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10 Artists You Need To See In Concert Before 2016 Comes To A Close

September 8th, 2016 - By Nneka Samuel
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Image: WENN

Image: WENN

Summer might soon be over, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Concerts are still in full effect. Lucky for you, there’s still time to see some of your favorite artists live and in the flesh as they continue to bring fans the music they’ve been longing to hear and experience in person. Beyoncé has been on her “Formation” World Tour, arguably the most anticipated – and also one of the highest grossing – concerts of 2016. No surprise there from the slay maven. But plenty of other artists in numerous genres are doing their thang on stage, and waiting to see you cheer them on in the crowd. Maybe you’ll catch one or some of them when they come to your city. Peep the artists and concerts you need to see before the year comes to an end.

Could Men Have An Essence Music Festival?

July 6th, 2015 - By Rich
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In the comic book world, there is a land called Amazonian that created the super hero Wonder Woman. Amazons. These Amazons were described as a finer grade of women, greater woman, smarter women…hotter women and they all lived on this island with no men. I’ve never seen a woman of color come out of Amazonia, even in fiction. The Essence Music Festival is probably what it would look like if it did exist. Black women in all of their glory, but I was not there.

When I started hearing about Essence Music Festival, I was a married man and the raging, fictional beast within feared going to such a land of ladies. My will power inside of marriage was impeccable, but I never wanted the Creator to place me in a situation that I would test my marital fortitude. So, I never went. And this year was no different.

However, I was there in social media spirit and pathetically watched it play out over the weekend.

I became a voyeur, an act I almost never indulge in. I “attended” the Essence awards through the ladies that I know on social media. It was tortuous in a great many ways. The festival, held annually in New Orleans, looked like a sea of good skin, fun and sisterly love. I saw selfies I wanted to photo bomb. Concerts I wanted to attend and women I wanted to meet.

Mind you, I’m not even talking sexually – not mostly. Obviously, most women there were beautiful but I just find women to be the more interesting gender overall. Outside of frats, gangs and sports, men really don’t have any show of brotherly love like this Essence Fest thing. Ok, we had the Million Man March – ONCE – 20 years ago! Women gave us a lot of flack for not being included in that.

These days, we men need to have a “party with a purpose” like the Essence Music Festival.

I don’t know if that would work though.

Men tend to have a hard time acting right when we gather in mass. Perhaps we could do like Essence Fest and have different performances, seminars, booths and improve the healthy, wealth and action of our men. Lord, knows we need it. We could teach them how to act when the police pull them over. Teach cats how to tie a bow tie. We could have formal events where we bring our significant others – or not. There could be sports exhibitions and contests for those in proper shape. Those not in shape, can get counseling on how to get in better health. You get the picture.

I didn’t even realize that the event, which always happens around July 4th, is the single largest music festival geared towards African Americans in the United States. No wonder all my industry peers were showing off in there respective Instagram accounts. Perhaps a male version could happen on Juneteenth (June 19), the real celebration of independence for African Americans. Usher sported a shirt that had everybody talking. See it here on Instagram. Yes, one of our staffers was there in all her glory.

So, I suppose I have contradicted myself. While I do think women are inherently more interesting, that may be due to my inability to find enough Black man that are about “more.” Where are the men that reject stupid rap and R&B. Where are the men, like me, that prefer Afropunk to anything that’s playing on the radio? Where are the men active in the community and chide the racist regime that is crushing us, making us apathetic to our own deaths? Where are the men that love their brother and call him King instead of n***er? Where are the men that will defend their women and their families? Where are the OGs that gently nudge the youth into a more positive direction? Where are the intellectuals? Where are the chameleons that live a corporate life in the day and a wild, rap life at night? I know these people, but we need more.

So, my friend tells me that Essence is more of a couples event, rather than just for Black women. It is becoming a more family oriented affair as time goes on. That’s a good thing and it make sense. That seems evident since Kendrick Lamar headlined this year, but Frankie Beverly and Maze, Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliot, Usher and many others were highlights. So, for now on, I’ll keep my silly questions to myself and get ready to go to the mythic land of Wonder Women in 2016.

A Backstage Pass To The Surprising Pre-Show Rituals Of Your Favorite Entertainers

June 26th, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Tumblr

Image Source: Tumblr

Ever wonder what your favorite artists do before they get on stage? While you’re listening to the opening acts, they’re busy doing this behind the scenes.

15 Must-See Summer Concerts

June 4th, 2015 - By Desiree Bowie
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Summer begins on June 21, but the summer concert season is already in full effect. From New York all the way to Los Angeles, let’s take a look at 15 concerts that are a must-see!    

Guess They Got Their Money’s Worth: Concerts That Gave Fans More Than They Bargained For

November 11th, 2013 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source:

Image Source:

Have you ever gone to a concert and got more show than you bargained for? Chances are, the answer is “yes”. We’ve seen Jesus on stage, simulated sex acts and even a little violence. We guess we can say these artists gave their fans their money’s worth?

No Act Right: Musicians Who’ve Been Attacked By Fans

November 4th, 2013 - By Ashley Page
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"Beyonce pf"


Being too famous can definitely have its downfalls. Though concerts bring in all sorts of revenue, plenty of which goes into the performer’s pockets, the entertainer may also pay a high price when things get out of hand. With fame comes fans, and with fans sometimes comes a crazy person or two. Here are 14 artists who have been attacked by a fan.

