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Erykah Badu To Donate Proceeds From Detroit Concert To Test Rape Kits

July 13th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Y’all know Erykah Badu loves a summer festival. Every year, she’s out here. But this year, she’s doing something a bit different during her August 12 date in Detroit, Michigan at the Chene Park Amphitheater.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Badu is joining the effort to test abandoned rape kits and find the criminals attached to them.

Badu is partnering with a group called Right Productions and will donate proceeds from her concert to the campaign’s African American 490 Challenge. 490, which is a part of Enough SAID, the Michigan Women’s Foundation, is seeking to raise money to test more than 11,300 rape kits that were found, abandoned, in a Detroit Police Department storage unit in 2009. The group is named 490 because it costs $490 to test each rape kit.

So far, 10,000 kits have been tested. The money that they are raising will go toward testing the remaining kits and investigating the results.

Wayne County Prosecutor, Kym Worthy, who worked alone before gaining thousands of supporters to find justice for the women associated with the kits, issued this statement.

“This is a huge day for Enough SAID/AA490. Everyone knows that Erykah Badu is a major, major talent in the music and song-writing industry. For her to lend her name, talent and time to this work is nothing short of a miracle. Justice for these forgotten sexual assault victims has been given a phenomenal assist.”

Badu’s announcement comes after a group of Black men in the area announced that they would join the campaign to raise money to test the rape kits.

CEO of the Right Productions said the 490 Challenge will get $5 from each ticket sale as well as proceeds from a $100-per-ticket reception before the concert and the $1,000-per-person VIP reception with Badu after the show.

Organizers hope to raise $50,000 toward the 490 Challenge’s goal of $657,090 by the end of the year. So far, the 490 Challenge has raised $250,000 with the help of a competition between Black sororities and a contest between supporters of the University of Michigan and Michigan State University.

Kim Trent, president of the 490 Challenge, said, “It should come as no surprise that an artist with Erykah Badu’s impressive history of social consciousness would join forces with the Black women leaders of Detroit to address this important social issue. We are very excited that she is lending her considerable talent to our cause.”

Has Society Conditioned Us To Fear And Hate Men?

April 21st, 2016 - By Charing Ball
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Image Source: WENN

Image Source: WENN

On a side note, Erykah Badu’s recent thoughts on young women’s responsibility to ward off sexual predators left me wondering if we should hate men or not…

In particular, this widely shared Twitter status left me with the question:

I really don’t want to debate what is and is not natural in sexual attraction. Although I will say that when it comes to sex, wisdom has told me that there is more to attraction than what we are biologically and supposedly predisposed to do.

But what I want to talk about here, is the underlying pessimism about men in her comments.

Now this might sound funny coming from a self-professed feminist. Word on the street is that we hate men (word on the street is that we also ruin communities, but I’ll leave that for another post). And, I’ll be honest here, I have had my struggle with loving men. I struggle with trusting them. I struggle with believing them. And most importantly, I struggle with letting my guard down around them.

This is even as I am related to a wonderful and caring brother who I absolutely love and adore. And also as I’m an aunt to his children, my nephews, who I will savagely protect if ever any harm comes their way. And this is while also knowing other decent non-related men who I also hold in very high esteem.

Even after being exposed to all of those great examples of masculinity, I still don’t trust them.

I wish I could just attribute it to bad – and downright terrifying – personal experiences. It certainly would be an easier problem to fix. But the more I think about it, the more I come to understand just how much my mistrust of the opposite sex is rooted in our culture.

I mean, the mistrust of men is pretty pervasive. And it does not manifest itself in the ways that most folks think (I’m talking about those alleged man-hating feminists).

I learned not to trust men from my mother, a single woman with two kids, three jobs and a strong will who told me that I needed to put books before boys. I also learned not to trust men from my long-distance father, who thought a proper substitution for his own inability to be there and protect was to instruct me to “aim for the nuts” if I ever found myself in a bind with a man.

But it wasn’t just my parents. I also heard it in church, where protecting our virtue from men was tied to moral obligation as much as it was about our physical safety. And I heard it in the larger society. The public service announcements about walking alone, at night and in dark alleys. The stern warnings about guarding our drinks and dressing properly in order to divert their gaze. And the general advisement of how we should be wary of being alone with men, even if we know them.

