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Lunchtime Chat : What Really Went Down With Cassie And Diddy’s Breakup?

August 19th, 2016 - By Quindara Lazenbury
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Today’s episode of #LunchtimeChat featured Cassie/ Diddy and all of their breakup craziness trending. The ladies share their opinions based on a recent article that discussed how after a breakup the “crazy” may come out.

Catch the chat and share your thoughts below!  Make sure to tune in to #LunchtimeChat every weekday at lunchtime on Facebook Live!


Why Jennifer Lopez’s “#AllLivesMatter” Tweet Rightfully Has So Many People In Their Feelings

July 13th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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I should know better. When it comes to important matters, the last thing I need to look to or truly be offended by is the statements of celebrities. More often than not I’m left thinking that silence would have probably been the best route for them to take if they’ve never boasted an activist or at least a militant bone in their body. And that’s fine. Such responsibilities are not for everyone.

But I must admit, this news of Jennifer Lopez (or her media team) tweeting out #AllLivesMatter while promoting her single “Love Make the World Go Round” had me in my feelings this morning. Somebody needs to say something.

I like J.Lo. Outside of being someone with impeccable style, a strong work ethic and her best body at 46, she seems to be a pretty nice person. (I mean, you have to be a positive chick if you can deal with an even bigger diva, Mariah Carey, trying to deny your existence since like the late ’90s.) But the #AllLivesMatter misstep, whomever was behind it, is all bad. It’s a slap in the face to Black folks who constantly have their experience ignored, and quite terrible coming from Lopez of all people. More than anything, it left me thinking back to the many years when Lopez thrived with the help of Black culture and Black lives.

Like the days when she garnered a bevy of street credibility by being arm in arm with Diddy — then Puff Daddy — on red carpets. All this while rocking Sean John ensembles with bandannas to match, and kicking it with his industry friends, including Jay Z, Damon Dash, Aaliyah and more.

When she was singing over a reworking of Craig Mack’s “Flava in Ya Ear” with the help of Ja Rule and Ashanti on the remix of “Ain’t It Funny,” which peaked at No. 1.

When she became “Jenny from the Block” with the help of Jadakiss and Styles P.

When she worked with LL Cool J and sampled Debra Laws’s “Very Special” for “All I Have” and went No. 1 again.

When she teamed up with Fabolous to help her “Get Right.”

When she sang on the remix of “I’m Real,” and told “niggas, mind their biz” but they didn’t hear her, though. Confronted over her use of the word, Lopez actually called the harsh criticism “hateful,” saying, “For anyone to think or suggest that I’m racist is really absurd and hateful to me. The use of the word in the song — it was actually written by Ja Rule — it was not meant to be hurtful to anybody.” And when all was forgiven, and she continued to dominate and add another No. 1 to her roster.

I say all that to make the point that Lopez has greatly benefited from the help of Black songwriters, Black boyfriends (don’t forget about Wesley Snipes), Black language and Black culture as a whole, and for the most part, we’ve embraced her. So to not understand how Black lives matter and to not even feel it necessary to clear the air behind the use of the #AllLivesMatter hashtag on her social media, not once, but twice, is quite interesting. Even if she wasn’t the one who posted the message, the fact that she’s had nothing to say about these back-to-back instances of police brutality only to have #AllLivesMatter pop up on her accounts is also quite interesting.

For the umpteenth time, when people say that Black lives matter, it shouldn’t be seen as an affront because it doesn’t downplay the lives of others. We’re all well aware that every human life is precious. However, you would have to be naive and ignorant at this point to not see the disparities in how we are treated in this country, particularly when it comes to the way we are manhandled and murdered by police. There are videos to prove it for goodness sake.

Black lives indeed matter. They mattered to Lopez when she collaborated with them to make music, when she needed her first job on In Living Color, when she was featured in our magazines at the beginning of her career and when she needed street cred to top the charts. They should also matter to her now. And that’s not to say that she’s this soul-sucking cultural appropriator and the worst human being ever. No ma’am. But it is to say that even if she doesn’t have anything to say on her own about the incessant Black death we’ve seen and how Black lives matter, she needs to have something to say about the people she employs, in her camp, including her social media team, who clearly don’t get that they do — even if the person “in her camp” really is her.

What Happens When You Leave Your Sugar Daddy?

December 14th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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sugar daddy

Source: AP Images

So in case you haven’t heard, Diddy and Cassie are no more. You never know with these two. By the time I finish this post, they might be back together again. But according to their social media activity, over the past few days, and a couple of sources, they’re finished.

