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“Now Mommy, You’re Free:” 14-Year-Old Girl Facing Murder Charge For Killing Allegedly Abusive Father

August 8th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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Bresha Meadows


Domestic violence cases are never quite open and shut, but the circumstances regarding Jonathan Meadows, his wife Brandi, and their daughter Bresha are especially complicated. Bresha is facing a charge of aggravated murder after killing her father for allegedly abusing her mother for years.

According to Fox 8, Bresha is accused of shooting her 41-year-old father in their Warren, Ohio, home on July 28. As WKBN reported, “Brandi called police about 3:46 am to say her daughter shot her husband in the head. Meadows later died as a result of his injury.”

Two months prior, Bresha’s grades reportedly began to drop in school and she’d also run away from home. When she was found, she told authorities she lived in fear for her life, according to a police report filed in May. Now the 14 year old sits in a juvenile detention center after entering a plea of “not true” (the equivalent of “not guilty” in juvenile court).

Jonathan’s history of abuse is somewhat documented as well. In 2011, Brandi filed for a civil domestic violence protection order against her now-deceased husband, saying he’d threatened to kill her and their three children.

“In the 17 years of our marriage, he has cut me, broke my ribs, fingers, the blood vessels in my hand, my mouth, blackened my eyes. I believe my nose was broken,” she wrote, according to The Huffington Post. “If he finds us, I am 100 percent sure he will kill me and the children … My life is like living in a box he created for me, and if I stepped out of that box, he’s there to put me back in that box.”

Brandi later dropped the charges after she and Jonathan reconciled, however, and he was never convicted of domestic violence. Bresha’s aunt Sheri Latessa has also come forward to detail the horror Jonathan put his family through and how Bresha simply wanted to end her mother’s pain, telling WKBN when it was over Bresha said, “Now mommy, you’re free.”

“[Bresha] did it for her mother. She definitely did it for her mother. They’ve all been through it, and nobody in that county would help, that we called, would do anything. She told on him, and nobody would do anything. She did what she was supposed to do, and nobody helped her.”

Bresha is said to have used the very gun her father had threatened her and her mother with over the years in the shooting. Though the gun was Jonathan’s it was registered in Brandi’s name because he was a convicted felon and thus not allowed to have a weapon. Brandi told Fox 8 of the tragic ordeal:

“[Bresha] is my hero; I wasn’t strong enough to get out and she helped me. I am so sorry she had to go through this. She is my hero. She helped me; she helped all of us so we could have a better life.”

Bresha Meadows is due back in court at the end of August. A Go Fund Me page account has been created to help pay for her defense.

Joyce Quaweay, A 24-Year-Old Mother of Two, Beaten To Death For Not Being Submissive Enough

August 3rd, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Facebook/Mugshots

Source: Facebook/Mugshots

Joyce Quaweay’s last moments on earth were spent at the tortuous hands of her boyfriend and his friend. Handcuffed, she was beaten to death with fists and a police baton.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Quaweay shared a home with her 47-year-old boyfriend, Aaron Wright, his friend and co-conspirator 41-year-old Marquis Robinson and Robinson’s girlfriend. Robinson worked as a police officer at Temple University while Wright was dismissed from the force in 2012.

Four children were at the home during the time of Quaeway’s death.

Wright has been charged with murder, aggravated assault, unlawful restraint, conspiracy to commit murder and abuse of a corpse. Robinson is charged with conspiracy to commit murder, aggravated assault and abuse of a corpse.

Homicide Captain James Clark said that Wright was “extremely controlling” and became upset with Quaweay because she wasn’t submissive enough.

Both Wright and Robinson stripped Quaweay naked, handcuffed her to a bench. Wright beat her while Robinson contorted her body so Wright could strike her multiple times.

Clark said, “He felt like she would not submit to his authority and this was his way of punishing her to try to break her.”

Sadly, Quaweay’s abuse was witnessed by her two daughters, ages 10 months and 2-years-old. Wright’s two other children, who are around the ages of 8 and 10, also watched.

According to police, the men continued to beat Quaweay even after she died.

Robinson’s girlfriend walked in during the beating and called 911 at around 10:40 a.m.

According to officers when they arrived on the scene, Wright was sitting on the steps leading to the second story of the home. As they approached, he stood up and said, “I’m the one you want.”

Quaweay who had bruises all over her body from the neck down was pronounced dead at the scene.

Robinson fled from the scene before the police arrived but eventually turned himself in.

Clark called the murder “brutal and barbaric.”

Karyn Nettles-Davis who was a close friend of Quaweay’s from West Philadelphia High School told The Inquirer that she was ambitious and independent and worked at a group home taking care of the mentally disabled.