I heard it in the rape whistles and the self-defense instructional videos. I heard it in cautionary tales on the television news and in newspaper articles. I even heard it in the music and out of the mouths of men themselves.

Everything was a reminder that at the end of the day, men could not only not help themselves naturally, but they were downright predatory.

And everything was a reminder that around them, I had to stay vigilant. I had to keep my eyes and ears open. I had to read between the lines and be attuned to all other psychological games. To survive, I had to outwit, outlast and outplay. I had to keep my guard up. And even if he posed no threat, even if he came off as the nicest person around, I had to always remember not to trust him too much.

As these are men, a species of humans born without the function of self-control but rather an insatiable desire to conquer and claim. This is what we are taught about men. It’s like they want us to hate and fear them. And after a lifetime of warning and false protection conditioned to make me fear men, I started to believe them too…

Personally, I find this idea about men to be wildly unfair. And for years, it left me in emotional stagnation. Here I am, a fairly attractive heterosexual woman – the natural nurturer – not being able to love freely and honestly. I had to learn to hate men or run the risk of getting myself hurt or even killed. And worse, I had to learn to expect abuse from them. As it was in their nature to abuse. What a terrible burden to have to bear.

But recently I’ve been thinking about how society’s ideas about a man’s nature also hurt them too. Like the expectations many have to always be seen as hyper-masculine. And the unfair attacks on their masculinity, even when they bravely choose not to be so hype. The idea that men can only act and behave out of biological urges not only excuses them from the responsibility of their actions but also works to dehumanize them. And as a burden, that has to suck as well.

But what if there was a way to loosen the burden on us all?

What if we could do this just by simply changing the expectations?

What if instead of regarding men, and boys for that matter, as animals running on instinct, we value them as fully self-actualized human beings capable of emoting and rationalizing beyond what is allegedly natural for them?

And what if instead of having them to believe that it is only natural to lust after young flowering women, we teach them that it is also natural to respect and most importantly, not rape them?

I think that is what is most bothersome about this belief predicated by Badu and others. Like, I get it…well, for the most part I get it. For many women, safety is a luxury – a privilege if you will. In other words, it is not guaranteed and can not be counted on.

But still, I have to say that if I have to continue to go through life thinking that it’s only natural for men to be predators – and that the onus of security against them is on me – than I’m not sure if I want to be around them at all.

Meet Erykah Badu’s New Boo, Carl Jones

March 31st, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Daaaammmn Erykah…back at it again with a new boo! That’s right ladies and gentlemen. Erykah Badu, who just so happened to supply the morning jam for our Facebook and Twitter pages, seems to be in a new relationship, confirmed by the man himself.

Carl Jones, a visual artist, who lent his talents to “Boondocks,” “Black Dynamite” and more, broke the news by posting an image of he and Erykah on his Twitter page.

Badu responded by adding to the list.


As you know Badu has a bit of reputation when it comes to men. People in this very office, looked at the image before declaring that Erykah was about to put a spell on him. Possible…I wouldn’t put anything past Erykah. But I also see a woman who just enjoys being in love.

Erykah herself, during one of her thrilling Twitter chats, said this about eventually being married one day.

Reeeeemix! The Most Unique Cover Songs

March 1st, 2016 - By Nneka Samuel
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Lauryn Hill

Source: Shutterstock

Some artists are known for releasing different versions of their songs. Who doesn’t love a good remix every now and then? But when other musicians get a hold of such popular tracks and put their own spin on them, we sometimes end up with magical and unexpected performances. For instance, there’s Amy Winehouse’s version of “Valerie,” originally by the Zutons. Or how about Al Greens’s version of “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart” by the Bee Gees? And who could ever forget Whitney Houston’s untouchable cover of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You”? Sometimes a unique cover can be bigger than the original when it’s just that well done. With that being said, check out a few fresh takes (recent and distant) from artists all over the world and stars on the rise. Afterward, feel free to share a few of your favorite covers in the comment section.

