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Shopping With the Enemy: 7 Signs You Might Have a “Frenemy” in Your Circle

February 9th, 2012 - By MN Editor
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You’ve heard the saying before: “Keep you friends close and your enemies closer!” And while you might hope that you only have people that love you and want the best for you in your circle, sometimes we can ignore the signs that we’ve got a friend who likes to bring negative energy or drama into our  lives. They’re not outright trifling, instead, they just do a few things that make you scratch your head–like the following on this list. A frenemy doesn’t immediately need to be expunged from your life, but I would definitely keep an eye on them–or better yet, confront them about their sometimes shady behavior and see where you go from there.

Stingy with the “hookup”

And we’re not talking money (that is unless you loan them money all the time and they can’t do the same). The frenemy is actually stingy with resources and help that most friends wouldn’t mind offering. For instance, you have a colleague who is looking for an assistant, and you know that your friend, recently laid off or unhappy, is looking for a new opportunity. While it might not be your first thought, it should be a thought to hook your girl up with the contact, right? Well, the frenemy has all of that in her Barney bag but doesn’t feel like sharing. Sharing is caring! But a frenemy doesn’t want you to find yourself doing more or better than them. If you even have to ask if they can slide you someone’s email or to talk to someone who could help you get where you hope to be, then that should send off some warning signals and flares in your mind.

7 Civilized Ways to Hate on Somebody

December 16th, 2011 - By jaebi
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There’s a little hater inside all of us, some much more so than others. Maybe you feel bad about it but despite your best intentions, the jealousy, envy and displeasure you have for others oozes out into the open.

Truth be told, it’s better to let it out in the open than let it fester in your heart and mind. But the last thing you want to do is make a spectacle of how much you’re hatin’ on someone, so here’s a few ways to dispense your frivolous displeasure for that she-creep at work or the jerk-in-law types, while keeping it moving, and most importantly–civil.

Friendship 101: Never befriend the foe?

June 25th, 2011 - By Rashana A. Hooks
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Back in high school I remember the girl clique’s that stuck together no matter what. If one girl had an argument with another girl in the school the whole group became her enemy with no questions asked. Fast forward to the real world of adulthood I assumed those childish rules were put to bed, so I thought…

While watching another disturbing yet addicting episode of Basketball Wives and painfully listening to their childish rants on picking sides and friendship loyalty, I asked myself – Are they serious? Does it matter if you choose to be friends with someone your friend doesn’t care for? Do you need permission to be friends with someone? One of the greatest assets a woman has is her ability to bond and build strong friendships with other women. Our ‘sistagirl’ network is our lifeline in good and bad times, which is why sisterhood is at the core of our beings.  But if we all can’t get along should we be forced to choose sides and risk losing a friend?

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