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Diddy Partners With AT&T To Air REVOLT TV, While 50 Cent Claims AT&T Is Racist

July 21st, 2015 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Over the weekend, 50 Cent went on a Twitter rant about AT&T and U-Verse dropping Starz and other channels that air “urban content” like his hit show, Power. The Queens hip-hop mogul said in several tweets that AT& T was racist.

Interestingly enough and unexpectedly, 50’s frenemy Diddy has now partnered with the same reported telecommunication provider to air his entertainment channel, REVOLT TV. In a press statement, it was announced “AT&T* U-verse® and REVOLT have signed an agreement to make REVOLT, the multi-platform, multi-genre music network founded by Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, available to U-verse TV customers. REVOLT will be available in the U300 package as early as July 27, 2015 and will include rights to On Demand video and content on the go, giving AT&T U-verse customers virtually unlimited access to Combs’ “#1 name in music.”

Of his new partnership, Diddy said, “This is a historical day for REVOLT. With a major player like AT&T, more people will be able to access the hottest music and original content on every screen and device. This agreement shows the world that REVOLT is a force in the media industry. “

AT&T’s Chief Marketing Officer Mel Coker said the deal is exactly what their customer wants. “AT&T is excited to bring REVOLT programming to our customers. REVOLT is a great fit as we strive to bring our customers the content they want, when and where they want it,” he noted.

AT&T and U-Verse customers can visit REVOLT’s website for their local channel listing and times.

Although Diddy did not flaunt his new victory on social media, as of yet, he took a minute out to tell his followers to “walk with God all the time,” in the video below.

Sanaa Lathan Cozies Up To French Montana [Watch]

July 20th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

Saturday night while you were busy laying out your church clothes (Lol, joking–kind of), our bestie in our heads, Sanaa Lathan, was enjoying a night out on the town with Diddy and French Montana.

In footage uploaded to Instagram by the Bad Boy Records founder, the trio can be seen partying it up at the Playhouse nightclub in Los Angeles. Judging by the footage, it seems obvious that they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Interestingly, the group left the club together. In a follow-up Instagram post, Sanaa appears to be sitting on French’s lap while stroking his face as Diddy releases a drunken cackle.

All parties involved are grown, unattached and free to do whatever they please; so there’s definitely no judgement here. But we have to say that we were a little surprised to see our girl letting her hair down and turning up like this.

Check out the clips and weigh in below.

@erickmorillo @frenchmontana @sanaalathan #BLUEDOTBOYS #CirocNIGHTS

A video posted by Sean "Diddy" Combs (@iamdiddy) on

#PressPlay: Late night for #Diddy #FrenchMontana and #SanaaLathan???

A video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoominc) on

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Diddy Avoids Felony Charges In UCLA Case

July 3rd, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Well, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs has another reason to celebrate this Fourth of July Weekend.

According to CNN, the music mogul will not face felony assault charges stemming from last month’s altercation with a UCLA assistant football coach. As you may recall, Combs was accused  of assaulting the coach with a kettlebell. He was arrested on three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of making terrorist threats and one count of battery.

Thursday, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office spokesperson, Ricardo Santiago, announced that the office declined to charge Combs with felony assault and battery. The case has been referred to the Los Angeles city attorney’s office for review. The rapper may still face misdemeanor charges.

Puff Daddy And The Fam To Reunite For BET Awards

June 26th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Well, it looks like there will be something to look forward to at this year’s BET Awards after all.

According to an Instagram post shared by Sean “Diddy” Combs, which was quickly removed, the Bad Boy family will be reuniting for Sunday’s awards show.

This Sunday PUFF DADDY & THE FAMILY are taking over the BET Awards!! Thank you to all the Bad Boy fans #HappyAnniversary

Yes! #BETAwards

A photo posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoominc) on

Participants include Faith Evans, Mario Winans, The Lox and Laurieann Gibson, Mase, 112, and more.

In rehearsal clowning with @iamdiddy #BadBoy #Family #teamfizzy #teamprolific #IncomparableAlbum #Faith20 coming soon!

A photo posted by Faith Renée Evans (@therealfaithevans) on

Rehearsal #BadBoy20 #teamfizzy #teamprolific #IncomparableAlbum #Faith20 coming soon!

