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The Snapback Is Real: Evelyn Lozada Shares First Post Pregnancy Pics

April 15th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Evelyn Lozada Shares First Post Pregnancy Pics

Source: Instagram

It’s nothing for some women to drop that baby weight. And apparently, Evelyn Lozada is one of those women. Genetics can be a blessing, girls. Though Evelyn  gave birth less than a month ago, to baby boy Carl Crawford Jr. on March 22nd, it certainly hasn’t taken her much time to drop the weight.

She’s not pre pregnancy fit but we have to give it to her, the former “Basketball Wife” looks great. Yesterday, Lozada decided to share her progress by posting a couple of pictures of herself on instagram.

Dressed in a white tank top. blue sweat pants and gold sneakers, Evelyn told her Instagram followers that she’s preparing for her 60 day health challenge:

“Get ready ladies! My #60DayChallenge is about to go down! Thank you @GNCLiveWell and @youthH20! #Results #BCuzItWorks 

But you know what they say, when you work out pre-pregnancy, it’s easier for you to get back after you drop that bundle. And Evelyn isn’t new to this workout thing. She had a deal with YouthH20 and released a fitness DVD shortly before announcing her pregnancy. A couple of weeks ago, we told you about the bet Evelyn made to be back to her pre baby weight within two months. And it looks like she’s well on her way.

Just last week, TMZ spotted Evelyn and Crawford on a date night at Maestro’s in Beverly Hills. And judging by these photos it would seem that Evelyn has lost a nice chunk of weight since then, so she really is putting in mad work.

Doesn’t she look great?

Evelyn Lozada Shares First Post Pregnancy Pics

Source: Instagram

Ya’ll Cute! Evelyn Lozada And Fiance Carl Crawford Step Out Together For The First Time For Date Night

April 7th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Evelyn Lozada and Carl Crawford


Evelyn Lozada and her fiance, Carl Crawford, just welcomed their son, Carl Leo Crawford, Jr., into the world on March 22. After a couple weeks of being on diaper duty with the little guy, the parents decided to step out for date night to have time together alone. They were spotted by TMZ photogs, who asked Crawford about baseball business, as the new MLB season just started up again.

The couple hit up Maestro’s in Beverly Hills to have dinner, rolling up and riding out in a sickening (in a good way), white Rolls Royce Wraith, which allegedly starts price-wise at almost $300,000. But this is not a shocking purchase for Crawford, seeing as the LA Dodgers outfielder has a seven-year, $142 million dollar contract with the team.

The couple looked cute together as they waited for valet to bring his car around, and Evelyn flashed a smile as photogs shared well wishes, said congratulations on their son’s birth, and said that she was looking great.

This is the first time we’ve seen the couple together in public, aside from Lozada sharing a photo the two took in preparation for their son’s arrival, where Crawford was holding on to Lozada’s belly. But seeing how open she was about her last relationship with former NFL star Chad Johnson, I can understand why she would want to keep aspects of this new relationship to herself.

Speaking of Johnson, in a recent interview, he stated that he actually still loves Lozada:

“Yeah, love don’t go nowhere like that. I will always love her, matter fact I love every goddamn body to an extent, it ain’t going nowhere.”

Can’t say the love is mutual, Chad. Check out Lozada and her future hubby together in the TMZ video below:

“I’m Good For About 6 Months” Chad Johnson Talks Monogamy, The End Of His Career & Evelyn Lozada

April 2nd, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 1.16.29 PM

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson is an interesting character for sure. And you never know what you’ll get from this dude. Just a couple of weeks ago, we were talking about him trying to flirt with Porsha on Twitter. Recently, Chad, who smoked a cigar, sipped a coffee and displayed his black nail polish, sat down with Peter Bailey to discuss his eccentricities, why he can never be monogamous, his relationship with Evelyn and being more than just a football player. Most of us have kind of written Chad off, myself included; but I will say that this interview was very insightful. Chad claims his anti monogamy stance is not due to any type of insecurities. But then, as the interview goes on he says there a lot of women who wouldn’t give men the time of day if they didn’t have money in their pocket. (He did say that Evelyn wasn’t that person though. She was with him when he didn’t have anything.) And then there was an interesting moment where he talked about his grandmother and the word she uses to describe him. Either way, it’s… interesting to say the least.

