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“They Said ‘Go Home, N****r'”: Black Lives Matter Protester Beat Up At Trump Rally In Alabama

November 23rd, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Black lives matter protester beat up at Donald Trump rally

AP Images

During a rally on Saturday for presidential hopeful Donald Trump in Birmingham, Ala., a Black Lives Matter protester tried to make his voice heard. Before he knew it, Mercutio Southall Jr. was on the ground, fielding punches and kicks from Trump supporters.

Throughout the melee, Trump stood at the podium, irritated by Southall, saying, “Yeah, get him out, get out!” and instructing security to “Get him the hell outta here!” while supporters cheered. He made it clear that Black Lives Matter protesters wouldn’t strong-arm him into doing anything the way he felt they’d done Bernie Sanders.

“See, he was politically correct. Two young women came up to the podium. They took over his microphone. I promise you that’s not going to happen with me.”

According to the Huffington Post, Southall was tackled to the ground, but it’s unclear if he was tackled by security or other attendees. While down, he was punched and kicked by a few attendants and was treated so roughly that one onlooker could be heard shouting, “Don’t choke him! Don’t choke him!”

We’re talking about all this for one man in a Black Lives Matter T-shirt.

And despite admitting that he didn’t see the actual scuffle, Trump told Fox & Friends that “Maybe he should have been roughed up” when speaking of Southall. “It was absolutely disgusting what he was doing.”

What exactly was so disgusting about it?

“The man you say was, I don’t know, roughed up — he was obnoxious and so loud, he was screaming,” Trump said. “I had 10,000 people in the room yesterday and this guy started screaming by himself.”

In case you missed the memo, obnoxious and loud people like Trump only like allegedly “obnoxious and loud” individuals who think like them and support his viewpoints. This is clear as this isn’t the first time a protester at a Trump rally has been assaulted.

A student protester who showed up with a group of people at a Miami rally for Trump to protest his views on immigration was attacked. Ariel Rojas was dragged by his collar and assaulted by an attendee despite peacefully demonstrating with his hands in the air. Rojas also said the signs he and the other students were carrying that spelled out “Equality” were taken and ripped up by attendees before he was attacked.

As for Saturday’s attack, no arrests were made. But one Trump staffer agreed that Southall needed to be escorted out, even if it was done violently, for doing his whole “Black Lives Matter thing.”

“That guy was being disruptive,” the staffer told the Montgomery Advertiser according to EurWeb. “He was doing the Black Lives Matter thing and saying other phrases that were really firing up the crowd around him. He was throwing his hands around almost punching.”

But what’s really disgusting about all this is that Southall told that when he was attacked, he was called everything from the N-word to a monkey and was told that his life doesn’t matter. He stayed calm, because he was there to speak out against Trump’s disparaging remarks about people of color. But Southall said when someone punched him, you bet he punched back. The Birmingham resident and activist is not about the “turn-the-other-cheek” stuff.

“When I wake up in the morning, I pretty much expect trouble,” Southall told “We’re not the Negros from the 60s. I believe in defending myself, defending my people and sticking up for my people. I’m not violent. I’m not out threatening to blow up people. Self-preservation is an instinct every creature has and we deserve respect.”


Meet The New (And Black) Face Of Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign, Katrina Pierson

November 19th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Katrina Pierson for Congress

Katrina Pierson for Congress

As The Houston Chronicle pointed out, someone like Donald Trump, with his love of talking crazy on social media and going toe-to-toe with people, probably doesn’t need a spokesperson. But when you’re running a campaign for president, you can’t be everywhere all the time and need people to push your agenda to the masses. That’s where Katrina Pierson comes in.

Pierson has been hired as the new national spokeswoman for Trump’s presidential campaign. The 39-year-old Tea Party activist out of Dallas has been doing grass-roots work with the Texas Tea Party since 2009, despite voting for President Obama in 2008. According to Politico, Pierson slowly but surely started taking issue with our commander in chief, beginning when he didn’t wear an American flag pin on his lapel. Petty Betty.

Anywho, Pierson’s new job is surprising some of her former affiliates, many who believe that Trump isn’t conservative enough. But it’s most shocking because Pierson has been a supporter of Senator Ted Cruz for years. She even went as far as to help him get elected when he ran for Senate in 2012. But according to Politico, those who have worked with Pierson said that she has always been about strengthening her own brand and getting her name and face out there. Hence the reason she is trying to start her own fashion line, and why she put in her own bid for Congress in 2014 without the support of Cruz (though his father endorsed her). A congressional run that would fail to pan out.  As one former colleague and Republican consultant put it to Politico, “We all have to pay the bills, but for Katrina, there is no principle that she isn’t willing to abandon for the right price.” Pierson called such criticism “sour grapes.”

