probably has a lot to do with the fact that she has been focused on motherhood (If you’ll recall, she was pregnant when Crawford popped the question, and the public knew very little about their relationship before the fact). But while chatting with a TMZ photog at GNC, he asked to see her massive engagement ring, and she happily obliged him. The ring, a 14.5 carat diamond stunner, is quite large, and Lozada is very happy about it. The last engagement ring Lozada received was a beautiful 10-carat ring from ex-husband Chad Johnson, and while it’s not exactly nice to compare rings, or relationships, Lozada had no problem letting the photog know how she really felt about her new boo: “He did good, huh? Definitely an upgrade from last [laughs].”


All I’m gonna say is…that IS a super stunning ring. But I have no comment on her new relationship vs. her old one (especially since seeing Carl Crawford out in these streets is like looking for Waldo). Anywho, check out what she had to say below, along with her thoughts on Draya seeking a breast reduction and more.

Chad Ochocinco Continues To Rack Up Debt On Florida Mansion

June 18th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Sources: IG, WENN

Sources: IG, WENN


It looks like Chad Ochocinco is experiencing some financial trouble. According to The Jasmine Brand, the former NFL star has been hit with a lien by Long Lake Ranches West Homeowner’s Association in regard to his Florida mansion once shared with ex-wife and ‘Basketball Wives” star, Evelyn Lozada.

Apparently, between October 2012 and June 2014, the controversial athlete has racked up an outstanding balance of nearly $8,000. He was originally supposed to be paying $1, 333 per quarter.

In the lien, the association threatens that if Chad doesn’t pay up soon, the debt will continue to swell at an interest rate of 18% per year. It’s unclear why Chad ceased making payments to the association, but we can only hope that he gets it together soon. So far, he has not commented on the lien, but he recently scored a new gig with the Canadian football league, so maybe he can put some of that cash towards his debts.


Cute Kid Alert: Evelyn Lozada Shares More Pics Of “Ladies Man” Carl Leo Crawford, Jr. [Photos]

June 9th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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OK! Magazine - Christopher Ameruoso

OK! Magazine – Christopher Ameruoso

After pictures were released of Lozada and her baby boy posing it up as he made his big debut to the world in OK! Magazine last week, Lozada decided to share a few more images of the adorable kid on her Instagram. She posted two new pics, including the one below where baby Carl rocks a “Ladies Man” onesie, socks and mittens and smiles for the camera.



Lozada also shared this pic of baby Carl all dressed up in grey Jordans and a matching ensemble. She captioned the picture, “My lil man Carl Leo Crawford before we headed out today #SplendidLittles #BabyJordan #Adorable#2MonthsOld #CuteKidsClub”



Evelyn and Carl

So cute! And according to Lozada’s followers on Instagram, baby Carl looks exactly like his father, but who do you think he takes after? Either way, he’s going to be quite the heartbreaker when he grows up!


“I’M SO IN LOVE!”: Get A First Look At Evelyn Lozada’s Baby Boy, Carl Leo Crawford, Jr. [Photos]

June 6th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Who else is excited about taking a peek at Evelyn Lozada’s little one, baby Carl Leo Crawford? Of course, the little guy is Lozada’s child with Los Angeles Dodgers player Carl Crawford. The two got engaged late last year, with Lozada announcing the news on Christmas day. The 38-year-old gave birth to the two-month old back on March 22 and has been busy taking care of him (and working on dropping the baby weight, starting less than two weeks after delivering Carl) ever since.

Now that he’s a teeny bit bigger and older, Lozada has decided to share her bundle of joy with the world. Photos have leaked online of a photo shoot she recently did with OK! Magazine where she shows off the baby and talks motherhood the second time around.

She also posted another exclusive image to her Instagram within the last hour of her holding and playing with the baby as he sits on her lap in overalls and little Timberland boots. She captioned the photo: “I’M SO IN LOVE!” She definitely looks like she’s head-over-heels for her son.

And she’s not the only one. In a recent interview with ABC News, Lozada said that her fiancé, Carl, has been having a ball bonding with his son.

“Carl is a wonderful father and awesome fiancé who has been by my side the entire time. He is so excited about baby Carl Leo. You should see them together!”

So cute! And she looks great, right?



OK! Magazine

OK! Magazine – Christopher Ameruoso

OK! Magazine - Christopher Ameruoso

OK! Magazine – Christopher Ameruoso

OK! Magazine - Christopher Ameruoso

OK! Magazine – Christopher Ameruoso

OK! Magazine - Christopher Ameruoso

OK! Magazine – Christopher Ameruoso

A Night To Remember: 9 Famous Folks Who Went To Prom With Their Biggest Fans

May 20th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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celebrities who went to prom with fans

Prom season is still going, and if we had the chance to go to prom with our dream date back in the day, I’m sure we would all name some celebrity whose posters were on our wall and that we were crushing on at the time. But what happens when your wish is actually granted? These young people reached out to stars they are huge fans of to ask them to prom, and as you will find out, they were lucky enough to go arm-and-arm with the famous folks on the big night. Here are 9 celebrities who made prom a night to remember for some of their biggest fans.

