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Annoying Things Men Have To Stop Doing In Night Clubs

October 31st, 2013 - By Julia Austin
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Night clubs: 20% fun, 80% BS you have to navigate at every turn — 100% of which is brought on by the male patrons. Guys, please stop acting like this in the club.

Do You Agree? Amber Rose Says When It Comes To Your Man Staying Out All Night “You Have To Let Him Live”

October 24th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Amber Rose Bethenny

We all know celebrities have unconventional relationships and often live and play by a different set of rules, but when it comes to Amber Rose’s mating advice some probably wonder what game she’s playing.

Wiz Khalifa’s wife recently appeared on an episode of the talk show “Bethenny” alongside Tiki Barber and actor Ian Ziering (weird combination right?) and the three panelists got into a discussion on jealousy. Bethenny asked whether it’s justified to have concerns about your significant other being out in the streets after midnight or whether there’s really any difference in hanging out at 4 pm or 4 am, and to that Amber Rose said:

“You have to let your man live because at the end of the day you want him to be like, ‘Wow, I have a really great girl at home and she kind of lets me live.’ You don’t want him to resent you in the end.”

Unsurprisingly, Ian, who we haven’t seen much of since his “90210” days, gave that advice two thumbs up, saying: “That’s more of a turn on. It really is if your wife says go ahead, go have fun with the boys.”


There’s certainly nothing attractive about a jealous, overbearing girlfriend who texts her man every hour on the hour asking where he is and who he’s with — or worse, doesn’t let her guy have his much-needed man time and always invites herself to tag along. But the idea of letting a man live can get a little tricky depending on what exactly his definition of living is. Amber, of course, has no choice but to deal with late nights at the club and groupie advances because that’s pretty much how Wiz and every other rapper lives, but when I posed this idea to a coworker who’s in a relationship she was not about it at all, asking the timeless question: But why do men always like to be out in the streets so late with their boys?

I think that question has to deal with a number of factors. Firstly, he’s probably trying to relish his “freedom,” so to speak, and act like a college boy again because we all know how immature men can get when they get around each other and alcohol is involved. But secondly, it really depends on the relationship status of the friends he’s hanging out with. If a man has a bunch of single friends then, yeah, he’s likely gonna try to hang like one of the boys. But, if your man has a bunch of married friends or guys who are at least in relationships they’re gonna have their behinds in the house by midnight because none of their girls are having it either.

Every now and then it shouldn’t be a big deal to let your man live. I think the bigger question is what is his definition of living and how often he’s trying to be about that life.

What do you say to the idea of letting your man live?

Things We Don’t Miss About Club Life

September 20th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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Sure, back in the day we were a proud card-carrying member of the club-hopping crew, but as we got older and more mature, we realized there was more to a Saturday night. Here are some things we don’t miss about club life.

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Sweating Our Hair Out

The weekly or bi-weekly ritual that almost every woman does when it’s time to wash her hair can take hours. All of that time and hard work washing, setting, drying, curling, cutting, dying, sewing in and doing our hair quickly goes out of the window about a half an hour after we set foot into a hot and humid club. By the end of the night, your hair has completely sweated out and the cute style you walked in with is now a tightly coiled afro.

15 Things That Make You Glad Your Clubbing Days Are Over

August 16th, 2013 - By Meg Butler
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There’s a time and a place to tear the club up, but one day you’ll walk in a party and suddenly everybody looks young, it’s hot, and your feet hurt. Don’t be sad when you hang up your sky high heels for good. There are lots of reasons to be glad that your clubbing days are over.

Image Source:

Image Source:

No More “Guessing Game”

The Guessing Game is when a man from last night calls you from the club and you’re trying to guess from his voice whether he’s really as attractive as you thought he was. Everybody looks good at 2am on a Saturday. In the cold light of day, its another story.

From Clubbin’ To Clarity: How Investing In Experiences Instead of Material Things Broadened My Perspective

May 17th, 2013 - By La Truly
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I spent a good chunk of my undergrad years trying to keep up appearances with my girlfriends. We would take our tiny work study checks and hit the malls for a higher pair of heels, a sexier club outfit, one more lip color to add to our collections. We would go all out for college parties and save our bus fare and head to the city to go clubbing like we had money to burn.

I thought THAT was having fun. And don’t misunderstand, I did enjoy it. But after a few months – those bottle poppin’ nights out started to run together. Monotony now had a tangible definition. The same old thing with the same old people at the same old time in the same old places. I had nothing new to look forward to.

I was keeping myself confined to one kind of experience. My world was enclosed to materialism as its highlight. There was no room for anything bigger than that. I couldn’t see beyond what I believed to be a good time. With every little bit of money I got, I was financing myself into a materialistic rut. With every new bag and every new pair of shoes I kept thinking, “There has GOT to be more than this.”

