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Stephen Colbert Will Replace David Letterman When He Retires From ‘The Late Show’ Next Year

April 10th, 2014 - By Tonya Garcia
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Stephen Colbert paid a visit to Jimmy Fallon to congratulate him on his 'Tonight Show' job. Now Fallon can return the favor. via @StephenAtHome

Stephen Colbert paid a visit to Jimmy Fallon to congratulate him on his ‘Tonight Show’ job. Now Fallon can return the favor. via @StephenAtHome

Update: Stories we’ve read since this news first broke report that Colbert will probably be doing The Late Show as himself. After nearly a decade, Colbert could be putting his satirical alter ego to rest.

“CBS said creative elements, producers and even the location of the show will be announced at a later date. “He is not going to play that character,” said Nina Tassler CBS Entertainment in an interview. (via VarietyStill, the intelligence and humor that he brings to the character is what CBS is banking on. That and his ability to attract a younger audience, which is what all of the late-night shows are looking for. The average age of a Colbert Report viewer is 41.9. The average age for a viewer tuning in to both the Jimmys is over 50.

Moreover, The Late Show will probably stay in New York City at the Ed Sullivan Theater. In an interview that aired on CBS This Morning, CBS head Les Moonves says the network is being courted by everyone in Los Angeles to make the move. (Remember, Jimmy Fallon moved The Tonight Show back to the East coast when he took the hosting duties.) However, Colbert lives in Montclair, NJ and CBS owns the theater, a landmarked location. And the goal is to start Colbert right after Letterman retires.

As for Comedy Central, they’ve got to deal with a hole at 11:30. “‘The Daily Show’ won’t be going anywhere just yet, and ‘@Midnight’” (at midnight) has become a bona fide hit. There is no question that Comedy Central will have a new 11:30 p.m. show come 2015; the only question is what,” says Capital New York. The Times speculates that they could go with Amy Schumer, the popular comedienne who already has a show on the network, because late night could use a woman. Or they could go with Key & Peele (also with a Comedy Central show) to spice things up with diversity.

Original story below

Well, I guess our speculation and requests went ignored. CBS has announced that Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman when he retires from late-night television next year. (We’re big fans, BTW. If only for this right here.)

The announcement comes shortly after rumors that Colbert was a front runner for the job began circulating. Moreover, it comes on the heels of a controversy over a tweet that took one of his skits — a play on the racism of the Washington Redskins football team name — out of context and offended Asian Americans. It sparked a #CancelColbert hashtag that has been comically revived and is currently trending.

A statement from CBS says Colbert has signed a five-year deal, though it hasn’t yet been specified when Letterman will step down. Colbert’s contract with Comedy Central also ends in the coming months.

“I’m thrilled and grateful that CBS chose me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go grind a gap in my front teeth,” Colbert said after the announcement was made.

David Letterman has been on late-night television for 33 years. Colbert, who’s 49 years old, has been host of The Colbert Report  on Comedy Central since 2005. He launched his conservative Bill O’Reilly-like persona on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart before that.

Which begs the question of what will happen to the satirical news personality that Colbert has inhabited almost wholly in public for the past 10-plus years. Just this morning on the commute in, we were reading this story from The New York Times that speculated about the impact it would have to move Colbert to the Late Show desk. On the one hand, it would be a shame to have to give up the wit and humor that has become a Colbert staple. But if it can be moved to CBS, that would be a gem.

“If CBS gives him room and support to rethink the form, Mr. Colbert could reinvigorate late-night talk and provide a radically different alternative to Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel,” the article says.

For more about the dollars and cents behind the late-night TV game, click here for our “By the Numbers” story.

10 Personalities Who Could Replace David Letterman On The Late Show

April 7th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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David Letterman has been a fixture on late-night television since 1982, but last Friday he announced that he will be hanging up his talk show hat after more than 30 years of interviewing celebrities and giving us his top ten lists. Even though Letterman will retire in 2015, there is already speculation about who will replace him on the Late Show. Here are ten candidates we’re rooting for.

"Stephen Colbert pf"


Steve Colbert

Stephen Colbert starred in the cult Comedy Central show “Strangers with Candy” as the hilarious closeted gay high school teacher before moving on to become a correspondent at the “Daily Show.” In 2005 he was given his own spin-off show and took his mock staunch conservative stance to new heights on the “Colbert Report.” Colbert’s contract with Comedy Central is up in December so that plus his extensive knowledge in pop culture and politics makes him a great candidate to take over for Letterman.

Money Made At Midnight! The Business of Late Night Talk Shows… By The Numbers

April 7th, 2014 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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Still of Jimmy Fallon via 'The Tonight Show'; David Letterman, Lady Gaga & Bill Murray via

Still of Jimmy Fallon via ‘The Tonight Show’; David Letterman, Lady Gaga & Bill Murray via Michael Carpenter/; Still from ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’

With David Letterman’s big announcement that he would be retiring sometime next year, everyone is speculating about who could be sitting at the Late Show desk. Some say Stephen Colbert is a front runner. Now that Chelsea Handler is leaving E!, there’s talk of her heading to CBS. And then there are others (us) who are calling for something a little different on late night… like Aisha Tyler.

