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Deitrick Haddon Says 1 Year With Current Wife Has Been ‘More Successful’ Than 14 Years With Ex-Wife

August 22nd, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

So apparently it’s Deitrick Haddon’s turn to clap back. A few months ago, we told you that his’ ex-wife, Damita, broke her silence regarding their split and him stepping out on her. Now, he’s back to speaking about their split again as well. For one, he says that just one year in his marriage to his current wife, Domonique, has been “more successful” than the 14 years he spent with Damita.

“We just had our one year anniversary on July 20 and it has been amazing. I think I’m bringing experience because I was married for 14 years,” he told CocoaFab. “It has been more successful than being married to my ex. If me and Dominique didn’t work today after one year I would still say I had a successful marriage that was better than my last situation. That’s tough, but it’s the truth. I’m gonna leave it at that.”

He also commented on Damita’s recent decision to speak on their split.

“She absolutely has a right to speak on her situation. We were married for years so she has a right to speak on it. I don’t necessarily agree with half of it but here it is. There are three sides to every story. There’s my side, your side, and there’s the actual truth. All I can say is that Deitrick does not lie,” he said.

“I realize I don’t have to tell anybody out there my business so if I speak something it’s flat out true. I really don’t speak on her. I let her talk and say what she wants to say. I congratulate on her marriage. I wish her well and wish her blessing in her new marriage and pray we don’t make the same mistakes. I know I’m working hard on not making the same mistakes. It could be because I’m older. We were too young. I’m older and I’m bringing in a lot of wisdom from bad decision making and a lot of stuff I did and I’m coming in more solid and more mature than I was before.”

“As far as all the stuff she said, at the end of the day, it’s her life and I have always spoken what I have spoken. We should move on. Everybody should move on. I knew she was going to speak. I wish she would have spoken way sooner. That would have kept me from having to speak,” he continued.

The “Preachers Of LA” star concluded by saying that when he first heard about Damita’s recent interview, he thought about two things: his wife and two children.

“I got a bunch of kids and I was listening to that interview like, ‘Oh Lord!’ I’m so far removed from all that stuff,” he said. “I got these babies over here screaming and I got a whole new life. New wife and everything.”


Deitrick Haddon’s Ex-Wife Says He Impregnated Current Wife While He Was Still Married To Her: ‘Nobody’s Stupid’

July 14th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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A few years ago, the gospel music world was shocked to learn that Deitrick Haddon and his wife of 15 years, Damita, had quietly divorced and that Deitrick was expecting a child with his current wife, Domonique. Most folks assumed that there was some funny business going on behind the scenes and that there was a lot more to the story. Now, Damita, who has been rather quiet regarding the split, is speaking out. For starters, the recently remarried gospel singer says that her ex-husband definitely impregnated his current wife, Domonique, while they were still married. According to Damita, Deitrick picked up and left her almost immediately after the death of her mother.

“Nobody’s stupid,” Damita told Path MEGAzine of Deitrick’s questionable timeline of events. “Especially people who have been married before or been in relationships. The process of divorce takes time. If I was going through anything in our marriage and nothing was wrong in our marriage—I’m just putting that out there—we we’re bickering there was no infidelity. We were happily and successfully pastoring in Detroit.”

“He left in the Month of June, around the BET Celebration of Gospel, I believe,” she added. “He left two days after I buried my mom. Until that day, what ever issues or arguments or beef that we had like marriages do, had been squashed after my mom died. I wasn’t under the impression that he was going anywhere but two days after I buried my mom he left. Next thing I know there’s somebody pregnant. That just doesn’t add up, you don’t sleep with a random person and get her pregnant.”

Damita went on to speculate that because of the timeline, she has no choice but to believe that Deitrick had been carrying on an affair with Domonique way before he decided to leave.

“I had been married for 15 years and I don’t know who she is so obviously there was something going on. Anybody’s that been married, male or female—and you don’t know this other person, then obviously there was something going on while you were married—this was a strange young girl, it doesn’t add up when you do the math.”

While Deitrick initially told his congregation that there was no infidelity on his part and that he and Damita were separated, the “No Turning Back” singer says his stories simply did not add up.

“As a woman, we have intuition. I was trying to figure out I said ‘what would make a man leave all this; leave his church, leave his wife?’ I didn’t know at that time but something in me said ‘somebody’s pregnant.’ In December of 2011, I got the confirmation that somebody was pregnant. That just does not happen in the amount of time. But be that as it may, I knew it was the pressure of him knowing that he made this mistake and he didn’t know how to handle it. So the best thing to do is to retreat and to run and to hide. To give into the shame and embarrassment of what had happened and the best thing to do is to throw me under the bus because he’s getting all the flack for it.”

Thankfully, Damita’s story does come with a happy ending. Earlier this year, she married photographer Reuben Chandler.

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‘Preachers Of LA’ Star Deitrick Haddon Gets Exposed By Alleged Mistress–Nude Pics And ALL

October 17th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Deitrick Haddon

Source: Instagram

Speaking of Preachers of LA, there seems to be yet another scandal brewing. In case you somehow missed it, prior to Deitrick Haddon’s current marriage, he was married to another gospel artist for close to 15 years. One day, seemingly out of the blue, Deitrick announced that he and his now ex-wife had parted ways and that he was engaged to be married to the mother of his infant daughter. The circumstances behind the quiet split remained unconfirmed. Now it appears that a little more insight is being offered as to why the couple may have called it quits.

A woman who claims that her name is Simone Lewis contacted popular Atlanta-based blogger Funky Dineva, claiming that she tons of tea to spill about the Preachers of LA star. Once Dineva and the woman got to texting back and forth, the woman revealed her identity.

“Simone the woman he cheated on his first wife with,” the woman said, identifying herself.

She proceeded to send Dineva screenshots of email conversations between she and Deitrick. She even shared nude pics of the gospel recording artist. In one email, Deitrick allegedly wrote:

“Simone!! This letter touched my heart. I forgive you for hanging up on me. You are my girl :-). Can’t wait to see you mama!!!”

In another email, the reality star allegedly writes.

“My phone was tripping last night. I was walking around and didn’t realize you were trying to catch me. The last text I got was GUESS WHAT! I said what’s up! Simone if I don’t respond, trust me there’s a good reason. It ain’t like I don’t want to talk to my woman crazy!!! I’m the one that’s been begging you to get a webcam right? 🙂 Anyway hmmmmmmmm baby you look so good. I can’t wait to see you!”

And then, there are the nudie pics, which for obvious reasons, we can’t show here. However, if you’re just that curious, you can view the x-rated images here.

‘Preachers Of LA’ Star Deitrick Haddon Predicts How Fans Will React When They Learn More About His Shocking Divorce

October 10th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

The gospel music world stood still for a moment when gospel recording artist Deitrick Haddon first announced that he and his wife of 15 years, Damita Haddon, quietly divorced and that he was set to marry the mother of his infant daughter. During a recent interview with ESSENCE, the reality star revealed that fans will be offered a bit more insight into that situation and expressed that he believes the public will understand his story.

“Millions of people have gone through that, and I certainly won’t be the last. I think the public will understand it, especially those who have been divorced before. Once someone tells you their story, you have to either respect it or keep it pushing,” the “Well Done” singer said.

He went on to say that he’s not too concerned with negative responses.

“If people have anything negative to say about it, I really don’t have any energy towards that. You have to walk in my shoes in order to understand the decisions that I’ve made.”

As for why he signed on to do the show, he says that he wants to show the world that preachers are men of integrity.

“You can’t live your life according to what has been or what has passed. It’s up to you to redefine the situation. I definitely knew there was a negative history on reality shows. But I knew that this show would kind of change the game because it’s about preachers. Preachers are people who have a certain standard about themselves and they are people of integrity. Especially the guys that were hand picked for this show.”

He also addressed the stance that many Christians have on religious leaders venturing into the world of reality television, which is that the two don’t mix well.

“I’ll say they don’t read their Bible. The Bible is a reality show. You should see the stories about Paul. Before he became Saul, he was a murderer. David was a fornicator. He messed up, but he was still anointed by God. The Bible shows you the truth about every man of God. It shows you everything about them. The Bible is real. I think [reality TV] is the perfect place for Christians.”

Did you check out the first episode of Preachers of LA? What do you think so far?