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15 Enchanting Real Life Disney Places

August 14th, 2015 - By Najwa Moses
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Uncover the beautiful, mysterious and enchanting real life places around the globe that inspired over a dozen Disney movies throughout the years.

All images courtesy of Google Free License Images & WikiMedia

15 Enchanting Real Life Disney Places

Don’t Be Ashamed: 11 Cartoon Crushes You Had As A Kid

July 17th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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cartoon crushes featFirst thing’s first if you’ve ever had to attempted to dismiss one of your cartoon crushes, know that there’s nothing to be ashamed of. You don’t have to question your sexuality or worry that you’re abnormal. Cartoon crushes are a thing. Google it. I’ve rationalized found that when we find ourselves digging a fictional, animated character it probably has more to do with the very well personified, human characteristics we’ve assigned to that character. They have like a good vibe, that we wish we could find in real life people. In some cases we forget we’re watching a cartoon and in some cases the drawings are just…hot. There’s no other way to explain it. I know some of you have had crushes on people you just couldn’t explain, nor did you want to. And that can include the animated. So I’m sure some of you think I’m crazy, and that’s cool. But for the rest of you, follow me through this slideshow while I tell y’all what I’m talking about.

You Can Never Be Too Old! Animated Movies We Love As Adults

July 12th, 2013 - By Kelly Franklin
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Face it, we’re all kids at heart! If you catch yourself singing the theme song to Tinga Tinga Tales when your child is nowhere around, then you can appreciate the hearty laugh and storyline animated movies and cartoons provide. With kooky humor that we can relate to as adults, these films make it as easy for us to watch as our children. Plus we’re catapulted back into a carefree, whimsical world where giggles and knee-slapping ha-has are allowed, and nothing less – no stress, no worries. Let’s move it, move it to see which animated favorites we have in common.


What happens when four pampered wild animals from the New York Central Zoo escape? All chaos breaks loose, especially when they find themselves on the island of Madagascar in the mist of many crazy, dancing lemurs! Don’t forget about the Navy Seal penguins and their wild, covert mission to help save them.

Does the “Disney Myth” We Buy as Kids Harm our Adult Relationships?

September 16th, 2011 - By madamenoire
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As children the first love messages we receive outside of the home often come from movies. For many of us those happened to be Disney movies. As children, with little experience, we couldn’t help but think that stories we saw through the eyes of our favorite 2-D characters represented universal truths when it came to love.

But a writer over at Your argues that the “happily ever after” endings we clung to as children have tainted our relationships as adults.

Read the story over at Your Tango and see if you agree.