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When The Phone Stops Ringing: Ways People Treat You Differently After You’re Married

February 2nd, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Ways People Treat You Differently After You're Married

Image Source: Shutterstock

The minute you flip your Facebook status to “engaged,” you’ll find out all the ways that people treat you differently after you’re married.

Watch: Engaged Couple Creates Save-The-Date Video To Pharrell’s “Happy”

March 31st, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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From EurWeb 

Pharrell’s smash hit “Happy” continues to get (and give) traction – with no hints of slowing down.

The song, which will probably go down in some “Hall of Fame” before its meteoric rise begins to descend, has touched base at the United Nations,  captured soldiers overseas, and even caught congressman John Lewis having a “moment.” Now, its helping one happy couple share the news of their upcoming nuptials

You can thank Stephané Alexandre and her fiancé Joseph for this fun-loving wedding save-the-date video. The lovebirds met seven years ago at a concert in London and became instant friends.

Joseph is from a musical background and Stephané works in the media industry, so the happy couple couldn’t wait to lend their creativity to their wedding planning and felt Pharrell’s smash hit “Happy” perfectly describes how they feel about their engagement news.

See the couple’s save the date at 

15 Reasons To Turn Down A Marriage Proposal

January 15th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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He’s going to pop the question so the question for you is, should you say “I do”? Once the ring is out, there’s a lot of pressure to say yes, but not every relationship is meant to last forever. Sometimes a proposal is actually the perfect time to say “I don’t.” Here are 15 reasons to turn down a marriage proposal.

Are Those Wedding Bells? Did Lebron’s Mom Gloria James Get Engaged?

December 31st, 2013 - By Veronica Wells
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I consider myself to be a very astute person but you don’t have to be a great judge of character to get the inkling that LeBron James’ mama, Gloria James, is trying to get her groove back. And who can’t understand that?! She was only 16 years old when she gave birth to LeBron. And now, she’s enjoying the shine her son’s career as a professional athlete has brought her. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that her dating decisions have left some giving her the side eye. Remember when news of Gloria dating Lebron’s teammate Delonte West broke?

Well, it looks like Ms. James has moved on from that. And according to All Hip, she’s engaged to lesser known rapper, Da Real Lambo. The site reports:

Well, it looks like this is confirmed. LeBron will have a new step pops and his name is LAMBO. But this is cool, because Bron Bron and Lambo are cool. His mother Gloria James has found happiness and this 31-year-old rapper aka Arthur Lambright is the reason for the season. LeBron is 29 just today [December 30]! What a birthday gift!

Another source claims that Lambo popped the question on Christmas day.

Right now this is all hearsay, but several pictures, lead us to believe that they are at least dating. If they are indeed engaged, congratulations to the couple! We wish them the best.

Meet Me At The Altar: Did J. Cole Propose To His College Sweetheart?

December 15th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"J. Cole"


Word on the street is that rapper J. Cole, 28, has proposed to his longtime girlfriend. According to

“Has J. Cole really put a ring on it? The Roc Nation rapper has addressed his longtime relationship with college sweetheart Melissa Heholt in previous interviews, never revealing too many personal details, but this week reports are claiming that Cole might’ve made it official with his girl.”

At this point, there are only rumors swirling but as Cole hasn’t confirmed the new himself, MTV is hoping to receive a comment from his reps.

This isn’t the first time engagement rumors have surfaced. A couple of years ago, it was reported that they were engaged but Cole immediately shot that down.  His silence over the last couple of days about it makes one think it might be true.

Cole and Heholt both attended St. John’s University in New York. While he’s always admitted to being in a relationship, he’s also been very vocal about his infidelity since becoming famous, even on his most recent album. Hopefully, he’s decided to curb his enthusiasm for other women if he’s thinking about taking things to another level with his girlfriend.

If this is true, congratulations to them!


Will You Marry Me? 15 Over-The-Top Celebrity Proposals

November 1st, 2013 - By Meg Butler
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Celebrity Proposals
Love them or hate them, we all felt warm and fuzzy when we heard Kimye’s proposal story. We’re all suckers for a little romance. And we’ve got 15 over-the-top celebrity proposals to put a little “aww” in your day. If you’ve got a romantic story to share, you know where to leave it.

No Catfish Story Here! True Love Found Online on “I Dream of A Glam Wedding”

September 10th, 2013 - By jade
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ABOUT THIS EPISODE Who doesn’t love a great wedding? Especially when the Bride-to-be looks like a million bucks. We’ve surprised one lucky Bride to be with the ultimate wedding makeover. You’re in for a treat as this fab beauty story unfolds on “I Dream of a Glam Wedding.” In this episode, you get to hear the story behind proposal of Nina and Ed and she will also receive a hair/make-up consultation by a celebrity hairstylist/makeup artist.  Make sure you watch the full video to find out how you can win a $500 gift card for your own hair and makeup products.

