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Greedy Gus: Lamar Sally Rejects Sherri Shepherd’s $100k Divorce Settlement

September 3rd, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Sherri Shepherd surrogate gives birth to baby boy.

Source: WENN

I can’t help but regard Lamar Sally as one low down dude. I wasn’t in his and Sherri Shepherd’s marriage but his actions since their split seem to show that his main motivation is– and perhaps has always been– “the dollar dollar bills y’all.”

His recent antics have kept him in the media. Remember the divorce diet? And now he’s made another money-hungry move.

According to Radar Online, Sally recently rejected a divorce settlement offer of $100,000. In addition, Shepherd was offering to pay $3,000 in monthly child support for the son a surrogate gave birth to recently. The child is not biologically related to Shepherd.

Shepherd offered the lump sum so she can move on with her life but Sally is not having it and is contesting the couple’s prenup. Under the terms of their prenup, Sally waived any rights to collect spousal support from his estranged wife.

And while she and Sally eventually agreed to have a baby using a surrogate, a source claims that Sally misled Shepherd about the terms of their surrogacy. Apparently, she believes it was alway his intent to sue her for child support.

It very well could have been because Sally rejected the offer, saying he wanted not $3,000 but $10,000 in child support.

A source told Radar that Shepherd thinks this is absolutely ridiculous and refuses to pay it.

At this point, it’s looking like the case will have to be settled in court.

The Facts About Divorce Every Woman Should Know

August 29th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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Divorce - Sad young couple holding billboard sign with break up


By Nicole Weaver, From YourTango

Many people think they have it all figured out when it comes to divorce. The whole “50 percent of marriages end in divorce” statistic gets thrown around a lot. Everyone knows someone whose family was torn apart by it. But there’s so much more to know about ending marriages. We gathered five things that may change your view about divorce.

1. 50 Percent Of Divorcees Regret Ending Their Marriage
Perhaps this means there is hope after all? A survey asked 2,000 UK men and women who are divorcees, or ended a relationship of at least five years, questions about their feelings over their breakups and the answers were shocking. Half of them said they regret splitting ways, 54 percent had second thoughts, and 42 percent considered giving their relationship another try.

2. The More You Get Remarried, The More Likely You’ll Get Divorced
Some believe you should try and try again when it comes to love, but should the same thought process go to marriage? Statistically the answer is no. According to Divorce Statistics, the divorce rate for a first marriage is between 41 percent to 50 percent, second marriages have a divorce rate of 60 percent to 67 percent, and for third marriage the divorce rate is between 73 percent to 74 percent.

3. Divorce Rates Are The Highest In The South
Since the South is usually pegged as being more tied to tradition and religion, you wouldn’t think it would have that high of a divorce rate. However according to The Census Bureau’s last report comparing the country’s divorce rates, the South has the highest rate of divorce compared to other parts of the country in 2009. Their rate of divorce was 10.2 per 1,000 men and 11.1 per 1,000 women. On the flip side, the Northeast had the lowest rate of divorce.

4. Only ONE U.S. President Has Been Divorced
It’s kind of an unwritten rule that presidents have to appear to have a picture-perfect family. Because of that, only one U.S. President has been divorced, and that man was Ronald Reagan. In 1940 Reagan married actress Jane Wyman but later divorced in 1948. They had a daughter named Maureen and adopted a son named Michael together. He then remarried to an actress named Nancy Davis in 1952. They then had two children, Patricia and Ronald.

Read more about divorce facts at 



Usher Says His ‘Best Mistake’ Was Marrying Tameka Raymond

August 13th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Exes, the majority of us have them. While some can fondly reflect on these experiences for what they taught us, others can’t get past the sour taste that an ex-lover may have left in their mouths. Usher, however, seems to be one of those people who can appreciate past relationships for what he was able to learn from them.

During a recent interview with O magazine, Usher referred to his marriage to Tameka Raymond as his “best mistake.”

“Most people probably think I regret it because I ended up getting divorced, but it helped me learn that sometimes I think I know more than I actually do,” he told the publication.

Although their relationship ended in divorce, it’s nice to see that he hasn’t written the entire experience off as negative. You probably recall that their marriage came to a bitter end that included a lengthy divorce and an ugly court battle for custody of their two sons.

His ability to view their failed marriage as a plus instead of a minus is interesting, considering that many are expecting Tameka to air out their dirty laundry on her new reality show, “Atlanta Exes.” However, a few months back. Tameka told us that Usher is pretty supportive, as far as she knows, about her new endeavor.

