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#BabyWilsonOnTheWay: Ciara Officially Announces Her Pregnancy

October 26th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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We knew yesterday that Ciara was most likely expecting. If she weren’t pregnant, she simply would have said so when Access Hollywood asked her the question we were all dying to know. But we had to wait for the official announcement. And it came yesterday evening as Ciara was thanking everyone who extended birthday wishes to her.

In an Instagram post she thanked God for one of the greatest gifts of all, her unborn child.

Russell posted the same picture with an even more explicit caption.

The Greatest Blessing of All. Forever Grateful. #BabyWilsonOnTheWay

As you might imagine, the trolls wasted no time and the comment section on Future’s Instagram page is littered with football, bottle, and baby face emojis.

Meanwhile, #Future’s followers wasted no time in his comments 😩😩😩 #Ciara #RussellWilson #PettyWap

A photo posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

It’s petty. But I chuckled, I’m not going to lie.

On a lighter, more positive note, congratulations to Russell and Ciara and big brother Future!

Veronica Wells is the culture editor at She is also the author of “Bettah Days.” You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter @VDubShrug.

Ciara Responds To Pregnancy Rumors…Vaguely

October 25th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Last week, we reported that, according to a couple of sources allegedly close to Russell Wilson and Ciara, the newlywed couple might be expecting their first child together. While the reports had been swirling for decades, neither Wilson nor Ciara have responded to the claims. Until recently.

An interviewer from Access Hollywood, finally asked Ciara if she was expecting. See how she responded.

“We got time. Our mission is, I got to make my best album for my fans. I want to rock out and make the world dance, and he’s got many more games to play. We got time to live life and things will happen at the perfect time as they’ve been.”

Chile. If you ask me, that sounds something like a confirmation. If you’re not pregnant, a simple “No, I’m not pregnant” would have done. But this bit about perfect timing leads me to believe there’s at least something going on here.

What do you think about the rumors and Ciara’s response? Are they pregnant?

Veronica Wells is the culture editor at She is also the author of “Bettah Days.” You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter @VDubShrug.

Is Ciara Carrying Russell Wilson’s Baby?

October 20th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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There’s has been quite a bit of speculation surrounding singer Ciara’s womb lately. After seeing her in a couple of loose-fitting outfits on several occasions and even a peplum top, people have started claiming that she is pregnant.

While there’s still no official word, E! News, reports that two different sources have told them that Ciara and her husband NFL quarterback Russell Wilson, are indeed expecting.

One of them said, “Ciara is pregnant and is so excited to be a mom. Russell would like to have two to three children. They both would like a big family.”

While Ciara has one child from rapper and former fiancé Future, 2-year-old Future Zahir Wilburn, this would be the first child for Wilson.

Interestingly enough, when Ciara was hosting an event for Women’s Equality Day in August, she said something very interesting to E! News. 

“Days like this when we get together with I AM THAT GIRL and we’re able to talk to the young girls around the world, from all different places, it’s really important to be able to share your wisdom to help them in their lives too. And I also got to gain some things from them as well. I do think about, like, one day I may have a daughter.”

We’ll keep you posted on this one.

Veronica Wells is the culture editor at She is also the author of “Bettah Days.”You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter @VDubShrug.

Ciara Is The Newest Revlon Ambassador

October 18th, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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For decades, Halle Berry has been the brown beauty we’ve looked to for the latest cosmetic offerings from Revlon but just this morning we found out there’s a new Revlon ambassador: Ciara.

revlon ambassador

Revlon made the announcement this morning, posting several video clips of the singer behind the scenes, shooting promo for her first campaign as the brand’s Global Brand Ambassador.

“It’s so exciting to be a part of the ‘Choose Love’ campaign because the messaging is parallel with what was and is happening in my life,” Ciara told People. As you know, Ciara and hubby Russell Wilson chose love earlier this year when they got married in a lavish ceremony in Liverpool after dating for a year.

Now the newlywed is back to business, using beauty to make an impact.

“Having my own personal journey that I’ve had through my life, I’ve just really been about female empowerment and that’s really, that’s really important to Revlon, too. It’s an exciting thing because, you know, it’s bigger than the makeup. They take it a step further by using the platform to help make a difference.”

French Mag Makes “Black Beauty Matters” Statement With Gang Of Africa Issue

August 22nd, 2016 - By Brande Victorian
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Cover-LOfficiel-Africa-768x1020Representation in the fashion world is a never-ending battle for Black women, which is why it’s such a big deal whenever a magazine goes out of its way to spotlight models across the diaspora.

L’Officiel de la Mode has done just that with its September 2016 issue, Gang of Africa, with the running tagline “Black Beauty Matters” which features Ciara, Iman, Maria Borges, Ajak Wek, Grace Boi, Riley Montana, Adesuwa Aighewi, and Anais Mali on the cover. Of the significance of the issue which marks the French magazine’s 95th year of publishing, Editor Marie-José Susskind-Jalou wrote on the website:

In excitement like no other, Africa is eager to move forward. An inventive continent, connected, modern, human, inspired by his stylistic diversity and cultural expansion.

A continent that can not be reduced to a bounded news in which some minds would ever force him.

A continent that is not just, either, to a mere geography. Africa is a feeling that tells and tells today worldwide.

A continent, finally, who is not just a trend, as glam as it is, but galvanized by the time its common faith in tomorrow. The great continent of possibilities. This excitement, fashion becomes impregnated with enthusiasm in his autumn-winter collections, the universe of art devotes major exhibitions, cities world would infuse, from London to Paris to New York Rio.

For this issue, we wanted to incarnate, L’Officiel has given carte blanche to Jenke Ahmed Tailly, which Beyoncé to Kanye West, his prodigal talent of style with the biggest stars. An embroidered number of dream and desire, which weaves the story of an African trip. Admit as much a journey towards tomorrow. (Translated into English)

Shot by photographer Ellen von Unwerth, the issue features captivatingly gorgeous and colorful shots of each of the women on the cover. Like this closeup of South Sudan’s Grace Boi.

Out now! #gangofafrica @gracebol in #lofficielparis styled by @lejenke

A photo posted by Ellen von Unwerth (@ellenvonunwerth) on

Boi also posed alongside Angolan fashion model Maria Borges who won all our hearts when she rocked her natural hair during last year’s Victoria Secret Fashion show.

#gangofafrica out in #lofficielparis @gracebol @iammariaborges @lejenke

A photo posted by Ellen von Unwerth (@ellenvonunwerth) on

And Ciara and Iman are also quite the pair in this still styled by Lejenke.

@ciara and @the_real_iman in #LOfficiel September @lejenke @ellenvonunwerth #gangofafrica

A photo posted by L’Officiel de la Mode (@lofficielparis) on

Check out more images from the issue on the next few pages.

“It Inspired Something”: Jennifer Hudson Says Ciara And Russell Wilson’s Wedding May Finally Get Her To Say “I Do”

August 2nd, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Jennifer Hudson David Otunga

Joseph Marzullo/

While most folks tie the knot soon after a proposal happens, Jennifer Hudson and her fiancé, David Otunga, have been going against the grain since 2008. The pair have been engaged for eight years, and last time Hudson talked about a wedding, it sounded like she still wasn’t interested in walking down the aisle anytime soon. As she told Wendy Williams in 2014, “You ain’t gotta understand” their decision to take baby steps.

“Well the ring is still there and we will get married one day but again, my thing is, once I get married, I don’t believe in divorce. And so when I get married, it’s for good. We want to be completely sure we’re together, we’re happy and when it’s time…”

The question now is, could that time be sooner than we think?

Hudson spoke to ESSENCE recently, and when asked about where things stood in terms of wedding planning, the star replied with “It’s been a thought obviously. It’s about timing. I am in no rush at all.”

However, she did add that after attending Ciara and Russell Wilson’s wedding in Northern England last month, and watching all of her friends tie the knot as of late, she’s feeling “inspired.”

“After being at Ciara’s wedding, I’m like, okay,” she said. “I don’t know, it inspired something. I just loved her dress. It was so beautiful. So that made me say, okay, all [of] my friends and peers are married now. You know what I mean?”

That’s still not a definitive “We have a date, ya’ll!” Still, Hudson says that when it comes to taking that next big step, “We will. It will happen.”

Thinking about the conversation that has been had over the years about Hudson and Otunga’s relationship, I wondered if one could every truly be engaged for too long. I’ve seen many people say that “that there’s no way I’m going to be engaged for that long” as outlets have continued to ask JHud about a possible wedding date, and I’ve seen her ever-changing reaction to such questions over the years. Sometimes gushing over the idea, other times, defensive in response to the inquiries. And a lot has been said about extended engagements. Experts say that when you wait quite a while to tie the knot, you’re not planting roots for the future but rather “staying in the here and now.” And the assumption is that she doesn’t really want to marry him, because, well, with her money and flexible schedule after all this time, why wouldn’t she have gone ahead and done it?

But really, when you think about the conversation, it’s interesting that there’s one being had about someone waiting to get married after being engaged, when it’s usually a chat about people getting married too soon. You simply can’t make folks happy. Taking the time to really learn one another and seeing if you’re truly a good fit not only during the good times but during the bad is actually a really good thing. Better to figure that out early rather than to have regrets (and have to split assets and give up spousal support) down the line. Plus, considering all that Hudson has gone through in her life, including losing her mother and brother at the hands of her sister’s husband, that may also play a role in her decision to take baby steps to really know what Otunga is all about.

So, after some thought, and knowing how hectic all this wedding ish really is (go to the courthouse, ladies), I don’t think one can really be engaged for too long. As long as both parties know where they stand with one another and one isn’t leading the other on a long road trip to nowhere, why not? And despite the lack of nuptials over these last eight years, when you really check out these two together, along with their son David Otunga, Jr., they still look very much in love.

All night baby!!!!!! Sing !

A photo posted by Jennifer Hudson (@iamjhud) on

Awhhhh @davidotunga Surprised us ! The whole gang is here now ! Party in my dressing room

A photo posted by Jennifer Hudson (@iamjhud) on

So with that being said, continue to do you, Jenn. We’re rooting for the couple either way.

Russell Wilson On Being A Stepdad To Baby Future: It’s One Of The Most Loving Things You Can Do

July 28th, 2016 - By Niki McGloster
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Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, right, walks with his girlfriend, entertainer Ciara Harris, and Harris' son Future, 1, Thursday, Aug. 13, 2015, following NFL football training camp in Renton, Wash. The Seahawks will play the Denver Broncos Friday in a preseason game in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Ciara and her new hubby Russell Wilson have a very hard time catching a break as parents to baby Future. Whether Twitter is slamming their parenting skills them over the toddler saying “Papa Kiss” to Wilson or weighing in on Ciara’s custody battle with her ex-fiancé and the father of her son, everyone always has something to say. But what does Wilson have to say about his role in the child’s life and the impact baby Future has had on him?

On Tuesday night, Wilson finally spoke on being a stepdad during a benefit event for his Why Not You? foundation.

“Being a stepfather is one of the most loving things you can do,” he told the crowd. “When I see her little son every time I’m around her and when I’m not around her, I always think about them, too, so they’re an inspiration.”

Hopefully no one will find harm in Wilson gushing about his stepson, as he’s been a consistent and positive presence in baby Future’s life. But ya know, it’s the Internet.

Watch the full clip below of his statement about his family below:


Baby Future Kisses Russell And A Discussion On Gender Roles And Parenting Ensues

July 12th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Russell and Ciara are what I like to call a small doses couple. I am extremely happy that they found each other. They seem to love each other and I think Russell will finally be something like the man Ciara has deserved for a long time now. And while I have enjoyed watching them dance and sing together, was totally here for their post-proposal video, and waited with baited breath for images from their wedding, I realized I’d had enough when the two took to SnapChat to talk about their honeymoon night, specifically the ending their very publicized vow of abstinence.

In case you missed it, the two sat at dinner and walked down the street talking about their recent sexcapades.

Russell: About last night… wink.

Ciara: So, baby you know what we’re doing tonight.

Russell: From what we did last night, I’m going to do it multiple times.

Then Ciara looks at him and then back at the camera knowingly and says, “Shole wasn’t lying.”

You can watch the whole Snap story below.

Tell”em Fave 😁😁😅😅😅😛 The Wilson’s ❤❤❤ Morning After! #RussellWilson #Ciara #Csquad #TheWilsons

A video posted by RussellandCiaraWilson (@thewilsonsfanpage) on

It’s a bit much. So while I understand Lala defending her girl on national television, we all know that Russell and Ciara put a whole lot of their relationship out into the world for public consumption. And that’s cool. No judgment. I’ve just decided that I’m going to step away from the table.