Nettles-Davis also said that Quaweay’s life revolved around her two daughters, who are now staying with Quaweay’s mother.

Quaweay’s half-sister Beatrice Mulbah said, “My sister was very smart. My sister was a very strong woman who was always there for her kids,” Mulbah said. “Joyce had more than a lot of people who loved her and I would like people to remember her as a strong, independent woman.”

Both Mulbah and Nettles-Davis, who have been around Wright before, said they never suspected him of being abusive and Quaweay never said he was.

Nettles-Davis said, “Trust me, if she would have said something, something would have been done.”

She urged anyone who might be a victim of domestic violence to speak up.

“You’re not alone. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. You’re not doing anything wrong. And it can get worse. If somebody is putting their hands on you, they do not love you. That is not love.”

Quaweay’s sister said she has no words for what Wright and Robinson did to her sister except: “Everybody’s got their own judgment day.”

#MaybeHeDoesntHitYou: Explores The Truths About Emotional Abuse

May 11th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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When we think about abuse in relationships, our minds immediately consider physical violence. Frankly, it’s the easiest to detect. It seems to be the most damaging. Everyone can relate to an attack against our bodies. And, as we all know, it’s a very real issue, across the world. But there are more ways to disempower someone. And aside from the scars physical abuse may leave on someone, the affects of emotional abuse are often very similar. The women and men in these relationships are left feeling powerless, insecure and unworthy.

Dominican-American writer Zahira Kelly addressed the issue of emotional abuse with the hashtag #MaybeHeDoesntHitYou.

In an interview with BBC Trending, she explained the necessity of her message.

“Abuse is often seen as very cut and dry, and only physical. For several years now on social media, on a daily basis I talk about many different forms of abuse and what they look like.”

She said it’s important that people be able to “suss out damaging situations.”

And the BBC article went on to list the ways in which a partner can be emotionally abuse, including putting on a respectable front for other people, mocking you, refusing to see your point of view, using information and things you’ve told him or her in confidence to shame you, and trying to make you jealous.

Several of these behaviors were exemplified in the tweets the hashtag inspired. Check them out below.

Does Chris Brown Remind You Of Men You Know? Is That Why We Keep Supporting Him?

April 18th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Every time my boyfriend and I discuss Chris Brown, I feel a bit ashamed. He can’t seem to understand why any woman would support him, his career or buy his music. And seeing as how, I’m always publicly and privately disapproved of and bashed his dysfunctional and misogynistic behavior but purchased “Drunk Texting” and “New Flame” for my personal collection, I can’t really talk.

It’s a strange relationship I have with Chris Brown. I really root for him, hoping and praying that he’ll do and be better one day. And there have certainly been signs that he’s working towards that…for a couple of weeks. Then something else will happen. His girlfriend will finally get tired of his shenanigans and he rolls up on her at the club, threatening her friend. Talk show hosts will comment on the personal life he’s all but invited us into and all of sudden he’s ready to talk about their looks and rumored sexual history on the internet.

For whatever reason, the victims of his antics are always women. You don’t have to be a student or a fan of Chris Brown to know that, despite his words, his actions clearly point to the undeniable fact that he has an issue with women.

So, how is it that women continue to support him?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but as I alluded to before, I keep hoping he’ll do better. I keep hoping that for not only Chris but the men in my own family. There’s a legacy of abuse in my family, so I know what it’s like to love the men who hurt the women closest to them. It’s an act of splitting, the grandfather, uncle, or cousin you love from the husband, boyfriend or father who can’t seem to control his temper or have an argument without ending it with his hands. And even though you’re trying desperately to separate these two men from themselves, you hope and pray for the day when that type of cognitive dissonance, those mental gymnastics will no longer be necessary.

It’s a little different for Chris Brown, seeing as how I don’t have a personal relationship with him. But still, appreciating his talent, I can see that he’s two people as well.

This morning, I came across the trailer for his upcoming documentary. Unlike the last one, where Chris was going to tell us about the love he had for two different women, this one features celebrities vouching for him, talking about his talent but also features a seemingly introspective Brown talking about his abuse of Rihanna in 2009.

You can watch the trailer below.

Most strikingly, he says: “I felt like a f*cking monster. I was thinking about suicide and everything else. I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t eating. I just was getting high.”

Then his mother, Joyce Hawkins said, “That was the worst day of my life and probably his life. I felt like I was going to lose my child.”

My first reaction to the trailer was intrigue. Kind of like how you feel when Disney or Marvel announces that they’re going to release some type of prequel that explains how the villain got to be the way they are now. You go in thinking and believing one thing and leave out with a totally different perspective.