Entertaining millions of viewers as they chow down on their midnight munchies ain’t cheap! You’ll need a short Mexican sidekick (à la Jimmy Kimmel’s Guillermo and Chelsea Handler’s Chuy), a snazzy band to add a little “ba-dum tch” to your jokes, relevant celebrity guests and don’t forget the whole cast and crew behind-the-scenes.

How much is all of that? Well, prime time talk shows can cost between $1.5 and $2.5 million — a week, according to Los Angeles Times.

Late night house bands — like Jimmy Fallon’s The Roots — get us all to “turn up!” These talented musicians cost the network a cool $1 million a year. On top of this, to avoid all the legal drama, the network must pay rights fees (between $1,500 and $3,000) for any covers the band decides to play.

The writers — the masterminds behind the hosts’ monologues and one-liners — reap between $3,500 and $10,000 a week, depending on seniority. Paying for a producer sets the network back $300,000 annually.

Let’s not forget about the talent bookers. They’re responsible for getting Hollywood’s finest on the show. These crew members earn between $3,000 and $6,000 a week. Though celebrity guests don’t get paid for making appearances per se, the show pays for their flight, hotel, car service, and a stocked-up “green room” — the place where stars hang out before going on stage.

Clearly it takes an army to sustain a late-night program. But hey, talk show hosts get paid a pretty penny to run the ship, according to Business Insider. David Letterman, who’s been a late-night host for 33 years, is the highest paid of ’em all (excluding cable hosts) with a $20 million salary. The two Jimmys, Fallon and Kimmel, rack up $11 million and $10 million respectively. Craig Ferguson sits on $8 million.

So where does Arsenio Hall fall on the spectrum? The salary for the only black late night host pales in comparison to his rivals with a disappointing $6 million. But he’s not the one with a skimpy pay in the biz — Seth Meyers takes that crown. Meyers, who had his debut on Late Night in February, reportedly earns $3 million.

By now, you’re probably wondering where the heck CBS, NBC, ABC and all the other networks get their spending money to cover all these expenses. Advertising, baby! Commercial spots during prime time programming cost between $50,000 and $80,000, according to The New York Post. If you wanted to shamelessly plug your product on the actual show (aka product placement), that will set you back $100,000 — whew!

Let’s take a look, by the numbers, at how much ad revenue each after-hours show has pocketed:

Ad Revenue

David Letterman’s Late Show: $179.6 million

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon$113.4 million

Jimmy Kimmel Live$77.3 million

Late Night with Seth Meyers$53.5 million

Arsenio Hall Show$26 million

Yes, Arsenio falls flat compared to its competitors when it comes to attracting advertising dollars. He’s even admitted that it’s been “rough” sustaining such a cost-conscious program: “I don’t have the big baller network money,” Hall said. But don’t feel too sorry for him — he’s still got time to prove himself. Hall has been renewed for a whole new second season!

Perhaps next season, we’ll see some better figures — by the numbers — for our “woof” man.

Need Some College Application Advice? Kwasi Enin Gives Top Ten Tips On Late Show

April 6th, 2014 - By Raven Carter
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kwasi enin appears on late show


Although most college hopefuls are already receiving their acceptance letters, Long Island’s Kwasi Enin recently took over David Letterman’s Late Show Top Ten List to give some tips on making your college application stand out. The William High School senior has been in the headlines of every major media outlet after being accepted to all eight Ivy League schools.

The list is more funny than useful including tips like “If you’ve been to space, mention you’ve been to space.” We all know this teen’s future is no laughing matter, but it’s nice to see how much he’s being acknowledged. Check out the clip below:

David Letterman’s Rebuttal To Bill O’Reilly’s Beyonce Criticism: What About Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber?

March 17th, 2014 - By Tonya Garcia
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o'reilly letterman
Bill O’Reilly has been vocal about the problem he has with Beyonce’s song “Partition,” saying it’s a bad influence on kids and calling it “garbage” when he had Russell Simmons on his show to talk about an entirely different thing. (Meditation.) The issue came up again when O’Reilly appeared on Late Night with David Letterman, and Letterman, as usual, makes some well-worded points.

Letterman questions why O’Reilly is singling out Beyonce as a pop music offender when you have Miley Cyrus, who played Hannah Montana when she was a star on the Disney Channel just a few short years ago, riding a wrecking ball in the buff. Letterman goes on to make the point that Beyonce isn’t the first entertainer to step on, over, or completely erase the line. In fact, she’s not the only one doing it right now. So why single her out? Once again, O’Reilly brings up the fact that Bey has a big bank account.

