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Did Y’all See? Azealia Banks Allegations And Nicki Minaj’s Truth About Black Men

October 21st, 2016 - By Quindara Lazenbury
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In this episode of Did Y’all See? we’re speaking on Azealia Banks allegations against Russell Crowe, Nicki Minaj’s truth telling about Black Men and we’re also asking what would you do if a teacher sent home a note asking to stop using coconut oil in your child’s hair?  Get into all this tea on Did Y’all See?

Teacher Asks Mother Not To Put Coconut Oil In Daughter’s Hair Because It “Stinks”

October 18th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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The list of things Black girls can’t do with their hair without problems just keeps getting longer. Now it’s not just the way we wear our hair that’s an issue for some, it’s also the products we put in it.

An upset mother posted the note above which she received from her daughter’s teacher on Facebook a week ago. As you can see, the teacher asked Tionna Norris to stop putting coconut oil in her 3-year-old daughter’s hair because it stinks and caused kids to tease her. Unphased, the mother captioned her post:

*applies the same amount of coconut oil* y’all gone feel that black girl magic. Sincerely, unapologetically black mom. P.s. Coconut oil has no stinky smell.

What’s even more sad about this letter is the fact that the claims within it are actually untrue — and we’re not just talking about the coconut oil smell. According to Essence, “After sharing a snapshot of the physical letter on her Facebook page, Norris was informed by the school’s director that the teasing claims were actually false and contrary to the teacher’s belief, Amia was quite “popular” amongst her classmates.”

Norris detailed her feelings in a separate Facebook post:

Norris told CBS local news in Chicago that school administrators apologized but took no disciplinary action against the teacher. Norris has since pulled Amina out of the school.

“If you cannot understand why a mother would be upset about receiving a letter like that,” Norris said. “Then you don’t deserve to teach my child.”

6 Reasons To Add Coconut Oil To Your Beauty Regimen

August 22nd, 2016 - By Gabrielle Natalia
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Looking to step up your beauty regimen and eliminate potential harmful ingredients and harsh chemicals? Coconut oil has proven to have natural benefits for treating and preventing some of the most common hair and skin conditions. Read on for simple ways you can use coconut oil in your hair and beauty routine with minimal fuss and maximum benefit.

  1. Add Moisture to Your Hair

Because coconut oil is a light emollient it can easily penetrate the hair shaft to prevent your hair from losing too much moisture and becoming dry. With it’s super moisturizing properties, it also helps to combat protein loss and prevents damage. And chances are you have some already in your kitchen.

  1. Minimize Razor Bumps

Struggle with razor bumps and occasional nicks from using a dull razor? If so, coconut oil can help. Coconut oil works well to sooth the skin after shaving and can also help to provide a much smoother and cleaner shave. Try out this DIY shaving cream recipe for a smoother shave today.

  1. Detangle Hair for a PrePoo Treatment

If you don’t know about pre-poo, it’s an oil treatment applied to the hair prior to shampooing. Pre-poo your hair with a light oil such as coconut that gives your hair slip, making it an excellent detangler to comb through tough strands. The coconut oil also helps to combat the dryness and stripping of hair’s natural oils from shampooing.

  1. Heal Skin from Acne Scarring

Sometimes we get pimples that leave behind a dark spot or two. You can help to clear up acne scarring with coconut oil. Coconut oil heals your skin and reduces the appearance of those acne-causing discolorations by stopping oxidation (think what happens to avocados that have set out too long) and accelerating healing.

  1. Improve Skin Elasticity

Seeing signs of cellulite? Coconut is a great natural remedy to improve elasticity because it tightens up the skin, particularly around the arms and legs, and breaks up fatty deposits when applied topically. You can also take 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil orally before a workout to speed up fat burning.

  1. Remove Makeup

Sometimes makeup remover wipes and other products we use don’t take it all off. We are left with smudges and raccoon eyes, which can also lead to breakouts because our skin hasn’t been thoroughly cleansed. Use coconut oil to remove some of the toughest eyeliners and mascara. Coconut oil is also great to loosen up stubborn eyelash glue.  Just make sure it does not enter the eye directly, as it will cause some discomfort.

On Your Teeth? 15 Surprising Uses For Coconut Oil

March 11th, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Instagram

Image Source: Instagram

Coconut oil isn’t just great for your hair. From teeth whitening to chicken frying, these surprising uses for coconut oil are all the reason we need to buy in bulk!

Poor Baby: Learning How To Maintain Your Child’s Hair When It’s Nothing Like Your Own…

July 13th, 2012 - By Jouelzy
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This article is for you if you’ve thought or said the following things:

“I have a child with a head full of hair and I don’t know what to do with it!”

“Oh baby, my child’s hair looks nothing like mine, what do I do?”

“Oh baby, my child’s hair is so dry/fine/curly/kinky/thick, I’m just trying to figure out how to keep it healthy!”

Are you a parent who is struggling to figure out how to deal with your child’s hair because they don’t have a similar texture to your own? You’ve mastered the art of your hair and then your bundle of joy comes into the world with a beautiful head of hair that you just can’t figure out. Or maybe you always go to the salon to care for your hair and it’s not a good idea to try and convince your two-year-old to sit still to get their hair done at the salon too. It’s a common problem that plenty of parents face, but I’m here to ease the struggle.

Magic In A Jar? The Many Benefits of Coconut Oil

June 28th, 2012 - By Tiffany Washington
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You’ve probably heard of it. You might have seen it on shelves. You may have even used it on your skin. But recently in the black community, the use of coconut oil as a way to achieve healthy relaxed and natural hair has been on the rise.

Besides providing a heavenly tropical scent, it will also make your hair feel as soft as a cloud. One of the main benefits is definitely the moisturizing properties. Both chemically straightened and natural hair need moisture to continue growing and to remain strong. Coconut oil is one of the few that can actually penetrate the hair shaft and heal each strand from the inside out because it is similar to the structure of the hair. Try using it as a hair oil treatment before shampooing. Just take a handful out of the jar, spread liberally from scalp to ends and rinse after an hour. Trust me, your locks will thank you for it as they are literally transformed into a soft, shiny texture like you’ve never felt or seen before.

No more itchies! Coconut oil also has the ability to soothe irritations and minor scalp disorders such as dandruff and lice. Scoop a bit into your hands and massage onto your scalp for five minutes daily. There will be an immediate improvement in the condition of your scalp guaranteed.

Not only is coconut oil moisturizing and able to rid those pesky ailments, it’s also a proven antifungal / antibacterial. It is the only oil that contains lauric, caprylic and capric acids, which help to relieve any illnesses associated with fungi.

Just giving coconut oil a try once will have you hooked for sure. The best for hair is virgin coconut oil, which you can pick up at any local health food store or online.

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June 17th, 2011 - By madamenoire
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The summer elements can be super damaging to your locks. Never fear, though! Chioma Valcourt, celebrity hair designer and owner of Next Vanity ( a top New York City salon, has expert advice on how to solve your summer hair woes.

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The Recipe for Healthy African-American Hair

January 19th, 2011 - By Veronica Wells
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We hear you talkin’. In the past two hair articles, How to Grow Long African American Hair and Biggest Myths about African American Hair, you asked us, or each other, for a list of products or ingredients that produce healthy hair. Well wait no more that list is here. Here are some ingredients you need to look for, ones you need to avoid, and which products may work for you.