After meeting Trump while moving about with Cruz at Tea Party events in South Carolina, Pierson struck up a good rapport with him. They ran into each other at multiple Republican events after that before Trump offered her a spokeswoman job.

When asked why she decided to go from team Cruz to team Trump (a.k.a, jump ship), Pierson said that she believes it’s because Trump is a better candidate and that working with Trump is the “perfect fit” for her.

“Cruz would be a good president, but I think right now with all the hyper-partisanship in the country I think Trump would be the better person to transition out of Obama.” Pierson told Politico. “It would be a softer transition for some on the left. It would be a harder transition for some on the right.”

The announcement of her new role was made last week, and in no time flat, Pierson has started making media rounds for her new boss. Something she actually did for free before he brought her on by heavily agreeing with his stance on immigration as a talking head. She recently appeared on Fox News to explain Trump’s hopes of shutting down mosques in this country after the attack in Paris last week. Trump believes that mosques are where terrorist activities take place.

Pierson is all in. And she said she would be stupid not to be.

“When Donald says, ‘I think you’re great, I really want you to work for me,’ I don’t think any sane person would say no to that.”

Trolling The Ultimate Troll: Young Black Woman Tunes Donald Trump All The Way Out

November 12th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Donald Trump has nothing for women or people of color. So what happened when a Black woman attended one of his campaign events? She expressed her disinterest in a way that even the troll in Donald Trump would have to appreciate.

The talk of Trump’s recent appearance in Springfield, Illinois is not about his ridiculous thoughts on immigration or even an off-hand comment made at some woman’s expense. Instead, it was about 23-year-old Johari Osayi Idusuyi’s response to his speech.

Idusuyi was a trending topic and was even featured on Jimmy Kimmel.

Idusuyi is not a Trump supporter but she attended his rally with an open, unbiased mind. She told Jezebel that her friend’s family had bailed on her and she thought it would be a good opportunity to hear a presidential candidate speak.

She ended up directly behind Trump as a bit of a fluke. Not realizing that she was located in the VIP section, she asked if anyone was sitting in the seat she eventually chose. A volunteer for the event said, “No, it’s VIP.” Later, a gentleman asked, “Would you like to sit in VIP?” and she said “Ok, I mean, why not?” She told Jezebel, “I think we were chosen for obvious reasons. We are minorities and there weren’t a lot of minorities there. He also instructed us to sit in the middle, so we kind of already knew what this was.”

But after listening to Trump’s polarizing views, she’d had enough.

“The way Donald Trump said, ‘Get them out of here’- when you say those words, that activates your supporters to be able to be the same way. Then there was a man who snatched a lady’s Obama hat. She was one of the protesters and was leaving and her hair just went with the hat. Then he threw it into crowd and everybody cheered. I thought, “That’s bullying. That’s aggressive.” I don’t think Trump handled it with grace. I thought, “Oh, you’re really not empathetic at all.” That’s when the shift happened.”

But that wasn’t it.

“To hear 10,000 people cheer for something so disrespectful is what made me so mad. And that’s when I was like, I am now genuinely not interested in your speech. I wanted to leave, but I came, I’m in the middle, I’m on camera, so I might as well read because I don’t have anything else to do. I’m not going to waste my time listening to somebody who I can’t respect anymore, so I started to read.”

And it just so happened that she had a very appropriate piece of literature with her called Citizen with her. The book, by Claudia Rankine, is about the prevalence of racism in America.

But some people in the VIP section weren’t too happy to see Idusuyi so disengaged. As you can see from the Vine above, a man tapped her, telling her to turn around and listen to Trump’s speech. Clearly, Idusuyi wasn’t here for it.