Check out some of the highlights below and then you can watch the entire interview on the last page.

Did you make critical errors in the love department? 

NoI didn’t make any critical errors because I always tell the truth from jump. Discipline, I lack it. Dealing with one woman lets think rationally, let’s think logically. It ain’t have nothing to do with South beach, it ain’t have nothing to do with Miami.  I don’t care how fine you are, for every fine woman you see, there’s a dude that is tired of that same woman. Human nature is undefeated and what I’ve always done, even in my past relationship was tell the truth from jump. I never lied, I’m not going to lie to you, why sell you a dream.

There are men out there that are willing to give their all, that have the discipline to be able to give them that storybook ending, that fairytale as I so call it. I think I’m good for that for about about 6 months, I’m on track, I’m good. But at some point, I don’t care how fine you are, I’m going to lose interest.


Sex is a beautiful thing and there’s no such thing as a hoe.


Yeah, love don’t go nowhere like that. I will always love her, matter fact I love every goddamn body to an extent, it ain’t going nowhere.

Is it the idea or the person? 

The person, the individual because I got to know another Evelyn, besides what everybody else knows. I don’t care how she operates, I don’t care what it looked like to society, I don’t care how it played out, I don’t care the fact that she moved on. I love that being.

Was that really you on the show? 

Anytime I was on that camera there was no script. I ain’t role playing, I’m giving you Chad that’s raw and uncut, anything that comes out my mouth is raw and uncut.

There are all these stereotypes that all we are is a penis. Do you think you ever played into that? 

Not really because there’s way more than just that to me. There’s a lot of substance, a lot. Outside of football which is why I’m going to be alright. There’s so much more that I can do. There’s so much more that I have to offer whether they like it or not. See, I don’t stop with just football. There’s a small window of opportunity that I had to take advantage of. Man what, the average NFL career is 2-3 years. I got a good 12 years. I didn’t finish when I wanted to but I got some good time in.

The conversation turned to Chad’s football career, his reputation of being a rebel in the league and what he does for money these days.

Why have you been demonized for breaking that mold? 

I don’t know. I take the NFL for instance, the way I played the game of football is frowned upon. The way I played in the NFL is the way I played at Liberty City Optimist. Nothing changed because you gave me a check. That game is meant to be played for fun, they see it as a business. They see that once you get to this point you’re supposed to be a ole model, you to carry yourself a certain way. I am not your child’s parent. I’m the parent so if I’m going to be a role model, I’m not acting so nothing about what I’m doing is a role. I would love to finish my career. I would love to finish playing the game that I love, the game that I dreamt from a child.

Chad says he hasn’t had a check come in in three years. 

How do you survive?

I’m cheap. I been cheap.

Women don’t like cheap men though. 

Conversation will win every time.

Peter Bailey asked Chad whether or not he believed that if he applied that same discipline he gave to football to his romantic relationships, he would be able to be monogamous.

Isn’t perfecting the craft of love, meeting it with the same discipline?

That’s a completely different ball game. Football wasn’t going no where. Football is going to be there when I don’t have anything. When my plate was empty football was there. When my plate was full it was because of football. So right now, let’s say my plate is empty again, football is still there. Most of the time if your plate ain’t full, ain’t nobody coming to your table. Let’s not forget now. We talking about love and dealing with women but half of them wouldn’t even deal with you if your plate ain’t right.

How can you love without sacrifice?

Sacrifice my freedom? Why? Show me a man with options who’s not doing his thing, you can shoot me dead.

Where does spirituality come in?

I don’t know. I have no idea. I can only speak for me. I can’t speak on anyone else.

Are you spiritual? 

Very, very, very. and still am I able… I’m not finna fool myself. I’m not going to put that pressure on myself.

Monogamy again…

Maybe I will get to that point where it will be just one person. But right now man, sugar ain’t budging…But right now my ugly ass can’t abide by that.

Why do you call yourself ugly Chad?

