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“I’m Really Not Supposed To Be Here…” Kenya Moore Recalls Her Abusive Relationship

November 13th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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 Kenya Moore Recalls Her Abusive Relationship


After the whole melee with Porsha and Kenya from last year’s reunion, Kenya compared that hair pulling incident to a man beating his wife. While that might have been a little extreme, in an interview with theGrio, Kenya explained why she was so sensitive to Porsha’s attack.

It actually triggered memories of an abusive relationship from her past.

“I was really young. I was in high school, and I was dating a much older man. He was every bit of what you would think an abuser would be. He tormented me physically, mentally and once even nearly killed me by putting me into the hospital from stabbing me with a finger nail file.” 

“I lived through that very early on and I feel actually blessed because I did go through it so young and I know the signs to look out for with the men that i’m dating now. And whenever I see a hint of it, I don’t choose to be with that person because I know what it looks like.”

When asked what she would tell other women who may find themselves in a similar situation, Kenya said:

“Love is not someone who will hit you, someone who will talk down to you, someone who controls you, someone who doesn’t allow you to be with your friends, someone who wants to be every part of your life, that’s not love. And my advice would be if they are experiencing that, then they need to tell someone, they need to confide in someone that can help them.”

She also expressed that she wished she had taken her own advice as a teenager.

“I wish I had told another man that it was happening to me because I feel like a man would not stand for it on any level, to see a young woman being abused in that way. So I would say, try to stop seeing that person, get help, counseling yourself, which I had to do. And also, tell someone. 

I’m blessed. I’ve had a lot of things to overcome in my life and I just feel blessed that I am here. I’m really not supposed to be here…but I’m here.”

The Questionable Behavior Of Male Celebrities And Female Fans’ Tradition Of Forgiveness

November 13th, 2014 - By Nicole Akoukou Thompson
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"R. Kelly pf"



Bill Cosby, R.Kelly, Chuck Berry, Ray Rice, Michael Jackson, Tupac, Dr. Dre and Chris Brown have all been accused or found guilty of sexual misconduct or physical violence against women and/or children. Yet most, if not all of these men, continue to have a devoted fan base, and many of the people who admire them are women.

To this day, Bill Cosby is considered one of the most valued men to ever grace the small screen thanks to his role as Heathcliff Huxtable on “The Cosby Show.” This is true despite numerous accusations of rape. Chris Brown continues to have millions of fans who sing his songs and declare themselves #TeamBreezy, many of them young girls and women, even though he battered longtime girlfriend and fellow pop star, Rihanna. Ray Rice knocked his then-fiancée (now wife) out on camera and Baltimore Ravens fans still clamored to defend him to get him back on the field. Women who were fans told reporters, “I absolutely 100% support him.”

So, how do we, as fans, cope with the disgusting behaviors of those in the media who we are fans of and/or glorify? And when do we transition from cheek-turning consumer to apologist? That’s a big question for anyone who’s ever embraced “Bad” or “P.Y.T.” as a personal anthem. Rather than immediately questioning Michael Jackson’s colorful and odd behavior when allegations came out about him, fans determined that the child who slept in Jackson’s bed was lying and that his family was trying to extort the singer. The public questioned, “Who would let their child sleep in bed with a grown man?” Yes, many fans were hopeful believers in the King of Pop and dismissive of the boy, and to this day, those parts of his past are ignored by those who have known and loved Jackson since they were young.

