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#BlackLoveMatters: Two Ferguson Protesters Get Engaged

December 17th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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From BlackVoices

Two demonstrators who met while protesting in Ferguson, Missouri, following the Aug. 9 death of Michael Brown are getting married.

Alexis Templeton, 20, and Brittany Ferrell, 25, two of the co-founders of Millennial Activists United, first met in August at protests for police accountability after Brown was killed by former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. The two are also both plaintiffs in a federal court case against law enforcement agencies over their heavy-handed response to demonstrations.

After getting to know each other at the protests, the two started dating. On Tuesday afternoon, Templeton formally proposed to Ferrell at City Hall, where the couple then picked up a marriage license.A number of activists and members of the media showed up to watch the proposal. Ferrell told the crowd that she had suggested to Ferrell on Monday that they get engaged. They will hold a formal ceremony soon, she added; they have not yet set a date, but their certificate, which still needs signatures from witnesses and an ordained minister in order to become binding, expires in 30 days.

With so many protesters active on social media, the proceedings were well-documented on Twitter, Vine and via livestream. Several people showed up after seeing the news on Twitter, including St. Louis City Counselor Winston Calvert. After the couple signed their marriage license, people chanted, “Black love matters” inside the city hall office.

“She’d made me happy for 130 days, and I want to make her happy for the rest of her life,” Templeton told the crowd.

Templeton’s sister, Bre, who is 23, said she didn’t know Templeton was interested in Ferrell until mid-September.

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Do You Have To Workout To Keep A Man?

December 16th, 2014 - By jade
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In this episode of One Bold Move, we show a few series extras that didn’t make the final cut. Curly Nikki gives tips on maintaining natural hair for kids, YouTuber Missy Lynn gives advice for makeup newcomers, The Curvy Fashionista addresses plus-size fashion misconceptions, Mother/Daughter fitness duo Ellen and Lana Ector share their fitness inspiration and the co-founders of Black Girls Run! discuss whether you have to workout to stay in a relationship. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.


Episode 1 – Curly Nikki 

Episode 2 – Missy Lynn 

Episode 3 – Black Girls Run!

Episode 4 – Black Girls Workout Too

Episode 5 – The Curvy Fashionista


8 Signs You’ll Fall In Love More Each Day

December 15th, 2014 - By Julia Austin
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Fall In Love


We’ve all been there: laying in bed next to our significant other, feeling madly in love, when we’re struck with the panic, “Is this all just hormones? Is this going to be torn away from me?” Here’s how to know that you’re not simply experiencing the “honeymoon phase”but this thing called love has staying power.

“I Don’t Know What I Was Thinking”: Celebrities Embarrassed By Their Exes

December 11th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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celebrities embarrassed by their exes

Image Source: WENN

Everyone has an ex who they wish would forget “we” ever happened. Set-ups, beat downs and on-stage temper tantrums. These exes have had a lot of trouble letting go and they’re taking their dragging their celebrity exes down with them.

A Solution For The Boring Texter

December 9th, 2014 - By Renay Alize
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My junior year of high school, I took an SAT prep class. I generally liked and excelled at school but I was dreading taking this class. Probably because I wasn’t learning this information to make myself a more well-rounded person. I was learning it to do well on a test. One, very important test.

For a reason I can no longer remember I enrolled in this class after everyone else. So when I walked into the classroom on my first day, everyone had already chosen their seats. I stood at the front, waiting for my teacher to pick an open spot. As we both looked over the projector, I noticed that there was an empty chair next to this thin, dark skinned, pink lipped boy with incredibly long eyelashes.

I remember, standing at the front of the classroom, thinking ‘Ooo, he’s cute. Put me next to him.’

My teacher must have picked up my wavelength because she did just that. I walked to the back of the classroom and sat down with a welcoming smile and a hello. Something about the way he stiffened and sat up in his seat gave me the indication that he was feeling me too. Over the next couple of weeks my SAT boo, who I’ll call Brixton, and I started talking more and more. I’d laugh a little too hard at his dry wit. We’d have extensive conversations about our anxieties with the test, the ridiculousness of the questions and how to solve these difficult math problems. Eventually, under the guise of studying for the SAT he asked me for my number.