It was my sister who helped me see it another way.

Many of you remember, just a couple of weeks ago, Chris Brown was very vocal about Kehlani and the rumors about her cheating on her ex boyfriend basketball player Kyrie Irving. In case you missed it, he wrote:

Girls be mad at a n*gga for f*cking around wit b*tches but her DMs got more names than the Declaration of Independence #YEAHIMTHROWINGSHADE

They look like they have stank sex


There is no attempting suicide. Stop flexing for the gram. Doing shit for sympathy so them comment under your pics don’t look so bad.

OK IM DONE. Guess she gon have to watch the games from a real “box” now. “THE TELEVISION” #OHB “OUTTA HERE BIH”

I don’t have to list Chris Brown’s history of infidelity. There’s an entire child walking around as living proof of that. But that’s what makes his thoughts about Kehlani so interesting. A woman is merely suspected of cheating, ruthlessly shamed on the internet to the point of contemplating/attempting suicide and Chris Brown takes that opportunity to publicly condemn her. How ironic. Chris Brown knows what it’s like to be associated with scandal and shame. According to him, he even knows what it’s like to have suicidal thoughts. And while it’s acceptable for him to release a documentary detailing his own struggle, Kehlani is “flexing for the gram.”

His logic, or lack thereof, and missing compassion is truly astounding.

This morning I was calling this hypocrisy. But my coworker is sure that it’s something more than that. We all have our moment of hypocrisy. This here, is some type of mental abnormality that Chris simply refuses to acknowledge and treat with any type of consistency or accountability to himself and now the daughter he’s raising.

“I’ve Been Engaged A Couple Of Times” Tamron Hall Says Sister’s Death Makes Her More Cautious In Relationships

April 8th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Today Show/NBC

Today Show/NBC

We’ve written about Tamron Hall discussing the domestic violence that ultimately took her sister Renate’s life before.  What we haven’t discussed is how witnessing her sister endure such a tragedy has affected Tamron’s own life.

In a recent interview with People, Hall recounts the day she witnessed the affects of one of her sister’s abusive relationships. Tamron was upstairs, in her own home, when she heard a scuffle downstairs. When she got down there, she saw that the room had been torn up and his sister was bruised. She asked the man to leave. He did and she started asking her sister why she stayed in this situation.

“I said to her, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ ‘You’re too beautiful. Too smart. You can do better.’ All the things I’ve learned now are wrong [from domestic abuse advocates], I did them all.”

After research and her advocacy with other domestic violence programs like Safe Horizon and Day One, Hall has learned that the best thing to do when you learn that someone is in this type of relationship is to not judge them for staying, but point them in the direction of people, support groups and organizations that can actually help.

Renate continued the relationship with that abusive man.

Sadly, in 2004, Renate was found bludgeoned to death, floating face down in a backyard pool of her home in Houston, Texas. The man she was dating, was later named the only person of interest in the investigation of her murder. But there was a lack of evidence; and as a result, no arrests were made and the case is still an unresolved homicide.

While Hall has said that she’s felt guilt over her sister’s death, wondering if she had done enough, she’s also used the tragedy and her platform as a way to help others. “I’ve been given an opportunity to make a difference.”

While Hall recognizes the impact she can have now, there was a time when she felt it might not have been her place to do so. “For a long time I was hesitant about sharing our story. I didn’t want to be another well-known person saying, ‘Look what happened to me and my family.’ But then I said, screw that. I can save a life.’”

And while Tamron has used her sister’s story to inspire others, Renate’s tragic fate still greatly influences her personal life in both positive and negative ways.

“It hasn’t shaped my life, but it’s given me courage I didn’t know I had.”

It’s also affected her romantic life.

“I’ve been engaged a couple times. I never bought a dress, but I was close, in Vegas and another time in Cozumel. I chickened out both times. Thank God no one was abusive, but [my sister’s situation] makes me cautious.”

Even more than her sister’s death, there are other elements that have kept her from tying the knot. “I have an incredible phobia of divorce.” People also said the demands of her career have also kept her from settling down. Hall says, “I’m sad about it some days.”

“I know it’s rare to have a single woman on morning TV who doesn’t have a child, and I’m Black! But I love my job.”

But don’t take that to mean that she’s given up.

“I date, don’t get me wrong. I’m not up here filing my fingernails on a Friday night. I want to find someone to share my life with.”

She also wants a child.

“I’ve not given up having a child. But I hope whatever route of parenthood I choose, whether it’s adoption or I’m able to conceive, I just hope that I’m able to give someone as beautiful a life as my parents gave me.”

