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Dream Denied: How I Dealt With Someone Buying My Dream House

December 10th, 2013 - By Raven Carter
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From Essence 

For years, I stalked this house. I’d fallen in love with it by accident when I was exploring that matrix of streets surrounding Frederick Douglas’ estate, which sits high on a monstrous hill and looks down on a smaller homes not quite as grand but still beautifully historic. Like so many others in the neighborhood, my house—because, in my mind, it was already my house—bore the wounds of neglect and the bruises of age. I didn’t care that it was a little tumbledown. I adored it anyway.

When the suckishness of apartment living grated my last nerve down to the nub, I’d find respite in fantasizing about my first home. I envisioned how I would renovate and decorate it, contemplated adding another bathroom, wondered where my guests would park when I hosted my housewarming. One Sunday, I was so wound up in the spirit after church that I took my bold self up to the porch and held hands with my daughter to pray that the property would someday be ours. She was probably on the other end pleading the blood of Jesus for the very opposite thing. Whatever. I sealed my supplication with an “amen” and a won’t-he-do-it first pump and left the Lord to his work.

Sometime at the end of last year, I slacked up on my impromptu drive-bys. The next time I cruised past, my heart dropped: there was a sale sign taunting me in the yard and the telltales of construction scattered by the fence. Someone un-abandoned my abandoned home. Someone else saw its understated potential. It was just a house that didn’t know who I was, but it gave me something to work towards and dream about, especially in a time when I had been broken by a breakup and downsized out of a day job. It may seem silly, but it felt like another loss. God had declined my prayer request, and I mourned something that was never mine in the first place.

All my naming and claiming, believing and receiving—for a relationship I just knew would mature into a marriage and for a gig that provided security while I chased my dreams—failed to give me favor I could see. Now, the house that was the object of my real estate affections and the inspiration behind my enrollment in the first-time buyers program wasn’t on the “no” list too. And when God says “no” there ain’t much wiggle room for argument.

Continue reading on to find out how to survive when God does not answer your prayers at 

#Shade: The Biggest Celebrity Twitter Beefs of 2012

December 18th, 2012 - By Meg Butler
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Photo Credit: Jessie J/Instagram

Photo Credit: Jessie J/Instagram

Celebrities love to throw shade on Twitter, but nothing is more entertaining than when another celeb throws it right back at them. Check out the best celebrity Twitter beefs of 2012.

Photo Credit: Ivan Nikolov/

Photo Credit: Ivan Nikolov/

Chrissy Teigen v. Team Breezy

Team Breezy is agro. All Chrissy said during the Billboard Music Awards this year was that Chris Brown’s performance wasn’t great. Is that really enough reason to threaten to kill a chick? They got so out of line that Breezy had to come in and calm things down. Some people are too crazy to handle 140 characters.

Can You Guess Whose Cute Kid This Is?

October 30th, 2012 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Who do you think!? Well, this little lady is the daughter of a female rapper and a male R&B crooner who was all the rage in the ’90s (him and his baby hair). Like her father, she is a great dancer, and like her mom….well, she’s pretty! The 11-year-old decided to be a genie for Halloween and like most of her daily whereabouts, her mom was proud to showcase her in her uber-fab ensemble. She is one of two kids this couple has together, though her mom has two daughters from a previous relationship, and her father allegedly has eight babies altogether. So now that you know all of that, do you know who her parents are?

She’s the daughter of singer Ginuwine and his wife Sole! Her name is Story, and she’s not the only one who got all jazzed up for Halloween. So did her little sister, Dream, 10, who went as a ninja. It’s her style since she’s very good at Kung Fu. Sole is also a big Kung Fu enthusiast. Both little girls can be seen sitting right behind their dad and with their step-sisters below.

Watch out now! Dream the ninja is coming for you!!! Who said little girls always have to be princesses and witches for Halloween?

These two are adorable!

When To Call It Quits: What You Can Learn From The Hollywood Game

May 1st, 2012 - By C. Cleveland
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You see it everyday; celebrities that once had respectable careers continue the desperate push to remain relevant. They appear on red carpets and release independently produced music videos and mixtapes, yet they can’t seem to make anything close to the impact they once had. Blog commenters wonder out loud why they even bother. But, they continue to pursue their dreams. Watching their unrewarded work ethic begs the question: when is it time to call it quits?

Quitting may be a strong word when it comes to pursuing your dreams. At the very least, stars and business people alike need to take time to reevaluate their goals and change course when they experience prolonged bouts of failure. Success can be a numbers game, especially for the entertainment industry. Competition is fierce and everyone can’t make it to the top spot. The music industry in particular has an awful habit of trying to duplicate successful artists. But, there is only one Beyonce, Rihanna, etc. Duplication is futile.

