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“That’s A Dirty A** B***h”: Vivica Fox And Kenya Moore Go At It On “Celebrity Apprentice” Over Phonegate

February 3rd, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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For months we’ve heard about the issues between Kenya Moore and Vivica Fox, but we finally had the chance to see them unfold before us on last night’s episode of “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Moore had to team up with Fox to work on a campaign for King’s Hawaiian Buns, and she was the project manager for Team Vortex. When they went with Moore’s theme that “buns are like butts,” an idea the company was NOT feeling, their team lost the challenge and had to face Donald Trump in the boardroom (Moore, Fox and Geraldo Rivera were specifically put on the spot). Things started out civil between the women, but when Moore tried to claim that Fox wasn’t a team player because she was dealing with menopause, Fox went off.

“That’s a dirty a** b***ch right there.  That’s why I tried to tell you that this child has toxic tendencies. You are just a toxic trick!”

Moore tried to stay above the name calling in front of Donald Trump, but she didn’t have a problem with calling Fox “ghetto”:

“Oh my God, really? This is not the ghetto. Please don’t take it there.”

But Fox was not trying to hear it:

“You’re there, honey. That’s the only place you can be prevalent in, honey. Baby, I’m an international star. You’re a ghetto star. Don’t do that.”

The whole menopause conversation came up because Moore claimed that Fox sent out a tweet saying that she had been “acting a damn fool” because of such a stage in life. But Fox said that her phone went missing for some time, a claim that Rivera backed her up on, and that she never tweeted out anything like that. In fact, Fox says that she rarely tweets in general. It was Fox’s belief that Moore is the one who took her phone and sent the tweet.

After some thought, Donald Trump decided to send Moore home, despite Fox having five different losses in the competition so far, and Moore being pretty successful in the past. It didn’t help that Trump had to ask Moore beforehand, “Why are you so mean to everyone?”

When Moore was sent packing, she tried to pretend like she wanted to extend an olive branch to Fox, but things didn’t go as planned. Fox let her know how she really felt:

“I could care less. Bounce. Trick. She stole my phone. I’m glad they saw you for who the hell you are. Bye, trick.”

Watch the scene in full, starting around the 33 minute mark:

Time for you to figure out, as Fox says, who was “living a lie all day…”

Model Says Donald Trump’s Trump Model Management Owes Her A Ton Of Money

October 21st, 2014 - By Ann Brown
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via YouTube

via YouTube

A model says Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills. A former model for his Trump Model Management claims she was promised an annual salary of $75,000, but got only $3,380.75 for 21 jobs over the course of three years, the Daily News reports. That’s a big difference. That comes to just over $160 per job — pretty low for an agency model.

So Alexia Palmer has filed a federal lawsuit against Trump Model Management, and she is proposing class action. Palmer charges that between January 2011 and December 2013 the agency not only took an agency fee of 20 percent from her modeling income, but made her pay a variety of “obscure expenses” that took the rest of her money, according to court papers.

The agency, which Trump founded in 1999, sent Palmer to a dermatologist and had her take walking lessons, while also deducting expenses for almost everything, from postage fees to makeup kits to limousine rides. Trump attorney Alan Garten, however, claims the facts in the lawsuit were exaggerated.“The complaint is bogus and completely frivolous,” he said.

Palmer, who is of Jamaican heritage, moved to the United States after being promised a guaranteed salary by Trump. At 5-foot 10-inch, Palmer has posed for Chanel and Teen Vogue, among other work. According her lawyer, Naresh Gehi, her rights were “miserably violated.”

“My client should be paid what she was promised,” said Gehi.

“Palmer was reportedly discovered as a high school teen in 2010 when she placed second in Liverpool-based modeling titan Pulse’s 2010 ‘Caribbean Model Search.’ Her images were soon featured throughout London promoting top cosmetic lines, and she scored a shoot for Teen Vogue with members of the cast of the TV hit ‘Glee,'” reports The New York Post.

Carol Alt, Kim Alexis and former Miss Universe and Miss USA Olivia Culpo have been signed to Trump’s agency.

You’re Sued! Donald Trump Hit With $40 Million Lawsuit From New York’s AG Over Educational Program

August 26th, 2013 - By Tonya Garcia
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 Judy Eddy/

Judy Eddy/

Donald Trump has been hit with a $40 million lawsuit, filed by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman over what’s being called a “bait-and-switch” related to “Trump University.” Yes, people were paying money to enroll in an educational program with Donald Trump’s name on it.

And according to the lawsuit, they were paying a lot of money; between $1,475 and $35,000 to attend seminars in which they were to learn how to strike it rich in real estate. However, according to the lawsuit, students didn’t get what was advertised.

