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Safe Driving For Expectant Mothers: License Renew While Driving For Two

May 18th, 2016 - By Kweli Wright
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With July being the most popular birth month, many soon-to-be moms are currently in their third trimester. A recent survey by Ford found that 88 percent of women say they drove their entire pregnancy, with only seven percent stopping at the end of their third trimester.

When I was pregnant and driving, I had a car side-swipe me and it definitely rattled me up. My doctor and I talked about how to eat, exercise, work and sleep safely for baby, but the topic of driving–I’m not blaming the doctor–never came up. When I took the time to research driving safety for moms-to-be, there was very little information out there are far as rules, guidelines and even suggestions.

With new moms in mind, Ford is starting the conversation by bringing safe driving guidelines to the forefront, and working with Well Rounded NY to kick-off “License Renew While Driving for Two,” a comprehensive guide for road-ready moms-to-be — and Mommynoire was invited along for the ride!

Recently at a Mother’s Day luncheon with Kaity Velez and Jessica Pallay (co-founders of Well Rounded) at WILD in Brooklyn we real New York moms shared our pregnant driving tips from personal experience. We tested out the all-new 2017 Ford Escape and also got to try on an Empathy Suit, a wearable imitation of third trimester pregnancy, to allow us to experience pregnancy behind the wheel, just like Ford engineers, designers and safety teams.


Driving Tips For A Well Rounded Trip

  1. Adjust your mirrors. You may be adjusting your seat on a daily basis as your belly grows, but make sure you follow suit with your mirrors to limit blind spots
  2. Prep is everything when it comes to food cravings. We know cravings can hit at any moment–hard. Have snacks and water on hand and easily accessible so you’re never reaching while driving.
  3. Nausea happens. For many moms-to-be, nausea is practically a given. And being in a moving car can make it worse. Nip it in the bud with a motion-sickness bracelet or an easily accessible baggies filled with anti-nausea baggies.
  4. Distractions are dangerous. If you’re pregnant with baby No. 2, you’re probably driving around with the cutest little distraction ever Don’t let your little one’s cries, giggles and screams cause you to take your eyes off the road. If you’re concerned about something, pull over.
  5. Plan your route. Pregnancy brain is for real. So no matter how many times you’ve driven these same streets, you may find yourself lost. Map your trip beforehand and use your car’s voice-command navigation to help find your way.


Here are some other safe driving  tips for moms-to-be:

Always wear your safety belt.

Remove bulky clothes so the safety belt can be placed as close to the body as possible.

Move your seat as far rearward as possible while still able to reach the pedals comfortably.

The lap belt portion of the safety belt should fit snug and be positioned low across the hips, below the belly.

Make sure the lap belt does not run across the belly, but lies as flat as possible under the curve.

Shoulder belt portion of the safety belt should be positioned across your chest, between the breasts and to the side of the belly.

Never tuck the shoulder belt under your arm or behind your back – this can hurt both you and the baby.

Driver Roll Up The Partition, Please. Stars Who Never Learned To Drive

October 7th, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Whether they were too busy on set when they were 16, or they’re terrified of hitting the freeway, these celebrities never learned to drive. But that didn’t stop some of them from doing it anyway. Better buckle up out there!

Dayton Police Officer Admits To Pulling Over Black Motorist For Making “Direct Eye Contact”

August 30th, 2015 - By Ashley Monaé
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The number of problems brewing with direct regard to law enforcement has been plenty. Recently, the tensions between Blacks and police officers has ensued, as simply “looking while Black” has emerged as a crime in itself.

John Felton, a Black man, was followed by a police officer for nearly two miles while driving to his mother’s house in Dayton. Feeling uneasy, he decided to recordthe entire incident in full on his cell phone for proof to support his claim, in case anything should have happened. The officer finally stopped tailing Felton, pulling him over for failing to signal “100 feet prior to his turn.” A perplexed Felton answered, “You’ve been tailing me for how long? You just needed a reason to pull me over. No disrespect, I don’t have nothing against police officers, but all this sh*t that’s going on now? That’s some scary sh*t. To have a police officer just tail you, and then you pull me over, ’cause you said I didn’t signal — what? Do you know how it looks?”