First, Cassie quickly posted and deleted this meme.


Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

According to Love B Scott, Cassie broke up with Diddy because of his involvement with another woman. Reportedly he even brought this woman to his Revolt Music festival in October. Even before this woman, people have been speculating about a rocky relationship saying that Cassie was largely absent from Diddy’s birthday celebrations.

I don’t know whether this source is accurate or not. But considering the fact that Diddy openly admitted that he’s still out here, on national radio, is enough to support those claims. In case, you missed it, he told “The Breakfast Club” about his love contract.

“I don’t want to promise on nothing I can’t deliver. What I can deliver, out of a pie, is I can promise you that, if I’m in a relationship with you, that 25% of your time, you’re going to just feel like ‘I hate being here. I hate this guy. He cheated on me, he lied on me.” But then there’s 75% I’m going to make you the happiest woman in the whole wide world. I’m going to be there to support your dreams, I’ma be there to hold you, listen to you. I’ma be there to be your best friend. And I promise you’ll smile the most. You know who I am, you know what it is.”

Yes, he said that…publicly.

Then, shortly after Cassie posted the meme, Diddy and the mother of his children, Kim Porter, were seen leaving the same sex toy/lingerie shop in LA.

Y’all know what’s up. Kim is always ready and willing. So there’s that.

But I’m wondering, now that Cassie has realized that she no longer wants to tolerate Diddy’s philandering, where does she go from here?

First, before we get to her, can we talk about the fact that Diddy let the whole world know that his relationship with Cassie wasn’t monogamous in the first place?

Let’s be real. No one thought Diddy was faithful. I’m sure Cassie even knew the deal. But there is a difference between you and your loved one knowing and understanding the agreement you’ve made. But it’s another thing when the whole world knows you’re actively and consistently cheating on your significant other. It’s tacky. And it would have been nice if Diddy could at least present a symbol of cohesiveness and loyalty toward Cassie by keeping his private love contract out of the public eye. It was almost like he was marketing himself to new women. “Come one, come all! I can offer you a piece of this fourth I’m not giving my main chick.”

But back to Cassie.

For those who aren’t too familiar with her story, she left producer and artist Ryan Leslie to be with Diddy. It was a bit of a grimy situation. But homegirl, for whatever reason, saw an opportunity and she took it.

We all saw the lavish life she lived while on the Bad Boy’s arm. She went on trips, all the parties, slept in his house and there was that one birthday where he blessed her with a stack of money. And during that time, Cassie might have released a couple of singles, modeled for Ciroc and Carol’s Daughter, but, from all appearances, she was mostly employed as his arm candy.

So now that the two have allegedly parted ways, after she has become accustomed to living a certain type of lifestyle, where does she go from here? Does she go back to dating regular dudes, with regular cash flow? I would imagine that it would be intimidating and difficult for another man in the music industry to step to her knowing how influential Diddy can be… and how much he likes to fight.

Furthermore, does she go back to work…whatever that might be? Before she didn’t really have to work with any type of consistency. What happens now?

We were discussing this in the office and said a woman like Cassie had to know that Diddy had no intentions of marrying her. I don’t know if Cassie wanted that for her life. But even if she didn’t, surely she knew this relationship likely wouldn’t last forever.

Did she save enough of that money to be good without him?

Since Diddy knew he was “out here” during a quarter of their relationship–if not more– is there any incentive on his part to take care of her once they are no longer together? Just as a good will gesture for knowingly putting up with his foolishness. Probably not, though the mothers of his children are well taken care of.

Obviously, I have no answers. I was raised not to depend on a man financially. And even if I just so happen to unite my finances with a man, in marriage, I should still have my own on the side just in case. So I’m asking out of sincere curiosity. What does Cassie and kept women like her do in this situation? Either way, she’s still pretty young. She’s got time.

Have you ever had a sugar daddy? If the relationship ended, was it a struggle to adjust to regular life again.


Stop Holding Your Breath: Why J.Lo And Diddy Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

November 24th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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In all my years, I’ve never seen people laud a couple quite the way folks do Jennifer Lopez and Sean “Diddy” Combs. It’s truly interesting.

It’s especially interesting because they’re not a couple and haven’t been one for 15 years now.

Despite that reality, any time these two are seen in the same spaces or are even asked about one another, people reminisce about their whirlwind romance, which lasted about two years.

For instance, after hosting the AMAs on Sunday, Lopez celebrated with friends at Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails in West Hollywood. Diddy came through to support his former flame, and after being snapped giggling and embracing one another, it took absolutely no time for the headlines and comments to pop up about their storied relationship and a hopeful reconciliation.