In October of 2008 I rode a plane for the first time to a student affairs conference in Dallas, Texas. The moment we ascended completely above the clouds was the moment I knew things would never be the same for me. I had tasted flight! I had finally gotten out of the East Coast at 22 years old. I had met others from all over the world. This was the ‘more to life’ that I had been craving and I wanted more of it. I started looking for any and every opportunity to travel, to meet new people, to experience new places and things.

My money wasn’t going toward shoes and lipsticks anymore. I was working to finance my involvement in charity events, trips all over the country, Broadway shows, live music festivals – anything, everything that would give me another perspective, a deeper appreciation, an unforgettable memory.

When we limit our experiences to the same old thing we deny ourselves the joy and wonder of the unknown. I have spent what most would consider an obscene amount of money on the arts, travel, charity work, etc. investing in experiences that will last me a lifetime. There was only so much of a new experience I could have at a party or taking pictures with my girls in our new ‘fits at the club. But helping to build a home for a mother of four? Experiencing The Phantom of The Opera live? Traveling the peaceful mountains and countryside of Pennsylvania by myself? Completing an obstacle course in the air? Running a 5K for cancer research? Singing with a slammin’ jazz band at one of the hottest spots in DC?

Life changed the day I decided to look beyond THINGS and invest in experiences. There is a whole world outside of “Red Bottoms,” iPhones, and Cliquot. How much more of a well-rounded, self-aware and cultured community might we become if we search for opportunities to experience something new? I don’t think we’ll have as many regrets. We won’t look back and wonder “What if?” as much. We’ll have worlds beyond games and iPads to share with our children. Every experience counts. And while shoes and bags are great, long-lasting memories and lessons learned are so much better. You won’t regret it. I know I don’t.

La Truly writing is powered by a lifetime of anecdotal proof that awkward can transform to awesome and fear can cast its crown before courage. La seeks to encourage thought, discussion and change among young women through her writing. Follow her on Twitter: @AshleyLaTruly and AboutMe:

For Real Or For Ratings? Radio Personality DJ Envy Pours Heart Out To Wife…On The Air!

January 5th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Charlamagne Envy pf"

Pictured: Charlamagne Tha God & DJ Envy; Source: PNP/WENN

When you’re famous and your spouse becomes fed up with your antics, all you can do is apologize…publicly.  Well, that’s the route New York radio personality DJ Envy took with his wife, Gia.

On Friday during Power 105’s Breakfast Club, co-host Charlamagne Tha God was awarding his daily “Donkey of the Day Award.”  To the surprise of listeners, the award went to fellow Breakfast Club host DJ Envy, with Charlamagne saying, “Something is off.  You’re looking stressed, you’re balling up in the corner in the fetal position, your radio/dj game is off…I know I gotta talk to my friend.  Whatever personal issues which are causing you to age drastically, like you listen to Adele records…I’m asking as a friend if you need some personal time off. Why has your game been off?”

After a “pregnant pause,” DJ Envy revealed:

“Shout to my wife. I been with my wife 18 years and sometimes you don’t treat the person well. You think they’ll always be there.  Its been a point where I’ve treated my wife like ish. It has to do with the small things you don’t do anymore.”

As the show continued, Envy went on to reveal that he’s gotten to the point where he doesn’t appreciate her and has taken her for granted.  Further, in a shaky voice, he revealed that he buys Gia things versus complimenting her or taking her out and making her feel like a wife.  In an attempt to make the situation better, he decided to call his “queen” on the air.  He then told her that he knows  he’s not been there for her, hes’ not been honest or loyal and he regrets everything he’s done to her and sincerely apologizes for everything.  At the end of the conversation, a seemingly shocked Gia told Envy she loved him as well and to call her when he was off the radio.

Whatever Envy has done to his wife (and there are many things you can assume based on his apology alone), he seems to really feel bad about it now. The hope is that this was a very sincere apology, especially since they have two children together and almost 20 years together (they were high school sweethearts). However, with the Breakfast Club in a ratings war with Hot 97’s Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg morning show as well as Gia allegedly joining the cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey, there’s a chance this was all for publicity and better ratings. There’s no question that in a local radio war, listeners will opt to listen to the station that makes them feel like they can relate to them.

Perhaps we’ll see when RHONJ airs this summer where they are in their relationship. Marriage is hard and since Envy seems to know that he is solely to blame, we hope he does his best to get his family back together and the chips fall where they should.

If your significant was not treating you the way they should, would you think that a public apology would be a good way for them to go?

If you’d like to listen, the conversation starts around 22:15.

We Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Suge Knight Gets Into A Fight While Katt Watches From A Distance

December 29th, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Suge PF"

Why in the world does the city of Los Angeles keep allowing Frick and Frack to run aimlessly around with no supervision?

Okay, so we just reported this morning that Katt Williams was arrested Friday on child endangerment charges. Well, hours after he was released – hours – it appears he was a primary witness in a huge brawl involving his friend and tour manager, Suge Knight.

There are no details as to what exactly started the fight but someone sent a video in to TMZ where you clearly see him in some type of heated “situation” with a group of people. After a few security people are able to break things up (with one young man ending up on the ground), Suge walks a few feet away and ends up punching someone else in the face.  We can only assume that the person must have said something Suge didn’t like because Suge landed the first punch.