According to AG Schneiderman, “Trump University engaged in deception at every stage of consumers’ advancement through costly programs and caused real financial harm. Trump University, with Donald Trump’s knowledge and participation, relied on Trump’s name recognition and celebrity status to take advantage of consumers who believed in the Trump brand.”

Trump, the program and a former president of the program are being charged with fraud, deceptive conduct, and violating consumer protection law, says USA Today. The lawsuit covers the years 2005 to 2011. These three-day seminars ran up such high tabs because of what the program calls “Trump Elite” mentorships that ran into the thousands of dollars.

The lawsuit also alleges that Trump falsely claimed that he “hand-picked” the university’s instructors and that students were promised the chance to meet with Trump but only got pictures with a cardboard cut out instead. More than 5,000 people nationwide signed up for the seminar. About 600 were in New York. Complaints have been filed in New York, Florida, Illinois, and Texas.

In usual Trump fashion, he’s pulled out his bullhorn to blast the AG nonstop, denying the charges but also making personal attacks against Schneiderman. In a Twitter rant that went on for more than an hour this weekend (the lawsuit was filed on Saturday) he called the Attorney General “stupid & ineffective,” “a lightweight” and a “sleazebag.” He and his lawyer also called the lawsuit “extortion,” saying Schneiderman is angry that Trump refused a request for a donation. Trump has given to Schneiderman in the past. Trump also launched a website,, referring to the approval rating that Trump says the program got from students. The site is one huge criticism of Schneiderman.

“[T]he fact that he’s still brave enough to follow the investigation wherever it may lead speaks to Mr. Schneiderman’s character,” said the AG’s spokesperson, Andrew Friedman.

Do you think Trump’s going to have to pay up? And who paid $35K for Trump school?

Only 5’11” And Taller Need Apply: 15 Of The Leggiest Ladies In Hollywood

May 14th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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Some celebrities just tower over the rest. Standing at 5 feet and 11 inches or more, these 15 women command attention whenever they walk into a room.

Kimora Lee Simmons pf


Model turned mogul Kimora Lee Simmons put her stature to good use. Standing at an even six feet, Simmons got her start in modeling early on. By the time she was ten years old, Simmons was 5 feet, 10 inches tall. Her mother enrolled her into modeling classes at the age of 11 and soon after Simmons found herself in Paris. Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, Simmons was picked on because of her ethnicity and height. The 37-year-old mother of three credits modeling with giving her the confidence that she has now: “[Modeling] was a real turning point for me because everything that people considered weird about me before, well, suddenly Karl Lagerfeld said it was OK. He’s one of the biggest names in fashion, so all of a sudden it gave me a validity and introduced me to a whole other world.”

Who Says You Can’t Turn A Side Boo Into A Bride? Celebs Who Married Or Stayed With Their Mistresses

April 29th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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Studies have shown that the chances of an affair turning into a long-lasting relationship are roughly one in 100, but these 15 celebrities have beaten the odds by settling down with their secret lovers. Who’d a thunk it?

"Prince Charles and wife pf"


Prince Charles first met Camilla Parker Bowles in 1970 at a polo match. Though they dated for a little while, both the Prince of Wales and Bowles went on to marry other people. Prince Charles’s fairytale marriage to Princess Diana was thoroughly publicized. So was their divorce and his extramarital affair with Bowles, who he began secretly seeing again in the 80’s. After his divorce was finalized in 1996, Prince Charles and Bowles kept their relationship out of the limelight, finally tying the knot in 2005.

Just The Beginning: Why The Friendship Of Jay-Z And President Obama Might Be Too Much For Both Men

April 12th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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Andres Otero/

Andres Otero/

I had the opportunity to listen to Jay-Z’s “Open Letter” yesterday, and I definitely enjoyed many aspects of it. The beat was dope, the lyrics were witty, and as a hip-hop fan, I found it to be a pretty entertaining response to his critics, which are increasing. They, of course, spent the week on the rapper and Beyoncé’s case for celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary in Cuba with family.

But when he dropped lines like,

Boy from the hood, but got White House clearance

Obama said chill, you gon’ get me impeached/You don’t need this s**t anyway, go chill with me on the beach,”

I thought to myself, “This isn’t going to end well.” A day later, the White House felt the need to make it clear that they had nothing, especially President Obama, to do with the Carters getting clearance from the Treasury Department to vacay in Cuba. There was no conversation about possible impeachment, not even a joke about it–so basically, don’t look at President Obama, because his name is Bennett, and he ain’t in it.

