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15 Of The Most Embarrassing Things That Can Happen At the Club

August 15th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Your outfit is on point, you just got your hair done and drink specials run until 1 a.m. Your night out at the club had all the signs of being the best night ever — until this happened. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone.

At the Club

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You Fall

And right up until the point where you hit the floor, you thought you could save yourself. But now you’re on your butt hoping no one saw.

Things People Love To Tell You To Do To Keep A Man — But Do They Work?

April 24th, 2013 - By Davisha Davis
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source: shutterstock

source: shutterstock

There will always be debates on how to show a man you’re worthy of him keeping you around by doing certain things. I’m not too sure what works and what doesn’t work in terms of making a man stick around and showing him you’re not just wifey material but should be his wife. What I do know is,  you should’t knock it until you try it and do what you feel is appropriate because every man– and woman — is different. Check out some of the most notable “make him keep you” advice around. What’s worked for you and what hasn’t?

Just Throw Away The Key! Gucci Mane Lands Back In Jail…The Day After Getting Out!

April 14th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Gucci pf"

If one of us had the opportunities Gucci Mane has had since coming into the music industry, there’s no telling what levels we may have reached by now.

But we weren’t and he was but all he can do is keep getting locked up.  According to TMZ, Gucci was released from an Atlanta jail on Friday after serving a short stint (he went in on March 26th) for hitting a man in the head with a bottle while in the club promoting his mixtape.

Unfortunately for him, Gucci never got a chance to attend what was likely yet another “welcome home” party in his honor because he was arrested on Saturday! This time, the police got him for a probation violation.

While authorities did not say on what grounds he violated his probation (they probably hadn’t sorted that out yet), they say it wasn’t related to the assault arrest.

Seriously, enough is enough.  Maybe Gucci Mane really just cannot stay out of jail. He’s always had legal problems, even before he hit the music industry, so it is possible that he’s just conditioned at this point to do things that will land him in jail.  It’s obvious that record labels, show money and being able to take of his family aren’t enough to keep him out of trouble.

I guess we’ll see what happens next with this probation violation.

Do you think its harder for people who’ve had a sketchy past to do “better” when they are afforded amazing opportunities?

And Now…A Word From Chris Brown: “Fellas, Tell Your Girl ‘I Own Your P****!'”

March 10th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Chris Brown pf"

I mean, if you like things rough, this actually might be right up your alley.

Christopher Maurice Brown (I’m so sick of him, I’m just going to start calling him by his full government name) was having a grand ol’ time at the Emerson Theater in Hollywood Thursday morning when he felt the urge to give the men in the crowd some advice. According to TMZ, he took the mic from the house dj and offered the following (in a melodic tune):

“Don’t make me have to tell you again. That’s my p**** baby…It’s mine, baby, babe, mine. Don’t make me have to tell you again/It’s my p****, baby/It’s mine girl, it’s mine, it’s mine girl/So you better not give it away

So every person in this motherf****ng building,if you got a bad B***h, you better say that to her cuz she might f**k another [n-word].”

Granted, singer Miguel has a song on his album of a very similar nature but…well, Miguel doesn’t come across an uncontrollable person so its allowed.  Chris, on the other hand, often lets loose in drunken stupors and will never catch a break when he’s filmed saying something like this.

Perhaps his boo thang Rihanna likes talk like that (in the heat of the moment, other women might too) so he felt it only right to share what works in his relationship.

Oh Christopher…

Club Church: When Did Shorts, Tight Skirts And Revealing Clothing Become Appropriate In The House Of God?

December 27th, 2012 - By Ashley Brumeh
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I remember when going to church meant listening to great music, a moving sermon that you could take something away from, and contributing tithes when you had them to give. Those were the simple days. Nowadays, or at least at some of the churches I’ve attended, I’ve noticed that for some people (young and some older), going to church means wearing attire more appropriate for going to the club rather than going to the altar.  People are also spending a lot of time in the pews checking out fellow congregants, chattering about insignificant things (like who is wearing and doing what) and doing the absolute most. So what’s happening?