Us Weekly said, “Diddy Parties With Ex Jennifer Lopez After AMAs 2015 Shout-Out, Reminds Us of Puffy Days

USA Today said the former couple “look so perfect together, it hurts.”

And people commenting on the pictures of the former pair were still talking about what could have been:

“I loved them together. I feel like she may have been the only one who diddy would’ve married.”

“Old love never fades away. No man will ever love JLO like Diddy.”

“I believe he would have popped the question had the whole gun charge fiasco didn’t go down. I also believe the only reason he’s with Cassie is because she gives off a Jlo vibe minus the grown woman confidence.”

True, they were a cool coupling back in the day. So cool they were the original #relationshipgoals for people growing up around that time. Missy even referenced their relationship in “Pussycat.” They embodied luxurious living in their diamonds and furs, hitting the streets together on a motorbike way before Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill ever did. And they genuinely seemed smitten with one another all those years ago. When they broke up, he was in mourning via song (i.e., “I Need A Girl” — part I and II). And to this day, when they speak of one another, there’s nothing but love.

Like when Diddy told Access Hollywood that he was grateful to have had a woman like Lopez in his life, and that Lopez’s booty is “a work of art. It’s something that will go down in history, for real it will.”

Or the time when Lopez got flustered and blushed while talking about her ex after he made an appearance on American Idol: “Talking about 42-year-old Combs’ mentoring work, the singer took a long, uncomfortable pause when she had to speak her ex’s name. Laughing, she said, ‘I was going to say Puffy,’ then dropped her head, looking embarrassed.”

There is still some love there. But is there enough to get back together? The people want to see a reconciliation. The media would love to see it. But would J.Lo and Diddy actually want to see it?

Probably not.

Look, this is not ’98. And while the two sparkled on the outside, they, like all former couples, went their separate ways for legitimate reasons. The main one people think of is the fact that he almost got her caught up in some major drama in 1999 after that infamous shooting at Club New York. It was a squabble turned melee over a dropped drink that left Shyne with nine years to serve in prison, and Diddy with a rap to beat after driving around with Lopez–and a gun in his trunk. With the help of Johnnie Cochran, Diddy was acquitted. But after seeing that sh-t got a little too real too fast (and Lopez being a major star with a career that she had to protect), she ran for the hills.

And then there’s also the reality that she also had to leave that situation because Diddy made it clear that he couldn’t be faithful. Lopez told Vibe in 2003 that such infidelity almost drove her mad. I doubt she would want to deal with that again.

“It was the first time I was with someone who wasn’t faithful. I was in this relationship with Puff where I was totally crying, crazy and going nuts, it really took my whole life in a tailspin.”

And according to their joint interview with Essence in 2006, Diddy had been cheating on Lopez with the same woman he left (while expecting his child) to be with the starlet: Kim Porter:

The Lopez years — the couple dated from 1998 to 2000 — were so public, so humiliating, so disrespectful, says Porter, and what made it worse was that it was all a lie. “That relationship wasn’t real,” she says bluntly. “The world just saw the bright lights and the camera. But I knew what was really going on. He was still in love with me.” Porter, who says Combs fell for a “big booty and a smile,” used to tell him that when he was finished with his “little Puerto Rican girlfriend,” he’d be back. But, in fact, he never really left. The entire time Combs was seeing Lopez, Porter’s phone never stopped ringing. “No one knows that part,” she says. “He was calling fifty, sixty times a day.”

And while trying to explain his indiscretions, Combs tried it:

“Do you really think that God meant for a man to have just one wife?” he blurts out. “Or a woman to have one husband? Do you think God meant it that way?”

Porter shoots him a look. “Do you really want me having sex with some other man? You want that to happen?” she demands.

“No,” he says sheepishly, “but God made us different.”

And let’s not forget the small (but rather big) fact that they’ve both moved on to be with other people, albeit considerably younger people (a.k.a., the “Cas” gang). Last time we checked, Diddy was still trying to make things work with Cassie (though her birthday message to him hinted at a possible split…). And Lopez is still trying to make things work with Casper Smart, who, may I add, was actually present at her after-party the entire time. He was even standing there when Lopez hugged her famous ex, probably thinking, “They were a cute couple–back when I was 13.”

While it would be cute if the pair got that old thing back, that “old thing,” as is the case in most former relationships, wasn’t all gold, Versace dresses and silk shirts, popping bottles in VIP and smiles. It was a complicated two years.

