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Judge Revokes Probation & Issues Warrant For CSI Actor Gary Dourdan’s Arrest

June 13th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Well, it looks like former “CSI” actor Gary Dourdan is in hot water again. According to TMZ, a judge recently issued a bench warrant for the troubled actor’s arrest.

The warrant was issued after Gary was scheduled to appear for a progress hearing and pulled a no-show. In addition to issuing the arrest warrant, the judge also revoked his probation.

As you may recall, Gary was sentenced to five years probation in 2012 after allegedly breaking his ex-girlfriend’s nose during a 2011 domestic violence incident. Along with his probation sentence, Gary was ordered to complete 52 weeks of domestic violence counseling and to stay away from the alleged victim for five years.

Representatives on behalf of Gary have yet to comment on this new warrant.

Columbus Short Laughs Off Questions About Domestic Violence Hearing With O.J. Simpson Joke

June 10th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

So it looks like Columbus Short was serious about delving into the world of stand-up comedy and apparently, he’s taking the Kevin-Hart-laugh-at-my-pain route. TMZ caught up with the troubled actor the day before he was scheduled to appear in court for a hearing regarding those domestic violence charges.  When asked by the cameraman about his expectations for the hearing, he dropped an O.J. Simpson joke…

“If the glove don’t fit, they must acquit! That’s all I got.”

Probably not the best time to make a joke like that, but okay. He didn’t have much to say about how the infamous O.J. Simpson trial transformed media involvement in criminal investigations involving celebrities, but he did discuss the hearing a little bit more.

“I just know that tomorrow we’ll go in there, we’ll knock it out and go back to work.

Switching gears, Columbus also discussed the possibility of returning to “Scandal” if he’s proven innocent in upcoming court proceedings.

“I mean, tomorrow’s never promised. Anything can happen. That’s my family, forever and always.”

The hearing took place on Monday. So far, there has been no word on what became of it. But we will continue to keep you posted as new details emerge.

Watch Columbus’ interview below. Are you interested in seeing him return to “Scandal” at this point or are you already over him being let go?

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‘Notorious’ Star Jamal Woolard Arrested For Allegedly Choking Wife

June 10th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

“Notorious” actor Jamal Woolard is starring in a real-life drama of his own. According to TMZ, the 38-year-old was arrested on Saturday night after getting into a physical altercation with his wife, Trina Alisha Woolard. Police reports reveal that the fight began after Jamal confronted Trina over the way that she was scolding their daughter. The argument escalated and Trina says that Jamal grabbed her by her throat, slammed her against a wall and told her, “Get the f**k off of my daughter!”

According to the police report, Trina’s 15-year-old son tried to break up the fight after he heard his mother “making choking sounds.” He confronted his stepfather and said, “F*** you n****, I’m tired of you disrespecting my mom.” The teen eventually backed off and called 911 after being instructed to do so by his mother.

“My stepdad, he hit my mom and he’s acting crazy so my mom wanted me to call the police,” the boy can be heard telling the 911 operator in audio recovered by TMZ.

Officers say that when they arrived at the couple’s Snellville, Georgia residence, broken furniture was scattered throughout the house. In an interview with investigators, Jamal explained that he’s very protective of his daughter because he loves her more than his wife. Jamal was taken to the station, booked and arrested on for battery and child cruelty because the acts were committed in front of the children. He has also been ordered to stay away from Trina and the kids.

Listen to the 911 call below.

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Columbus Short Repeatedly Violated Restraining Order, Says Wife

May 21st, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Columbus Short and his estranged wife, Tanee McCall-Short, appeared in court earlier today, where she accused the former “Scandal” actor of violating their temporary restraining order six times, TMZ reports.

According to Tanee, Columbus continued to contact her, although it’s prohibited by the temporary protective order. As you may recall, she also accused him of breaking into their home and ransacking it. Instead of requesting that the actor be held in contempt because of the alleged violations, Tanee’s attorney simply requested that the temporary order be made permanent. The judge is reportedly still contemplating this request, but in the meantime, extended the restraining order to July 30.

Last month, the troubled star and his wife made headlines after she filed for divorce for a third time and accused him of threatening to kill her.