“I got tapped on the shoulder. I think it was a couple. The man, he was mad but not as mad as his maybe-spouse. He had a more calm demeanor, just like, if you don’t want to be here, leave. They both said it but hers was more from a place of genuine disgust and anger. I feel like he was a mouthpiece for her. And he probably was kind of mad, but I don’t think he would have tapped me on the shoulder if it wasn’t for the woman. The woman kept saying, “If you don’t wanna be here then leave. You didn’t even stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.” I said, “I do want to be here, that’s why I’m here. You don’t know who I am. I’m reading my book because I’m uninterested. Did you not just see what happened? This person disrespects women, minorities, everybody and you’re still supporting him. He’s not saying anything of substance.” If I met this couple at an event or a dinner party, I would think they were nice people. They probably are nice people. But I don’t think they have any right to tell me what to do. The lady, actually, she mumbled something. I didn’t hear but my friend told me the next day that she said, “I’m so glad you’re not my daughter,” or something along those lines. And I was thinking, “I’m glad I’m not your daughter either!”

I’m genuinely tickled at the White woman who thought saying ‘I’m so glad you’re not my daughter’ would somehow deeply wound Idusuyi. The audacity and self-important nature of that statement alone is enough to make your stomach turn.

Idusuyi is being lauded as a hero all over the internet for expressing a very clear message when she could have easily been used as a token at a Trump rally. And I have to agree.

Bravo to this young lady!

Why Did A Christian Network Ban Rev. Jamal Bryant?

October 21st, 2015 - By Charing Ball
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Pastor Jamal Bryant may have learned what the repercussions of the “…or else” demand he and Farrakhan made during the “Justice Or Else” march held earlier this month in Washington D.C.

What I mean is that Bryant has allegedly been banned from a major Christian network. At least, that’s what he told folks earlier this week.

According to the website The Praise Reporters, the popular pastor told his congregation at the Empowerment Temple A.M.E. Church in Baltimore, Maryland that he had been temporarily banned from the Daystar Christian Television Broadcasting Network for comments he made on air about Ben Carson as well as his association with Nation of Islam (NOI) Minister Louis Farrakhan.

As the website reports, Bryant said that the network, which operates 70 television stations across the country, sent him a letter on Tuesday October 13th, which said in part:

“We are writing to cancel Dr. Bryant from being on our program. At this time we do not feel comfortable with his comments speaking about Dr. Ben Carson nor are we comfortable with his association with Louis Farrakhan. We are a channel about reconciliation and not division. We apologize for any inconvenience. Sincerely, Jennifer Gardner “

You can actually watch Bryant read the letter to his congregation on Periscope here. The ban follows Rev Bryant’s appearance at the “Justice or Else” march, which commemorated the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March.

It also comes just months after Bryant allegedly ruffled some church robes by inviting Farrakhan as a guest on another Christian network. According to this article in All Christian News, Bryant may have caused the The Word Network, which is geared to African American Christians, to lose a slew of viewers when he had the NOI minister on the show “to discuss the violence between law enforcement and African American citizens.”

Naturally, Bryant wasn’t too happy about being uninvited and in an email sent to Daystar, he accused it of having a “double standard” against those with left-leaning politics. More specifically, he said that Daystar did not ban any of the other evangelistic pastors from its airwaves who participated in the prayer circle around Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

And after running down his resume of alleged work across the country in the name of injustice and inequality against Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans and women (read in the third person), Bryant contended that his association with Farrakhan was part of his ministry for Black Lives Matter and not an endorsement of his either his religious beliefs and ideology.

He also reminded the network that he has never once made political statements on any of Daystar’s programs, however the network should be careful how it alienates its audience of Black Christians who do care about those political issues, which Farrakhan brings up including police brutality and self-empowerment.

Bryant said that while he was not asking his congregation to boycott Daystar, he would not “back down from the truth.” And as far as the reported $10,000 donation Daystar made to the Empowerment Temple in the aftermath of the riots in Baltimore, Bryant told Periscope that he was not one of those preachers who could be bought. And that he was going to promptly return the money – certified.

“And please know that if I never go back on Daystar a day in my life, I will sleep in perfect peace, knowing that I am doing the will of God,” he told his digital audience.

The Praise Reporters write that Daystar have not responded to requests for comment on the reported ban. However a few short hours after his original Periscope broadcast, Bryant updated his congregation into another video, in which he said that the network “has since reached out, apologized, committed to make amends, and even promised to embrace the #blacklivesmatter movement, topics, and conversations along with Dr. Jamal H. Bryant on their network very soon.”

Well that’s lovely. I guess he’ll keep the donation now.

Yeah I know: we are talking about folks (Bryant, Farrakhan and likely anyone who has appeared on Daystar) who openly discriminate against GLBTQ people and hold some pretty regressive beliefs about women. Who cares about them and their internal squabbles?