“This has been going on for the past 40 or 50 years,” says Letterman. “What about that Miley Cyrus, naked on that thing.”

“Oh, I missed that,” says O’Reilly.

The Fox host, who seemed as though he might be taking a softer tone on the subject this time around then whips out the “T” word to continue the conversation.

“So she’s got $350 million bucks according to Forbes, all right. She doesn’t have to do this,” he continues. “Some of these thugs, that’s all they can do.”

“First of all, we don’t go calling people thugs,” Letterman says to the applause of the audience. “But… your pal Justin Bieber… probably guilty of the same thing.” In other words, if we’re pointing fingers at celebrities for behaving badly, you’re going to run out of fingers. And, again, what about someone who’s fan base is almost entirely comprised of young people.

Yes, yes, yes, yes David Letterman. More than just rebutting his ridiculous argument, which does indeed go all the way back to the beginnings of pop culture, he also highlights both the sexism and the racism at the heart of O’Reilly’s comments. Check out the full clip below.

[h/t ONTD]

We Can’t Take Our Eyes Off Of Her: Lauryn Hill Looks Stunning On ‘The David Letterman Show’

February 11th, 2014 - By Raven Carter
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From HelloBeautiful 

Lauryn Hill made her first TV appearance in three years on the “The Late Show With David Letterman” this weekend. Rocking a plaid dress and cropped leather jacket, the famed songstress took to the stage and proved why she was desperately missed her during ten-plus-year hiatus.

Hill sang a soulful rendition of The Beatles 1969 hit “Something” as a part of Letterman’s five-day tribute to the iconic rock band. The celebration — which also included acts like Lenny Kravitz, Sting, Flaming Lips, and Broken Bells — marked the 50th anniversary of the group’s first U.S. performance.

Read more about Lauryn’s performance at 

It’s A Stick-Up, Stick-Up: Celebs Who Were Victims Of Extortion Or Blackmail

July 30th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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Rapper Biggie Smalls said it best: “Mo money, mo problems.” With their high-profile careers and million dollar paychecks, these celebs were easy targets for extortion and blackmail. Here are the stories behind the opportunists who tried to get them for all they’re worth.

"Oprah Winfrey pf"


Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is one of the wealthiest women in the world making her an obvious target for blackmail. She found herself a victim of such a several years ago when Keifer Bonvillain came out of the blue saying he was in possession of hours worth of private conversations with a Chicago-based business associate that could potentially ruin the talk show mogul’s career. Never one to back down, Winfrey refused to give in to his $1.5 million demand. Instead she contacted the authorities, who were able to foil the plot and arrest Bonvillian.

Real Killer Fans: Celebrities Who’ve Been Targeted In Murder Plots

July 9th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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Hollywood’s brightest stars may seemingly live the glamorous life that millions may dream of but everything that glitters isn’t gold. These celebs were the target of a real-life murder plot simply because they’re famous.

"Miley Cyrus pf"


Since the age of 12, Miley Cyrus has been winning fans over as the star of Disney’s “Hannah Montana.” As her popularity grew, so did one crazed fan’s love for the teen star. In 2008, FBI foiled a plot a teenager had to allegedly hijack a plane and crash it into a Miley Cyrus concert. The 16-year-old was apprehended trying to board a flight from L.A. to Nashville carrying duct tape, handcuffs and rope with him. The target was a Lafayette, Louisiana stadium where Cyrus was scheduled to perform. Although the plot was downplayed, authorities acknowledged how serious the crazed teen was.

You’ve Made Your Bed, Now Lay In It: Men Who Cheated & Had To Admit It…Publicly

February 25th, 2013 - By Renay Alize
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kobe vanessa feat

You know when Chris Rock says, men are only as faithful as their options. (Maybe Chris Rock was speaking from experience since he ended up cheating on his wife.) Well, these men not only cheated they had to admit their infidelity to their wives, the nation and in some very high profile cases, (looking at you, Bill), the world.

You The Man: Obama Honors 2012 Kennedy Center Honorees

December 3rd, 2012 - By madamenoire
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Credit: AP

From Black Voices

David Letterman’s “stupid human tricks” and Top 10 lists vaulted into the ranks of cultural acclaim Sunday night as the late-night comedian received this year’s Kennedy Center Honors with rock band Led Zeppelin, an actor, a ballerina and a bluesman.

Stars from New York, Hollywood and the music world joined President Barack Obama at the White House on Sunday night to salute the honorees, whose ranks also include actor Dustin Hoffman, Chicago bluesman Buddy Guy and ballerina Natalia Makarova.

The honors are the nation’s highest award for those who influenced American culture through the arts. The recipients were later saluted by fellow performers at the Kennedy Center Opera House in a show to be broadcast Dec. 26 on CBS.