That’s the way my grandmother introduces me, so I just stick with it. Still to this day, everyday since I was a kid, that’s how she talks to me. “Where your ugly ass been at?”

People, particularly people in the black community being so willing to put each other in a box and

Why you got your nails black?

Ni**a, because I’m in a dark space right now, that’s why. I’m straight. Am I gay? No. If I was, would I bite my tongue and say that I wasn’t? No.

This guy is really complex. I’m wondering what a conversation with Iyanla would do for him. That piece about his grandmother calling him ugly…until today is very telling…in addition to all the other stuff.

You can watch the rest of the interview on the next page.

“I’m So In Love With Baby Leo”: Evelyn Lozada Speaks On Life With Baby Carl Leo And Shares First Pic

April 1st, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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When Evelyn isn’t checking Wendy Williams for referring to her child as a “cash register,” or focusing on getting her body back right and tight, she’s a committed mommy, bonding with her newborn son, Carl Leo Crawford Jr., her first child with fiancé and LA Dodger outfielder, Carl Crawford. In an exclusive interview with, Lozada opened up about motherhood the second time around, and what she thinks is the most adorable thing about her baby boy. In the interview with Hollywood Life, Lozada spoke on her emotions and happiness over being a mom again.

“I’m so in love with baby Leo. I feel extremely blessed right now and so happy.”

And during the chat, she opened up about what she considers to be the cutest thing about the little guy, who was born on March 22, saying it’s his eyes, which he got from his daddy:

“The most adorable thing about him are his perfectly shaped lips and slanted eyes (like his daddy).”

And how have Lozada and her fiancé dealt with their new schedule, which has been totally flipped by Carl Leo?

“Carl wakes up every two hours to eat. He sleeps about 6 hours. I have a bassinet for him, but he sleeps in my bed. I’m supposed to sleep while he’s asleep, but instead I stare at the funny faces he makes while he’s sleeping! He smiles a lot during sleep time.”

Even Evelyn’s rep lauded Lozada’s change of focus, saying that homegirl will do any and everything for her child (including checking talk show hosts).

“She’s at a point in her life where she’ll do anything for her baby. Her life is all about baby Leo and Shaniece!”

Speaking of Shaniece, Lozada shared an image of baby Carl Leo on her Instagram late last week (the one below), a repost from Shaniece who said this about her new baby brother: “You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest & the most beautiful person I have ever known- & even that in an understatement.”



Looks like Lozada and her daughter are head-over-heels for this little guy. Congratulations again!

Evelyn Lozada Hits The Gym Less Than 2 Weeks After Giving Birth

March 31st, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Before giving birth to her newborn son Carl Leo Crawford Jr., Evelyn Lozada made it clear that she would be on a mission to get her body back.

“When I started this pregnancy I was almost 150, but I’ve gained 31 pounds,” the former “Basketball Wives” star said at her Diamonds and Diapers-themed baby shower last month. “He weighs about 4 pounds rights now, so I know that I’m going to be super focused. I’ve already spoken to Jeanette Jenkins. We’re gonna start training here in L.A.”

While it takes some women close to a year to shed their pregnancy pounds, Ev added that she’s looking to drop the weight in just two months.

“I have a bet going that I can get this body back in two months,” she added. “So I’m just focused. As soon as I get the clear to do weight training and cardio, I’m gonna need a lot of that, so hopefully I can get it together.”

This probably explains why the second-time mom is already back in the gym less than two weeks after delivering her baby boy. Over the weekend, Ev announced the beginning of her 30-day challenge to Instagram followers.

“Day 1 of my 30 day challenge! I can’t wait to share my journey with all of you! Details coming on Monday! We can do it together!”

We’ll be interested in seeing her progress over the next 30 days.

Moms, how long did it take you to shed the baby weight?

Did Y’all See? Nene Has A Criminal Past And Evelyn Lozada Checks Wendy Williams

March 30th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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This week it seems if you weren’t flat out throwing bows like Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore you were throwing shade. The queen of talking stuff, Wendy Williams, had some not so nice things to say about “Basketball Wives” cast member Evelyn Lozada and her newborn son and when the former reality TV star got word of it she let the talk show host have it.