As a rambunctious adolescent, I happily blasted “Dead Wrong” by the Notorious B.I.G. on my Sony Walkman (the portable anti-skip CD player kind), so much so that I wasn’t fully taking in the problematic lyrics that people pointed out to me. I tried to quickly rationalize the song, claiming that “He probably doesn’t believe a word that he’s saying.” And I’ve made similar excuses for other artists, actors and athletes, but I’m starting to feel a way about it…

And the reason why I can not blindly consume certain media like I used to is because I realize that everything we take in affects us. And while I know that “Dead Wrong” has been a favorite of mine in the past, I have to remind myself that problematic music simply isn’t palatable for me, as a woman or a feminist. That music looks to undermine me via content that is often hateful, misogynistic and homophobic at times. Even without content that is abrasive, such as those delivered by the late Notorious B.I.G., I continue to be offended by artists and actors I once revered, who I’ve realized often exhibited, or still exhibit f’ed up behavior. And no matter how lovable the Huxtables still are, I can’t continue to endorse a man who’s been accused of violating women over and over again.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to pay for or entertain anti-woman behavior anymore, which is what I’m doing when I pay for the products and/or art of celebrities whose values don’t align with mine. I don’t want to negotiate away that part of my awareness, but, that’s just me. Ultimately, it’s a personal decision. If you can comfortably listen to Dr. Dre, knowing that he once violently attacked a woman and then bragged about it, then do you. But for me, I feel that I’m condoning that behavior each time I bounce my head to any of Dr. Dre’s music or I look to buy one of his overpriced products. Others may not feel that way, which I can respect.

Guilt isn’t the goal here either. Listen to and watch your stars proudly, understand the messages that they’re trying to convey and recognize that while some content or conduct is product of a facade, a lot of it isn’t.

All things considered, I’ve only mentioned black male celebrities in this article, but there are PLENTY of women, as well as non-black artists and entertainers, who betray women with their actions and words, and real dialogue should take place regarding their place in our lives.

“I Ask That My Privacy Be Respected”: “LHHH” Star Masika Tucker Speaks Out For First Time Since Attack By Yung Berg

November 10th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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  “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” personality Masika Tucker was attacked last week by co-star and boyfriend Yung Berg, aka, Christian Ward. Allegations came out that out that the rapper got pissed off because his credit card didn’t go through when they went out for dinner after the reunion taping. According to the police report,  when she confronted him in their hotel about acting a donkey, Berg “allegedly grabbed her by the neck, threw her to the ground and dragged her by her hair” and “hit her in the face.” After initially being charged with “obstruction of breathing,” that charge has been dropped, and the rapper has since been charged with three counts of assault and one count of harassment. And on top of that, he has been fired from his short-lived gig on the reality show.

While both Ward and Tucker have been quiet about what happened, she is finally speaking out, if only to ask for her privacy to be respected.


I can’t say thank you enough for the love and support I’ve received. And thank you for respecting my privacy moving forward…


A photo posted by Masika Kalysha (@masikakalysha) on

And while people on her page scoffed at a reality star who exposes her business for money asking for privacy, this whole situation did occur in her private life, and it’s not a simple and silly reality TV storyline–it’s domestic violence.

What do you think of her statements?

Exclusive: Hazel-E Isn’t Surprised By Yung Berg’s Alleged Altercation With Masika; Says He’s Been Aggressive With Her In The Past

November 5th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Earlier today, it was revealed that Yung Berg was arrested for allegedly attacking his girlfriend, “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” co-star Masika Tucker. Moments ago, we were able to catch up with Hazel-E, who is an ex-lover and co-star of the rapper as well. Apparently, she found out about the alleged fight just like everyone else did.

“I read the reports and I have no clue what’s going on. That’s not my business or my problem.”

Interestingly, Hazel doesn’t seem too surprised by the accusations, as Berg has behaved aggressively towards her in the past as well.

“I mean, as you see in episode six, there was an altercation with us in the car and you see that he didn’t, you know, restrain me or walk away. He definitely engaged back with me in that car scene and dumped my purse all over the street.

So you know, with my experience with him in that scene alone, I felt like you never defended yourself when you got your chain snatched or when you got hit in the back of your head, but you were ready to tussle with me in the vehicle. It raises an eyebrow for me.”

As previously reported, a source close to the situation is alleging that Masika and Berg’s fight occurred after his credit card was declined during a night of partying.

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Friend Of Masika Claims Berg’s Bad Credit Triggered Fight

November 5th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

Earlier today, we told you that Yung Berg was arrested for allegedly attacking his girlfriend and co-star, Masika Tucker. Now, a friend of the video vixen is claiming to have knowledge of their fight.

