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Twentysomethings Who Are The Next Generation Of Game Changers

April 24th, 2015 - By Desiree Bowie
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Every few years, we get to see the ascension of a new generation of fresh thinkers, new talent, and trailblazing innovators. The next crop of Black women making their mark in a variety of industries are influential and driven, setting new trends and bringing new philosophies and art to the forefront. Let’s take a look at the group of twentysomethings who’ve got next!

Wait, What Did You Say? Comedians Who Made Outrageously Controversial Comments

November 7th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Part of a comedian’s job is to push the envelope while making an insightful remark or comment. But there’s a thin line between being funny and going too far. These comedians caught a lot of flack for making controversial statements.

"Chris Rock pf"


Chris Rock

Prince and Chris Rock were on “SNL” last Saturday and although both of their appearances have been buzzworthy, it’s for two entirely different reasons. Prince treated the crowd to an eight-minute medley while Rock’s opening monologue struck a nerve in some people. In addition to joking about the bombing at the Boston Marathon, Rock also spoke about the newly built Freedom Tower and said something that a lot of people might be thinking. “They should change the name from the Freedom Tower to the Never Going in There Tower, ’cause I’m never going in there,” he said. “Who’s the corporate sponsor, Target?”

Him So Funny — And Cute! Hollywood’s Sexiest Funny Men

June 24th, 2014 - By M A
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Clemens Niehaus/Future Image/

Clemens Niehaus/Future Image/

If it wasn’t enough that these incredible men make us laugh our booties off, they also happen to be incredibly attractive. We never stood a chance against their charisma and charm, which is why we had no other choice than to honor these comic cuties. So as summer heats up, we look at 14 handsome funnymen who’ll have us bowled over with laughter in the days, weeks and months to come.

Ooooh They So Sensitive! Comedians Who Had Beef With Eachother

May 9th, 2014 - By Zainab Karim
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It seems that while comedians have all the confidence to say what’s on their mind, they are also sensitive people. Some comedians take even more offense to what their fellow comedians have to say. These comedians have had feuds other comedians.

Jamie Foxx vs. Howard Stern

Comedians Who Had Beef

Source: WENN

Back in 2010 when Howard Stern made snide remarks, meant to be funny, about Gabourey Sidibe’s career, Jamie Foxx didn’t think it was funny. Jamie shot back by calling out Stern’s co-host Robin Quivers, a black woman, saying she and Sidibe had a lot in common. Stern responded by calling Jamie a closet homosexual. After Jamie called him “Coward Stern” the feud fizzled and died out.

Ladies Night! Wanda Sykes Specials Coming To OWN Will Feature Women In Comedy!

June 8th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Wanda Sykes pf"


Following the success of Tyler Perry’s shows on OWN, Wanda Sykes is hoping for the same results.

Sykes, along with her business partner Paige Horowitz (they own Push It Productions) has teamed up with Harpo Studios to bring two comedy specials to OWN this summer.

According to EURweb, “Wanda Sykes Presents HERLARIOUS” will be a one hour comedy special that will air twice this July on OWN.  The show will feature many up and coming comedians such as Dominique Witten and Andi Smith.

Celebrity comedians will also appear on the show. So far, Kym Whitley, who also has her own reality show – Raising Whitley – on OWN, has been announced as one of the guests. Wanda Sykes will also make appearances in short sketches that will air during each show.

Wanda Sykes stays busy.  In addition to HERLARIOUS, Sykes seems to always pop up – whether in the physical sense or in a voice-over role – in a movie or television show. She also continues to do standup; she recently performed at a music and comedy festival in the Dominican Republic.

This could be a great look for her as OWN is in the midst of happier times with the success of The Haves and The Have Nots.  Hopefully, this show will give women in comedy a better platform to gain exposure because as we know, women aren’t as publicly celebrated in that field as their male counterparts.

HERLARIOUS will air on OWN Saturday, July 13th and Saturday, July 20th at 10pm.

Will you be watching?

You Really Don’t Want It With Him: Kevin Hart & Mike Epps Go To War On Twitter

March 25th, 2013 - By Veronica Wells
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mike and kevin

Every once in a while, the underdog starts feeling like he’s ready to come for that number one spot. This is what happened this past weekend after comedian Mike Epps had a couple of successful shows in New Orleans and Baltimore. Naturally, Epps’ fans started gassing him up. But instead of just commenting on his abilities, they attempted to tear down Kevin Harts. Now that fans are going to do what they’re going to do. Stan-ing is just the way of the world these days. But when the celebrity himself gets involved, especially if that celebrity is a comedian, then chances are, all hell is going to break lose.

This is the tweet that started it all:


Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

And from there, Mike Epps kept coming.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter


Well. Word got back to Kevin Hart and he’s not typically one to back down from a fight. Here’s what he had to say in response. (Read from the bottom to the top.) Beware, it’s not pretty!

kevin hart 2 kevin hart 3 kevin hart 4

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Wow. What do you think about Mike’s comments? Did Kevin Hart take it too far? Though it’s painfully clear who won this particular battle right here, tell me who’s your favorite comedian? And in case you’re new to how comedians come for each other, this is what Mike Epps had to say at the end of all of this.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

And Kevin Hart retweeted it. *Warm Fuzzies.*


Not So Funny: 9 Comedians Who’ve Been Through Some Stuff

November 14th, 2012 - By Renay Alize
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You know what they say about comedians, they have highs and lows. And just because they’re able to make us smile and laugh doesn’t mean they’re doing the same in their own personal lives. See which comedians have suffered their fair share of not so funny drama.