Was Wendy Williams wrong to call Evelyn’s baby a “cash register” or was she just being typical Wendy Williams? We’re talking about that plus Nene’s criminal past in this episode of Did Y’all See? Check it out above and weigh in in the comments section.

ICYMI: The Hottest Stories Of The Week

March 29th, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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This week we learned about iconic ’90s hip hop artist Mase’s and his  double life. His church congregation was not too happy to find out their pastor still records bars in the studio while he preaches on Sunday. Speaking of hidden lives, we found out about Columbus Short and Nene Leakes criminal pasts. Much to our surprise, Kobe Bryant shocked the nation with his thoughts about Trayvon Martin’s death in an excerpt he wrote in The New Yorker. Tamar Braxton and Porsha Williams has several bones to pick with Kenya Moore. You will be surprised to hear what happened to Moore after the Real Housewives of Atlanta  reunion taping. Actress and comedienne, Mo’Nique shared an uplifting story about her marriage and how it helped her lose weight. To top the week off, Alicia Keys got a makeover  and Evelyn Lozada shut Wendy Williams down when the gossip queen called her son a “cash register.” Get into all this news, below!

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Werk! Are You Feeling Alicia Keys’ New Haircut?

Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh, it’s a new daaay! And Alicia Keys has a new haircut. Alicia Keys posted a pic on Instagram with a simple “Hi….;-)” showing off a new haircut. A. Keys still has a bit of a short pixie, but she updated it with shaved sides and a tail that makes us say we most definitely approve.


Who Is Linnethia?! NeNe Leakes' Criminal Past Revealed feat

Who Is Linnethia?! NeNe Leakes’ Criminal Past Revealed 

Honey, when NeNe says she can’t believe her life… we have to agree. This woman has done just a little bit of everything. From the stripper pole, to a housewife, to reality tv star, actress and now a contestant on “Dancing With The Stars.” The trajectory of her life is something out of a movie.  But before all of the success she’s experiencing today, NeNe Leakes was Linnethia Johnson and she found herself in quite a bit of trouble.

“#DontComeForMe”: Evelyn Hits Back At Wendy Williams’ “Cash Register” Comment About Her Son With Scathing Response

March 26th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Wendy Evelyn

Don’t come for Evelyn Lozada unless she sends for you.

We told you earlier this morning how Wendy Williams made a less than tasteful comment while congratulating Lozada on giving birth to her second child, a son by the name of Carl Crawford, Jr. with her fiance, Carl Crawford.

“I also want to congratulate Evelyn Lozada. Evelyn gave birth to a cash register–I mean, a baby boy, with her her fiance, the $142 million dollar, Carl Crawford. I didn’t mean to make that cash register joke, but you see why it’s easy to be said.”

She went on and on, and basically, Williams was saying that Lozada should focus on being a housewife, ditch the Basketball Wives cast, open a Dulce shoe store in LA (and ditch the one in Miami) and be the “queen of the castle.”

But just as quick as she said it, Evelyn Lozada heard about it and posted a scathing response to her statements on Facebook:

Evelyn Lozada Wendy Williams



Those hormones are still probably all over the place, so Williams messed with the wrong one. But don’t expect the talk show host to acknowledge Lozada’s statements, because that means she would have to face the fact that she says some not so nice things about people on her show, would have to apologize, and then she might have to have second thoughts about her “Hot Topics” segment. So yeah, that’s not happening.

What do you think about Lozada’s response?