Pyer Moss Fashion Show Sheds Light On Depression With Erykah Badu’s Help

February 15th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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“My demons won today. I’m sorry,” is the last message 23-year-old Marshawn McCarrel posted on Facebook before taking his life on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse last week. This weekend his haunting words were at the center of a collection from designer Kerby Jean-Raymond on depression, specifically the “double bind” experience of African Americans. A statement from Pyer Moss, Jean-Raymond’s clothing brand, explained:

“The Black experience in America is the ultimate double bind; a place where natural-born citizens live an immigrant experience in the only land they’ve known as home. A place where Black culture is praised, commodified, and appropriated, while Black people are criticized, vilified, and hunted for sport. A certain functional schizophrenia has to exist to cope with the dissonance of having a Black man in the White house while a Black body lies for four hours in the streets of Ferguson.”

It’s that sentiment Jean-Raymond, with the help of Erykah Badu, conveyed Saturday evening when a male model walked the runway holding a sign featuring McCarrel’s last words. The designer told Refinery 29:

“The theme of depression was always the focus of the clothing and the show. As we were styling in the studio the night before the show, we spoke about MarShawn and other suicides by young people, including Dave Mirra, and wanted to address it in a way that opens up the dialogue surrounding mental health.”

Graphic T-shirts listing medicinal side effects and colorful pins with popular drugs like “Oxy,” “LSD,” and “Molly” stamped on them further opened up that dialogue, which Jean-Raymond made sure to explain is about depression and not police brutality, which was the focus of his last collection. He told ELLE:

“It has nothing to do with the Black Lives Matter movement. We’re dealing with a real human emotion which is depression and that happens to everyone no matter the color.

“Had [McCarrel] had people in his life who understood depression is a real thing and understood that people deal with it everyday and people deal with it in different ways and mask it more times than actually resolve it he would have probably still been around.”

As for Erykah Badu’s part, the woman of many talents told Fashionista her job was simply to help Jean-Raymond “realize” his vision, which he did against a backdrop of trap music sung by an all-Black choir to lighten the heaviness of the mental health theme. Badu, who dubbed the show a “Trap-Ra” (trap opera), also dressed all of the models before the show and sourced accessories. As for the exploration of depression, she shared this with ELLE:

“I think the whole world is depressed really. We mask it in different ways— technology is one of the ways we’ve found as a group to mask it.  Normal bouts of depression are very common in all of us and we don’t really talk about it or discuss it we just kind of numb it in some sort of way. It’s a sh-tty world sometimes especially if our perspectives aren’t fine-tuned. Especially if we don’t put down the things that numb us and really start to have a dialogue or conversation about the way we feel about things.”

And that’s exactly what Jean-Raymond aimed to accomplish:

“I hope that this sparks a dialogue where you feel comfortable enough to talk about the issue of depression. I hope that people who don’t believe depression is a real thing will stop calling people crazy because that’s dismissive and not a medical diagnosis. It’s something we need to start dealing with more seriously.”

What do you think of the Pyer Moss collection?

Badu styles Pyer Moss for NEW YORK Fashion Week 2016 #erykahbadu #pyermoss #nyfashionweek2016

A photo posted by THE UNICORN (@erykahbadu) on

Badu styles Pyer Moss for NEW YORK Fashion Week 2016 #erykahbadu #pyermoss #nyfashionweek2016

A photo posted by THE UNICORN (@erykahbadu) on

Badu styles Pyer Moss for NEW YORK Fashion Week 2016 #erykahbadu #pyermoss #nyfashionweek2016

A photo posted by THE UNICORN (@erykahbadu) on

Badu styles Pyer Moss for NEW YORK Fashion Week 2016 #erykahbadu #pyermoss #nyfashionweek2016

A photo posted by THE UNICORN (@erykahbadu) on

Andre 3000 Talks Musical Reunion With Erykah Badu & His “Sell Out” Comment

January 7th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Andre 3000 Talks Musical Reunion With Erykah Badu feat
If you’ve checked out Erykah Badu’s latest mix tape, as you absolutely should, you might have noticed that there’s a duet with her baby daddy Andre 3000 called “Hello.”

The mix tape is all about songs centered around communicating, cell phones and what happens in relationships when those elements are combined.

Sampling the Isley’s Brother’s “Hello, It’s Me,” the song pretty much sticks to the theme of the original, a strained past or present relationship between two people who, despite their struggles, don’t want their partner to change.

Since we haven’t heard Andre and Erykah on a song together since Stankonia, it was nice to hear that special blend again.

In a recent interview with Billboard, 3 stacks explained how the unexpected collaboration came about. Turns out, it was a family affair.