“He’s supportive. He didn’t say anything negative about it. He didn’t say anything that I know of. He didn’t say that he didn’t want me to do it – not that he could – but I’d like to think he’s supportive of it.”

Do you plan on checking out “Atlanta Exes” when it airs next week?

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Keyshia Cole Reacts To Boobie’s Claims That He Doesn’t Believe In Divorce Because He’s A Christian…

July 30th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Folks love getting all spiritual after they have screwed up royally. Last week, we told you that Daniel “Boobie” Gibson claimed that he wouldn’t be filing for divorce from his estranged wife, Keyshia Cole, because he’s a Christian and doesn’t believe in it.

“She would have to do it,” he expressed. “I am a Christian. I believe in ’til death do us part.’”

Of course, it’s no secret that Daniel is a believer, but considering that he practically confessed to stepping out on his wife, the idea of him suddenly wanting to rest on biblical principles regarding marriage was slightly comical. This morning, during an interview with The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne informed Keyshia of Daniel’s comments and her reaction tickled me quite a bit.

“He did not say that,” Keyshia responded before laughing. “He did not say that!”

After getting her giggles out, Keyshia seriously responded to his comment.

“It’s a lot of things you should think about before—if you really feel like that in your heart and your soul as a person, as a man, as a father. I know people make mistakes, but you know, you gotta think about those kind of things because ultimately, it’s not worth it. [You gotta learn from your mistakes] at least. How about we do that? Let’s start there. Just let it go and know what you have and let’s keep it moving.”

Keyshia also responded to Boobie publicly confessing that he “failed” her as a husband. Clearly, she ‘s had enough.

“It’s a lot of admitting and a lot of doing wrong. It just gets tired. [And he continues to do it].”

Things are so over between them that Keyshia said that while she hopes he has learned his lesson, she won’t be the one sticking around to find out.

“Recently I told him, ‘I hope you really find that woman and you be good to her.'”

She seems to be handling the split a lot better, which is great.

Watch Keyshia’s full interview on the next page. 

Why An Annulment Doesn’t Really Erase Your Marriage

July 27th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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By Shela DeanFor YourTango

Don’t delude yourself into believing your marriage never happened like these celebrities.

Have you ever noticed how many terms we use that come from golf? Something may be “teed up” or “par for the course.” My favorite is “mulligan,” which is a do-over without penalty. A chance to pretend you didn’t screw up and start over. There are times in all of our lives when we wish for a mulligan but is that ever really possible? Well, consider annulment . . .

In a way, annulment is a mulligan in the game of marriage. With the stroke of a pen, a judge declares that your marriage never really happened, your mistake is reversed, and you’re free to start over. If the celebrity world is any indicator, annulment has become the option of choice in quickly ending a marriage. But here’s the deal with annulment: it’s not easy to get one. In fact, it’s much easier to get a divorce because all you have to allege is “irreconcilable differences” and, bingo, you’ve got grounds for divorce. It’s nobody’s fault, things just didn’t work out.

An annulment, on the other hand, requires that the party seeking the annulment to prove mental illness, fraud, forced consent, physical incapacity to consummate the marriage, or lack of consent to underage marriage or bigamy. In other words, to get an annulment you have to allege and prove that, had you known the true facts and been in your right mind, you never would have gotten married in the first place. It’s a bit ironic, don’t you think, that divorce — which acknowledges the validity of marriage — is easier to get than an annulment, which says the marriage was void to begin with.

The requirement that one must allege and prove wrongdoing to be granted an annulment is why:

Renee Zellweger alleged fraud when she filed for an annulment of her marriage to Kenny Chesney.

Ditto for when Dennis Rodman sought an annulment of his marriage to Carmen Electra. Rodman doubled down and also claimed he was too drunk to know what he was doing.

Britney Spears alleged in her annulment petition that she “lacked understanding of her actions to the extent that she was incapable of agreeing to the marriage” to Jason Alexander “because before entering into the marriage the Plaintiff and Defendant did not know each others likes and dislikes, each others desires to have or not have children, and each others desires as to State of residency.”

Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomen BOTH cited fraud as grounds for their annulment.

Each of those couples could have filed for divorce and alleged irreconcilable differences, but to get an annulment they had to allege fraud, unsound mind, or another legal ground justifying an annulment. Here’s why . . .