But at the same time, I am always amused at how race, in particular the aversion to our Black skin, manages to seep its way into every facet of our lives – be it good or bad. Like you can be right down with the craziest of White folks in the trenches of regressiveness and White people will still be like, “Um no! You can’t sit and be hateful with us…”

Plus I’ve written before about how unfair and actually racists it is to censor Farrakhan from our airwaves. Those same media outlets will have Pat Robertson, Pat Buchanan and any other White bigot named Pat on television, spewing all sorts of hatred against Black people and other people of color, but pretend like Farrakhan’s “Kill Whitey – or Else” message is a bridge too far. I am just not buying it.

Not to mention, many of those Bible networks are predominately White with notoriously right-leaning agendas. So it might be a good thing that this incident has inspired Daystar to let Bryant host a Black Lives Matter program in the future.

Just as long as he doesn’t talk about the hoes…

Just Kidding: Anthony Mackie Says The Donald Trump Endorsement Was A Bad Joke

October 19th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Anthony Mackie is doing some explaining… or backtracking. In response to the coverage he’s getting, saying he’s endorsing Donald Trump for president, Mackie took to Twitter to clear his name.

Very bad joke indeed.

Or perhaps a very well played move to get us talking about this movie that he’s in. His comments did manage to make him trend on Twitter and Facebook today. One never knows.

We’ll give him a pass on this one, but we’re still watching Mr. Mackie.

“I’m Drinking The Kool-Aid” Anthony Mackie Endorses Donald Trump For President

October 19th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Anthony Mackie Endorses Donald Trump For President


After his comments about dreadlocks,
we were already giving actor Anthony Mackie the side eye; but now, we might have to step away from him completely. In promotion for his new movie Our Brand Is Crisis, Mackie sat down for an interview with BET.

In the film, Mackie plays a political consultant/campaign manager. So the interviewer asked him which candidate he would want to manage in the 2016 presidential election.

Surprisingly, he said Donald Trump.

“I would 100 percent run Donald Trump’s campaign. 100 percent. I mean, first that’ll be the best party ever when he won, and second, Trump’s an easy sell…When you look at Trump, he’s an easy sell because you can sell him as the guy who worked his way up from nothing. And I think if you’re a ‘pull yourself up by your bootstraps’ candidate, people would identify with that.”

At this point, I was ready to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he simply believes that Trump is the easiest to sell, not the man most qualified for the job.

But the interviewer took it a step further and asked Mackie if his comments represented an endorsement for Donald Trump.

And that’s when he said, “I’m on the bandwagon. I’m drinking the Kool-Aid.”

Lord, help us.

For a while I wanted to believe Mackie was joking. But that last sentence makes me want to reconsider. He could be pulling all of our legs but this “joke” is just not funny, particularly when Trump is the frontrunner for the Republican party.

The mere thought of Donald Trump becoming president would not only be highly embarrassing, he would be such a liability trying to negotiate both within and outside of the country. A Trump presidency is literally dangerous.

What do you think about Mackie’s comments? Is he trolling or do you think he’s really down to ride for Donald Trump?

Take a look at the video below and see if that makes things a bit more clear.

Pope Francis and The Media’s Double Standard

October 2nd, 2015 - By Charing Ball
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If I learned anything from last week’s visit by Pope Francis is that all religious leaders are not equal.

For instance, did you know that the papal visit to the United States cost an upwards of $45 million dollars?

That was the fundraising goal at least. It’s ironic that it cost millions to come America and give speeches about income inequality and doing more for the poor, disaffected and disenfranchised.

Anyway, the World Meeting of Families committees held a series of fundraising campaigns to help raise funds for the visit as well as the week-long Catholic conference that included a major concert with Aretha Franklin in Philadelphia. One such campaign included the Latino Papal Fund, which was co-sponsored by the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GPHCC) and various Philadelphia Latino business, civic and religious leaders, which asked the Latino community to contribute to fundraising efforts by texting PAPAFUND on their smartphones.

What’s wrong with the Catholic Church raising funds from their own members to finance activities, which are largely meant for the Church? Well, I suppose there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

But earlier this year, Creflo Dollar who is the founder of the World Changer’s Church International was dragged both in the mainstream media and on social media for essentially doing the same thing. In Dollar’s case, he was asking 200,000 church members to donate $300 a piece via a crowdsourcing campaign for a $60 million dollar Gulfstream G650 jet.