“He pinned me on the couch and began to choke me,” she alleged in her protective order request. “He placed the knife close to my neck and threatened to kill me and then kill himself. He insisted that we play a game he called ‘Truth or Truth’ and told me if I lied to him he was going to stab me in the leg.”

“He started randomly listing names of people we knew and accused me of having an affair,” her allegation continued. “I denied his accusations each time … after each denial he stabbed the couch next to where I was or stabbed other nearby furniture. He placed the knife next to my throat two more times and again threatened to kill both of us.”


Ray Rice Avoids Serving Jail Time

May 21st, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

As many have predicted, Ray Rice has dodged jail time stemming from his felony aggravated assault case. According to Press of Atlantic City, the Baltimore Ravens running back has been admitted into a pretrial intervention program, which helped him to avoid prosecution and any potential jail time that he may have faced for allegedly attacking then-fiancée (now-wife), Janay Rice.

The Atlantic City Prosecutors Office approved Rice’s acceptance into the program on Monday and Superior Court Judge Michael Doino signed off on it yesterday. If Rice successfully completes the program, which is expected to be at least one year-long, the third-degree aggravated assault charge, which was brought against him as a result of the alleged attack, will be dismissed.

“This decision was arrived at after careful consideration of the information contained in Mr. Rice’s application in light of all of the facts gathered during the investigation,” acting Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain said Tuesday.

“After considering all relevant information in light of applicable law, it was determined that this was the appropriate disposition.”

Rice’s attorney Michael Diamondstein adds that the Ravens star is happy that he was accepted into the program.

“We agree with the prosecutors and the court that, as a matter of law, placing Mr. Rice in PTI was the correct decision,” said Diamondstein.

“We were concerned that Mr. Rice would be treated more harshly because of his celebrity status,” Diamondstein continued. “We are thankful that he was not. We are thankful that he was given the same treatment as anyone else in a similar situation.”

Specific details regarding Rice’s pretrial intervention program have not been made public, but according to POAC, each program is tailored to the defendant. Rice’s particular program will likely include anger management courses, as that was said to be a part of his plea offer. Rice’s lawyer previously revealed that the couple was also in counseling.

“I’m pleased that Mr. and Mrs. Rice can begin their married lives with a fresh start and a bright future,” said Robert Gamburg, Janay Rice’s attorney.

“They both are looking forward to putting this behind them,” adds Diamondstein.

A court date regarding the case, which was originally set for May 29, has been canceled. If Rice successfully completes the program, he will not have to return to court again regarding this matter.

“I’m Surprised Jay-Z Didn’t Hit Her Back” When Is It Ever Okay For A Man To Hit A Woman?

May 14th, 2014 - By Brooke Dean
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Certainly by now you’ve seen the viral video of Jay-Z being attacked by his wife Beyonce’s sister Solange. While it’s impossible to know what could have sparked the attack, one comment I heard over and over again was “I’m surprised Jay-Z didn’t hit her back.” It’s funny, because I would have been surprised if he did hit her back.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s okay for women to beat on men. But what I am saying is I don’t think it’s okay for anyone to hit anyone. Period. So the question is, is it ever okay for a man to hit a woman?

In the case of self-defense –- absolutely. And some could argue that Jay-Z would have been well within his rights to strike Solange back, given the whooping she was trying to give him. However, his life wasn’t in imminent danger and there was a bodyguard there, so there was no reason for him to hit her back. Add to that he’s an adult with self-control who respects himself and his wife enough to exercise some restraint and the argument ends there. If he had struck her, I would have been disappointed in him.

As the mother of a son, I plan to teach him not to hit any little girls who try to test him at the playground. But I also plan to teach him to defend himself against any boy that hits him. Is that a double standard? I guess you can say he should hit anyone back who hits him first, boy or girl, but violence against women is something I don’t want ingrained in my son’s psyche. If you give a boy the go-ahead to hit a girl from a young age, it could develop into domestic abuse where he feels it’s justified. Instead, I plan to teach him to trust his instincts and to recognize when he’s in real danger. After all, women can be just as vicious and ferocious as animals when it comes to violence, so if a woman is threatening him with a weapon or she’s just lost her damn mind, then by all means, restrain her and defend yourself if your life depends on it. But if she’s just popping off, then walk away. And I’d give him the same advice if the person provoking him were a male.

