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Mase Files For Divorce From Wife And Co-Pastor, Twyla Betha

March 19th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Mase Files For Divorce From Wife And Co-Pastor, Twyla Betha

Source: Facebook

Despite operating a successful marriage ministry, for a while, it looked like Mason and Twyla Betha’s union wouldn’t survive 2014.

According to TMZ, the 38-year-old rapper-turned-preacher filed for divorce from his wife of more than 12 years. It’s unclear what pushed the pastor to want out of his marriage, but irreconcilable differences were cited in the Jan. 2014 filing. In his divorce petition, Mase also requested full custody of their two children and demanded that Twyla pay him child support.

Mase Files For Divorce From Wife And Co-Pastor, Twyla Betha

Source: Facebook

Whatever his reason was for filing, the former Bad Boy artist experienced a change of heart and withdrew his divorce petition just 24 hours  before Valentine’s Day. The current status of their relationship is unclear, but it appears that they are trying to work things out. This of course, is great news, since the two heavily promote the building of successful marriages. They even have a relationship series titled, “What Do You Do After I Do?”

All couples experience their share of ups and downs, hopefully Mase and Twyla are able to successfully sort out whatever their differences are. Representatives of behalf on the duo have yet to comment on the filing.

Mase & Twlyla Betha

Solange Knowles On Going Through A Divorce In Her 20s: ‘I Feel Far Older Than 27′

March 17th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Harper's Bazaar

Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Solange Knowles has lived through experiences in her short life that make her feel much older than just 27 years old. Of those experiences include marrying and divorcing her high school sweetheart, Daniel Smith, and giving birth to her son, Julez.

“In a lot of ways, emotionally and mentally, I feel far older than 27,” she candidly told Harper’s Bazaar. “Just going through a marriage and a divorce—which I essentially did by 21—will give you an insane amount of perspective on life.”

“Everyone talks about how, in your 30s, all of these growing pains transition into wisdom and you feel more self-assured and confident, but I think I had a bit of a jump-start on that at 27.”

Though their relationship didn’t work out, Solange and Daniel were able to maintain a decent relationship, which allows them to be great co-parents to Julez.

“We co-parent really well,” the single mom conceded. “I’m able to say, ‘I need to finish this album, can you step up and take care of the boy?’ “

Despite going through a divorce at such an early age, her outlook on love has not been tainted. In fact, the “Losing You” singer has found love and has been in a steady relationship with video director Alan Ferguson for quite some time now.

“Luckily, I dated all of the losers ages ago. My love life has been stable for a while.”

Ironically, steady relationships don’t always make for musical inspiration.

“It’s a f**ked-up thing—without conflict it’s a lot harder to write interesting songs.”

Read Solange’s full interview here. Check the next page for photos from her colorful photo shoot.

“Stevie Wonder Could See Through This Publicity Stunt.” Master P Responds To Wife’s Claims That She’s Broke

March 17th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Master P's wife files for divorce

Source: WENN

Most of us knew that Master P was married. And last week we learned the marriage has been in shambles for the past seven years when Sonya Miller told TMZ that she is broke and now living off of welfare with four children while Master P is living off of the fortune he’s amassed over the years, an estimated $200 million.

Sonya said that she helped Master P create No Limit Records but he’s cut her off. She said things are so bad, she’s had to move in with her son Lil Romeo.

But despite being separated for seven years, Master P hasn’t responded to the divorce petition and was fined $10k for ignoring the case.

When TMZ reported the story, Master P wrote an open letter addressing the claims his wife has made. In it, he claimed that he takes care of the children and said that he’d give Sonya everything she asked for if she were able to pass a drug test.

You can read the letter, which was posted on Plugged In Entertainment, in its entirety below:

Master P asks TMZ, Why is this news? I haven’t been with this person in over 7 years. She has had several boyfriends since then. I take great care of all of my kids, all of their needs are being met in an abundance. I come from the ghetto, I changed my life but she didn’t want to grow with me so we’re not together. If Sonya supposedly helped me start any of my companies including No Limit, wouldn’t she be capable of creating some type of income in the last seven years besides turning to welfare?”

Educated business people don’t think like that even in hard times. Stevie Wonder could see through this publicity stunt. This is hilarious. All I ask is that she take a drug test in the next two weeks and pass it. I will give her everything I have. The four minors she says she needs help with, three of them are with me, this makes no sense. I’m tired of sugarcoating and hiding the truth of ungrateful people that I’ve been taking care of for so many years. If she’s that great of a businesswoman like she claims, she should be able to do it again for herself.