Discovered that you actually married a complete stranger? You may have grounds for more than a divorce. Visit Your Tango to learn more about annulments.

Master P Apologizes To HIs Wife And Explains Why He Missed That Custody Hearing On Wendy

July 23rd, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Wendy Williams

Source: Wendy Williams

The past couple of months, Master P and his wife’s name has been plastered all over the blogs. Percy and Sonya Miller have been detailing the dissolution of his 25 year marriage to Sonya Miller. And though he’s said some inflammatory things to TMZ and his son Romeo has commented, we really haven’t gotten the full story from Master P. Well, today on the Wendy Williams Show, he sat down and told it all. He apologized to his wife for some things, explained why he missed his custody hearing and even spilled the tea on an upcoming Master P biopic, if you haven’t noticed, they’re all the rage these days. Check out some of the highlights from the interview, transcribed below and the full video at the bottom of the page.


Apologies and claims of drug use

Wendy: You’ve been married to Sonya for 25 years. This is the same girl who was with you when you were scrapping two rocks together trying to build something.

Master P: I think that people got to realize that in a relationship, things happen, people grow together or they grow apart. She definitely was there. We ain’t been in a relationship in seven years. And I’m not mad at her, I love her. She’s my kids’ mother and we have to take care of our kids forever. I think what people need to realize is when lawyers come into play, and you know, you got lawyers who don’t know your business, or don’t know where you come from, they play a big effect.

I want to apologize to her, to be honest with you, because I’m not perfect, nobody’s perfect but I’m at a good stage in my life right now. I don’t have a right to say whatever she needs to do. That was just me kind of like, getting back… if somebody says this about you, knowing I been taking care of somebody for twenty something years, it kind of hurt a little bit. But at the same time, I feel like in my life, it’s about my kids, it’s about our kids. Whether we never be together, we gotta take care of our kids.


W: Sonya claimed she was on welfare and living with Romeo, is that true?

MP: Stop listening to all that stuff. I’m just saying, if she’s living with Romeo, that mean she’s living a beautiful life. Let’s be honest. If our relationship don’t work, she has her son Romeo, who’s successful, she will be alright.


W: You said that if she could pass a drug test, you would give her anything she wants.

MP: Not only her family but my family, we’re trying to break that cycle with drugs and alcohol. I think a lot of people don’t know that it breaks up a lot of families, it destroys a lot of families. But that’s not my right to say that and I realize that. So like I said, I want to apologize to her for that because I don’t have that right, I’m not God, I’m not perfect. And I realize that whatever she gotta do, she has to figure it out. I can’t change nobody but me, she can change herself.


Losing Custody 

MP: When you have daughters, like my other daughter, I’ve been having problems with the other girl and my other daughter, her older sister, she’s about to be eighteen. I’ve really been trying to spend a lot of time with them because they say in a relationship, girls really play off of their father and so I really want to spend a lot of time with them and that’s what I’ve been doing. But you know what, it’s not about custody, I’m going to take care of my kids.

W: I heard you didn’t go to court because you were at your 15-year-old daughter’s school, talking to the principal and vice principal because her grades are terrible, she’s been missing a lot of school and she’s a little out of control.

MP: She’s out of control. But when you’re a celebrity, I can’t do what my dad did with me. My dad put the belt on me. When I got acting bad…that’s what I really want to do but then I’ll be back on–somebody said “P did this.” Sometimes you do need to be chastised. I’ve been with her, I’ve been going to the school on my own, dealing with principals and saying you know what  ‘You’re a smart girl, you’re beautiful, you need to get it together in school because that’s all I’m asking you to nothing else but  do your school work.’

Whatever she deserves, she’s going to get it. I have no problem with that. But you know in life you move. Like I said, you either fall in love or you fall out because of communication. I think at the beginning, we never really had the proper communication. I was young, trying to make it. We came a long way. I got a brother dead, I got a brother in prison.


W: How is C Murder by the way?

MP:Well, you know we’re praying for him. He didn’t do this but all the other stuff, where he comes from, it follows you and that’s what I try to teach my kids. You gotta know when you walk out that door, anything can happen. So, you gotta be prepared. And I think education is a big part of it. Education saved my life. I went to college. That was the most important thing for me.


The Reality Show

Wendy explains that she was trying to say that she doesn’t think Master P shouldn’t put his family drama on reality tv.