A few years ago, I joined a relatively small church.  It was a different denomination than what I grew up in, but the format was similar enough to what I was used to. But I quickly noticed that the girls collecting offerings and serving us for Communion were wearing shorts that looked like they weren’t finished being made, and I even noticed a few wearing halter tops from time to time. They were teenagers, so I tried to chalk their attire up to typical adolescent clothing and the typical way of doing things in this day and age. Even though I had a feeling their clothing choices were inappropriate for church, I assumed that I had caught them on an atypical day and that those revealing clothes were not going to be seen again.  I was wrong–it kept happening.

Week after week, the number of young ladies wearing skank-a-fied clothing increased. I was used to seeing non-church clothing on churchgoers as the time of Easter suits and wearing stockings with everything has come and gone for most, but when the skimpy outfits crossed over to those serving in the church more and more, the word inappropriate took on a whole new meaning. Their lack of clothing left me no choice but to consult with one of the elders of the church. I outlined my concerns with the way the girls were dressed, hoping our discussion would spark a change in their outfits. I informed her that their clothes were distracting in service and that they were wrong to wear in the House of the Lord. I could tell that she was uncomfortable with our conversation and offered little insight into curtailing the teenagers’ revealing attire. Once I realized that nothing was going to change, I decided that it was time to switch churches since I didn’t want to continue to feel like I was in a nightclub every Sunday morning.

I loved the next church I visited.  The sermons were awesome, the people were friendly, and their choir was one of the best in the city.  I think I loved the church so much that it hadn’t dawned on me immediately that the place seemed to resemble the last church in many aspects. Short and too tight clothing were a constant presence at this church as well as people doing the Bankhead Bounce and also some of the new dance crazes.  I saw one man moonwalk across the floor, a woman jump so high I wondered if she was listening to Kris Kross’ “Jump” in her head and not “I Will Bless The Lord,” and a man performing a mix of the Cabbage Patch and Tootsie Roll.  Their rhythm was so coordinated yet all over the place that I started thinking that folks were high off of more than just the Holy Spirit. It wasn’t just the previous church I had been to after all. It seemed that many congregations were getting a little to relaxed in their attire and behavior.

I used to find these type of antics harmless and somewhat entertaining, but now it’s just sad.  Church is one of the only places I go to find peace.  I go to church to learn more about and praise God, not to learn about the latest outfit or the latest dance craze.  I find it disturbing when people look me up and down to check out my outfit, my hair, or other accessories I may or may not have going on and do that when they should be paying attention to the Word.  I expect that type of behavior out in the streets, but not at church.  I also find it disheartening to see young women in church dressed similar to something out of a music video.  Since elders are supposed to serve in a teaching capacity, it would be nice to see more try to teach others about what’s appropriate vs. what’s inappropriate in a polite manner instead of trying to avoid sticky situations as much as possible and letting people run around and do whatever. Maybe then more people would revert back to appropriate behavior so that church can go back to what it used to be and the focus can stick to God and not the length of somebody’s skirt.

We Bet The Police Know Your Name Too: Trey Songz Arrested For…Throwing Money At A Woman?

December 15th, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Trey PF"

Lia Toby/

Trey Songz has an amazing team because this went unnoticed by everyone.

According to the NY Daily News, Trey was celebrating the release of his album Chapter V in August at Perfections Gentlemen’s Club in Queens NY when he got into a “situation” with a lady at the club around 4am back in August.

Police wrote up a criminal complaint against Trey citing that he threw some cash at the woman (they haven’t released her name) and it hit her in the left eye causing a substantial amount of pain.  They also didn’t cite whether she was just a patron at the club or a possible employee.

But this ordeal wasn’t over because according to the News report, Trey was arrested a month later over the incident and charged with misdemeanor assault. There was also an order of protection issued against Trey on November 1st when he appeared in court.  He had to go back to court for the charge again in February.

While this is unfortunate for Trey who was arrested and the lady who was injured, it is a bit shocking that this was able to stay out of the media for so long.

Hopefully, making it rain won’t have Trey in this predicament again.

Before You Put On Your Freakum Dress, Make Sure You’re Ready To Deal With These Characters At The Club

November 9th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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It’s Friday, you just got paid, your hair is done, you’ve got a new dress, and you’re off for the next two days. Perfect night to hit the club right? That’s what thousands of women think every week as they convince their girls to put on their dancing shoes and hit up their favorite spot. But nothing will make you regret that choice quicker than coming in contact with the wrong fool at the club, and experience tells us that fool is usually of the male persuasion. Sorry guys, but between the thirsty dudes who can’t stay out of your face to the cats who like to pretend like they’re balling out of control just because they’re on somebody’s payroll, ya’ll know how to ruin a girl’s good night out.