Angie Stone Will Not Face Charges In Assault Against Daughter… And We’re Not Exactly Mad About It

April 5th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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angie stone and daughter feat

If you grew up with a Black mother, you likely heard the threat that she would knock your teeth out if you ever disrespected her. And Angie Stone’s daughter, Diamond Stone, learned the hard way, that the threat was anything but idle.

We all remember the horrific images Diamond released last year of the teeth her mother had knocked, clean out of her mouth.  (Angie later told Steve Harvey that Diamond’s teeth were already rotting and brittle, so it didn’t take much.)

And while Angie Stone has been very clear about her specific involvement in that altercation, never denying what she did, a grand jury decided that she will not face criminal charges for the violence she inflicted upon her child.

According to our sister site, Bossip, a DeKalb County grand jury, in Georgia, declined to indict 54-year-old Stone for assaulting 30-year-old Diamond.

You may remember the argument turned physical last March as the two women were sharing Angie’s home, along with Diamond’s children. According to a police report, Angie admitted to officers that she struck Diamond in the face with a metal jewelry stand after yelling at her to get her children under control.

Angie was facing domestic aggravated assault charges but the jury decided the case need not progress any further.

Bossip reached out to Diamond to see what she felt about the case being dismissed. Turns out, she had mixed feelings about it.

“I didn’t want her to go to jail but I thought there would be some type of reprimand.”

She also wished the judge or jury had recommended counseling for she and her mother, in light of their strained past.

“I just want to be clear that just because she was not brought up on charges, doesn’t erase what she did. That’s the main thing. I’m ok, my kids are okay. Everybody is doing well. But [I don’t want people to think] because no charges were brought, that it was fictitious, or it wasn’t as bad as it actually was. I don’t want to be forgotten about.”

Diamond, who recently moved out of her mother’s home, said that their relationship is much better these days and she is now working on a singing career of her own.

We were discussing this story in the office, and honestly I can’t say I disagree with the grand jury’s decision.

In our initial story, Stone told police that her striking Diamond in the face with a metal object, was in retaliation for Diamond punching her in the face several times. 

None of us were there and we’ll likely never know what truly transpired that night. (Though, in their sit down with T.D. Jakes Diamond did admit that she cusses at both her mother and grandmother.) But I know that if I even looked like I was going to put my hands on my mother, one of the potential consequences is not only getting my teeth knocked out, but death. And I don’t say that jokingly.

As a girl and then adolescent, my mother popped me, (open handed slap on my lips) for simply rolling my eyes or saying something slick out my mouth, on more than one occasion. She doesn’t tolerate disrespect. Even now that I’m a grown woman, I don’t doubt that she still might run up.

But honestly, I would never even dream of hitting her. Not only would it not end in my favor, this is the woman who brought me into this world. If she never did another thing for me, she deserves, at the very least, not to be attacked by her own child.

Now, I know that not everyone is close to their mother. Every mother isn’t maternal or even kind and decent to their children. Still, unless it’s an issue of self defense, I can’t see why a physical altercation would ever be necessary. And if you know you and your mother can’t seem to get along with one another, why move into her house, as a grown woman? Perhaps that was Diamond’s only option, in which case, as a mother herself, she should have played it extra cool. Because even if Angie didn’t knock her teeth out, she would have been well within her rights to allow the children to stay and put Diamond out on the street. Nobody wants to be attacked in their own home, no matter who it is.

If the jury was really indicative of the population in DeKalb County, Georgia, there were bound to be some Black people represented, who might have been likely to share my sentiments. I’m well aware that, as someone who is vehemently against domestic violence, I could be incredibly hypocritical in my stance. But my conditioning won’t allow me to see how Diamond doesn’t at least bear some of– if not most of– the burden in this situation.

Really, while most of us will never support domestic violence, what should be the punishment for a mother who retaliates against an adult child, who attempted to fight her, in her own home?

James Fortune Pleads Guilty To Assaulting His Wife

March 10th, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Grammy Award-winning gospel recording artist James Fortune pled guilty to assaulting his wife, Cheryl Fortune, in a Texas courtroom Tuesday, ABC 13 reports. Back in October of 2014, the 37-year-old was arrested after he struck Cheryl with a wooden vanity stool inside of their home.

James entered a guilty plea to third-degree felony assault as part of a plea deal with prosecutors. He was sentenced to five days behind bars, five years’ probation, and 175 hours of community service. Per the plea bargain, he will also be required to complete a “batterer’s intervention” program and of course, he must stay far away from his wife.

