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EGAMI’s Teneshia Jackson Warner on Multicultural Marketing and Doing Business With a Purpose

November 16th, 2012 - By Tonya Garcia
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As we mentioned yesterday, we went to The 2012 Purpose Awards on Tuesday night, which wasn’t just a celebration of good works, but also the launch of the new book by one of the event’s host, Teneshia Jackson Warner. Profit With Purpose: A Marketer’s Guide to Delivering Purpose-Driven Campaigns to Multicultural Audiences, revolves around the idea that successful businesses focus on more than just profits. It’s also about connecting with audiences through a larger passion.

We presented Warner with a few questions tied to her book, corporate social responsibility and multicultural marketing. Here’s what she had to say…

Madame Noire: You write in your book, “Consumers today understand that business needs to make a profit. But they also believe — unilaterally around the world — that business should be doing this in a purposeful way.” How did we get to this point?

Teneshia Jackson Warner:  Throughout the process of writing the book, we referenced a great deal of surveys and market research. Some of the purpose and cause studies references include: MSL Group Cause/Index Study, CBS News Poll April 2011, MSL Group 2010 Brand Values Survey, and 2012 Edelman Goodpurpose to name of a few. As we explored this research, the consistent insight supported the aforementioned point: consumers understand that companies are in the business of making profits. However, they expect these companies to do so, while, at the same time, standing for something in the process.

MN: Nielsen numbers, post-election demographic breakdowns, and projected spending power figures show that multicultural audiences are going to increasingly wield economic power in this country. What does this mean for the prospects in multicultural marketing?

TJW: It means that companies will have to place an emphasis on connecting with the fastest growing demographic in America. In the future, I think we will see more companies make diversity a MUST HAVE internally and externally. What I mean by that is we will continue to see companies make efforts to have a more diverse workforce. It’s a key essential for diversity to start within. After all, some of the greatest ideas and/or new products that resonate among diverse audiences can be traced to an internally diverse workforce within.

Secondly, I think companies will also strive to work with agencies that have diverse teams and strong diversity marketing/communication expertise.

Party With a Purpose: The 2012 Purpose Awards Dinner

November 14th, 2012 - By Tonya Garcia
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Photo by Hider/PictureGroup) via AP IMAGES

To celebrate her new book Profit With Purpose: A Marketer’s Guide to Delivering Purpose-Driven Campaigns to Multicultural Audiences, author and EGAMI Consulting Group founder Teneshia Jackson Warner teamed up with Dinner With Bevy‘s Bevy Smith for a dinner party/awards ceremony/”discotheque” (Smith’s word) at New York’s Beauty & Essex. The soiree was also focused on the cause-related work of the night’s honorees: P&G’s program My Black is Beautiful; Budget Fashionista and founder of digitalundivided (DID), Kathryn Finney; Black Girls Rock! founder Beverly Bond; celebrity stylist and host of ABC World News’ Cause Celeb with Phillip Bloch, Phillip Bloch; Disney’s Dreamers Academy, a program working in partnership with Essence and Steve Harvey to help high school students reach their career goals; and chef/reality TV star Chef Roble.

Photo by Michel Leroy/Invision for Harlem’s Fashion Row/AP Images

We’re going to have more from Warner about cause marketing and her book later this week. But the need for good works in the world is strong enough that we wanted to give the awards ceremony its own little shout out.

The 2012 Purpose Awards Dinner (#profitwithpurpose) was meant, according to the evening’s program, to celebrate with “a night of purpose” and “continue to drive the conversation.” The evening highlighted the social responsibility initiatives of the honorees, and the innovative approach with which they’re tackling their businesses, organizations, or passion projects.

When accepting his award, Bloch said, “When someone shines a light, we all shine a little brighter,” speaking to why it’s important for everyone to do what they can and then cheer that work to take it even further.

But before the accolades, one has to get started. In her acceptance speech, Bond said she only wanted to make a cool t-shirt when she started. Today, Black Girls Rock! has a televised awards ceremony that uplifts not just young girls, but women also.

When presenting the award, Warner thanked Bond for answering her calling. “We’re so happy that you said yes,” said Warner.

“We’re all connected and we’re all affected,” said Bond during her acceptance speech.

And if that wasn’t enough, there was good food, good music (Talib Kweli was DJing, with Bond jumping into the booth for a few minutes), and cocktails aplenty. Party with a purpose…

Purpose Award Honorees and Host: Kathryn Finney, TBF Group; Robert Jackson, Disney’s Dreamers Academy ; Teneshia Warner; Bevy Smith; Fashion Stylist Phillip Bloch; Paris Cannon of P&G’s My Black Is Beautiful campaign. Via EGAMI Consulting