Handle Your Business: Rihanna Former Accountants Going For Her Pockets For “Wasting Time”

July 14th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Rihanna pf"


See what happens when you play around too much on social media sites?

So last year, Rihanna filed a suit against her former money managers, stating that they mismanaged her funds and owed her money. However, they responded saying they don’t owe her anything and she’s the one who was squandering her own money.

According to TMZ, Berdon has, for months, been trying to get Rihanna and her team to sit down for an official deposition to try to come to an agreement, but she has yet to show up.  In November 2012, she was given an extension but for the other times – January 2013, May 8th and 9th and June 19th – she avoided the date, said she had concerts and said she was sick, respectively.

Berdon said it is time to hit Rihanna where it hurts: in her pockets. They say that on June 19th, specifically, they don’t believe she was sick because not only was she tweeting, but she also performed with seemingly no problems the day before and after the scheduled deposition.

The firm says they went out of their way to accommodate her schedule and spent about $100,000 doing so and she ended up canceling.

They are asking that the lawsuit finally be thrown out and they’re asking that they fine her the $100,000 they lost in the June arrangements.

Oh Rih Rih.  I hope her current team is not just smiling and nodding at everything she does, but rather advising her very explicitly about business when it starts to get ugly.

10 Summer Events To Unwind And Network

May 9th, 2013 - By C. Cleveland
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Who says you have to go to some stuffy industry conference to network? It’s summertime! The hot sun and long days get everyone – including professionals you need to know – out of the house. Give yourself a break. And while you’re in a good mood, make an effort to get to know the people around you. You may be surprised who’s getting their life next you.

Here are a few events to get your summer plans started.

Well, Forget You Too: Cee Lo Green Sued For Being A No Show At Christmas Concerts

February 9th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"cee lo green pf"


Could it be that Cee Lo and his team made Christmas really sad for one company?

According to TMZ, the answer is yes. Cierra Management Group recently filed a lawsuit against Cee Lo Green’s team of people (no names have been specifically released) alleging that they took money from the management group regarding shows in 2011 that never happened.  According to Cierra, they believe Cee Lo was never going to perform.

Cierra says that in November 2011, Cee lo’s team approached them with an idea to do a tour called the “12 Days of Christmas” featuring Cee Lo. The asking price was $100,000 per show; Cierra declined because they could not afford it.  His team then came back with a shorter “6 Days of Christmas” tour at the same rate but again, because of price, Cierra declined to make that deal.

However, they say his team came back with yet another deal. This time, they presented a two show deal and Cierra would pay $243,000 for both shows, including expenses.  That deal wet Cierra’s whistle and they agreed to those terms.

But the shows never happened and Cierra believes that Cee Lo’s team knew all along it wouldn’t happen.  The lawsuit states they believe this was all “a scheme designed to finagle funding capital for concerts they knew would not manifest.”

They are now suing his team for $14.2 million.  Talk about wanting to see justice served, right?

While Cee Lo isn’t named in that part of the lawsuit, he is being sued for refusing to perform the shows.

So far, his reps have declined to comment.

Here’s the thing: If any of this is true, you have to wonder if Cee Lo was even aware of this signed contract. Often times, the talent doesn’t know anything about deals being made until they’re absolutely done. It looks like in this case, if true, that Cee Lo may not have known even after the ink dried on the contract.

Cee Lo is pretty well-liked so we’ll keep an eye out on this story to see if it actually holds any water.

These Promoters (And Gangsters) Keep Holding Him Back: Rick Ross Cancels Tour

December 8th, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Over the last few weeks, Rick Ross has been the subject of hip-hop news after videos surfaced of members of the Gangster Disciple gang threatening Ross.  Apparently, they’re still upset because Ross shouted out Larry Hoover, one of the founders of the, one his “BMF” track. Well more recently, a North Carolina chapter of the gang allegedly sent death threats and released their own video to Ross and the MMG camp and now, two of the North Carolina dates on the second leg of the tour have been canceled, immediately prompting people to believe it was done so as a direct results of the threats.

However, MMG reps have released a statement and none of it had to do, as expected, with any gangs:

“Rick Ross has been engaging in a tour which commenced November 2 and was initially scheduled to continue until December 2. However, the tour was extended until December 16. Unfortunately, the tour promoter abruptly cancelled the Greensboro and Charlotte, NC, dates. Rick Ross completed the first leg of the tour without incident and eagerly anticipated performing the balance of the dates, but due to apparent lack of organization and communication on the part of tour promoter, the remaining shows of the tour will be canceled.”

So perhaps the promoters were fearful of possible violence at the concerts and wanted to avoid it by canceling the shows.  It appears the problem is that the promoters canceled everything so suddenly that it didn’t allow for MMG to pick up the pieces and immediately do “damage control” with fans and venues.

Ross also reached out to and sent a message to fans: “I want to apologize to all of my fans who I missed performing for due to the cancellations and want to let them know that I will get back to their cities. I enjoyed my experience with my little bros Wale and Meek Mill and I’m ready to get back in the studio to make good music.”

This is certainly an unfortunate situation as sales for the remaining shows in MS, TN, TX, CA, MI and NY were doing fairly well.

I guess gang dudes don’t get over anything because that song is beyond old at this point. Let the man make his money while the fans enjoy a show.