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Ride Or Die: Eve Preps For June Wedding In Ibiza With Fiancee Maximillion Cooper

April 16th, 2014 - By Raven Carter
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From EurWeb 

Rapper Eve is said to be preparing for summer nuptials to her fiancée Maximillion Cooper.

According to the New York Post’s Page Six, the pair are planning a lavish June wedding at the Blue Marlin megaclub in Ibiza, which is frequented by Kate Moss, Sly Stallone and Leonardo DiCaprio.

It’s the first marriage for Eve, 35, who closed a deal with ABC in January to star in an interracial romantic comedy series loosely based on her life.
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‘It’s Weird For Me That I’m With A White Dude:’ Eve Talks Doing Weave 101 With Her Boo And Dodging The Bullet Known As Stevie J

November 29th, 2012 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Eve has not been on the radar quite as much as she used to be, partly because she’s found love and skipped town. According to, the  34-year-old rapper and actress has moved to London with boyfriend of three years, Maximillion Cooper, who just so happens to be White. Her move to the UK does not stop her from coming back to the States and visiting from time to time. Yesterday, during her visit to New York the Barbershop actress opened up about her relationship in a very interesting interview with Hot97‘s Angie Martinez. She discussed some of the backlash she received over  dating interracially, her love for Black men, and the train-wreck known as Stevie J. Check out what she had to say.

On the backlash she’s received over her interracial relationship

I need them to stop. What year is it? Like, stop. Seriously. Trust me, I gotta say, it is weird for me that I’m with a white dude. Trust me. I look at him sometimes and I’m like, ‘You are so white.’ Seriously! Yes, I gotta be real like that. I’m the first black girl he’s ever been with, so we are learning. Trust me, he’s been through ‘Weave 101.’ I’ve been out on a date but not like this, not like my dude. I had to tell my mom and my step-dad who still thinks he follows Farrakhan. It’s crazy. We learn a lot about each other but people came at me like, ‘I can’t believe you’re dating a white dude and you don’t like black dudes no more.’ I’m like, ‘I love black men, it just so happens that my heart went this way right now.’ Who knows? I’m happy…My family’s happy. [My pops] is cool. He still keeps calling him ‘my friend.’ [He says], ‘How’s your friend?’ Like, it’s been almost three years.

On loving Black men

People came at me. Now it’s better, like when I started sending pictures or people started seeing pictures on Twitter, people really came at me hard, but now it’s fine. Like I said, I do look at him like, I can’t believe I’m with a white dude. I don’t let him dance. I tell him, ‘Look like a pimp, I will dance around you.’ He can do a lot of things, but he can’t dance.

On Stevie J and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 

I have not seen it, I’ve never watched it. I cannot allow myself but trust me, people give me updates. I was young and dumb. The first person that said something to me was my mother, she text me and said, ‘You dodged a bullet with that one’ and we’ve never talked about it again.

Eve’s mom was dead on. The rapper certainly has dodged a major bullet and what’s even better is she’s found happiness and love with someone else.

Jazmine Denise is a writer living in New York. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise

Evie Eve Talks New Music and Being In Love

July 20th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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Eve is starting to creep back up on our radars and the Philly rapper will likely be demanding our undivided attention when her new album drops, which she says won’t be long from now. In an interview with, Eve opened up about her new music, where she’s at creatively, and more importantly whether we’ll be hearing wedding bells anytime soon. Here are a few bits from the interview:

When her new album, “Lip Lock” is coming out
The album is coming out this year, for sure. It took a long time just because I wanted to make sure that it was perfect and right. I’m really happy with it. In fact, I’m more than happy with it – I love it!

Who she wants to work with musically
My dream collaboration is with Lauryn Hill. Is that ever gonna happen? Who knows! But there’s still a lot I feel like musically I could do.

What artists she’s listening to now
I listen to every thing, all kinds of stuff. I’ve been obsessed with the Nas and Damian Marley record, Distant Relatives. I feel like a lot of people haven’t heard it, and it’s amazing.

Whether she’s still in love
I am, thankfully!

Will her boo, British entrepreneur and race car driver Maximillion Cooper, be putting a ring on it soon
He better! (Big laughs.) Seriously! Ha! But, right now, we’re really, really happy.

Where she finds inspiration
Well, I’ve relocated to London, so right now it’s London. I walk everywhere when I’m there. It’s so eclectic. It’s New York on steroids. There are so many cultures and sounds, and people and fashion. Chicks are so fly. I live in a neighborhood where there’s a lot of West Indian culture, so it’s nice. I have to always come back because my mother would kill me if I didn’t, but right now that’s where I’m at.

Could you imagine a Lauryn Hill-Eve collabo? Hotness. It’s good to know Eve is finding inspiration—and love—abroad. She just might come back to the states with a new last name. What do you think?

Brande Victorian is the news and operations editor for Follow her on twitter @Be_Vic.

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