Instead of copying the paths that have already been blazed, successful people adjust their course as they go along. Success requires flexibility. If you are not seeing the results you hoped, reevaluation of your goals and decisions may be in order. As the saying goes, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” If you’re not seeing the results you want in you career, ask yourself the questions below to help set yourself on the right path.

Is this still my dream, or has something changed? You probably started the path to pursue your dream with the best intentions. But, people change, as do industries. Now that you’re experiencing the negative aspects of your chosen field, ask yourself if the stress you’ll experience seeing your goal come to fruition is worth it in the end?

Is your dream realistic? Did you start with a solid plan before you started pursuing your dream? Make sure your goals are SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.

Entrepreneurs to Know: Dawn Fitch of Pooka Pure & Simple

September 29th, 2011 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Dawn Fitch (in the middle) with friends and supporters at the opening of the Pooka Body Boutique.

Dawn Fitch (in the front at left) with her friends and team.

Dawn Fitch has worn many hats. Some of her most notable head gear has been as a talented graphic artist for the record label Sony, and even being an elementary school teacher. But the position that Fitch is most proud of is being a successful entrepreneur. She is the owner of Pooka Pure & Simple, a line of natural (keyword, NATURAL) bath and body products currently based out of Orange, New Jersey. Her line of products offers mists, polishes, deodorants, mists, soaps and more made of oils from different nuts and vegetables, shea and cocoa butters, fruit powders, seeds and a lot more. No preservatives, dyes, nasty sulfates or anything unhealthy!

Fitch has just recently opened a boutique for her products in Orange, and she calls it the Pooka Body Boutique. Inside, not only do they sell her coveted body polishes, butters, greases and hair care products, but they offer women in the area the opportunity to take part in spa parties, book clubs and more. And to think, it all got started when Fitch fell mysteriously ill…

“I started getting sick a couple years ago. You know when you don’t feel good, like something’s not right. And they kept saying you’re fine, you’re healthy. But I just didn’t feel good.  I started reading articles about food and eating and how it affect your diet and health. I became a label-reader with all the preservatives, it was such bad stuff. I started eating really organic and trying to be more green, even with the products I cleaned with. Just wanted to minimize the amount of toxins that were going into or near my body.”

Out of Fitch’s realization of the effects that un-natural products can have on the body, she decided to start making her own natural products in the hopes of curbing illness. That my dears, is how Pooka Pure & Simple came to life–stirring up unique natural products in her kitchen. “We were very grass roots in the beginning with festivals and having Pooka parties. I went back to Sony just to show my friends what I was doing and the lady who took my job after me was like, “I know a guy at Whole Foods!” And that’s how we got into Whole Foods.”

And now she has her own thriving boutique. But before you assume Pooka Pure & Simple is all and only about shining up your skin or exfoliating at all times, know that it’s indeed a lifestyle. Not only do Fitch and her staff sell products, but she sells you the concept of healthy living. You can sign up for a free newsletter that tells you healthy foods you should try out, and recommends different fitness regiments like taking yoga. On top of that, they have a YouTube channel that talks about the different ingredients that you should use in your food, and what organic and tasty meals you can make out of them.

As an entrepreneur, Fitch has had her ups and downs in getting the business started, but says that as long as you stay passionate about whatever your dream is, it is something you can obtain. Everyone has to pay their dues and take baby steps–nothing happens overnight:

People start small just like we all do. Not every one has a 100,000 loan. We didn’t have a big investments, we didn’t have a big loan. We bought the stuff to make our product, when we made some money we bought some more. Keep at it. As long as it’s something you enjoy, you’ll keep at it. Some people get scared before they even start, but you have to start small. Stay faithful in whatever it is you believe in.

So her shop stands on 15 South Essex Avenue in Orange, New Jersey as a testament to her hard work and faith. And if you’re a hard working person like she is, you need to get down to the store and hook yourself up with some stress relieving love. As Fitch says,  the shop is “your one stop shop for relaxation.” They offer organic manicures, and tea parties, and you can pick up soaps and butters and get great advice on healthy living. If you’re a teacher, they even offer events specifically for you called “Wind Down Wednesdays,” where they offer tea and help educators sit back and relax. On top of keeping your skin nourished, and your hair fresh, Dawn Fitch wants to have a lasting effect on your existence. “We’re trying to make you healthy inside and out, so that’s what makes us different. We’re not just focused on the product.”

Check out her products, which you can purchase online as well, at And be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and click HERE for additional store information.