Katt Williams was hiding between dumpsters during the exchange and once blows were thrown, he was ordered by someone who looks to have been part of his security team into a black truck. They immediately sped off.

As the video continues, other security guys are urging Suge to get into a white truck in order to leave the scene. Without giving notice to the packed parking lot of onlookers, Suge sped off and almost hit quite a few people.

How do these two find so much trouble? Suge is almost 50 years old and Katt is knocking on the door of 40 – when does this end? If you can’t figure out how to avoid having a fight at those ages, you don’t ever need to go out. I would say “grow up” but somehow, that doesn’t seem applicable.

Before You Put On Your Freakum Dress, Make Sure You’re Ready To Deal With These Characters At The Club

November 9th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: Shutterstock

It’s Friday, you just got paid, your hair is done, you’ve got a new dress, and you’re off for the next two days. Perfect night to hit the club right? That’s what thousands of women think every week as they convince their girls to put on their dancing shoes and hit up their favorite spot. But nothing will make you regret that choice quicker than coming in contact with the wrong fool at the club, and experience tells us that fool is usually of the male persuasion. Sorry guys, but between the thirsty dudes who can’t stay out of your face to the cats who like to pretend like they’re balling out of control just because they’re on somebody’s payroll, ya’ll know how to ruin a girl’s good night out.

In case you’re thinking of hitting the streets tonight, let me prepare you for the 10 types of men you’re likely to encounter. Consider yourself warned.

*Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

The Couple That Clubs Together, Stays Together? How to Avoid the Drama of Clubbing As a Couple

June 27th, 2012 - By Blair Bedford
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Meeting someone at the club isn’t a foreign concept to most, but going out to the club scene with your significant other is a completely different experience. When it’s someone you care about, the stakes could be higher at the club as opposed to just going out with friends. Going clubbing as a couple could be different and unusual for that type of atmosphere, but it could also be another way to bring you and your man closer as friends and lovers as well.

Maintain your relationship while having fun at the club with these five cautionary tips and pieces of advice to avoid all the drama.

Control Your Expectations

Before the night even begins, you should try to control what your mind (and possibly your insecurities) is saying to you. Are you nervous about him dancing with another woman? Do you feel that the club might not be the best place to take your relationship? If you have questions, address them with your mate. It is understandable to have doubts and preconceived notions about being at the club with him (remember your clubbing days with your girls? (Wild.), but make sure they are not stemming from your own insecurities. The experience is about just having fun, not about confirming some deep-seeded thoughts you might have about your relationship, or testing the waters of it. Expect to just have fun at the club with the man you love, and put the other situations aside until they arise.

Bring Mutual Friends

What is the club without your friends? You know, the women you kicked it with in college at the house parties, tore up every dance floor with and worked together to scope out the hottest guys in the building? Bring them along for the fun with you and your man, and invite his friends (the ones who encourage, not hinder, the relationship) to come along too. It’s a great way to mingle together so no one is bored or feels left out, and also to bring both parties closer, making them familiar with each other.

Trust Each Other With Other People

Clubbing can be very fun, especially when you are out single and ready to mingle. In a relationship, other women and men can try your patience and your trust. If you are in a meaningful relationship, the trust should already be established, and going to the club together could be the ultimate test. Have trust in your mate with dealing with other people at the club, whether it is a single woman or a man who is pushing his limits. The club is no safe haven for relationships, so take heed of those who might approach him just because you’re with him. You don’t have to cling onto him the whole time to let the ladies know, he should already make you feel secure, so give him the benefit of the doubt. You know your own boundaries, so if dancing with another woman is off limits, he should already know. Remember that trust goes both ways as well, so taking a drink from another man (even if it’s paid for) might not be a good look on your part.

Have Fun

When in a meaningful relationship, it can sometimes be difficult to pry yourself away from the thought of being a girlfriend to just being a friend to your mate. While in a club setting, remember to just have fun with your significant other and not make it about the relationship. A date is a place for exploring and deepening your relationship, not the nightclub. The club atmosphere can enhance the reasons why you love your man in the first place, maybe because he’s fun or friendly or even is a great dancer. Whatever it may be, enjoying yourself apart from being all mushy and loving as a couple could revitalize your relationship, and even build your friendship.

Don’t Leave the Sexiness At Home

At the club when you’re single, you feel desirable, hot and wanted by every man in the room. Just because you have the one you want doesn’t mean you have to put those feelings to the side. Grab those feelings you had at the club when it was just you and your girls and use it to have fun with your man. You two might have the days where sweatpants, satin caps and sneakers are the attire, but for this occasion, get your best dress and heels out, throw a little make-up on and get sexay for him. It’s a great way to let loose together and put your absolute best-looking foot forward, and a reminder to him that your sexiness hasn’t gone anywhere, and neither has his own “ladies man” appeal. An evening out at the club with your boo might end up being the start of a steamy, hot night to come!

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