Now granted, we can make the argument that Dollar is in no way on the same level of righteousness as the Pope. Likewise, the Catholic Church has its own charities and initiatives that support the poor. For example, in addition to the millions raised for the conference and the Pope’s visit, the World Family committees also created a $1.5 million fund to support organizations, which help the homeless in the Philadelphia area.

But like the Pope, Dollar has members and preaches the Word to people all over the world including through its satellite churches in England and South Africa. In fact, his ministries also support several charities of their own. This includes its Hope in Disaster ministry, which aids people globally who have been affected by natural disasters, and its Care for Kids ministry, which has adopted and improved a school in South Africa.

Regardless of how one personally feels about Dollar and his ministries, you can’t deny that both he and the Catholic Church use the same modus operandi of taking donated funds to finance needs outside of direct support to its members. And yet, Dollar was painted as a charlatan taking advantage of his mostly poor congregation while Pope Francis and company got a praised for being progressive.

That just doesn’t seem fair.

Nor does it seem fair that during Pope’s Francis’ historic visit, he made a detour from speaking about compassion and love for all, to meet with Kim Davis who is the Kentucky county clerk at the center of the national debate on gay marriage.

According to Vatican officials, the meeting, which was held in secret and not included on the Pope Francis’ public itinerary, should not be seen as an endorsement. Likewise Vatican officials also claim that Davis wasn’t invited by Pope personally, but instead was among “several dozens” people who were invited by the Vatican to meet with the him at the tail end of his visit to America. And according to the NPR a Vatican spokesperson told them that “that Pope Francis may not have understood “the impact” a visit with Davis might have in the U.S,’ although he has gone on record opposing gay marriage.

Honestly, it all still sounds like a matter of semantics considering that he still met with Davis – and he is still very much anti-gay marriage. Still, many folks including on the progressive left, have gone out their ways to give justification for the meeting. This includes Todd VanDerWerff who wrote in a piece entitled “Of course Pope Francis met with Kim Davis. Jesus would have:”

“But, look, isn’t the pope someone who should be meeting with literally everyone, from as many different viewpoints as possible? And doesn’t “Stay strong,” which he reportedly said to Davis, sound like a sound bite deliberately picked out to serve Davis’s own political agenda? Is just the act of talking to someone who differs from us on one particular issue such a big deal that we’ll write off the pope in his entirety?”

I supposed not. However that is not what the masses of us did when it was also revealed this week that 40 Interfaith televangelists, including several prominent Black pastors, not only met and prayed over Republican presidential candidate and overall loudmouth Donald Trump.

According to the Hill, many of pastors, particularly the Black pastors, were just there to meet with someone who differs from them on particular issues. And their meeting, while fruitful, didn’t necessarily mean an endorsement, However that didn’t stop them from being ridiculed within the media. In particular writer Zack Hunter who said of the meeting: “Like the prosperity gospel itself, he’s the walking antithesis of the actual gospel. Greedy, self-serving, manipulative, and hostile towards critics, I can’t think of a presidential candidate more fitting for these pastors to idolize.”

As a former Catholic and a current non-committal, all of the smoke and mirrors, pomp and circumstances, secret meetings and public prayers over windbags with bad hair pieces tends to bother me. But it also never ceases to amaze me how some religious leaders are held to higher standards of morality than others.

Granted Pope, Francis is saying some pretty sweet things on behalf of the Catholic Church, which makes his love affair with the media slightly understandable. But this is after hundreds of years of debauchery. So doesn’t he – as well as the Church – deserve more critique than he actually got?

But what do folks think?

From Political Moves To Police Brutality: Summer Headlines That Had Us All Talking

September 11th, 2015 - By Alyssa Johnson
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This summer was filled with back to back mind-blowing headlines. From political moves to police brutality and sex scandals, check out the summer’s top headline-grabbing stories.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

Let Them Kill Their Own Career: You Don’t Always Need To Respond To Craziness

August 11th, 2015 - By Tanvier Peart
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Shocked business woman


Do you want a spatula to help pry that egg off your face?

Folks better learn quick that foolish behavior comes to light and won’t be tolerated in the world of business. Just ask Donald Trump as he, once again, is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. The presidential hopeful was nothing short of entertaining during the GOP presidential debate, but it’s what the Don posted on his social media that has folks buzzing.