After running Felton’s identification and his passengers as well, the officer admitted the real reason as to why he was pulled over. “Because you made direct eye contact with me, and you held on to it while I was passing you,” the officer said. In the footage, a rightfully frustrated Felton tries to explain to the officer that he didn’t even see him. “I’m not going to argue you with you about it anymore, you can keep talking and I can give you your license back and give you a citation for the violation and we settle it in court,” said the officer, cutting Felton’s reply short.

This incident happened back in July and is just now beginning to spark conversation via social media after being obtained by The David Pakman Show. The footage was even aired on Dayton’s WKEF on Thursday (Aug. 27) night. Prior to its airing,  Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl had not returned the local station’s calls and emails requesting comment, but later offered that they were “aware of the video and reviewing it” via the department’s Twitter account.

Watch the video that Felton recorded above.


Road Rage and Babies Don’t Mix!

October 4th, 2013 - By Rich
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Just the other day I was coming home from the park after what I call a pregnancy 5K. Only a couple weeks shy of my seventh month preggers, I was quite happy I could still move the way I did before the bump. I proceeded to head home like normal and while I was expecting some evening rush traffic, nothing prepared me for an erratic drive who practically forced me to the side of the road.

There are no words to describe how I felt at that moment. Who did this joker think he was as he used his car to push me out of my lane – coming inches from side-swiping me. Now, the old Tanvier would have felt the need to get out of my car and lose my mind on both the driver and his vehicle. He would definitely have learned today! However, as an expecting mother, I am pretty sure it wouldn’t have been a good look to act in such a way. Plus, you just never know how the other person will react.

This got me to thinking about road rage and how stupid it really is. Trust me when I say I am far from being a saint. There may have been a few occasions in the past where I may or may not has cut someone off, given the finger, was “friendly” with my brakes or called a person everything under the sun. It can happen, right? Call it an epiphany, maturity or just plain common sense – I’m not trying to get caught up in a pointless or worse, fatal situation that wasn’t worth it to begin with.

Splashed throughout the headlines right now is an incident that stems from road rage and resulted in multiple arrests and a seriously injured man who was ran over. While the police work to sort out who’s at fault, I am surprised no one is talking about a pretty seriously issue – the driver of the SUV had his wife and two year-old in the car!

Now he claims a large group of bikers were driving erratic prompting him to call 911, but what I can’t understand is why he (according to a witness) began to cut bikers off the road which more than likely was the catalyst for this entire debacle. I don’t care how pissed someone makes me feel while driving, I have a responsibility as a parent to protect my family. Even if someone’s actions are wrong, my reaction could make things much worse, which it looks to be true in this instance. What if the other person decided to retaliate as well cutting you off thus creating an accident where someone gets hurt (like your child)? What if they decide to pull a gun not knowing who was in your back seat, or if you yourself were pregnant? There are way too many what if scenarios to roll the dice on how our reactions affect an outcome. It’s just not worth it.

The bottom line is road rage and families don’t mix, period. You would think this would be a common practice for everyone but it’s not. How many news stories do we have to read about unnecessary accidents and fatalities? And what about victims who had nothing to do with the situation that get hurt – is it worth catching a case? I know it can get hard but for heaven’s sake think about your babies and your goal of making it home.

Too Much Partying:Tracy Mourning Arrested in Miami After Driving Under The Influence

February 9th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"TracyMourning pf"

Source: Getty Images

Well, this a bit disheartening but nobody is perfect.

Tracy Mourning, wife of former Miami Heat player Alonzo Mourning, was arrested on Friday morning driving under the influence in Miami.

According to The Huffington Post, Mourning was clocked going 28 miles over the speed limit in Coconut Grove while driving her Porsche.

When a police officer finally stopped her a few blocks down, she’d apparently been swerving and she ran a stop sign.