In case you’re thinking of hitting the streets tonight, let me prepare you for the 10 types of men you’re likely to encounter. Consider yourself warned.

*Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

All’s Fair In Love and Club Hopping?

July 27th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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So, some interesting pics have popped up of Chris Brown having a heck of a good time at club Gotha in Cannes. When I saw the candids on Necole Bitchie, I was like, oooh look at Chris snapping Karrueche’s neck like that. Wait, that’s not Karrueche. Then I saw him feeling up on another dark-haired girl’s behind and was like, Oh, there she is—wait that’s not her either. I figured the raven-haired, bikini clad chic he was grinding with wasn’t her, but after a few more clicks and an extended game of where’s Karrueche I found the R&B singer’s so-called girlfriend chilling by her man’s side smiling in her Herve Leger dress not breaking a sweat and I thought, Hmmm. That’s interesting.

Hitting the club with your girl is nothing knew. Even hitting the strip club with your girl and making it rain on them heauxs is becoming one of hip-hop’s favorite past times but there’s something quite different about looking and not touching when sliding a dollar into a dancer’s g-string, and rubbing down multiple girl’s bodies in front of everyone including your girlfriend of what, two years now? I’m not even going to contextualize this as a C Breezy thing because there’s no telling how much of this bumping and grinding he considered to be part of his image or pleasing the crowd after he gave a performance. My question is, could you have been Karrueche?

The club is such a dangerous breeding ground for relationships. Just about 99.9% of all people recommend that you don’t go to the club searching for a husband. I’ve always been iffy on that rule figuring if I’m a decent human being and I’m there, chances are another decent male counterpart could be there as well. But at the same time, the club’s not exactly a spot where you get chosen for your great personality. It’s an all-night battle of the T&A launched by men hoping to find a quick lay so yeah the likelihood of someone putting a ring on it after you met bent over touching the floor is slim to none. Even more dangerous the heading to the club single though, is a couple stepping out arm-in-arm. To an extent, both men and women are on the prowl for at least some attention from the opposite sex and if you don’t have some clear cut rules about what’s cool and what’s not before you buy that first vodka tonic, you’re night could go like Karrueche’s. You start out fanning your man and grinning by his side then somewhere along the lines you get the pouty face. Since Chris has a shirt on in that last pic it could either be his entrance or exit from the club that’s being captured. Judging by the sweat beads, I’ll say exit.

Looking at these two, I immediately thought back to my college days and how me and a guy I was talking to at the time would get into it nearly every week because we’d go out and dance way too hard with other people and both end up angry with attitudes. We weren’t even officially together, which means neither one of us had a right to be trippin’ like we were, and that’s also why I can’t understand how Karrueche does it. For most people boo’d up, the thrill of the club dies down for a few reasons after you lock it down with one person. If you go by yourself, seeing attractive mates you can’t pursue will be torture—or too tempting to resist which brings on a whole different set of problems. And If you go together, someone is bound to cross the line and turn the fun night out into a long argument on the ride home. I guess Chris and Karrueche don’t have those boundaries. If they did, ol’ boy didn’t just cross the line, he did a drunken back-flip and crunk danced all over it. I already had my doubts about the legitimacy of this relationship and how Karrueche could tolerate all of the non-stop rumors about Rihanna, but if he can get down like this with other women right in front of her, I’m thinking getting down with Ri Ri (if he wanted to) wouldn’t be a big deal. But I’m leaving that mess alone. My question is about him being a n**** in Paris. Would his behavior fly with you if you were his girl?

What are your rules about going to the club with your man?

Brande Victorian is the news and operations editor for Follow her on twitter @Be_Vic.

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The Couple That Clubs Together, Stays Together? How to Avoid the Drama of Clubbing As a Couple

June 27th, 2012 - By Blair Bedford
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Meeting someone at the club isn’t a foreign concept to most, but going out to the club scene with your significant other is a completely different experience. When it’s someone you care about, the stakes could be higher at the club as opposed to just going out with friends. Going clubbing as a couple could be different and unusual for that type of atmosphere, but it could also be another way to bring you and your man closer as friends and lovers as well.