A video posted by Faith Renée Evans (@therealfaithevans) on

BET’s President of Programming Stephen Hill also hinted at the reunion performance by sharing a photo of Diddy and Faith at what appears to be a rehearsal session for Sunday’s show.

Hey! Is that…and why do you think…this couldn’t mean…#youaintready

As a native New Yorker, I can always appreciate a Bad Boy reunion.

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Did Y’all See? There’s Family Drama Everywhere

June 26th, 2015 - By Brande Victorian
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This week on "Did Y'all See?" the ladies discuss Diddy's arrest for fighting his son's college football coach, Bobbi Kristina being moved to a hospice and the 70 year-old woman raised Black who discovers she's biologically white. Special guest Mike Allen of the Ask a Black Man Marriage episode joins the editors for the final celebration of MadameNoire's five-year anniversary.

“The Case Will Be Dismissed” Diddy And Justin Combs Issue Statements On UCLA Fight

June 23rd, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: PNP/

Source: PNP/

After a response from 50 Cent, a series of memes and charges filed, Diddy’s camp is finally stepping forward with a statement about the melee that happened on UCLA’s campus and releasing the name of his son’s strength training coach involved in the scuffle.

Forever the opportunist, Diddy reported the news on his website, Revolt.

Following an incident that occurred yesterday (June 22) on the campus of UCLA, REVOLT Chairman Sean “Diddy” Combs is releasing a statement on the matter. According to police and reports, Combs was involved in an altercation with a strength and conditioning coach on the Bruins football staff, where his son, Justin Combs, is a defensive player. It remains unclear at this time the exact details surrounding the events, however, Combs was arrested and later released on bond and is due back in court next month to face assault charges against Sal Alosi. 

While Diddy and his people are playing coy about what actually went down, TMZ told another story, with more details, allegedly from eye witnesses.

Our sources tell us … strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi was riding Justin Combs hard — and screaming out loud, “I don’t care if your dad’s here. This is UCLA. I’m going to treat you just like I treat everyone else.”

We’re told Diddy got super heated — feeling as if the coach was trying to humiliate and embarrass both him and his son in front of the rest of the team.

Of course, Diddy and Justin went to meet with Alosi in his office following the training session … and the rest is history.

Naturally, there was also a bit of shade from Diddy’s camp.

Alosi is most widely known for illegally interfering on a live play during an NFL game between the Jets and Dolphins when he was a member of the New York organization. TMZ first reported the incident and claimed Alosi was aggressively targeting the younger Combs during practice.

Then came the actual statement from Diddy’s rep.

A representative for Combs said accounts of the incident are “inaccurate” and expects the charges against the mogul to be dimissed. 

“The various accounts of the event and charges that are being reported are wholly inaccurate. What we can say now is that any actions taken by Mr. Combs were solely defensive in nature to protect himself and his son. We are confident that once the true facts are revealed, the case will be dismissed.”

There was also a video on the Revolt page. You can check it out below. (Though, be forewarned, I was having problems with it earlier.)

See what Justin had to say on the next page.

This Is Not Really Diddy Assaulting The UCLA Coach, What He Did Was Much Worse

June 23rd, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Yesterday, after news broke that Sean “Diddy” Combs had been arrested for putting his hands on the UCLA strength training coach, the image above started to spread around the internet.

But that’s not a photo of the incident.

It’s a picture from a movie Diddy had a role in  “Hawaii Five-0”

And though the picture is a farce, the attack is more serious than we initially reported.

According to several sources, including the Los Angeles Times, Diddy was attending one of Justin Combs’ practices yesterday at the Acosta Athletic Training Complex.

Sources told TMZ that Diddy became upset when he saw the way the coach was yelling at his son. Earlier we reported that Diddy grabbed the coach. But the assault was far more severe.

The mogul went after the coach with a kettlebell, a piece of weightlifting equipment made of cast iron.

Fortunately, for everyone involved the kettlebell didn’t make contact; if it had it would have likely killed the man. All parties walked away from the incident with no injuries.

Diddy was arrested initially on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

Later, on Monday night the charges were updated to include:



Diddy was arrested by campus police and then transferred to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Inmate Reception Center, a little after 7:30 p.m. Sheriff’s Department officials told The Times it was set at $50,000 in their system.

According to The Wall Street Journalhe was released on bail late Monday night.

Justin is a red shirt junior defensive back for UCLA’s football team.

At this time, authorities have not released the name of the coach.