MP: Well, the difference with me, that I feel like right now, is that my life has been a big secret. People never got a chance to see how the Millers really live. And this is a fun show, as a single father raising his kids. It’s funny. We’re going out traveling, doing things, showing our life saying where we come from. We come from the projects and we want to motivate kids all across the country to say, ‘P did it, we can do it.’


W: It’s going to be uplifting like Tiny and T.I.?

MP: Uhhh…

It’s all of us getting our lives together. I’m focusing on my kids right now. People always talk about African American fathers, they aren’t there for their kids. And whatever we go through,  I’m always going to be there for my kids.


His Biopic

MP: It’s coming. 2015, Master P: The Ice Cream Man, the movie is coming. On the big screen. We’re looking for somebody to play me right now. You’ll see our life where we started. My grandfather was a big influence in my life, my dad my grandmother. You know I had choices to make in my life, I remember I’m in the projects with Romeo, he’s one-year-old. I’m listening to Ice T’s “Colors” ‘I’m a nightmare walking, psychopath talking’ and my grandmother saying ‘Boy, turn that music down.’ And I’m thinking to myself, if I didn’t change my life, Romeo wouldn’t be the big, superstar actor he is now.


“You Wipe Off The Tears & You Make ‘Em Laugh.” Sherri Shepherd Makes Light Of Her Personal Drama

July 8th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Sherri Shepherd Makes Light Of Her Personal Drama

Source: WENN

Fresh off of her official announcement that she was leaving “The View” or that “The View” was leaving her, Sherri Shepherd sat down to co-host the Tom Joyner Morning Show. She seemed to be exception jovial even when they asked  her about the very personal drama that we’ve been watching play out in the media for weeks now. For those of you who don’t remember, her husband Sal filed for divorce and is now fighting for custody of the surrogate baby the couple were planning to have together. Then, seemingly out of no where her ex husband, Jeff Tarpley requested sole custody of their son Jeffrey, who Sherri’s been raising on her own and then with the help of Sal. And then to top it all off “The View” decided not to renew her contract this coming August. You know what they say, when it rains it pours. But either Sherri’s a great actress or she’s coping pretty well. See how she made light of the situation on the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

Tom Joyner: We just wanted you to have some fun because we realize that you’ve been going through it for the last six months. 

Sherri Shepherd: That’s why I got this t-shirt that says Hot mess.


Being served with papers at the Essence Festival

You know they served me papers at the Essence Festival? I had to get on stage. And I said well, have him come serve me privately. 

I got served right before I went on stage. I had the summons and complaint in my jokes. I was getting them mixed up. I didn’t know who had served me, which one had served me. One'[ex husband’s] attorney is on “Inside Edition” and one is on “Access Hollywood.” What’s going on? Lord, you got a big blessing for me.”


But Sherri says her sense of humor is what is helping her get through this trying time.

“Then I went onstage and killed. That’s what comics do. You gotta perform. They paid me to make people laugh. Plus I spent the money so if I didn’t make them laugh…I had paid my attorney with the money they paid me with so I couldn’t give the money back. You get on that stage, you wipe off the tears, you get on stage and you make ‘em laugh. you make them laugh, ‘cause that’s what we do.”


And Sherri said she’ll be sure to include some of her drama in her new material. She says though the part that makes her mad about the whole thing is that she has to go back to being single. And, as she explained, being single means a few different things when you’re in the church.

You know what made me mad, though? Now I’m back in this place of being single. Now I’m back in the place where I gotta be the usher, the greeter, I gotta teach your kids in Sunday school…that’s what the single folks did. I got married and I got to come to the church and listen to the sermon. Now I’m back in that place where people say ‘How are you , Sherri? And I’m saying ‘I’m blessed and highly favored because God is bringing my man today. I’m back in that place.”


Will she get married again?

“I believe in marriage. But you know when they say ‘This is her companion.’ I think I want to be a companion. Because love is expensive. When I go on a date, I’m going to carry papers with me. This is a prenup, this a confidentiality agreement. Before you even ask me ‘How you doing, I wanna holla at you,’ sign your name right here.”


But Sherri says no matter what comes her way, she knows things are going to work out for her in the long run.

“I’m a survivor. You ain’t gon keep me down. I got a child that I have to take care of. And thank God for His grace and mercy ’cause when you fall down you get back up…I keep tripping though.”

You can listen to this portion of Sherri’s co-hosting gig in the video below.