“He’s Upgrading Her”: Wendy Williams Says Evelyn Birthed A “Cash Register”; Encourages Her To Be A Housewife

March 26th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Evelyn Lozada son

This week on the Wendy Williams Show, the host congratulated Evelyn Lozada on giving birth to her son, Carl Crawford, Jr. But of course, Wendy implied that the child would be Evelyn’s “cash register,” keeping her comfy in her relationship with her fiance, LA Dodger outfielder, Carl Crawford. She encouraged the former Basketball Wives star to ditch her reality show dealings, the friends she made in the cast, and Miami altogether, to focus on being a Mrs. This is what she had to say:

“I also want to congratulate Evelyn Lozada. Evelyn gave birth to a cash register–I mean, a baby boy, with her her fiance, the $142 million dollar, Carl Crawford. I didn’t mean to make that cash register joke, but you see why it’s easy to be said. Evelyn, girl, congratulations. Carl, like a lot of sports players and a lot of artists, he’s not a bad looking man, but he certainly wasn’t getting the likes of an Evelyn Lozada if he wasn’t playing baseball. She upgraded him, and now that she’s had the baby, he’s upgrading her. If I were her, I would be like ‘Miami who? Miami what?’ I would never go back to Miami. First of all, Evelyn is a woman of a particular age. She’s like 40 years old. Somewhere around there, 38, 40, 41, 38? Same difference. To me, by the time a woman is 38 years old and has liiiived–now remember, her oldest, her only daughter, Shaniece, is in her 20s, so Evelyn was a young mother. She also birthed Shaniece out of a basketball player type situation, that’s why she was on Basketball Wives. Evelyn has clearly liiiived, to the point that right now, this is perfect. Evelyn, I don’t know where ya’ll are going to live, hopefully close to Dodger stadium. Get yourself a little apron, a little Epsom salt to make sure your man’s joints are all taken care of. Take care of your cash register. And you know what Evelyn? Lose the telephone numbers of all those hating basketball wives who are going to want to hate on your situation. I like Shaunie O’Neal who was the creator of Basketball Wives too, but I would even lose Shaunie’s number too–I would start a whole new life as the queen of the castle.

And by the way, Evelyn, very smart to name the child Carl Crawford Jr., just to make ‘ol cash register over here feel well. You should become involved in a lot of charity work. And also, talk to your man about opening you up another Dulce, except Dulce Beverly Hills, not Dulce Miami.”

Of course, Dulce is the name of Lozada’s shoe store that was often featured in earlier seasons of Basketball Wives. Not sure what the status of it is, but Lozada is co-owner of the shoe boutique.

As for Wendy’s comments, I find it interesting that she’s all for these reality TV wives and girlfriends having babies with men so that the child can become a comfort blanket of sorts for them (not saying that this isn’t what some of these women do, but why encourage it?). This was part of the criticism Porsha Williams had of Wendy when she spoke against the TV host last week:

“She’s calling me ‘less than smart’, she’s less than a woman. You shouldn’t do that. I’ve been through a very traumatic situation that hurt me, all I’m trying to do is stand and be strong and possibly inspire somebody else and all she does is knock me down. But this is the same woman who said that I should’ve had a baby by my ex to get cash. Really? Never. Never stoop that low.”

Well, what do you think about Wendy Williams saying Lozada gave birth to a “cash register”? Dead wrong, or does she have a point? Check out the video below, the part on Evelyn begins at the 5:50 mark.

Evelyn Lozada Reveals Baby Name

March 25th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Over the weekend we told you that beaming mom-to-be Evelyn Lozada gave birth to a healthy baby boy. As previously reported, Ev’s little bundle weighed in at 8 pounds and 21 inches. According to People, the former “Basketball Wives” star had a natural birth, delivering the baby after just four pushes.

“It was very quick and Evelyn is happy because she was super nervous,” Ev’s publicist tells People. “Baby boy is so handsome and she can’t wait to reveal him to the world.”

The name of the baby has also been revealed. It turns out that she named him Carl Leo Crawford Jr., after his father, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Carl Crawford. Her reps add that Carl “wanted his son to have every aspect of him, including his birth sign.” The couple have plans of calling their son by his middle name. Little Leo’s birth has been a  long-awaited one, as Ev has made it clear on multiple occasions that she hoped to have a little boy.

“No doubt you’re a son of mine, You make me feel happy even when I’m sad, because the formation of another life makes me glad,” the reality star wrote in an Instagram post last month. “Proud of you I am, I already know how you’ll be, a smart ‘lil’ man for mommy to see, no worries from me a mom to be, to a special baby boy I can’t wait to see.”

Congrats again to the proud parents!

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