I don’t trip on my past success. Even through the rebuilding stages in my life, I never blamed anybody. I just figured it out and worked harder. I put my trust in God, not people. You can expect people to take shots at you but I never imagined the people you take care of to turn on you.

I can see why wealthy people leave their money to charity because there are so many ungrateful, unappreciative family members that feel entitled even when they haven’t contributed. When things are going good, everybody loves you, but when things aren’t so good, you see the real in people and even in relationships. I’m not mad at her though. I’ll just pray for her, she will always be the mother of my children. I’m not perfect but I go above and beyond to provide for my kids and family.

Dang! Claiming the mother of your children is on drugs is no small thing.

Their son, Romeo aka Lil Romeo, also commented on his parents’ marital drama saying,

“My father is a good man, my parents are not together but he still provides a roof, transportation and all of her living expenses. Honestly, she gives me the bills and I hand them over to him and he takes care of it. She is blessed, she lives in a guard-gated community and drives luxury vehicles. It’s funny how people jump on negative media and gossip instead of all the positives things that my father does for underprivileged kids in communities across the U.S. That’s okay though, the enemy doesn’t try to stop you from where you’re at, but where you’re going. We must be going into even bigger success. Miller Dynasty, No Limit Forever.”

Wow. Whatever happens with this family, we’re hoping for the best for them. It’s sad to see this unravel this way and we’re hoping that they can take care of this “in house” so to speak. Judging from what you know of their story, are you more inclined to believe Master P and Romeo or his estranged wife Sonya?

New Study Reveals Playing House Before Marriage Does Not Determine Divorce

March 15th, 2014 - By Toya Sharee
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cohabitation before marriage


I didn’t need a study to tell me something that I’ve been telling people for years:  if you’re in a bad relationship, you’re in a bad relationship. Living together, having children or getting married will not make it any better, in fact it will probably make it worse. But a new study has determined that age has more to do with the success of your marriage than sharing the same address.

Arielle Kuperberg, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of North Carolina–Greensboro, researched data from the National Survey for Family Growth between 1996 and 2010 and recognized that the same correlation between age at first marriage and divorce went the same for cohabitation and divorce. The younger people were when married, the more likely they were to divorce. The same went for cohabitation: The younger couples decided to shack up, the more likely they’d be staring one another down in divorce court. The main reason being: The younger you are, the less likely you’re prepared to be someone’s roommate, let alone someone’s wife.

Marriage, moving and having children are three of the most stressful times in someone’s life. If you aren’t taking on these roles with a strong support system, they’re enough to destroy a situation that’s already fragile. I never understood why some women are in such a hurry to complete this check list of life that includes homeowner, professional, wife and mother. What good is it for your life to look good on paper if you’re in a miserable marriage and don’t feel prepared to be someone’s mom? So many women are completely missing out on the life experiences that prepare them for these roles. I needed to screw up my credit in undergrad in order to eventually figure out how to budget and pay bills. I needed to have a few mornings of nasty hangovers in order to figure out how to hold my liquor. I needed to be in a dysfunctional relationship or two in order to figure out what I really wanted in a man, what I had to offer and what were some of the faults that I needed to work on.

So many people are focused on living the fantasy, that they are gravely unprepared for problems that aren’t so glamorous. I’m always surprised when I watch some of these court shows where couples have been dating for two months and start co-signing on leases together and buying furniture together.  Those responsibilities seem so simple until they start discovering all the flaws that get revealed when living together (that person is really bad with paying bills on time or has a minor addiction to online shopping).  Those things seem trivial but when combined, they can do a whole lot of damage to your relationship and your credit score.

I think there’s a lot to be said about figuring out if you can hack life on your own first. Once someone becomes confident in the fact they can live independently and be secure financially and emotionally, the less likely you enter in a marriage or a living situation that you think will compensate for all that you’re missing. And there’s no way to get life experience without actually living life, which is a task that’s difficult for most to say they’ve accomplished by their early twenties. Age may just be a number, but apparently it has more to do with your marriage than sharing a mailing address.

Toya Sharee is a community health educator and parenting education coordinator who has a  passion for helping  young women build their self-esteem and make well-informed choices about their sexual health.  She also advocates for women’s reproductive rights and blogs about  everything from beauty to love and relationships. Follow her on Twitter @TheTrueTSharee or visit her blog, Bullets and Blessings.

Master P’s Estranged Wife Reportedly Struggling And On Welfare

March 14th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: TMZ

Last October we told you that Master P’s estranged wife, Sonia Miller, had officially filed for divorce from the hip hop mogul after 24 years of marriage. While her specific reason for leaving the rapper, whose real name is Percy Miller Sr., was not made clear, she did claim that the marriage was broken due to “irreconcilable differences.”

Five months after her initial filing, she’s reportedly claiming that she is facing severe financial hardship, TMZ reports. Things have gotten so bad that she reportedly had to move into her son, Romeo’s, home with her other four children and apply for public assistance. On the other hand, she says her estranged husband is worth an estimated $200 million.

As far as their divorce goes, P has yet to even respond to Sonia’s divorce petition and has been fined $10,000 by a judge as a result of his failure to comply. Sonia argues that her husband was pretty broke when  they got together back in 1989. After hooking up, she says they started No Limit Records together, which ultimately led to a hip hop empire. But now that the relationship is over, she has been left with nothing.

Are Halle Berry And Olivier Martinez Headed For Splitsville Already?

March 13th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Less than a year after saying “I do,” Halle Berry may be finding herself in divorce court yet again. According to the New York Daily News, sources are claiming that the 47-year-old mother of two will soon be divorcing her husband, Olivier Martinez.

If reports are correct, then Halle and Olivier have been living apart for quite some time now. Insiders speculate that the couple began to drift apart mainly because their relationship wasn’t strong enough to survive their hectic work schedules, as Halle is currently Los Angeles shooting for new CBS series, “Extant,” while Olivier has been busy filming for a guest role on ABC’s “Revenge.”

In addition to all of that, Halle was recently spotted at a post-Oscars party without Olivier and she wasn’t rocking her pricey wedding ring either. The two also haven’t been publicly photographed together since December. Halle and Olivier welcomed their first child together, Maceo Martinez, last October. Neither party have released statements regarding the rumors.

We can only hope that the rumors are false. But as with anything else, we will keep you posted as this story develops.

‘You’re Traveling And Girls Are Throwing It At You And Sometimes You’re Catching It:’ Mekhi Phifer On Malinda Williams Divorce

March 13th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Mekhi Phifer & Malinda Williams

Mekhi Phifer and Malinda Williams appear to have an amazing co-parenting relationship. They seem to get along so well, that most people forget that they were once unhappily married. But the “Divergent” actor says that once him and Malinda put their relationship differences aside, they actually became great friends and even better co-parents.

“I was young, I was like 24 years old and that’s tough being that young in this business, where I was at in this business and being in a tumultuous relationship,” he confessed during a recent interview with Power 105.1′s The Breakfast Club.

“You try to do the right thing, me and her have a son together,” he continued. “Being in that kind of relationship and that jump in my career at that age, it was tough. I can’t front arguing at home and going through all of that because we were both young and with both our A-type personalities—but we’re really good peoples now. We’re better off, like we’re happily divorced, we’re better off friends and we’re raising our son together.”

Though all is well now, Mekhi briefly discussed some of the problems that he encountered during his marriage to Malinda—some of which seem to have been the result of him being unfaithful.

“At the time it was crazy. For a lack of a better term, you’re traveling and girls are throwing it at you and sometimes your catching it,” he confessed. “[I wasn't cheating] the whole time but you know we were only married for less than a year.”

He adds that for a large portion of their marriage, they were living under the same roof, but separately.

“There was a point where because I bought us a house and we were living on opposite sides of the house. We were technically married but you’re going two or three days living in the house and you aren’t even talking to, you talking about walking up and down the stairs past each other and you aren’t even talking. Then you got out in the world and you have your own group of friends and she has her peoples and you just become separate.”

Of course breakups are never easy, even in relationships that we desperately need to break away from, but Mekhi says it was a huge relief once things were officially over.

“I was kind of relived. I had developed this bald spot in the back of my hair because I was stressed and I didn’t even know it was stress. But once we got separated and I didn’t make it hard, I left her with the house and all of that and just left. I left with my clothes and my whip so then I was cool.”

Though he was relieved to call it quits, he believes that the split was a bit more difficult for Malinda, who later did an interview with Honey magazine where she painted him as an adulterer.

“I guess she was still affected by it. She did this whole Honey article.”

Interestingly, despite previously admitting that he may have slept around while out on the road, he insists that there is no proof of him being a cheater because even though he and Malinda were technically still married at the time of his indiscretions, they were broken up.

“There was no proof of that,” he reasoned. “I said we were basically separated, we were only married a year and then we were technically married but we weren’t together. Yeah but there was no proof of that.”