“I’m Proud Of Where I’m At So Far”: Evelyn Lozada Talks Dropping 30 Pounds Since Giving Birth, And Her Man Carl As A Dad

May 14th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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New mom Evelyn Lozada hits the gym less than 2 weeks after giving birth for 30-day weight loss challenge.

Source: Instagram

Evelyn Lozada gave birth to her son, Carl Leo Crawford, on March 22, and we told you that less than two weeks after doing so, she was back in the gym, working on her fitness. Well, that determination to get her abs back is paying off, because Lozada recently told ABC News that she has already dropped 30 pounds of baby weight.

“I’m proud of where I’m at so far. My body feels like it’s almost back to normal.”

Lozada is the new spokeswoman for supplement brand youthH20, and she says that she has been taking that, as well as eating very clean. No fried eggs and bacon for breakfast. Instead, Lozada is downing oatmeal or egg whites. And for lunch, she’s eating “fish and veggies with a lot of sweet potato.” But of course, she’s also going pretty hard at the gym.

“I also work out three to four times a week.

I have been sleep deprived lately and going to the gym can be hectic when you have no time in your schedule. But, on the days that I do have a moment, I do a ton of cardio, weight training — which I love — and hiking.”

She also spoke about her man Carl Crawford (not the baby this time, rather, her fiancé), and said that she’s been impressed with how hands on of a dad he is.

“Carl is a wonderful father and awesome fiancé who has been by my side the entire time. He is so excited about baby Carl Leo. You should see them together!”

Lozada says that she thinks that she does want to have one more child in the near future to join Carl Jr. and Shaniece, but for now, baby Carl is quite enough.

She is looking good! Kudos to Lozada for all the hard work on her body.

“Nobody Said You Had To Be With One Woman”: Chad Johnson Tries To Justify Cheating, Says Even MLK Was “Hoeing”

May 2nd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Chad Johnson

In the preview for an episode of Nite Cap with Peter Bailey, Chad Johnson, still doing in-depth interviews about love and why things didn’t work out between him and Evelyn Lozada (a lot of free time I guess), spoke about his issues with monogamy, which seemed to go directly against everything Bailey was saying and standing for. It was definitely a heated but lively back and forth, as Bailey spoke about men messing up good things because of their obsession with sex, and Johnson claiming that love doesn’t pay the bills. But what stood out most from their conversation was Johnson’s statements about Martin Luther King, Jr. and infidelity, which quite a few people aren’t too happy about. Here are some tidbits from that chat:

On Monogamy:

Johnson: “Nobody said it had to be the way it is. We all trying to follow rules, somebody made those rules up. Somebody made those rules up! Nobody said you had to be with one woman. Nobody said that!”

Bailey: “But isn’t the outcome of multiple women, drama?”

Johnson: “I never had any drama.”

Bailey: Chad…you never had any drama? Chad, the woman you loved got mad at you because you had other women.”

Johnson: “I told the f**in’ truth when I met her!”

Bailey: “But she got mad because of it, so it did cause drama!”

On Love:

Johnson: “Love ain’t paying no bills man.”

Bailey: “Your idea of love is off.”

Johnson: I’m just telling you the truth.

Bailey: “So you’re not willing to make that sacrifice for that woman?”

Johnson: “I can’t. It’s a great sacrifice but it’s hard to do, and I choose not to sell that dream like I can do it, and that’s the problem now. Why can’t I sit here and tell you the truth?”

On Dr. King And Cheating:

Bailey: “If Dr. King and these guys were realists, we wouldn’t be sitting here. You wouldn’t be sitting in this big ‘ol house. You wouldn’t. When Dr. King was talking this type of stuff and the brothers were like ‘Man, come on man, this ain’t never going to happen.’”

Johnson: “What was Dr. King doing behind closed doors?”

Bailey: “You really going to go there on me, Chad?”

Johnson: “Don’t sugarcoat it.”

Bailey: “It’s been documented that the man had infidelity issues.”

Johnson: “So we not being real right now…You don’t want to say hoeing? Why don’t you just say hoeing?”

Not sure what to make of all he had to say, other than that it’s clear that Chad Johnson really doesn’t seem to believe in love, and now that it’s been made clear like three times already–ladies, run in the other direction (as if there wasn’t good reason to run kicking and screaming before). Check out the preview of his conversation with Peter Bailey below and share your thoughts on his statements: