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Change We All Can Believe In: Celebs Who Tip Well

June 26th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Some stars have a reputation of being a tight wad when it comes to money even though they have more than enough of it. But these stars are quite to opposite and don’t mind sharing the wealth when it comes to leaving a tip. Check out this list of celebs who tip well… very well.

Celebs Who Tip Well


Jay Z

Jay Z has 99 problems but money certainly isn’t one. After the Brooklyn rapper teamed up with his mentee Kanye West for their collaborative “Watch The Throne” album, Hov went all out during the party thrown to celebrate its release. Jay Z ordered a quarter of a million dollars worth of champagne and when it came time to pay for the bill, he didn’t bat an eye dropping an extra $50,000 for the wait staff.

Hey Daddy! 15 Of The Sexiest Celebrity Dads

June 12th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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There’s nothing sexier than a man taking care of his children and in honor of Father’s Day, we take a look at some of the sexiest celebrity dads in Hollywood.

Sexiest Celebrity Dads


Idris Elba

We fell in love with him even though he played the cold-blooded killer and drug kingpin Stringer Bell in the widely popular HBO series “The Wire.” But the role forced him to hide his accent and once fans found out that Idris Elba was really an English actor, he became even sexier. After starring in a few moves, Elba went back to his television roots and starred in the BBC One series “Luther.” Elba will be celebrating his first Father’s Day this year. A few months ago he and his girlfriend Niayana Garth welcomed their first child, Winston.

David Beckham’s H&M Ad For The Super Bowl Will Allow You To Buy Underwear Straight From The TV!

January 6th, 2014 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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An August image via @HM

During this year’s Super Bowl commercial frenzy, H&M will have you coveting Posh Spice’s steaming hot husband, David Beckham. The big-name retailer, according to Business Insider, is hoping Beckham’s titillating bod will hypnotize enough people to buy Bodywear’s merchandise — directly through their smart TV!

This technology, wrapped up in 30-second Beckham heaven, allows viewers to purchase the underwear modeled by the former soccer superstar. Drooling Super Bowl audiences can also interactively view information about H&M Bodywear’s nine styles featured in the ad.

“The pop-up menu will offer product information, the ability to send that info to another device and the option to buy the product directly. The ad will still be interactive and shoppable for consumers who rewind to it using their DVRs,” Ad Age reports.

They call it “t-commerce.” It was put forth by the tech firm Delivery Agent. The media company has been known to provide the shop-by-TV experience in the past with Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey, Fox’s Glee and HBO’s Game of Thrones.

“We’re bringing our A-game, the world’s top style icon and the best quality bodywear to the largest stage in the world,” Daniel Kulle, president of H&M, is quoted saying in MarketWatch.

This cutting edge technology may spearhead a new era of consumers shopping with their TV remotes. Research from EMarketer predicted that nearly 20 percent of American households would have a smart TV by the end of 2013.

Expect to lose your mind over the hunky H&M commercial during the second quarter of the big game. It’s unfortunate, though, that we can only get the clothes and not Beckham and his hot bod through our smart TVs. Here’s the ad from last year.

When Cornrows Go Horribly Wrong: 9 Celebs Who Never Should Have Messed With Braids

March 15th, 2013 - By IndigoBlack
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If you’re still wearing cornrows on a consistent basis in 2013, I’m not saying you’re dead wrong, but you might want to think about letting all that go. How about a haircut? Locs? Hell, even Snoop Dogg had to move on to a new style at some point. In all honesty, we all have sat in someone’s chair or between someone’s legs and let them give us an Alicia Keys makeover circa 2001. And maybe we didn’t look as good with them as we thought we did (I for one have a head too damn large for that look and learned that it wasn’t for me with the quickness…), but at least nobody had to see them but a few of our friends and family. Sadly, we all had to see these celebs and their braid fails over the years, and while some tried to hold on as long as they could, they all eventually left the style behind…Good move.

Pretty Boy Swag: Celebrity Men Who Are More High Maintenance Than Their Women

January 4th, 2013 - By Meghan Williams
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Have you ever thought that some men were prettier than their women, and if not prettier than at least more high maintenance? It might be their grooming or their mannerisms, or maybe even something you just can’t quite put your finger on, but trust me, you know the feeling.

Before you get to clicking I should probably say that there’s real no concrete evidence that any of these men are prima donnas, but based on appearances – which are sometimes telling and sometimes not – these fifteen celebs seem to fit the bill. Of course “pretty” is a matter of opinion here, but feel free to throw yours about these pretty boy floyds in the comments section below.




Prince and his girlfriend Bria Valente may look a lot alike – thanks to their surgeon I suppose, but I dare say Prince is the prettier of the two, and considering his eccentricity – probably the more high maintenance of the two as well. Prince must not only be barbered to perfection, but also made up to perfection, hair styled to perfection, and clothed to perfection. And perfection ain’t easy, or quick.

Evening Eye Candy: Soccer (AKA, Football) Stud David Beckham

November 19th, 2012 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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Did anybody else walk past H&M a few months back and have to say “DAMN!” at the sight of David Beckham in his skivvies posted outside all the stores? If you nod yes, then you’ll be happy to know you’re not alone. For women of all backgrounds, English “soccer” star David Beckham is FINE! And not “fine for a white guy,” type of fine–he’s just fine. He’s got that bada** look on his face all the time, a solid as a rock body, and an all around great personality. He could be a narcissistic greaseball if he wanted to, but he’s always smiling and he has an upbeat attitude. Former Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham knows that she’s one lucky chick, and if you’re one of those people who doesn’t really understand why, you should take a quick look through our slideshow, mkay?

Fascinating Friends: Surprising Celebrity Friendships..We Almost Forgot About!

August 5th, 2012 - By Stephanie Guerilus
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"Kim Kardashian" "serena williams" "friendships"

Serena Williams and Kim Kardashian are just some of the unexpected celebrity friendships. (

Birds of a feather flock together but sometimes, there’s always an odd one in the nest. That’s true when it comes to friendships. You never really know why people become close but there are some Hollywood friendships that took the public by surprise.

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Once You Go White…

March 1st, 2011 - By Renay Alize
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Now, before you get yourself into a tizzy claiming that I’m encouraging interracial relationships, selling out, abandoning the black community, whatever– know that I’m not speaking on that subject. There are plenty of people doing that already and that is not the purpose of this post. This post is just an ode to the brothers on the lighter side of the spectrum. The ones we say “hmm” to when we’re watching a movie. They’ll make the Afro wearing, dashiki clad, militant sister look and think twice and reaffirm the beliefs of the “I don’t see color” black girl. So without further ado, a list of the white dudes we swoon over…