Our son Seven and I were trying to figure out songs that could help her — songs that were related to the subject of the mixtape: phones. We came across [The Isley Brothers’ 1974 cover of Todd Rundgren’s] “Hello, It’s Me.” Ron Isley repeats the phrase “hello, hello” as if he was answering the phone. I told Erykah, “You should make this into a new song and get somebody to rap on it.” She was like, “Well, you should rap on it!” I’m happy it happened. It was a great reunion, because I don’t think people have heard a song from us in ages.

How sweet!

Then, later in the interview, Billboard, asked the comments he made back in 2014. (Andre said that he felt like a sell out during the Outkast Reunion tour.) A little over a year later, they wanted to know if he felt the same way.

It was a great thing; everybody enjoyed themselves. The fans got something they really didn’t expect. And I didn’t expect that at the time — we just went out and had a good time. 

Check out Andre 3000’s full interview with Billboard, here.

Erykah Badu Gives Advice On How To Move On From A Relationship

January 2nd, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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Source: Getty

Source: Getty

If any celebrity is equipped with the life experience to school the world-at-large on relationships, it’s definitely soul singer Erykah Badu.

With three high profile relationships (Andre 3000, The D.O.C., and Jay Electronica) under her belt that have all resulted in a child being born and her remaining single, Badu is not only content but holds a good rapport with every single rapper. Today, it’s an unfortunate rarity that we see that kind of mysterious yet magical bond in relationships as such, where co-parenting is done positively and properly.

But while some may not understand her reasons as to not committing in relationships, you can’t hate on the fact that anytime her ex’s (baby father or not) speak of her, they never have anything negative to say.

Recently, Badu took to Twitter to drop some knowledge on her followers. The topic? How to get through a breakup.  In the 30-second Twitter video, the blueprint she crafts out is simple. “You’ve got to go all the way through it,” she says. “If you don’t want to let go yet, keep on calling and keep on getting hung up on, keep on following him around and get embarrassed.”

Press play and watch Badu’s full video. Do you agree with her?


Breakup advice from Erykah Badu for those going thru it !

Posted by MONTREALITY on Monday, December 28, 2015


“When You Get Tired Enough, You’ll Evolve”: Celebrity Breakup Advice For Breakup Day

December 11th, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Tumblr

Image Source: Tumblr

Did you know that more people break up on December 11 than any other day of the year? If you’re trying to move on this season, take a few words of advice from these celebrities who went through the same pain and heartbreak.

Iggy Azalea Accepts Erykah Badu’s Apology, Invites Her Daughters To Her Concert

December 8th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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iggy accepts erykah badu's apology feat

Yesterday, during her #AskBadu session, Erykah Badu, for the sake of her daughters Mars and Puma, apologized to Iggy Azalea for saying, on national television, that her music was not rap. Whether you chuckled at the initial joke or not, Badu did the right thing by apologizing.

And apparently, Iggy Azalea thought so too.

From the looks of things she appreciated the apology and extended herself by offering concert tickets to Badu’s two daughters.

See what she said in a letter addressed to the soul singer.

Nice to see these two work things out.

Erykah Badu Shares Her Thoughts On Marriage, Old Boos & Apologizes To Iggy In Epic #AskBadu Session

December 7th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Whenever a brave celebrity opens themselves up to a #Ask________ session, you never know how it will end. See #AskRKelly, #AskDonLemon  and #MyNYPD for examples of extreme failures. But today when Erykah Badu took to Twitter to answer a few questions from fans, it was all types of awesome. I actually learned quite a few things from E. Badu including her thoughts on marriage, Beyoncé and what she would be doing if she weren’t an artist. There’s even a nod to one of her ex boo thang’s if you watch closely.

Check some of the highlights from #AskBadu below.


“Do I ever see myself getting married? Absolutely. Every single time I fall in love, I do. I’m always looking for a forever. I’m a win-win type of person. Sometimes it all boils down to the chemistry, that’s the most important thing. No matter how good you are together, if the chemistry does not line up, I think that the bad may outweigh the good and there are easier ways to grow, to evolve. But…he’s coming.”


B! I love B! I’m a huge B fan. Beyoncé is one of the hardest working human beings I’ve ever seen. She has to have a lot of patience and control. I admire the way she manages her life, her relationship and her career. Plus, she’s from Texas. That’s my Texas homie. What’s up B? The whole Knowles family got my love.