According to TMZ, Masika’s friend is insisting that the fight began over a declined credit card. The way that the story is being told, the two were partying and drinking together after filming for the “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” reunion show in New York City. Towards the end of the night, Berg went to pay his bill and allegedly got upset because his card was declined. The friend claims Berg became really upset and stormed out of the venue.

Masika reportedly picked up the tab and then went to find him at the Gershwin Hotel where they were staying. Apparently, she confronted him about leaving her, which reportedly resulted in a major blow up and Berg allegedly attacking her. The source claims that Berg grabbed Masika by her neck, threw her onto the bed and then dragged her out of the hotel room by her hair.

Allegedly, Masika is already defending her boyfriend’s actions, insisting that violence is totally out of character for him and that she believes the alcohol is what caused him to snap.

Masika’s reps have declined to comment on the incident.

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Yung Berg Arrested For Allegedly Beating His Girlfriend

November 5th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Update 9:36 a.m.: According to Page Six, Berg’s co-star and girlfriend,  Masika Tucker, was the target of his alleged attack. The two were reportedly sharing a hotel room at the Gershwin. It’s still unclear what they were fighting about.


Another “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star is making headlines for being violent towards women.

According to TMZ, Yung Berg aka Christian Ward was arrested early Wednesday morning for allegedly attacking his girlfriend. Officers were called to the Gershwin Hotel in New York City after the pair’s disagreement became violent. It’s currently unclear what the two were arguing about, but Berg allegedly grabbed her by the neck, threw her to the ground and dragged her by her hair. A police report also claims that he hit her in the face.

When officers arrived on the scene, the victim had visible bruises and complained about being in pain. The identity of the woman has not been disclosed, but the “Sexy Lady” rapper has been publicly dating cast member Masika Tucker. Several “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” cast members are currently in New York and judging by Berg’s Instagram page, he and Masika were together last night.

Berg has been charged with “criminal obstruction of breathing.”

A photo posted by Yung Berg (@hitmaka) on

A photo posted by Masika Kalysha (@masikakalysha) on

We will continue to keep you posted as new details emerge.

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Adrian Peterson Accepts Plea Deal, Avoids Prison Time

November 4th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

A plea deal has been reached in the Adrian Peterson child abuse case, ESPN reports.

The NFL star pleaded no contest to one count of reckless misdemeanor assault, as opposed to the felony child abuse charge that was brought against him. According to NBC Sports’ Pro Football Talk, Peterson’s plea “will not include reference to family violence or violence against a minor.” Per the agreement, which has been accepted by Judge Kelly Case, Peterson will also be required to pay a $4,000 fine, perform 80 hours of community service and report to a probation officer.

“I’m just glad this is over,” Peterson said shortly after the plea deal was announced. “I can put this behind me, and me and my family can move forward.”

“I truly regret this incident,” he continued. “I take full responsibility for my actions. I love my son more than anyone you could even imagine, and I’m anxious to continue my relationship with my child.”

It’s currently unclear if the NFL will impose a longer suspension on Peterson, as he has already missed eight games of the current season with pay. However, a rep for the league says that the NFL has no timetable for determining how much longer Peterson’s suspension will last.

“We will review the court documents,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told Pro Football Talk via email. “We cannot speculate on a timetable for a decision.”

The Vikings return to the field next week, so a decision will have to be reached by then because ultimately, even no decision will still extend Peterson’s suspension in a way. Hopefully the league has spent some time thinking about how they will handle this situation or they may have another PR crisis on their hands.

Actress Debbi Morgan Opens Up About Overcoming Domestic Violence: “I Was Always Smiling And Acting Like I Was Happy”

November 3rd, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Though sensationalized headlines regarding domestic violence have quickly begun to fade, the issue of abuse in American households still remains. While it may not be as much of a hot-button topic as it was just a few months ago, “Power” actress Debbi Morgan is still working hard to shed light on the prevalent issue through her memoir and one-woman stage play, The Monkey On My Back. Check out some highlights from her chat with News One’s Roland Martin below.