At that point, the officer says Mourning then put on her charms and asked in a nice voice, “What did I do officer,” followed by a wink and then saying, “Was going fast, wasn’t I?” Okay so even at almost 4am and knowing she was wrong, Tracy tried to use the “bat your eyes” trick to get out of any trouble.

But the officer wasn’t buying it. He said her eyes were bloodshot, she was slurring her speech and reeked of alcohol. After failing a roadside sobriety test and refusing to take a blood alcohol test, she was then arrested.

No word yet on what time she was released and when she’ll have to appear in court. Her hair still manages too look good, even in the booking photo.

The Mournings have become pillars of the community in Miami where they spend countless hours giving back.  Alonzo has been known for years to throw one of the best fundraising events in town with his “Zo’s Summer Groove.”  Along with that huge money maker, the couple often scouts for other ways they can get back.

Hopefully, Tracy can get this taken care of and be extremely careful when it comes to drinking and driving (how about just don’t do it).

Honestly, how many of you still get behind the wheel even though you know you’ve probably had one too many drinks? Do you still get in the car with someone who you know has had too much to drink and let them drive?

Drive Around With Your Diploma! Car Insurance Companies Give Educated People Better Deals

January 31st, 2013 - By CAP
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You would assume when it comes to car insurance that the most important aspect in determining your insurance premium would be the number of accidents you’ve had in the past, right? WRONG! According to CNN Money, that might be the NEXT important thing after your level of education.

After studying the five major insurers in 12 cites, the Consumer Federation of America found that major insurers charged a safer driver with less education and a lower paying job higher premiums two-thirds of the time. In most cases the premiums were 25% higher, however in some cases the premium was double.

In one instance studied by the CFA, two women of the same age and with the same salary requested quotes from Allstate in Baltimore with the only evident difference being that one was married with a master’s degree, while the other was single with only a high school education. The woman with the master’s degree was quoted $1,248 compared to $3,292 for the high school graduate. Even though, the woman with only the high school education had a flawless 10-year driving record and the college graduate had recently caused an accident.

Surprisingly, other income-related factors like occupation were also weighted more heavily than driving-related factors like miles on the road.

Although I’m not sure how being more educated correlates with being a better driver, especially with all traffic tickets, getting a break on car insurance sounds good to me.

Whether you’re a college grad or not, per the advice of the Double Saving Divas, you’d want to ensure you shop around to find the best rate. Speaking of the Divas, be sure to check out Madame Noire Business and the Double Saving Divas money-saving chat on our Facebook page.

Android Shuts Down Teens’ Ability to Text & Drive

January 8th, 2013 - By Rich
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Did you know that motor vehicle accidents are the single highest cause of death for young people?! I can’t even remember how it was before texting became so popular that we had to set laws to make people stop doing it while they drive. I have been guilty of this very irresponsible action and now I try my best not to even touch my phone while driving unless I’m taking or making a call.

Right now my 15-year-old daughter is so overwhelmed with driving that she can barely listen to the radio and drive at the same time. It warms my heart to watch her clutching the wheel with white knuckles afraid to take her head off of the road for even a moment for fear that she will make a grave mistake. I’m glad she’s scared because it will lend to her being cautious but with time I know this fear is going to wear off. Eventually she will become just like the rest of us, driving with one hand or God forbid her knee while putting on makeup and eating.

As a result of studies which have shown that the dangerous practice of texting while driving is on the rise among teens and young adults, Android has designed an app called Textecution that can be installed on kids’ phones. My prayers have been answered! This revolutionary new app is designed to shut down all texting functions—sending and receiving—if the phone handset is moving at more than 10 miles per hour. It seems that Android still has a few bugs to work out but it’s a terrific step in the right direction towards keeping our children safe on the road.

Two percent of all deaths in America are caused by traffic accidents. The saddest part about that startling statistic is that a large portion of these accidents are totally preventable. Since it’s currently illegal to install mobile phone jamming technology in vehicles, Textecution is your best bet and it’s available now for $39.95 but only on Android handsets. Apple refuses to let application developers interfere with core phone functions like texting.

Call your cell phone provider and ask them if they plan to catch up with Android on the technology front.


