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Kill ‘Em With Laughter: 15 Black Comedians To Watch In 2015

May 1st, 2015 - By Desiree Bowie
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Nicole Byer

Source: Tumblr

In 2015, there will be more new TV shows, movies, comedy tours, and Youtube channels featuring Black comedians than ever before. Let’s take a look at the 15 black comedians to watch out for this year.

Love Contracts And Racist Dolphins: 10 Times Chappelle’s Show Predicted The Future

April 16th, 2015 - By Desiree Bowie
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It’s hard to believe that it’s been 12 years since Chappelle’s Show first aired. With its crazy cast of characters and skits, including Prince and his love of basketball and pancakes, Chappelle’s Show instantly became one of the most quotable shows of all time.

The commentary was so light-years ahead of its time that it blessed us with some psychic-like insight.

As Dave Chappelle continues to make a strong comeback, let us take a look back at the 10 times Chappelle’s Show predicted the future.

We Can’t Take A Joke Because This Is Our Life: Woman Goes All The Way In On Steve Harvey For Special Needs Joke

March 31st, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Woman Goes All The Way In On Steve Harvey For Special Needs Joke feat

I might be one of the few Black women in my circle and among circles like mine that actually doesn’t have a huge problem with Steve Harvey. Sure, I find his relationship advice a bit trite and some of his observations dismissive and offensive; but I also think he’s funny most of the time. And having seen what he does with young men and the mentoring he does at Disney every year, I see the good in him as well.

So yeah, Steve Harvey is problematic for sure. But honestly, he reminds me of a lot of Black men in his age range.

But when someone’s egregiously wrong, you just can’t ride for that.

And that’s what happened last week when Harvey, playing on of his characters, Sister Odell, started telling a story about a 34-year-old woman with a mental disability, complete with offensive noises and more.

Well, one mother, whose daughter is on the Autism spectrum was not happy about it. At.all. And after she dropped her children off at school that morning, she recorded this impassioned video message for Mr. Harvey and comedians like him.

I’ll transcribe some excerpts, but it’s best to watch the full nearly five minute video to get the full perspective.

For those who can’t watch, here are some of the highlights:

This is now my fourth time recording this video because I’m trying to keep it clean. I’m so pissed, it’s been laced with profanities. I want this video to be shared so I’m trying to keep it as clean as possible.

She describes the offense: 

This morning, Steve Harvey, as Sister Odell, made a “joke”  about Easter Sunday and going to church and something to the affect of the sister next to me has a daughter who is slow and she’s always blowing bubbles in the service. And then Shirley and all his crew are laughing…And then he says, ‘Oh yeah, they dress her in little pink dresses, and little bobby socks and she 34-years-old but got the mind of a four year old.

Then her emotional reaction

The fact that he is making this joke on such a public program, that disturbed me… I don’t understand why comedians still use people with special needs as their go-to joke to get laughs. Damon Wayans did it with “In Living Color,” when I was 9-years-old watching that show, even then I was like ‘Damn, this is really messed up.’ And I didn’t even have anyone in my family who had special needs. I was always taught that you don’t make fun of people who cannot change that about them… And over the years, I have realized that every comedian does it or has done it. Rickey Smiley does it all the time. I am no longer a Rickey Smiley fan because of this.

I just want Steve Harvey and all comedians to know that this is not funny. This is our life! I have a child with autism, which is a developmental delay, that means that that child who I take to church, who may enjoy blowing bubbles or playing with a toy to keep her calm, so I can get get the world. That is what I’m going to do. That’s the child you’re making fun of.

Get some other material. Why are you constantly making fun? I’m sorry we have to deal with this ‘Oh my gosh, we have kids with special needs and we’re so sensitive and we can’t take a joke.’ No! We can’t take a joke because this is our life. Stop making fun of people with special needs. It’s not funny. It is never funny. There’s no joke about it.

You have a perfect life. You have your family, you have your millions, you have Marjorie and all your kids. And they come on your show and tell you what a great dad you are…why do you have to do this? You don’t have to do this. You hosted “Family Feud,” you hosted your talk show, you have your morning show. Anything you want to do, you can do. You do not need to make fun of people with special needs. So stop it please, damn! Like, do you need me to write your material for you? Goddamn I don’t understand why you’re still doing this, it’s not funny…

And then she gets cut off.

According to the description on the YouTube account where this was originally posted, this mother wrote:

Please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT – I really want this to go as far as it can go!
Steve Harvey may not see it, nor even care to hear what I am saying, but there are TONS of people who need to hear this!
My phone stopped recording before I was done, but you get the point. (You didn’t miss anything in the end; just me crying before getting out of my car.)
Please help me spread the word to ALL comedians/comedienne’s that this practice is extremely hurtful to many members of the Special Needs community!
There has GOT to be other material out here!
I don’t even attend comedy shows anymore because I know that I’m going to hear foolishness like this from at least one comedian.
It has got to stop!
Thanks for listening.
#autismawareness #specialneeds #specialneedsawareness #steveharvey #thesteveharveymorningshow

It looks like Steve Harvey did get wind of the video…or perhaps the other comments expressing outrage.