Because some don’t want to raise our boys to be “punks” we fail them when it comes to teaching them responsibility when it comes to conflict. Violence shouldn’t be synonymous with masculinity. It shouldn’t be something boys and men are associated with. When I hear the saying, “if she wants to be treated like a man, she should take her butt-whooping like a man” it tells me we’re sending the message that fighting and being beaten is something that boys do and that a boy’s manhood is tied to his ability to use his fists. True men know when to walk away. They have a responsibility to themselves to avoid situations where they feel they might be in danger of fighting someone –- male or female. I plan to teach my son to remove himself from a woman’s company if she makes him so angry that he feels he needs to resort to violence. I want to teach him discipline, self-control and integrity.

That said, it’s never okay for anyone to hit anyone, no matter the gender — whether we feel it’s justified or not. We’ll never know what set Solange off, but does it really matter? Whether he said something she didn’t like or if she was defending her sister’s honor, there was no reason for her to lay hands on him. Women need to understand that not all men have as much self-control as Jay-Z. If I ever raise my hand to strike someone first, I’d fully expect them to retaliate, man or woman. Since not all men are raised to believe that there’s never a reason to hit a woman, it’s best for everyone if they just kept their hands to themselves.

Straight From His Mouth: How Men Handle Domestic Violence

May 12th, 2014 - By RealGoesRight
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Domestic Violence

Source: Shutterstock

When I think about lessons regarding domestic violence in my life, the lessons have never really extended past, “don’t hit girls.” From a very early age I was taught that boys weren’t ever supposed to hit girls, no matter the situation. If I was attacked by a girl, I was supposed to either walk away or try to physically restrain her as best as I could. Because boys are stronger than girls, and by extension men are stronger than women, it was told that I could assume the brunt of the abuse: “Girls can’t hurt boys if they hit them the same way a boy can hurt a girl if he hits her.” I find this to be a common lesson shared amongst boys and men alike, which then takes on the unfortunate state of events that boys and men somehow can’t be victims of domestic abuse.  To say this logic is both faulty and problematic would be an understatement.

In 2010, Dennis Campbell of The Guardian (UK) reported more than 40% of men are victims of domestic abuse: “Men assaulted by their partners are often ignored by police, see their attacker go free and have far fewer refuges to flee to than women.” The article also went on to say “men are often treated as ‘second-class victims’ and that many police forces and councils do not take them seriously. Male victims are almost invisible to the authorities such as the police, who rarely can be prevailed upon to take the man’s side…” When discussing some of the politics associated with male victims of domestic violence, Campbell wrote “culturally it’s difficult for men to bring these incidents to the attention of the authorities. Men are reluctant to say that they’ve been abused by women, because it’s seen as unmanly and weak.”

Before I expand on the last point about the cultural reasons why men suffer from domestic violence but don’t report it, I wanted to take a minute to speak on the definition of domestic violence itself. When I was growing up, I only thought of domestic violence as actual physical violence. I attribute my understanding of that narrow definition because of how it’s portrayed in the media. When shown via various media such as TV, movies, music videos, etc., domestic violence is shown as a show of force on a man to a woman or a woman to a man. What often gets left out is the psychological and emotional abuse that’s being suffered. I never pictured domestic violence to be a woman who verbally abuses her man or that hiding car keys and money to put someone in a position of powerlessness would qualify as abuse as well. Again, the examples of domestic violence were limited to only hitting and I’m sure it’s probably thought of in that manner by the majority of boys and men.

With that said, I think our cultural norms have plenty to do with why domestic violence goes so underreported for men. It’s widely viewed that men lack emotions and women are full of them, so if a man comes and says a woman is constantly and intentionally inflicting emotional harm on him, he’s likely to simply be told to toughen up. I can’t think of any man who wants to be seen as if he’s weak or that he’s being overpowered by a woman in any way, so rather than reporting women for the same sort of behaviors a woman would report a man for, he’s forced with the hard choice of either being ridiculed by his peers or to grin and bear the brunt of the abuse. It creates an uncomfortable situation where men feel they have nowhere to turn, and much like women in the same situation, men become depressed and socially withdrawn to the point of depression and suicidal thoughts. Greater education on what constitutes domestic violence and a more understanding attitude that domestic violence is gender specific would likely do a world of good and spawn  an increase in men’s reporting of these situations. Society has yet to be more understanding of the conundrum men face in domestic violence situations and unfortunately, that plays a reason in why it goes underreported in men. It’d behoove everybody involved if we stripped away the gender biases and understood that men, too, can be abused by women.