I was excited. It had been a minute since someone had had the balls to ask for my number and I actually wanted to give it to them.

He called and he asked how I was doing, what I was doing. And the phone literally went dead as he tried to think of something else to talk about. I tried to ask him questions. He’d respond with one word answers. He complained about SAT stuff again, which would have been fine in class but after school, at 7pm, it just seemed wack. The silence was so uncomfortable, my mom whispered that I should ask him about current events.

She literally said current events.

It was just too late. The sad truth was that outside of our SAT problems, Brixton and I had nothing to talk about. It was a shame really. He was so cute and so smart. But we just didn’t gel.

Years afterward, I’d recall that experience and think ‘Oh, it was just because he was in high school and didn’t exactly have his mack/conversation game on lock yet.’ But I was wrong. There have been several other men who didn’t know how to carry on a conversation either. I just met one this past weekend.

My sister, friend and I were dancing at a coworker’s birthday shindig when this lone guy stood near us, laughing occasionally at our outlandish dance moves and the enthusiasm we possessed in performing some of our faves. Eventually, he asked where we were from. He told us he was from Arkansas and had recently moved here. By this time, since he had been lingering for so long I was trying to figure out which one of us he was interested in talking to. It wasn’t until I went to the bar to get some water that I realized it was me.

He asked for my number and since he had been pleasant instead of predatory, I decided to give it to him. On the way home in a taxi, I texted him to see if I’d heard his name correctly. He told me how he had been waiting to talk to me all night and that was pretty much it. Until the next morning.

He texted me “Hey.”

I asked him how he was doing.

He said he was watching tv.

He asked me how my day was.

I told him it was still going on, that I was at a charity event. And I explained what that was about, in detail.

He said that’s what’s up.

Listen, before you start to think that I’m the type of woman who relies on a man to keep the conversation flowing. I’m not. But there is nothing worse than when someone you don’t know texts you when they’re bored and has no particular conversation in mind or specific questions to ask. Whether they know it or not, what they end up doing is transferring the boredom they were feeling onto you. And that’s just not cool.

A similarly uneventful conversation took place on Monday and then again today.

I was talking to my mom about this guy, telling her how his lack of conversational skills saddened me and that I was contemplating just ignoring him, when she said something that only a person of the previous generation could say. ‘Why don’t you just tell him to pick up the phone and call you?!’

I balked at the thought, thinking immediately of Brixton. If this guy was a boring texter, a phone conversation would be pure agony.

And that’s when my mother, being the wise sage that she is, broke it down for me.

‘Well, the only way you’re going to figure out if he has anything to say is if you talk to him on the phone. And if he’s not saying anything or not saying anything you want to hear then you know to be done.”

So bright, that woman.

I’m a woman of the millennium. I’ll always believe that texting is a great way to communicate. But it’s certainly not the most effective in attempting to get to know someone. Sometimes, if you really want to get to know somebody you might just have to use that antiquated call feature. And if you find that silence is ringing in your ears, you don’t have to “pretend you didn’t see the text,” you can just tell the old fashioned lie about having to go wash your hair.

Swipe Left: 15 Tinder Users Who Can Stop Wondering Why They’re Single

November 28th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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These tinder fails will make you think twice about looking for love on an app. If these are the fish in the sea, we’re ready to hang up our fishing poles for good.


Who would like to know if you’d be interested in being his replacement wife. If the only picture you can find is from your last wedding, it’s too soon to start working toward your next.

Next! Hollywood’s Most Unpopular Relationships

November 26th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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When some celebrities get together, sometimes it’s hard to understand why(?!). These celebrities have found themselves in Hollywood’s most unpopular relationships. Will they last? Or will the social media shade eventually split them apart?

Image Source: WENN

Image Source: WENN

Erica Mena And Shad Moss

It’s not just the height difference. Since these two went public just before Bow Wow Shad Moss joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop New York fans smelled a publicity stunt.

And when Erica Mena announced their quickie-engagement on the red carpet, the situation on social media got shady fast.

Let’s Get It On! New App, Flirtmoji Creates Emojis For All Your Sexting Needs

November 21st, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Over the past year, emojis  received a lot of attention for not being inclusive enough for the lack diverse emoticon characters. Besides diversity, an educator plans to translate the Bible into emojis, to help his students understand the religious book better. Ultimately, the goal is to have an emoji for everything. Introducing sexting emojis that are NSFW from the developers of the Flirtmoji app.

Katy McCarthy who served as the lead artist at Flirtmoji shared with The Verge, how and why she and her team created the app. Here are highlights from her interview:

How did Flirtmoji come to be?

It’s been many months in the making. All four of us had experience with jokingly and poorly substituting the existing emojis into text conversations to try to communicate sex, and it never worked. But the game-changer came because one of the guys in the group was having really elaborate texting engagement back and forth with a long distance girlfriend. We realized that we needed to do this, to draw up sex as icons, and make it completely comprehensive, funny, and diverse.

Some of these, like the vulva in particular, are really detailed and surprisingly anatomically correct. Did you have to think about ways to also make them sexy?

Well that’s the meat of the project. That’s where some of the most heated debate came out. To pass our test, the drawings have to be sex-positive. Anyone has to be able to look at them and not feel offended. There’s definitely a ton that didn’t make the cut.

 Flirtmoji seems really sex-positive and diverse. It looks like you put a lot of thought into including different races, kinks, and sexual orientations. Why was that important to you?

Well, for obvious reasons. My friends and I are not accurately represented in emoji, and it’s frustrating. And particularly with sex, we felt that it was so crucial that everyone feel sexually represented.

We wanted to be able to show this to all of our friends and have them all feel comfortable. We wanted them to be able pick their own body parts in the Emoji — within the limits of size and colors. So we invited a ton of people to come look at them and to provide feedback. We wanted them to tear it apart, or say “yes, this is good and I feel safe.” It’s not supposed to be college frat humor, although part of being inclusive is making it funny. It’s just not that hard to have everybody feel represented.

Accessing Flirtmoji is very different from accessing other types of emoji on a mobile device. They aren’t in the iTunes store, for instance, so you have to go in your phone’s internet browser and copy them into a text message, or save them to your phone’s photo album. Did you try to be included in app stores?

We never actually attempted to be included in the iTunes store. We did our research, and we were sort of disheartened by what we found. There’s this really beautiful design project called Geometric Porn that was kicked out of the iTunes store for being explicit, and it’s beautiful. It’s anatomical, it’s funny, and it’s sexy. It’s also literally triangles and circles and fleshy colored objects, so the fact that they were rejected really bummed us out.

There’s a lot of violence and games that objectify women in the app store though, so on that level, I’m pretty stoked to not be part of it. I know we’re asking people to use their phones in a different way than they are used to. But this a tiny project from four kids who care, and who went around conventional app stores. We could have built an app, tried and gotten rejected, but instead we’re just not part of that system, and I think that’s really cool.

After reviewing Flirtmoji, it is extremely diverse and seems quite fun! The app is also free of cost; all you have to do is copy the emoji you want from the app’s website and paste it into your text message thread. To “get it on,” click here.

What Ring? Still-Married Celebrities Who Are Acting Very Single

November 17th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Dating? Making sex tapes? Starting new families? We almost forgot that these seemingly-single celebrities were still married. But none of these stars have said “I don’t.”

Image Source:

Image Source:

Robin Thicke

Paula Patton may have filed for divorce, but she and Robin are still technically married. We wonder if the four women he was spotted taking lingerie shopping in Los Angeles around Halloween. We know Paula has said that things are over, but has Robin finally stopped trying to win Paula back?

We Have Something In Common: You’ll Never Guess Which Celebrities Share The Same Exes

November 14th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source:

Image Source:

Each of these four celebrities has one ex in common. Can you guess who it is?