CNN has had better Mondays. CNN has been named in a $5 million wrongful termination and discrimination lawsuit by a longtime employee who was let go in January. The same day parent Turner Broadcasting said the cable news net will lose nearly 10 percent of its workforce.

Stanley Wilson was a field producer and writer of news and documentaries. He covered a range of important stories from 9/11 to Hurricane Katrina. He also contributed to programs like Black In America and Homicide In Hollenbeck.

But in his lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Wilson claims that Peter Janos, who had been his immediate or general supervisor for his entire 17 years at CNN, “never liked Plaintiff and never wanted him at the [Los Angeles] bureau because of Plaintiff’s protected characteristics, including his race, color and ancestry, among other things.”

And even though he had been with the network for nearly two decade, Wilson was promoted just once in 2003, despite applying for a dozen available positions. According to the suit, “In 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010, Plaintiff verbally complained to the CNN Senior Vice-President of Human Resources (HR) that African-American men outside of Atlanta, D.C., and New York were not being promoted. Plaintiff complained that Janos was an important actor in the wholesale discrimination against African-American men in the hiring and promotion of staff producers and television photographers in Los Angeles. Plaintiff also complained of concerns that his age and compensation package were increasingly being viewed as a liability.”

The suit also claims that when Wilson’s wife was undergoing fertility treatments, Janos considered him “high risk, requiring extensive medical care,” reports Deadline.

When Wilson’s wife gave birth to twins in September 2013, Wilson took a five-week paternity leave. Soon before his leave began, Wilson found out that “Janos had promoted a much younger, less-experienced Caucasian individual to the position of producer, replacing a Los Angeles-based senior producer who Janos had promoted,” according to the suit. According to Wilson, the new guy got the plum assignments, while the Wilson said he “was frequently relegated to in-house packaging and fill-in work on the Assignment Desk.”

In early January, Wilson was assigned to cover a story but there was a question of attribution regarding three sentences, says the lawsuit. The story was pulled, which offered ” the pretext Janos needed to terminate Plaintiff’s employment.” Wilson was placed on leave on January 9th and told that “CNN was conducting an audit of the entirety of Plaintiff’s work.” He was fully terminated January 28.

Janos was named as a defendant in the suit along with Turner Broadcasting and Turner Services. Janos was upped to VP and Bureau Chief in 2013.