The-Dream Turns Himself In To NYPD Following Ex-Girlfriend’s Domestic Violence Allegations

May 7th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Last week, we told you producer Terius “The-Dream” Nash had been accused of strangling, punching and kicking his son’s mother, Lydia Nam, during her pregnancy. In case you missed it, Nam alleges that the assault occurred back in April of 2013 at the Plaza Hotel in New York City—just three months before she was scheduled to give birth to their son.

In response to the allegations, the hip hop producer turned himself in to the New York City Police Department earlier today, the Los Angeles Times reports. He has officially been charged with felony assault and strangulation charges.

“Dream voluntarily surrendered to the Midtown North Precinct this morning in order to responsibly address the false allegations filed against him by Lydia Nam,” a representative for the “Shawty Is A 10″ singer said in an issued statement earlier today. “He is innocent of the charges filed against him today, and we are confident that when this case is concluded and all the evidence has been reviewed, it will be clear that he is innocent.”

In addition to the April 2013 incident, Nash and Nam were also previously involved in a domestic dispute in Newport Beach, CA. However, Nam refused to press charges, so the case was dropped.

We will continue to keep you posted as this story develops.

Does This Prove Anything? Columbus Short Records Video Of Wife Fighting His Female Friend

May 3rd, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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violent video of tanee mccall short


Columbus Short may be hoping to prove a point with evidence that he isn’t the only one who has anger issues in his marriage. Short recently lost his starring role on the hit drama “Scandal” after being arrested for assaulting his estranged wife, Tanee in front of their children. Tanee alleges that the 31 year-old actor held a knife to her throat, choked her and threatened to kill her. She filed a restraining order against him in early April.

Well now there’s evidence that he isn’t the only violent one in this troubled union. Short was arrested for a domestic violence incident that happened in his home on February 18th. After bailing out of jail the next day, he asked his friend, Tilly Key to come pick him up from his house. Tanee apparently went ballistic when she saw Key was at the house and attacked her.

Key approached TMZ with video of the attack to prove Tanee is violent and threatened her life. She also says she suffered from a cervical sprain, multiple bruises, as well as a lumber strain and sprain.

We think all this proves is that the couple is obviously toxic for each other and need to get their act together for the sake of their children. We don’t defend violence in anyway, but did Short really just call another woman to come to the home he shared with his wife to pick him up? Were he or Key really all that surprised when Tanee flipped out? You couldn’t call a male friend, dude? Check out the video courtesy of TMZ below.  We warn you, it’s not pretty:

Ray Rice Pleads Not Guilty To Assault Charges

May 1st, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Over two months ago, we told you about an altercation that occurred between Ray Rice and then-fiancée, Janay Palmer. As you may recall, both Janay and Ray were arrested at the Revel Casino this past Valentine’s weekend, after the two reportedly attacked each other. Days later, footage from that night leaked to media outlets in which Ray could be seen dragging an unconcious Janay out of a hotel elevator.

After reviewing evidence, a grand jury indicted the Baltimore Ravens running back on aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury charges. He entered a not guilty plea earlier today, the New York Daily News reports.

The 27-year-old athlete appeared in a New Jersey courtroom accompanied by now-wife, Janay, and applied for New Jersey’s pretrial intervention program, which grants first-time offenders the opportunity to have charges dismissed after participating in and meeting certain requirements of the program. It’s up to the county prosecutor to determine whether or not the former Rutgers star will be admitted into the program. Either way, prosecutors are offering Ray a plea bargain that will spare him from having to serve any actual jail time. The deal would require him to attend anger management courses.

When confronted by reporters as he strolled into the courthouse hand-in-hand with Janay, Ray expressed that he is a “happy father and a happy husband.”

As you may recall, the newlyweds got married the day after Ray was indicted one month ago.