He said the apology was sincere but I’m going to have to call b.s. Everyone knows a sincere apology doesn’t offer excuses or rationale for bad behavior. In fact, the best apologies take full responsibility and vow to do better. And Steve didn’t do any of that here. Saying that we all can be offended by comedy at times, suggests that he doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation. And I can only hope he sits with this for a little while longer.

But as for this crunk mother…I actually really like that she got so fired up at the very end. What she said, and the way she said it needed to be stated a long time ago. I’ve been watching “Comic View” since I was child and I can attest to the fact that far too often jokes about the special needs community come up. And it’s not only lazy, it’s incredibly hurtful for people who may know or are caring for someone else with special needs. What’s particularly damaging about all of this is the example it sets for the younger generation. As I said, I was a child watching “Comic View” and like this mother, I was taught that you don’t make fun of people, period, but especially people with special needs. Had I not been taught that and if I found humor in those jokes, I could have been like so many of my peers who took those jokes to school to use on children who did and didn’t live with special needs. The cycle perpetuates itself. As a parent of an able bodied and able-minded child, there are already worries and concerns about your child being accepted and respected by their peer group. I can’t imagine the worry, anxiety parents of children with special needs feel sending their children into school; but also, worrying that their children might face ostracism from adults who should know and do better.

Match Made In Heaven? HBO & Oprah Winfrey Team Up To Create New Comedy Series!

November 24th, 2013 - By Madame Noire
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"Oprah Winfrey pf"



Oprah will team up with Diablo Cody to create a comedy based on Dr. Julie Holland’s new book, Moody Bitches.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show, set to be developed by HBO, will pull directly from the pages of Dr. Holland’s own life as a psychiatrist. As the book’s extended title suggests, the upcoming series will take a closer (and funny look) at “the truth about the drugs you’re taking, the sex you’re not having, the sleep you’re missing and what’s really making you crazy.”

This sounds like it’ll be good! Read the rest over on and find out whether or not Oprah will actually be part of the cast!


Big Things Poppin: Whoopi Goldberg Sells New Rom-Com To The Small Screen!

November 23rd, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Whoopi Goldberg Iman & Andy

Joseph Marzullo/

It looks like Olivia and Fitz might soon have some competition in the interracial love race thanks to Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Silverman and Iman and Andy.

The talk show host/producer/actress/comedian and producer Ben Silverman have sold a 30 minute rom-com style show to ABC, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Iman & Andy will focus on the relationship between an interracial couple who are trying to keep their romance a big secret. No, not because they’re an interracial couple; you see, they work together and don’t want people all in their business (some of you know that well, I know). Their supervisor finds out and instead of it being some violation of work place ethics, he forces them to start a vlog so viewers (and their co-workers) can follow their now exposed relationship.

Well, it sounds like it could be an interesting concept. While interracial dating isn’t new on television (albeit still a bit taboo), their idea sounds a little more fun. In real life, people love checking out more personal vlogs on Youtube or other media outlets.  Let’s not forget that men and women love talking relationships so if they keep it fairly genuine to everyday life, there will be situations that people can relate to and chat about at the coffee machine the next day.

Goldberg’s partner in the project Ben Silverman is also behind Sofia Vergara’s upcoming show on ABC, Raising Mom.

That title though…I don’t know. Every time I look at it, I think of Amos & Andy. Is it just me? Maybe it’s just a “working title” right now.

Anyway, there’s no debut date for Iman & Andy but we can probably keep an eye out for it Fall 2014 or Winter 2015.

Will you check it out?

Anthony Anderson Talks Soul Train Music Awards, His 90s Group & Web Series!

October 26th, 2013 - By Madame Noire
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""Anthony Anderson pf""

Josiah True/


Anthony Anderson is not taking his new gig as host of the Soul Train Awards lightly. “I plan on making it a party. Expect the unexpected from me,” he tells

Keeping in line with this year’s 90s theme, Anderson reveals he may just reunite his fictional ’90s boy band. “Not too many people know I was part of a band back in the day called Lustasy,” he joked. “I’ve located some of the guys so there may be a one time performance, 20 years in the making.”

According to Anderson his group had hits such as “I Still Want It Even If Your Breath Stanks” and “Your Head On My Headboard.”

On top of getting back with his boy band, Anderson has also been busy cooking his way around the country on his AOL web series Anthony Eats America where he helps people cook their favorite meals in their home kitchens. “You don’t have to be a chef, just someone who likes to cook at home,” he explained.

You can read the rest, including info on his new show hitting NBC soon, over on

Will you be watching the Soul Train Music Awards?

ABC Jumps On The Kevin Hart Bandwagon, Picks Up Comedy By The ‘Let Me Explain’ Comedian

October 15th, 2013 - By Ann Brown
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Judy Eddy/

Judy Eddy/

ABC knows a potential hit when it sees it. The network has snagged a new comedy by the comedian of the moment, Kevin Hart.