By finally throwing in the towel before things went too left, they were able to grow as people, and thankfully, save the friendship rooted in that former relationship. And that’s why I believe we always see them so comfortable with one another when they do cross paths. Not because they’re plotting to be with one another again on the low. Not every former couple who runs into each other is trying to jump one another’s bones or avoid each other like the plague. Sometimes, exes have the luck of being mature enough to not only be friendly, but actually be friends. According to Diddy, “She’s a great friend of mine, always will my friend.” And sometimes, that’s just how it should be and stay.

No, Diddy, Voting Isn’t “A Scam”

October 26th, 2015 - By Nneka Samuel
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If recent presidential election history has taught us anything, it’s that politics has a way of bringing out the best and worst in us, from birthers and voter ID laws to increased Black voter turnout and the belief that, together, “Yes, we can.”  But emphasis heavily lies on the worst according to Citizen Change founder Sean “Diddy” Combs. According to Hip Hop Wiredlast week at the second annual Revolt Music Conference in Miami, Combs referred to the voting process as a “scam.”   To put it succinctly, Diddy, the voice behind the powerful, if not over-the-top “Vote or Die” campaign, stated that “there’s so much bullsh-t” involved in politics, which leads to voter disinterest and disfranchisement, “because nothing that [politicians are] saying actually relates to us.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Who cares about Diddy’s opinions on politics?  Who’s really looking to the Bad Boy founder for any sort of political savvy, especially considering Citizen Change’s short life span, which began in 2004 and has been inactive since 2006?  And while there is no revelation in Diddy’s statement that politics is a tricky, messy and often ugly thing, his message is undercut by its vagueness and falls short of the seemingly now-abandoned mission he once had to encourage minorities and the youth to vote.  Not to mention, it inadvertently upholds the same bullsh-t finger he’s pointing at the political process.  With “Vote or Die,” Diddy claimed to represent the “forgotten ones.”  He used words like “hot” and “sexy” when referring to the voting process to appeal to the youth (I’m not sure how well that worked, if at all).  He seemed to recognize why voting is important, particularly to a population that has historically been disenfranchised. To now simply state that politics is “bullsh-t” is narrow, in direct opposition to his suggestion that youth adopt innovative means to get involved, and overall sends the wrong message to that audience in particular.

Again, who cares, you ask?  Diddy, after all, has announced no plans to run for political office (unlike Kanye).  He has the right to change his mind and to put his celebrity to use in other ways.  Sure.  But I think what Diddy was trying to say without actually saying it, is that there is no one to vote for.  No candidate who truly understands or cares about the so-called Black vote, and issues that disenfranchise and disproportionately affect people of color in this country.  If that’s what he was suggesting, that’s a powerful statement that could potentially resonate with youth in particular.  I think Diddy, along with other folk, might be singing a different tune if a candidate he truly believed in were running for office this time around.  So why throw in the towel altogether, instead of suggesting ways in which we can collectively cultivate, encourage and spread the word about a candidate like-minded people can rally and get behind (and not just on a presidential level, but municipal as well)? That task is no easy feat and there’s no predicting exactly what will happen once a candidate is in office, but it’s more helpful and reasonable than calling all of politics a scam.

Diddy also suggested that youth utilize their social power to affect change in the upcoming presidential election.  “You got 200 followers, if you decide that you want to make it a topic of discussion and that thing goes viral…” then, voila.  While social media does play a significant role, particularly in the lives of millennials, it’s only a part of the process.  A hashtag can raise awareness about any given issue, but it takes more than that to “make a difference in this election,” as Diddy once put it.

There are a slew of issues that particularly pertain to and affect Black people and Black communities throughout this country, issues that are seemingly ignored or misunderstood.  That’s all the more reason why we should vote (and not solely in presidential elections) and not give into the politics is bullsh-t line of thinking.  There are no easy or simple fixes when it comes to the matters that plague our political system. But there’s great power in voting, and there’s change, neither of which happen overnight.  If we take the Diddy route and believe that the political process is not worthy of our time or attention because there’s too much bs to contend with, we’ll be in deeper trouble down the line.


Diddy Partners With AT&T To Air REVOLT TV, While 50 Cent Claims AT&T Is Racist

July 21st, 2015 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Image Source:

Image Source:

Over the weekend, 50 Cent went on a Twitter rant about AT&T and U-Verse dropping Starz and other channels that air “urban content” like his hit show, Power. The Queens hip-hop mogul said in several tweets that AT& T was racist.