ABOUT THE BRIDE-TO-BE Nina Kenny is a 28 year old Private Voice Instructor from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Currently engaged to 33 year old Edward McCray who recently proposed to Nina on her 28th birthday. To here full story of how they met and more make sure you watch the video above.

nina and ed

ABOUT THE CELEBRITY HAIRSTYLIST Pat Sumpter Davis has styled numerous celebrity personalities such as Gayle King, Tamron Hall, Nene Leakes, and Tamar Braxton. She recently founded Vanity Mane, luxury line of hair extensions, wigs, and accessories. As one of the leading voices in the beauty industry, Pat’s experience and knowledge has allowed her to identify the void in the market therefore presenting a product to customers that she can stand behind. For more information visit:

pat1-246x300 (1)

ABOUT THE CELEBRITY MAKEUP ARTIST  Patricia Ambroise is a born and bred New York Celebrity Makeup Artist. Her work has been featured in publications such as Vogue Italia, Essence, GQ, Ink Magazine, and Ebony. She has worked with companies such as K-Mart, NIKE, and Eylure USA Cosmetics. Her work with celebrities include Ne-Yo, Flo Rida, J. Cole, Trey Songz, Bridget Kelly, Nina Sky, Wynter Gordon, Big Sean, Rihanna, Spike Lee, just to name a few. For more information visit:


Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 1.13.14 PM

Is He Teasing Me? My Boyfriend Brings Up Engagement Rings But Never Proposes

August 30th, 2013 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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waiting to propose

Source: Shutterstock

From Essence 

Q: I have been with my boyfriend for a year and a half now. He brings up an engagement ring every week, but he hasn’t asked me to marry him yet. When he brings it up, I just look at him and smile. I make more money than he does, and now I don’t know if he is manipulating me into thinking that he is going to propose or not. I’ve set a timeline of two and a half years and if there’s no proposal, I’m walking. I’m starting to think that he doesn’t have any money for the ring, so shes just buying time. Or, what if he’s using me? What do you think? Help.

Read Dr. Sherry’s answer at 

Bobbi Kristina Is Engaged To Nick Gordon… Yes, AGAIN.

July 5th, 2013 - By La Truly
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So it seems the only daughter of the late Whitney Houston has rekindled her relationship with her informally adopted brother-turned-boyfriend Nick Gordon. During a beach vacay of some sort, Bobbi Kristina posted photos of the seemingly happy couple on the boardwalk with a very visible rock on her fourth finger, left hand. Oh and then there was this:


The couple had first announced their engagement to the rest of the Houston family during the taping of their short-lived Lifetime reality series “The Houstons: On Our Own” to which the family showed serious disapproval.

Viewers didn’t think it was such a great idea, calling the relationship “incestuous,” as Whitney Houston had informally adopted Gordon when he was 12 years old. Not only that, but the very apathetic way in which Gordon regarded Bobbi Kristina throughout the series gave many onlookers pause as they believed it foreshadowed a repeat destructive pattern that the young Houston’s mother and father, Bobbi Brown displayed throughout their relationship.

Family and friends have also been very concerned for Bobbi Kristina’s well-being since her mother passed away a year ago. Tyler Perry even said in an interview with Oprah that he felt a responsibility to do what he could to help the child as he had been great friends with Whitney Houston. He cast Bobbi Kristina in a small role in his TBS comedy, “For Better or For Worse” in which she didn’t do a bad job.

Does Bobbi Kristina seem happy? Yes… Maybe. Pictures can tell any story we want them to. It does seem that due to the very volatile nature of her life for the past few years that she should take it slowly. They are essentially just kids. What’s the rush?

Do you think these two should be married?


I’m Not Going To Desert Him Because Of A Mistake: John Legend Explains Why He Kept Rick Ross On His New Single

May 7th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

John Legend is gearing up for the release of his new album, “Love in the Future,” next month, and if you haven’t heard the leading single “Who Do We Think We Are,” you are definitely missing out. The soulful slow jam brings all types of sexay — much like the sensual video that accompanies it —  and thankfully for the Springfield, OH, singer it didn’t bring controversy despite the feature rapper on the track, Rick Ross.

Madame Noire got a chance to chat with John Legend today and we asked him whether he considered removing Rozay from his new track in light of his rape lyric controversy on U.O.E.N.O and he told us plainly, “no.”

“The track was already out when that controversy happened,” John told us. “It was already done, released to radio, and we had already shot the video. Plus I felt like I wasn’t going to completely drop somebody I had been working with for years because they made a mistake. We’ve done a lot of great work together and he did make a mistake — he effed up — and he rightfully got criticized for it, but I’m not going to desert him completely because of that.”

John and Ross do have a rather long history together. John Legend appeared on Ricky’s track “Magnificent” off of his “Deeper Than Rap” album in 2009, and he was also featured on “Rich Forever” on Ross’s mixtape of the same name. Apparently the two might strike magic again this time around, if people are still tolerating Ross after his slip-up.

In other John Legend news, the singer told us he and fiancée Chrissy Teigan have set a date for their big day and they will be jumping the broom this year! John told us of the upcoming wedding ceremony:

“It will be this year. We’re not really discussing a date or location any further, but we do know when and where and it will be this year.”

Although we know the pair likes to keep the details of their relationship under wraps, we did ask the Grammy-nominated artist if he and his wife-to-be would ever consider doing a reality TV show. Thankfully, that answer was a “no” as well.

“We get presented with that all the time, but I just feel like that’s not for us,” he said.” Some people do fine with it, but it’s hard enough to be in a relationship in general. There are always challenge, but to live out those challenges on television every day I think is unnecessary and we’re going to stay out of that.

Smart move on their part.

Check out the video for John’s new single “Who Do We Think We Are” below, if you haven’t seen it yet. What do you think?