Sid Powell is the NAACP-nominated screenplay writer of ‘Somebody’s Child’, a mother of two, and the owner of SIDPo Productions. Read more about how SIDPo Productions is ‘Changing Everything’ at

Driving Safety For Your Teen

September 18th, 2012 - By Kay Hudson
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I don’t know where the time went, but in a little over a month, my teenaged daughter will be eligible for her learners driving permit. My heart rate spikes every time I think about her being behind the wheel of a vehicle, especially one that I’m in! Nevertheless, I’m doing all I can to arm her with the knowledge, education, and hands on experience she is going to need in order to survive in the streets.

Here are a few safety tips that you MUST reiterate to your driver-to-be:

Focus On the Road
Although socializing while driving is acceptable, remember your number one priority – safely operating your vehicle. Let your friends know that you aren’t ignoring them; you are simply focusing on keeping them, and yourself, safe.

Don’t Get Distracted By Technology
Completely avoid flipping through your music library or answering texts while driving – they can wait. Even removing your eyes from the road for a second can make all the difference between avoiding a collision and having to pay to repair a stranger’s bumper.

Recognize Hazardous Situations
You know snow is dangerous to drive in, but what about the seemingly safe situations? Heavy rains can cause flooding and often are accompanied by forceful winds. A dark night and unfamiliar roads are breeding grounds for accidents. Without proper experience it is best to avoid driving in situations that make you uncomfortable. Spend the night or wait out the storm at a friend’s house – you’ll be happy you did.

Words By: Sid Powell

A Woman’s Work: 10 Things Every Woman Should Know How To Do

May 26th, 2012 - By Brooke Dean
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I remember as a young girl watching my great grandmother do so many things around the house. She’d cook, clean, sew and iron. She always seemed busy doing what my Poppop called “women’s work.” I thought to myself, “There has to be more to being a woman than knowing how to do domestic things” – but have times changed that much from when I was a child? While traditionally there are some tasks that are gender specific, I can’t help but think women nowadays are forging their own traditions with a “roll-up-your-sleeves and get-the-job-done” type of attitude. Yes, you should be able to cook a great meal, keep your house clean enough to keep the vermin away and iron your clothes well enough to be presentable at work. That’s a given. But we can do better than that in 2012.

Here are 10 things I think all women should know how to do – we go to work!

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3 Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

February 3rd, 2012 - By P.S. Jones
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While buying car insurance isn’t as painful as buying a car, at least when you buy a car you have something to show for all that money you just paid. Buying car insurance is just buying a promise to step in if something happens to your car. The transaction isn’t complete until you pay your down payment and sign the paperwork. But, before you do all that, make sure you ask your insurance agent some important questions about your new policy.
Who does my policy cover to drive my car?
Depending on the state you live in, your insurance policy may cover only the listed drivers, the people who live in your home, the occasional borrower, or any combination of these options. For example, Virginia insurance laws require that a policy cover everyone in your home as a driver, whether listed on the policy or not. Before you take out a policy, make sure your agent explains to you exactly who is covered and under what circumstances so you know whose car Junior will and WON’T be driving.
If my car is in an accident, will you use original manufacturer parts?
This is actually pretty important. There are two types of car parts: original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, which are the exact part specified for your car from the company who made your car, and aftermarket parts, which are parts made by another company for a general range of models but not specifically for your car. Think of it as the difference between Kraft and the store brand cheese. Some state laws allow your insurance company to use whatever parts it likes when fixing your car. Ask your insurance agent what your insurer’s policy is on this so that if your car needs repair, you can possibly be supplied with parts that are meant for your make and model and not just any kind of car.

Did you already run my driving record and credit check?
Your insurance rate is based on many factors, including your driving record and your credit rating. Some companies don’t run these reports until after you’ve bought the policy and the underwriting department is setting up the account. Instead, the agent uses the information you gave him to calculate the rate he’s giving you. So if there’s more to the story than you’re telling him, you’re going to see a big increase in your rates when you get the initial paperwork in the mail. Know what you’re getting into and what you’ll be paying before you actually have to start.

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