ABC has made a pilot commitment for a half-hour comedy project based on the Hart’s stand-up act. The series takes a candid look at the post-divorce life of a couple trying to forge a friendship for the sake of their kids, despite their differences, reports The Hollywood Reporter.  Right now Hart doesn’t plan to star in the show, but will likely play a recurring role if the series goes forward.

Hart and his 3 Arts manager, Dave Becky (who works on Louie), will executive produce.

There’s no denying that Hart has become one of the most successful stand-up acts working today. “In addition to his comic timing, executives across both film and TV are drawn to his ability to connect with his fans, which includes 9 million Twitter followers. It is for that reason that Hart’s name has found itself onto a shortlist of talent who can get a movie greenlighted today,” reports THR. That’s a huge statement given the fact that names like Tom Cruise and Will Smith, who used to open movies and bring in the big box office weekend totals, have faltered this year.

Hart actually got his big break on television in a recurring role on Judd Apatow’s short-lived cult series Undeclared, which ended on Fox in 2001. Hart has since appeared on a variety of TV projects, from ABC’s Modern Family to BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood, for which he executive produces and stars. (That show has its season premiere tonight.) And let’s not forget his successful standup career; his tours have sold out at arenas worldwide. Then there was his stand-up doc, Let Me Explain, which grossed more than $32 million.

Other film credits for Hart include Think Like a Man, This Is the End and upcoming films Ride Along and About Last Night. Obviously Hart has come a long way since Soul Plane, which was panned by critics as the worse movie ever.

As far as the new ABC comedy, we wonder who will star as the divorced couple. Any suggestions?

You Gon’ Laugh Today! Hilarious Sitcom Moments We Watch Over And Over

August 16th, 2013 - By Kelly Franklin
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Need a dose of Dragonfly Jones or Wanda to brighten your day?

Let’s be honest, how many times have you DVRed an episode of your go-to sitcom only to rewind it to your favorite part 50 million times? Guilty! Sometimes we don’t even bother to watch the whole episode if we can find that one clip on Youtube. From Fresh Prince of Bel Air to Good Times, these are the funniest moments we can’t stop watching from our favorite sitcoms.

28-Year-Old Comedienne Turns Experiences As An Adult Virgin Into One-Woman Show

August 8th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Alexis Lambright is an actress and comedienne, who created and is starring in her own one-woman show titled, The Alexis Lambright Tel-a-thon: Combating Adult Virginity. According to the NY Post, the amusing comedy show, which will be running at the International Fringe Festival in New York, was inspired by the Sunnyside, Queens resident’s journey as an adult virgin.

“They were strict with me growing up as the middle daughter between two boys. My dad’s a former Marine reservist and my mom is a teacher, and they’re both Presbyterians who wouldn’t let us go out on school nights. It was instilled in all three of us that sex was a sacred act only for married couples. This was reinforced by my Catholic high school, where we had a freshman workshop taught by nuns called “Chastity by Choice.” Everyone signed a pledge card swearing they’d wait until marriage,” Lambright told the Post of why she held onto her virginity for so long.

“I figured a promise was a promise, but my school friends had other ideas. As I watched my friends hook up with guys and talk about dating, I tried not to be judgmental, but I couldn’t help it. I had normal desires but I didn’t put out.”

When she finally did lose her virginity to a guy she was dating at age 27, she admits that the experience was horrible.

“Everyone was telling me sex would be bad the first time (another reason I put it off), but it was worse than I thought it would be. He wasn’t affectionate or attentive. The rest of the trip was just awkward. We only did it once.”

Although the conclusion of her virgin-hood wasn’t a pleasant encounter, she’s able to use her experiences to make people laugh (and smile) through her comedic act.

“Today I look back and I admit I’ve had regrets — about waiting so many years, about doing it with him — but no more. I believe it was supposed to happen that way, with him, at that time. Now I’ve got my groove on — and there are no more labels to hold me back.”

Check out one of her skits below

You’ve Got To Watch: Subway “Panhandler” Flips The Script And Gives Commuters The Laugh Of The Day!

August 4th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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If you live in a city with an active subway system, you’ve probably heard every possible story – whether true or not – from homeless people who are trying to make some money. Nowadays, the stories almost always sound the same so many people choose to just turn their music up, pretend like they’re sleep or keep their heads down as a means of ignoring it.

Recently, on a SEPTA train in Pennsylvania, a “panhandler” entered a subway car and immediately proceeded to begin his speech with the usual, “Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen” greeting that’s often met with eye rolls. But this would not be your everyday speech.

As you can see from the video posted by College Humor, the unidentified man goes on to tell his story, saying that he and his family were forced out of their two bedroom apartment because they wanted space. So what happened next? They bought a big house!

The hilarious story goes and by the end, the only thing the man actually wanted was a congratulations from the commuters on the recent positive things that have happened for him!

There’s no telling if the story the man told is actually true but as it looks to be part of Vitamin Water’s “#makeboringbrilliant” campaign, he could just be a comedian.

Check it out and watch the lady to the left at about 1:47 – she still doesn’t seem to be amused!