Cheaper To Keep Her: 15 Of The Craziest Prenups In Hollywood

July 3rd, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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All I need in this life of sin .......

Kandi Burruss has been getting a lot of prenup backlash. But we don’t think Todd got such a raw deal. From weight gain clauses to baby buy outs, Hollywood prenuptial agreements can get crazy. Todd should probably thank his lucky stars that he got off light.

‘The Only Reason We’re Not Together Are The Choices I’ve Made:’ Robin Thicke Speaks Openly About The Demise Of His Marriage

July 2nd, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Though their split was highly publicized, there was not much that we were made aware of about Paula Patton and Robin Thicke’s separation. We knew that the split was her idea. We know that he wants her back. We know that he dedicated an entire album to her. But other than that, not much has been confirmed regarding what actually caused the split in the first place. Well, until now that is. Earlier today, Robin sat down for a really candid discussion with HOT 97 regarding his new album, “Paula,” and the demise of their marriage.

For one, as many have predicted, Robin says that he is at fault for their marriage being over.

“I’m a man. I messed up and I had to lie for a while,” the “Get Her Back” singer bluntly told Ebro Darden. “Then I stopped lying.”

While he admits that coming clean was good for his own personal well-being, it meant lights out for his relationship with Paula.

 “That was actually good for me because I was tired of lying. But this whole album is me revealing everything.”

“At this point in our relationship, the only reason we aren’t together are the choices I’ve made.”

Of course, nearly everyone has noticed that their marriage seemed to fall apart around the time that his career took an extremely successful turn following the release of “Blurred Lines.” To that, Robin confessed that he probably had “a little too much fun” during that time, which didn’t help his marriage. He adds that on the album, some songs are written about Paula, while others are written directly to her. However, while he sort of admits to stepping out on Paula, he says that outside women were not the only contributing factor in their breakup. The “Blurred Lines” singer admits to changing and becoming extremely selfish.

“The album is exactly what happens when you lose the love of your life and you’re trying to figure it out in your head to move on and get through it all.”

Robin and Paula haven’t been in each other’s presence in four months. While he clearly wants her back, he revealed that this separation is probably for the best—at least for right now.

“I haven’t seen her for four months,” he admitted. “We’re cool. She’s the best girl in the world, a great mother and still a good friend, but because we just weren’t ever together anymore and I still had so much I wanted to apologize for and things I wanted to take responsibility for, so that’s pretty much what the album’s about. But I also want to wish her well and let her know that she’s a great person and she deserves to have a good life.”

However, if given the chance, Robin says he’d jump at the opportunity to be back with Paula.

“If you’ve been together that long, you kind of became adults together instead of being adults and then meeting,” he said. If he and Patton take the time to grow as individuals, the singer-songwriter thinks reconciling is possible: “Maybe a year or two off, we’ll become our own people without each other and then it will be meant to be.”

Watch Robin’s full interview below. Thoughts?

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“Stop Making Me Feel Like I’m The One Going Through A Divorce.” Romeo Has Words For TMZ

July 1st, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Romeo Has Words For TMZ

Source: WENN

It can’t be an easy thing to watch your parents go through a divorce. Particularly, when there’s a good chance that when you step outside, you’re going to be interrogated about your parents’ very personal, and in this case, messy business.

This is the life child rapper, actor and son of Master P., Romeo Miller has been living as of late. And recently, when he ran into TMZ, he wanted to let them know how he was feeling about them trying to get all up in his parent’s business.

“I got one thing to say to TMZ. Stop making me feel like I’m the one going through a divorce. I’m the kid. I’m 20 years old. That’s my parent’s business. Everybody’s happy. They’re just handling business, that’s all it is. I’m not trying to answer anymore things about my parents. I love both of my parents. Shout out to all the kids out there who have to go through a divorce.”

I understand what he’s saying. It’s true. They should stop asking him and he should just refuse to comment.

On an entirely separate note, umm…why is Lil Romeo trying to pretend like he’s 20 years old. Homeboy was definitely born in August 1989, making him 24 years old, not 20. Perhaps that’s that Hollywood round down. But come on son, don’t front like we don’t know you went to USC (enrolling in 2007) and starred in many an ICDC commercial. And that’s no shade; there should be more rappers encouraging higher education, I’m just saying we know you ain’t nobody’s twenty.

But I digress. The point of the matter is he’s right, TMZ should fall back and let them resolve this matter in house.

You can take a look at the full street interview in the video below.