What Happened? 7 Popular Artists Who Went MIA At The Peak of Their Fame

June 11th, 2012 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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First things first: THIS IS NOT A WHERE ARE THEY NOW? if you were wondering. Check back at the end of the week.

Anywho, while most actors, singers and more have chosen to let folks in on every single aspect of their lives thanks to their affiliations with social media sites like Twitter, Tumblr pages, reality television shows, and their quest to make errands a chance for a paparazzi photo op, there are a slew of big name artists who would balk at all that exposure. Some of the biggest names in entertainment over the years dropped albums, TV shows, had huge roles in movies and more over the years, only to disappear off of the face of the earth when the press and the people were calling for them. Why? Well, after reading the most recent issue of GQ, which profiled the rise, fall and re-emergence of D’Angelo, folks like Questlove eloquently explained it as “a crazy psychological kind of stoppage that prevents them from following through. A sort of self-saboteur disorder.”

Or maybe they just weren’t feeling folks all up and through their business and wanted to live like normal folks. Whatever motivates these artists to dip in and out of public view only they know, but we’re always happy when they come back. Here are a few, aside from the obvious Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo, who decided to step out of the spotlight when they were huge, but decided to come back later (before disappearing for a bit again).

Funny and Fine: Comedians Who Catch Our Eye

April 2nd, 2011 - By Veronica Wells
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When you think about the qualities you want in a man you usually think about the serious ones first. You know, is he honest, loyal, respectful and kind? But once you get past the ‘is he genuinely a good person’ part you’ll want to be sure he’s not BooorrRinng!! Because as many of you know there is nothing worse than a sweet, kind-natured man who has the personality of a dead sloth. (Yeah. Not just a sloth, a dead one.) You want somebody who you enjoy being around; and the best people to be around, are those that make you laugh. So while you look for or enjoy the man who makes you slap your thighs and clutch your stomach check out this list of brothers who make us laugh in one breath and lick our lips in the next.

Funny Business: The Fortunes Of America’s Top Black Comedians

March 25th, 2011 - By TheEditor
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black comedians

by Steven Barboza

Black comics are adored by mixed audiences, studied by sociologists, and dissected by psychologists. Now it’s time to study their work at leading business schools.

Great black comedians are among the most astute business people in the nation. They have amassed some of the largest fortunes in entertainment, and have done so for more than a century.  Their secret: wise brand management. Like many successful CEOs, they know just how to broaden their base, widen their appeal, and extend their “product line” to become hot commodities in an otherwise cold market.

“A-list comics … are the commodity that people are buying into,” said Dionna Griffin-Irons, director of outreach and diversity for The Second City, the legendary improvisational comedy company that served as a training ground for Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert and many “Saturday Night Live” cast members. “You want that revenue success — sold-out houses. What you see comics doing is recognizing that their name is a brand. It brings people to the audiences. It fills seats, and so that brand translates into other areas — film, TV, CDs.”

Eddie Murphy, a great comic dealmaker, joined Hollywood’s exclusive billion dollar club years ago, having starred in films that earned at least a billion dollars at the box office. Murphy earned $40 million in 2009. Billion dollar club member Will Smith, who starred in the sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,“ had a net worth of $188 million back in 2004, according to Fortune magazine. And then there’s mini-mogul Chris Rock, who in a recent year raked in $42 million for being funny in all sorts of venues, including as host of the Academy Awards.

But the dean of black entertainers is Bill Cosby. Several years ago, Forbes estimated his net worth at $450 million. He was so rich back in the 90s that he informed NBC-TV that he might buy the troubled network, worth $4 billion at the time.

No doubt the Twitter generation considers Cosby old school. After all, he rose to prominence a half-century ago.  But no other black comic has matched his bankability.

Cosby is the wealthiest black comic on the planet. Except for Oprah Winfrey, who’s also a communications empress, Cosby is the wealthiest black entertainer who ever lived.

Cosby took lessons from Fortune 500 CEOs, spreading his risk and building his brand across multiple venues. He honed his stand-up routine in New York, and rose to stardom after TV appearances. Then he diversified, creating “line extensions” of his product – or his talent.

He ventured into comedy albums, winning multiple Grammys in the 1960s. He also launched cartoon series in the 70s, became the first black star on a prime-time TV series, wrote national best-sellers, appeared in numerous hit films, dominated television from 1984 to 1992 with “The Cosby Show.” He even expanded his comic repertoire by endorsing numerous products, including Jell-O, which he continued to pitch for three decades, providing a steady source of income.

The fundamental concepts used to build his empire haven’t changed, so comics can still take business lessons from Cosby. “Sometimes you are able to tap into a different market with different approaches, so the people who go to a live show may not be the same people who watch a DVD, and the people who watch Comedy Central may not be the same people who go to a live show or who buy a live recording,” said Adam Alter, marketing professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business. “So by extending your reach and by diversifying in that way, you may be tapping into different segments in different markets.”