We can totally respect their ability to put their relationship differences aside to be the best possible parents to their child.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Watch Mekhi’s full interview on the next page. Thoughts?

Get Your Ish And Get Out! Celebrities Who Left Their Partners When They Got Famous

March 5th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Remember when John left Bernadine and she set his stuff on fire? She’s not the only one waiting to exhale. We hope these celebrities have fire insurance because once fame and fortune came knocking, they sure left their spouses quick.

Celebrities Who Left Their Partners When They Got Famous

Image Source:

Kevin Hart

Not only did Kev divorce his wife Torrei for a model when his career skyrocketed to the mainstream, he won’t stop talking about how happy he is without her. Zero class.

‘I Thought My Life Was Over:’ Evelyn Lozada Addresses Life After Ochocinco And How Fiancé, Carl Crawford, Makes Her Better

February 21st, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Evelyn Lozada is extremely happy these days. And to be honest, we can totally see why. She’s engaged to be married to a wealthy Major League Baseball star whom she seems totally in love with, she’s pregnant with the second child she’s always wanted and she’s surrounded by people who love and care for her. Overall, the former “Basketball Wives” star seems to be in a great place—a place that is an extreme contrast from where she was just two short years ago. 41 days after marrying former NFLer Chad Ochocinco in a fairytale wedding, the couple divorced following a highly publicized domestic violence incident.

“I had the worst 2012,” she confessed during a recent interview with Life & Style. “I thought my life was over.”

While going through such a traumatic incident is probably never easy, she added that doing so as the world watches made it that much more difficult.

“It happened so publicly, and then the passing of my brother-in-law.”

Though she was clearly broken by the way her marriage ended, Ev expressed that she believes that something positive was birthed in the midst of all of that negativity.

“That entire incident [with Chad] led me to where I’m at now,” she said. “I would say my broken bridge led me to happiness. If I had to do it again, I would because I truly feel complete right now in my life and I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

When asked if she feels her fiancé, Carl Crawford, saved her, she expressed that he appeared in her life at the “perfect time.”

“He came into my life at a perfect time. Everything that happened makes me appreciate him 1,000 times more and he also makes me a better person. I appreciate everything and I thank God every day for my life…I’m really lucky and really, really blessed.”

As for the baby boy that she’s scheduled to give birth to in two months, Ev says she’s very much looking forward to the joys and challenges that raising a son will bring.

“He’s going to give me a run for my money! I’m like, ‘Oh my God, he’s going to want to play and get dirty. “I’m just looking forward to all these amazing things that come with having a boy and a baby.”

And most of all, she says she looks forward to teaching him the importance of respecting women.

“I just want him to love and respect all women.”

It’s tough not to be happy for someone who is so blatantly, well, happy!

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Toni Braxton On Getting Along With Ex-Husband After Divorce: “We Are Very Caucasian, Very White About It”

February 19th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: Bethenny

Source: Bethenny

I’m struggling to find the words to properly address the foolishness Toni Braxton said in front of a live studio audience, not to mention the world, during her latest “Bethenny” appearance so I’m just going to put it out there and let y’all have at it.

The recent divorcée appeared on the talk show to discuss her alleged retirement and her upcoming role in “Orange is the New Black,” and of course things got personal sooner rather than later. Apparently during a commercial break Toni talked to Bethenny about living in LA and co-parenting with her ex-husband Keri Lewis, and when the cameras began rolling again she said this on-air:

Bethenny: So on the break we were talking about you living in LA?

Toni: Yes, I am in LA and my ex-husband is there but we get along great. We are very caucasian, very white about it.

Bethenny: You are having a very white divorce?

Toni: We are really. We did.

Bethenny: Really. Then I have a very black divorce, no?

Toni: I got that means, I hate you Jodi, I hate you Jodi. That’s what it means to black people. (“Baby Boy” reference)

Bethenny: Got it, so a white divorce is your are bffs, you can live next door.

Toni: Black people we kind of look and say why is that? Why don’t they hate each other?

Sigh. I just…. Toni, please stop. I forgave you after that foolishness about playing in the snow and how white people’s skin feels different, but talking to a white woman on national TV about how you and your ex being cordial with each other is a white people thing is silly and irresponsible. Way to spread stereotypes — and false information. Ever heard of John and Lorena Bobbitt? Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards? Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger? Shoot, I thought black folks weren’t getting married to begin with, suddenly we’re having ghetto divorces?

Toni, you’ve completed your damaging task for the day. Now please go somewhere, have a seat, and stop opening your mouth unless you’re singing.

Check out the interview snippet in the video below. Thoughts?

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