During his court appearance, a prosecutor shared Cheryl’s victim impact statement, which read:

“I hope in all of this you get help. Serious help. Although this probation might be like a slap on the wrist, I hope you look at it as a moment to better yourself and change something within you for your future.”

This is the second time James has found himself on the wrong side of the law for behaving violently against a relative. In 2002, he accepted a plea deal for six years’ probation after he placed his 4-year-old stepson in hot water as a form of punishment. The then toddler sustained burns over 40 percent of his body.

So far, James has not commented on his recent guilty plea.

“Lord Hopefully U Forgive Me!” Woman Admits To Killing Boyfriend On Facebook During Domestic Spat

January 13th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Nakasia James

San Bernardino Police Department

Facebook is used for a lot of things. Meeting new people, catching up with old friends, promoting businesses and organizations, and for some people, being a troll. But in the case of 18-year-old Nakasia James, she used the social media platform to confess to her followers and anyone else who may be interested, that she allegedly killed her boyfriend, 21-year-old Dorian Powell.

According to the Los Angeles Times, police in San Bernadino, Calif. are searching for James after police were called Monday at 2:30 a.m. about a domestic disturbance, which ended with a woman stabbing her boyfriend. But by the time police arrived at Powell’s apartment, he was dead at the scene, and James was already gone. According to a statement from the San Bernadino police, they are unaware of her whereabouts after the fact and are searching for the 18-year-old.

“Nakasia is aware that she is being sought in connection with this homicide. At this time it does appear to be related to a domestic disturbance inside the apartment.”

And that’s what a woman with the same name and Facebook profile as James (Nakasia “Macc” James) said occurred when sharing her confession on Monday. A profile police say is definitely James’s account. She said that she stabbed Powell in self-defense.

Nakasia James


According to KTLA News, police said there are no other reported incidents of violence related to Powell’s residence. They are urging her to come forward.


Ray Rice Is Dreading Explaining Domestic Violence Incident To Daughter

December 20th, 2015 - By Ashley Monaé
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Source: AP

Source: AP

After being released from the Baltimore Ravens for punching his then-fiancée (now wife), Janay,  in the face unconscious, Ray Rice has had a lot of time to think about his actions that has been a prominent point of controversy for the NFL.

During a recent visit to The Dan Patrick Show on Thursday (Dec. 17), Rice talked all things family and football – his two passions. “I do want to play football again and I’m not ready to give up,” he said, but even after being reinstating there haven’t been any real offers on the table for him.

Aside from on the field talk, Rice spoke openly about being charged with a third-degree aggravated assault. In particular, Rice harped on the fact that he’s dreading have the inevitable talk about his actions to his three-year-old daughter, Rayven.

“I have a daughter, and I couldn’t imagine that happening to my daughter,” Rice said. ” And that’s my lifelong journey for her, to raise her the right way, to make her understand that Daddy made the worst decision of my life, and to protect her from that.”

“The moment is going to have to come when I have to speak to her. She still asks about football, and I still have to craft enough responses to help her understand why I’m not playing I’m not ready to have that talk with her yet, but when she’s old enough,” he added.  “She knows how to use the iPad and the tablet, and would hate for here to learn how to type in my name, and the first thing that comes up is the video without having me to explain it to her.”

Thoughts? Watch the video below.

“He Literally Put A Bullet In The Gun And Pointed It At My Face.” Christina Milian Tells The Story Of Her Abusive Relationship

December 18th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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 Christina Milian Tells The Story Of Her Abusive Relationship

Splash News

Earlier this week, we reported about Christina Milian and her mother Carmen, discussing a past abusive relationship. Even though many of us recognize the prevalence of domestic violence, it’s always shocking when someone we know or a public figure comes out saying they’ve endured this type of trauma.

In this week’s episode of “Christina Milian Turned Up,” the singer shared more details about what she went through as a teenager.

“So I was 17, going into 18, and I met a boy and he had this sarcasm about him that I just thought was super funny,” she explained to author Tanya Williams on the show. “But that sarcasm turned out to be something a little bit more dark, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into.”

Like she and her mother discussed, Milian told Williams that there were times when she wished she could get away but felt that she couldn’t. In the clip we posted, Milian’s mom, Carmen, said that her boyfriend threatened to injury her family if she left him.

Milian shared one particularly horrific incident.

“He literally put a bullet in the gun and pointed it at my face. Staring down the barrel of a gun is the scariest thing you could ever experience. It’s not funny, it’s not for the movies. There’s a chance of life or death in one click, that’s it.”

After her mother bought her a ticket to New York, she “woke up one day and realized that my family was just trying to help me. And gave myself the courage and the strength to not call him and invite him back into my life.”