Maintain your relationship while having fun at the club with these five cautionary tips and pieces of advice to avoid all the drama.

Control Your Expectations

Before the night even begins, you should try to control what your mind (and possibly your insecurities) is saying to you. Are you nervous about him dancing with another woman? Do you feel that the club might not be the best place to take your relationship? If you have questions, address them with your mate. It is understandable to have doubts and preconceived notions about being at the club with him (remember your clubbing days with your girls? (Wild.), but make sure they are not stemming from your own insecurities. The experience is about just having fun, not about confirming some deep-seeded thoughts you might have about your relationship, or testing the waters of it. Expect to just have fun at the club with the man you love, and put the other situations aside until they arise.

Bring Mutual Friends

What is the club without your friends? You know, the women you kicked it with in college at the house parties, tore up every dance floor with and worked together to scope out the hottest guys in the building? Bring them along for the fun with you and your man, and invite his friends (the ones who encourage, not hinder, the relationship) to come along too. It’s a great way to mingle together so no one is bored or feels left out, and also to bring both parties closer, making them familiar with each other.

Trust Each Other With Other People

Clubbing can be very fun, especially when you are out single and ready to mingle. In a relationship, other women and men can try your patience and your trust. If you are in a meaningful relationship, the trust should already be established, and going to the club together could be the ultimate test. Have trust in your mate with dealing with other people at the club, whether it is a single woman or a man who is pushing his limits. The club is no safe haven for relationships, so take heed of those who might approach him just because you’re with him. You don’t have to cling onto him the whole time to let the ladies know, he should already make you feel secure, so give him the benefit of the doubt. You know your own boundaries, so if dancing with another woman is off limits, he should already know. Remember that trust goes both ways as well, so taking a drink from another man (even if it’s paid for) might not be a good look on your part.

Have Fun

When in a meaningful relationship, it can sometimes be difficult to pry yourself away from the thought of being a girlfriend to just being a friend to your mate. While in a club setting, remember to just have fun with your significant other and not make it about the relationship. A date is a place for exploring and deepening your relationship, not the nightclub. The club atmosphere can enhance the reasons why you love your man in the first place, maybe because he’s fun or friendly or even is a great dancer. Whatever it may be, enjoying yourself apart from being all mushy and loving as a couple could revitalize your relationship, and even build your friendship.

Don’t Leave the Sexiness At Home

At the club when you’re single, you feel desirable, hot and wanted by every man in the room. Just because you have the one you want doesn’t mean you have to put those feelings to the side. Grab those feelings you had at the club when it was just you and your girls and use it to have fun with your man. You two might have the days where sweatpants, satin caps and sneakers are the attire, but for this occasion, get your best dress and heels out, throw a little make-up on and get sexay for him. It’s a great way to let loose together and put your absolute best-looking foot forward, and a reminder to him that your sexiness hasn’t gone anywhere, and neither has his own “ladies man” appeal. An evening out at the club with your boo might end up being the start of a steamy, hot night to come!

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NFL Star “Pacman” Jones Ordered To Pay $11 Million For Club Shooting

June 17th, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Adam “Pacman” Jones has always been a bit of a troublesome player in the NFL but trouble from 2007 has caught up to him and it will cost. Big.

Five years ago during NBA All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas, Pacman went to Minxx strip club where he proceeded to “make it rain” on the dancers. He got upset when one of the dancers started taking money with out asking first.  He allegedly grabbed the woman’s arm and slammed her head into the stage. Security ended up having a fight with Jones’ entourage and a melee ensued outside the club and three people were shot, including security guards Aaron Cudworth and Thomas Urbanski.  Urbanski, sadly, was paralyzed from the waist down.

Although Jones didn’t fire the gun, both Cudworth and Urbanski sued him over the shooting – and won. Last Friday, the Nevada courts awarded Cudworth $1.3 million in damages and Urbanski $9.6 million in damages.  Also, Urbanski’s wife won $750,000 after suing for loss of marital relations.

Jones is currently a member of the Cincinnati Bengals but because he’s seen as a liability, I can’t imagine he’s making a lot of money.  It’ll be interesting to see if any of the people who won settlements will actually see any of the money.