While I could only imagine how amazing it would be to be able to say you are good friends with the President of the United States, it’s becoming clear that it’s not easy. Ever since Jay-Z and Beyoncé started pushing hard for the re-election of President Obama, and the First Family made clear that they were supporters of the couple, they’ve become closer and closer. The Carters hosted an event to raise millions for the Obama re-election campaign late last year, and they definitely did that. Jay-Z performed at a campaign event for the president the day before the election. Beyoncé could be seen all over her Instagram stanning for the president, wearing Obama earrings, Obama shirts and even showing us her early vote through her profile (bad idea). And when you show that kind of support, make it clear in your lyrics that you have “Obama on the text,” and that you take exclusive trips to the White House, a new type of critic is bound to come out that is much worse than folks on “urban” blogs and people who just aren’t fans. They’re like the boogie man, and they’re the Right-Wing nut-jobs searching for a conspiracy in every single thing to make you a target. And that’s what they’ve made Jay and Bey, when five or so years ago, they were just simple entertainers. From the backlash over her lip-synching performance of the “Star Spangled Banner” at the inauguration, to Donald Trump criticizing her performance at the Super Bowl, conservative haters going in about her outfit, Rush Limbaugh trying to mock “support” her song “Bow Down” by tying misogny to it, and now, this Cuba mess, the Carters have a new troll on their backs. We all know a rap song as a response might not be enough to hold them back.

On the other side of the fence, Jigga’s response and the couple’s trip as a whole has already become something of a small annoyance for the president and the White House, with people investigating two grown a** people’s decision to go to Cuba for the purpose of trying to see if the President had something to do with it. His song only made things worse, to the point that a statement had to be made about it all to prove that, look, Barack Obama has more important things to focus on and worry about. Gun control? North Korea anyone?

Who the president associates himself with has always been a target, dating back to Obama needing to separate himself from Rev. Jeremiah Wright when he was vying for a first term, and they were even closer at one time. And Jay doesn’t have a spotless background, what with a past in selling drugs, some episodes of violence, and some very provocative lyrics over the years. Hell, when Bey told “b***hes” to “Bow Down,” even people at my job were wondering if that would reflect well upon the president, because all of a sudden, everything the couple says and does can now affect the Obamas. What’s up with that?? It makes no sense to us, but for the critics, it does.

So while I enjoyed “Open Letter,” for what it was worth, I think it’s best that Jay-Z and Beyoncé go back to doing what they do best–ignoring the criticism like they had done for years, because I can’t say that responding and calling folks in high places out makes things better at this point. And in reality, this is just the beginning. For uber-conservative folks still pissy about Mitt Romney losing last November and making that eight years that Republicans will not have the highest position, the President and anybody that is close to him have become fair game for their bull. So as a man who said, “I Got 99 Problems But Mitt Ain’t One,” and his lady who exclaimed “Take that Mitches” after President Obama’s win on loose-leaf paper, things will probably get worse. But I just hope Jay will do the President a favor and relax on all the name dropping he does of him in his lyrics and in everyday life to prove that he’s come further than anybody ever expected. We get it. You’re cool. No need to gloat about your connections, nor to drag his name in on diss tracks and leave the president and his people trying to fend off all the press that comes with that. Let’s leave him far, far away from that.

Continue doing you, and be ready for whatever lies and drama uber-conseratives, the folks who don’t listen to your music, try to throw your way–ready to “brush your shoulders off” that is. Because that’s just what comes with having a friend who’s the leader of the free world.

The Donald Is Trippin’ Again: According To Trump Beyoncé’s ‘Suggestive’ Halftime Performance Was Scandalous

February 14th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

It’s not surprising at all that big-mouthed billionaire, Donald Trump expressed his opinion on Beyoncé Knowles-Carter’s highly anticipated Super Bowl halftime show performance, as he seems to have no qualms with voicing his unsolicited opinions about any and everything. What was a bit surprising however, was how he felt about the performance. In a February 6th interview with Howard Stern, he expressed that he believed Bey’s performance to be inappropriate, but not before stating how much he likes her husband, Jay-Z.

“I like Jay-Z a lot, but I will tell you this, at the Super Bowl when Beyonce was thrusting her hips forward in a very suggestive manner, if someone else would have done that it would have been a national scandal. I thought it was ridiculous … I thought it was not appropriate.”

He went on to state that he felt as though he was one of few that took notice of her distasteful performance and how he couldn’t understand it because people have been ripped to shreds for less.

“I’ve seen things for far less that people have made a big deal out of, but I haven’t even heard anybody mention it. I think I may be mentioning it now to you for the first time… The way the ‘so and so’ was thrust forward continuously, I was saying “Give me a break”.  There’s been no mention of [her scandalous behavior]. So obviously, it must not have been so bad. She gets a pass.”

Umm, thanks for your two cents Trump.

What do you think of his reaction to Bey’s halftime performance? Did you find it to be inappropriate at all?


Jazmine Denise is a news writer for Madame Noire. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise.