Well, that certainly escalated quickly. At first, I was a bit empathetic to Diddy, understanding that some coaches are a bit too aggressive. But the fact that he was at practice seems that he was the one who was infringing on the routine and then took it to another level when he didn’t like what he saw.

There was one person who had some interesting commentary about the situation. See what he had to say in the video below.

What do you make of this story? Are you surprised?

He’s Laying Hands Again: Diddy Arrested For Fighting UCLA Football Coach

June 22nd, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Perhaps after yesterday’s holiday, Sean “Diddy” Combs was still feeling fatherly when he went to go see his son Justin Combs’ football game.

According to TMZ, the mogul was arrested for allegedly getting into a fight with a UCLA football coach. A source told TMZ that Diddy laid hands on the assistant coach because he was screaming at Justin, a defensive back, on the field.

Allegedly, the fight went down at the UCLA athletic facility.

Reports claim that Diddy didn’t appreciate the way the man was talking to his son and confronted the coach, eventually grabbing him.

As of now, Diddy is still in custody at the campus jail.

If he’s in a relatively decent mood, that will make for some pretty interesting stories for those in there with him.

Having played under some tyrant-like coaches, I can understand his reaction. No parent wants to or should stand idly by as their child is being abused. Still, Diddy can’t keep going around putting his hands on people.

There’s got to be a better way.

What do you make of this story?

Story Of A Lifetime: 15 Celebs Who Need A Biopic

June 16th, 2015 - By Desiree Bowie
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Ike and Tina Turner were the subjects of one of the greatest Black biopics of all time: What’s Love Got to Do With It. Turner’s story revealed the trials and tribulations that she endured on her road to becoming one of the biggest names in music. And while we love that movie, we also feel that there are still so many people who need to be immortalized in film. Take a look at 15 stars who deserve a biopic.

Serious Question: Is Anything Private Anymore?

May 28th, 2015 - By Alexandra Olivier
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  In case you missed the memo, we have all become attention whores. It’s not 100% our fault, but the line between what is and what is not to be kept intimate has become a very hazy and foggy shade of gray. At every turn, we overshare life’s intimate moments – whatever that is. Whether it is selfies on the toilet, Snapchats of us brushing our teeth or sharing pictures of our significant other barely dressed for our followers, it makes me wonder: What exactly are we keeping as moments for and to ourselves? Recently, Kanye West updated his fans that his upcoming album title has changed to Swish. With the update, he included a few pictures of Kim Kardashian, his wife and the mother of his beautiful daughter, North. In those images, she was essentially naked. While Kim K. is no stranger to nudes or being seen naked, as a husband, what sense does it make to share your wife’s goodies with the world and fans? Regardless of her past and even recent decision to bare it all on the cover of magazines, when did we lose a sense of intimacy where our bodies, thoughts and more were only for ourselves and our husbands? Social media has significantly influenced the muddying of intimacy. For likes, men and women are shedding clothing, puckering their lips, and flexing their muscles. And while it isn’t every Instagram user, you’d be lying if you said a good percentage of your timeline wasn’t filled with men and women clearly “doing it for the ‘gram.” The need to utilize the most provocative images to garner attention is seemingly weighed as more important than keeping some things private. Diddy defended his latest ad for fragrance 3AM and said it was an attempt to show love as the new sexy. The “fantasy” he displays in his ad is no doubt hot, and sure, it’s nice to see him show some form of affection to Cassie, but the simulation of intimate moments between the two, is it necessary? “The concept for the video represents one of the things that 3 a.m. is for me. It’s a very one-on-one time. It’s a time to have fun and push the envelope a little bit. It’s definitely an hour where you would find yourself with a young lady. Anything can happen at 3 a.m., and in the video, you see a fantasy that’s in my head of what happened that night,” Diddy told Style. And now, every fantasy in your head and played out in your bedroom is being shared for the world to see. We live in a society where sex sells. It assaults us even in cartoons and Disney shows nowadays – you can’t miss the sexual innuendos. With reality TV invading personal space, it has become common practice to post bedroom selfies cuddled up with bae, or random images of you getting in and out the shower. But some of the best moments are best kept quiet. Some things don’t have to be everybody’s business – even if it will guarantee a few hundred likes and get a little attention. Then what?

What is and what is not to be kept intimate has become a foggy shade of gray nowadays and many blame social media. in Madame Noire Polls on LockerDome