Now let me save you the trouble of scrolling through all the retweets this man decided to send past the midnight hour.

He called debate moderator and FOX News commentator Megyn Kelly a bimbo.

In case you’re wondering why Trump came for Megyn (I understand if you had better things to do with your time than watch these Republican candidates go back and forth), she asked The Celebrity Apprentice creator why he has referred to women he doesn’t like as “disgusting animals,” “slobs” and “fat pigs.” His response? “Only Rosie O’Donnell.”


Now I understand wanting to step out from the crowd — and even saying things for shock value  — but this has got to stop. At a certain point, you will get called on your BS. People who were once in your corner will be forced to distance themselves from you. While the GOP presidential debate brought in huge numbers for FOX News, some believe Trump lost steam with his sexist comments.

Sooner or later, your lack of professionalism will catch up with you. Have you ever been witness to karma coming back on someone in the workplace?

I have.

I can recall this nasty co-worker who was so vile, you had to question whether or not she slept with the boss to get the job. The least social around the office, whenever she did say something, it typically was nothing nice. In fact, she had no problem putting people in their place and giving her two cents where it wasn’t needed. You know how people tell you to stay away from controversial topics like race and religion in the workplace? Yeah, she didn’t really get that memo. I will never forget one argument she had with a colleague about how unfair it was for him to constantly take breaks to pray (he was Muslim) when she wanted to smoke a cigarette.

As you would expect, quite a few people had issues with her behavior and reported her. There were even some who took it upon themselves to challenge her and it didn’t end well. One thing I learned from that experience is to not to stoop to someone’s level. Even if they look like the boss’ pet, sooner or later, they’re gonna get what’s coming to them.

Not only did this woman get fired, but she was practically humiliated when it happened. I guess our manager at the time got tired of hearing the same old stuff before he sent her on her way. “And don’t you think about collecting unemployment!” he shouted. “You’re a** deserves no assistance.” Side note: Guess who took her place? The Muslim she complained about. Smoke on that.

One thing I constantly try to remind myself is the importance of maintaining my professionalism. After all, no one else represents my personal brand but me. Yes, people’s comments can piss me off, but it’s ultimately up to me to do my best and not retaliate…at least not in the public eye (kidding). There really is no point in going toe-to-toe with someone who clearly has lost their mind.

Sometimes it’s best to sit back, relax and enjoy the drama.

Karma Coming Heavy: Kelly Osbourne Asks If Latinos Were Deported Who Will Clean Your Toilets?

August 4th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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kelly osbourne

Giuliana Rancic is somewhere laughing her head off right now. During a recent appearance on “The View,” her former “Fashion Police” co-host Kelly Osbourne put her foot all the way in her mouth in an attempt to scold Donald Trump for his ignorant and racist comments against Latinos in this country.

In a clip that’s already beginning to circulate around the internet, Osbourne said, “If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet Donald Trump.”

With Rosie Perez sitting on the panel, the reaction was swift.

There were moans and groans of disappointment before Osbourne tried to explain: “In the sense that…you know what I mean? What I’m saying is, in L.A., they always…”

But the damage had already been done.

Rosie countered, naturally, that Latinos aren’t the only people who clean toilets in this country.

And Osbourne probably beginning to realize the error in her ways said sympathetically, “No, that’s not what I’m saying.”

Ooo girl. This is a failure of epic portions. It really is all bad.

I’m not going to be quick to write homegirl off as a racist. Buuuuuut, if we were to look at this comment in isolation, it’s racist as all hell. And if I were Osbourne, I would be trying to do some serious soul searching to try and figure out what mental lack would cause me to say something like that. To immediately associate Latinos with cleaning toilets is severely screwed up and I really don’t know what she might have been trying to say with this particular word choice

It’s bad, real bad.

In fact, on the scale of racially offensive, it’s much worse than what Giuliana Rancic said about Zendaya’s faux locs.

As unfortunate as this is for Kelly Osbourne, I can’t help but get a little chuckle out of this because Osbourne represents so many White people in our society. There are quite a few White people who think they get it. They believe they sympathize with minorities, understand White privilege and will even come to the aid of their friends who have been made the pit of some off color joke. But in the right conversation, whether public or private, their own mouths will betray their deepest, truest feelings.

And I’m not saying that as a way to condemn White folks who are trying to do and better.

I see this as karma showing Kelly that while she was so ready to drag Rancic for her comments, there is some work she still has to do for herself.