You’re Fired! (Maybe!) NBC Head Says He’s Watching Trump

January 8th, 2013 - By Tonya Garcia
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NBC head Bob Greenblatt addressed Donald Trump’s offensive and downright nonsensical behavior during the Television Critics Association press tour this weekend, warning the blowhard that “if he becomes somehow hurtful and says or does things that cross a line, we would figure out what to do with that.” Hmm… more of a friendly reminder than a strongly-worded caution, but OK.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Greenblatt opened by saying “We live in this country where you can say anything you want as long as you are not harming other people. He has his political belief system but I really don’t think what he’s doing in his personal life is going to corrupt what he’s doing on the show.”

You’ll recall, the “Donald’s” final presidential election stunt was a call on President Obama to produce his birth certificate (again) in exchange for a $5 million charitable donation. That prompted a negative reaction from Barbara Walters, Brian Williams, (possibly) his kids, and the public, among others. Angelo Carusone started a petition to have Macy’s “dump Trump” and his many lines of clothing and accessories because of Trump’s attacks on women, “racially-charged birther conspiracy,” and hypocrisy. Carusone took his protest one step further right before Christmas, sending a mobile billboard to Macy’s headquarters in Cinncinnati to circle the building and call for Trump’s ouster. Macy’s hasn’t reacted besides issuing a lame statement but, at that time, The Hollywood Reporter said 680,000 people had signed the petition.

HuffPo Live commentators say that the warning will not likely amount to anything as long as The Apprentice TV franchise does well in the ratings. But Trump has been noticeably quiet over the past weeks, with only the occasional political tweet about taxes or Chuck Hagel’s nomination for Secretary of Defense. And the fact that Greenblatt talked about it at all means he is listening, if not to the protests then to the celebs who have given Trump the side eye.

Anyone out there plan to watch The Apprentice? Buy Trump items at Macy’s? We’ll take a pass.

NeNe Leakes Confirms That She’s Getting Married, Again, And Talks Donald Trump Claiming He Started Her Career

January 4th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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After 17 years of knowing each other, money coming in and money going, stardom coming for NeNe and sista girl taking the lead in her relationship, and Gregg claiming fame went to her head, things obviously got messy between NeNe and Gregg Leakes. After 13 years of marriage, it seemed the reality TV curse hit and before you knew it, the two were divorcing in 2011. But if you follow Real Housewives of Atlanta, you know that the two have been getting cozy with one another once again. In the latest season, Gregg seems to be head over heels for his ex, and we even had to bear witness to a conversation about whether homeboy loved her or not. Leakes made it known in a recent interview that she felt like Gregg wanted to run around and sow his oats, and once he realized he was missing out on a good thing (her), he came running back. The two are clearly so much in love once again that reports said that Gregg proposed to NeNe, possibly on New Year’s Eve, hoping she would say yes a second time around.

But it wasn’t until an interview on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night that Leakes actually opened up about the proposal, and confirmed that she was indeed going to be a bride once more. When asked if she was engaged, homegirl said, “WELL, a little after midnight, I was asked this beautiful question: ‘Will you marry me–again?'” And of course, she said yes. Looking very cute in her tweed-ish dress on Fallon’s couch, she lit up when talking about Gregg and their romantic New Year’s Eve, which included rose petals on her beach condo floor, as well as strawberries, wine, and a heart made out of stones on their bed. It’s good to see that they’re looking to work things out, but hopefully Gregg will be more secure with NeNe’s fame, because she only seems to be going up from here…Congrats again!

And on a side note, NeNe also chatted with Jimmy about folks like Donald Trump and Andy Cohen coming on his show claiming they started her career and helped to make it what it is now. When Fallon told Leakes about how Trump said such a thing, and then Andy Cohen came on his show claiming that Trump was confused, and that HE made Real Housewives of Atlanta, and in turn, shaped her career, she politely shut all that down. “Well, you know I’m friends with both Andy and Donald Trump, I’ve worked with Donald for a long time and I’ve obviously worked with Andy Cohen, but uh, NeNe Leakes started NeNe Leakes’ career.” Well, if you didn’t know, now you know!

Check out video below of her conversation with Jimmy and let us know what you think below!

Scandals Of The Vanilla Sort: Celebrities Who’ve Built Their Careers On Controversy

November 28th, 2012 - By Kendra Koger
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I used to wonder why people would go on a reality show with the attempt of progressing their careers.  It just didn’t seem to make sense to me, but when you look at some celebrities, controversy would be the thing to not only build their career, but would also define it.  Now there’s a difference of people who have been in controversial situations, and people who have used it to create or maintain their status in public appearance.  We’re discussing the latter.  Here is a list of famous people who seem to let their infamous behaviors open doors for them.