Interestingly enough and unexpectedly, 50’s frenemy Diddy has now partnered with the same reported telecommunication provider to air his entertainment channel, REVOLT TV. In a press statement, it was announced “AT&T* U-verse® and REVOLT have signed an agreement to make REVOLT, the multi-platform, multi-genre music network founded by Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, available to U-verse TV customers. REVOLT will be available in the U300 package as early as July 27, 2015 and will include rights to On Demand video and content on the go, giving AT&T U-verse customers virtually unlimited access to Combs’ “#1 name in music.”

Of his new partnership, Diddy said, “This is a historical day for REVOLT. With a major player like AT&T, more people will be able to access the hottest music and original content on every screen and device. This agreement shows the world that REVOLT is a force in the media industry. “

AT&T’s Chief Marketing Officer Mel Coker said the deal is exactly what their customer wants. “AT&T is excited to bring REVOLT programming to our customers. REVOLT is a great fit as we strive to bring our customers the content they want, when and where they want it,” he noted.

AT&T and U-Verse customers can visit REVOLT’s website for their local channel listing and times.

Although Diddy did not flaunt his new victory on social media, as of yet, he took a minute out to tell his followers to “walk with God all the time,” in the video below.

Sanaa Lathan Cozies Up To French Montana [Watch]

July 20th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

Saturday night while you were busy laying out your church clothes (Lol, joking–kind of), our bestie in our heads, Sanaa Lathan, was enjoying a night out on the town with Diddy and French Montana.

In footage uploaded to Instagram by the Bad Boy Records founder, the trio can be seen partying it up at the Playhouse nightclub in Los Angeles. Judging by the footage, it seems obvious that they were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Interestingly, the group left the club together. In a follow-up Instagram post, Sanaa appears to be sitting on French’s lap while stroking his face as Diddy releases a drunken cackle.

All parties involved are grown, unattached and free to do whatever they please; so there’s definitely no judgement here. But we have to say that we were a little surprised to see our girl letting her hair down and turning up like this.

Check out the clips and weigh in below.

@erickmorillo @frenchmontana @sanaalathan #BLUEDOTBOYS #CirocNIGHTS

A video posted by PUFF DADDY (@iamdiddy) on

#PressPlay: Late night for #Diddy #FrenchMontana and #SanaaLathan???

A video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

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Diddy Avoids Felony Charges In UCLA Case

July 3rd, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Well, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs has another reason to celebrate this Fourth of July Weekend.

According to CNN, the music mogul will not face felony assault charges stemming from last month’s altercation with a UCLA assistant football coach. As you may recall, Combs was accused  of assaulting the coach with a kettlebell. He was arrested on three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of making terrorist threats and one count of battery.

Thursday, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office spokesperson, Ricardo Santiago, announced that the office declined to charge Combs with felony assault and battery. The case has been referred to the Los Angeles city attorney’s office for review. The rapper may still face misdemeanor charges.

Puff Daddy And The Fam To Reunite For BET Awards

June 26th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Well, it looks like there will be something to look forward to at this year’s BET Awards after all.

According to an Instagram post shared by Sean “Diddy” Combs, which was quickly removed, the Bad Boy family will be reuniting for Sunday’s awards show.

This Sunday PUFF DADDY & THE FAMILY are taking over the BET Awards!! Thank you to all the Bad Boy fans #HappyAnniversary

Yes! #BETAwards

A photo posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Participants include Faith Evans, Mario Winans, The Lox and Laurieann Gibson, Mase, 112, and more.

In rehearsal clowning with @iamdiddy #BadBoy #Family #teamfizzy #teamprolific #IncomparableAlbum #Faith20 coming soon!

A photo posted by Faith Evans (@therealfaithevans) on

Rehearsal #BadBoy20 #teamfizzy #teamprolific #IncomparableAlbum #Faith20 coming soon!

A video posted by Faith Evans (@therealfaithevans) on

BET’s President of Programming Stephen Hill also hinted at the reunion performance by sharing a photo of Diddy and Faith at what appears to be a rehearsal session for Sunday’s show.

Hey! Is that…and why do you think…this couldn’t mean…#youaintready

As a native New Yorker, I can always appreciate a Bad Boy reunion.

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Did Y’all See? There’s Family Drama Everywhere

June 26th, 2015 - By Brande Victorian
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This week on “Did Y’all See?” the ladies discuss Diddy’s arrest for fighting his son’s college football coach, Bobbi Kristina being moved to a hospice and the 70 year-old woman raised Black who discovers she’s biologically white. Special guest Mike Allen of the Ask a Black Man Marriage episode joins the editors for the final celebration of MadameNoire’s five-year anniversary.