On her one-woman show and memoir, The Monkey On My Back:

“It’s based on three generations of women growing up and living with domestic violence; starting with my grandmother, my mother and myself. We know that this is a huge, horrific issue in this country right now…globally, really.

On how acting helped to mask the abuse:

“I’ve been acting since I was sixteen years old and it really helped me quite well because I could use all of my acting skills to sort of hide behind this mask. I was always smiling and acting like I was happy and full of joy. I was hiding behind this mask with so much insecurity, humiliation, pain, fear.

On growing up seeing her father abuse her mother:

“I was a child of domestic violence and listening to my father’s loud, abusive rhetoric permeating throughout the apartment, furniture being knocked over, glass shattering, my mother’s blood-curling screams, were probably always being ingrained in the crevices of my soul for a very long time.”

“I think so much attention is paid to the abuser and the abused—you know, the woman, and in many cases, the man. But I don’t think enough attention is paid to the children. For me, growing up in that fear, it dictated so many of the choices that I made in my own life. It nearly rendered me incapable of stopping the cycle of abuse in my own life.”

On how the abuse manifested in her life: 

“I was a victim of bullying. I went through physical and emotional abuse at the hands of a teenage boyfriend. I suffered severe emotional abuse by three of my four husbands. I was just caught in this cycle. I mean, spinning like a washing machine.”

Listen to Debbi’s full interview here.

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Gospel Artist James Fortune Accused Of Striking Wife With Bar Stool

October 31st, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News, Instagram

Splash News, Instagram

Earlier this week, we told you that gospel recording artist James Fortune had been arrested for allegedly assaulting a family member. It’s now being alleged that said family member is his wife, Cheryl Fortune. According to My Fox Houston, attorney Toni Jones, who represents Roger Davenport, the biological father of James’ stepson, is claiming that James struck Cheryl with a bar stool.

“He’s been charged with aggravated assault of a family member with a deadly weapon. And I believe that weapon is being alleged as a bar stool,” Toni said. “I believe the Stafford PD were concerned at the time of the investigation interviewing her that possibly her leg or her pelvis may have been fractured or broken.”

In addition to stepchildren, James and Cheryl have three children together.

“The most serious thing that could happen and we’ve seen this happen before is Mrs. Fortune or those children could end up dead,” Toni added.

Sadly, if these accusations are true, this isn’t the only time James has been violent with his family. He was previously sentenced to six years of deferred adjudication for placing his then 4-year-old stepson in scolding hot water as a form of punishment.

James was released on $20,000 bond. If convicted, he could potentially face up to 15 years behind bars.

Meagan Good, Chad Coleman To Star In Law & Order: SVU Episode On Domestic Violence

October 22nd, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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SVU Episode On Domestic Violence

Source: WENN

Domestic violence has once again become a hot button issue and “Law & Order: SVU” is tackling it head on with another episode “ripped from the headlines” portraying the intricacies of these situations which happen more often than most of us care to admit.

“The Walking Dead’s” Chad Coleman and Meagan Good are slated to guest star on the Nov. 19 airing titled “Spousal Privilege.” In the episode, Coleman plays an ex-sports star turned reporter accused of assaulting his girlfriend (Good). A press release notes that “Despite photographic evidence of the abuse, the case becomes complicated when the couple tries to keep the charges under the radar.” Sound familiar?

Executive Producer Warren Leight said of the episode:

“Domestic violence, with a push from Mariska Hargitay’s NO MORE campaign (, has recently sparked a long-needed national dialogue. ‘Spousal Privilege’ explores the personal and legal complexities of this intractable problem. We are thrilled that Chad and Meagan are joining us to take on this challenging episode.”

We’re thrilled “Law & Order: SVU” is shedding light on a major issue so often swept underneath the rug, especially in the world of sports. What do you think? Will you tune in?