That’s what I told myself.

But last night, a video of Russell, Ciara and her son Baby Future hit the internet. And I found myself sucked back into the vortex. It was a video of Russell getting his hair cut. In the midst of all this, Baby Future asks his mother for a kiss and then asked for one from “Papa Russ.” I’m not gon’ lie, I thought I was taking a break, but that video melted my heart. I watched it at least three times on my own before sharing it with my sister, my eyes growing wider and more doe-like with each view.

And while I thought the moment was too precious, there were several folks who had a problem with it. People argued that it was inappropriate for the baby to be called Russell “papa” when he has a father of his own. Charlemagne asked his male Twitter followers whether they kissed their fathers in the mouth. As you might imagine there were tons of comments about the interaction of a man and his son kissing in the mouth as being “gay.” The internets had a lot to say about this.

I’ve shared my thoughts before about folk questioning Ciara’s parenting decisions before. So, as you might imagine I’m not here for this same discussion, almost a year later. And what I notice is it’s the men who have their panties in a twist about the relationship between Russell and Baby Future. No, Russell is not his father. But now, he is his stepfather. And from what we’ve seen, he’s played an active role in Baby Future’s life for a while now. And I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to suggest that Russell sees Ciara’s son more than his real father does. And we all know and understand that relationship building takes time. And for a child who’s two years old, Russell being around for a year is almost a lifetime. Is it really so absurd to think that the two would have built a bond in that time?

And to the point about him kissing him in the mouth, everyone has their own way of showing affection, but I for one was saddened by the Black men who said they could only offer their father a handshake as a sign of love. I want to believe that some of these men just don’t remember how they interacted with their father as babies and toddlers but I also can’t wait for the day when men, particularly Black men, stop trying to appear so “hard” all the time. Maybe I’ll regret typing this later; but perhaps if Future placed less of a priority on projecting such a hardened image, his child wouldn’t be calling another man Papa.

While people may have had a problem with it, that video was very telling. Unlike Russell and Ciara’s post-consummation Snap, Baby Future is not concerned about the cameras. He doesn’t yet understand that his image will be shared all over the world. He’s not here to promote his relationship with his new stepfather or piss on his biological one. He’s just a baby asking, like so many babies we know, for a kiss from the people he loves, his mother and Papa Russ.

“I Feel Empowered”: Celebrities Who Bared Their Bumps To Celebrate Pregnancy

July 11th, 2016 - By Nneka Samuel
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Celebrities grace the covers of magazines and partake in photo shoots on a regular basis. No biggie, right? Well, that privilege takes on a completely different meaning for pregnant stars. For some of them who haven’t already shared the good news, posing while pregnant serves as their official baby announcement to the world. For others, a baby bump magazine cover or photo shoot is a chance to document and flaunt one of the most exciting times in their lives. Many pregnant models, actresses and singers have happily posed for magazines over the years, and some of them have even done it with zero clothing on. The result? Artful, classy, timeless images that present pregnant women in a beautiful, vibrant light. The joy and magic of pregnancy is a wondrous thing. Click on for pictures of some of your favorite celebs who bared it all – and in some instances, went fully clothed – while pregnant.

Ciara Loses Fight For Sole Custody Of Son, Has To Share Joint Custody With Future

May 17th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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A photo posted by Future Hendrix (@future) on


Despite all the ugliness that has played out in public between Ciara and Future, they are going to have to find some way to keep the peace. A judge has just granted Future, born Nayvadius Wilburn, joint custody with the singer of their son, Future Zahir Wilburn.

Before entering court this morning to settle their custody battle, Ciara was optimistic about everything. She posted a message on her social media that said “Where There’s FAITH, There’s HOPE. God is An Awesome God!” And the singer was hoping that she would be able to walk away with sole custody of 1-year-old baby Future. According to TMZ, Ciara’s lawyer painted big Future as a bad father who really hasn’t been much of a presence in his son’s life. There were also reported attacks on the rapper’s character in the courtroom as Ciara fought to get the rapper out of the picture. As for Future, he sought out joint custody in court. And as TMZ pointed out, because “California courts favor joint custody,” he ended up leaving with what he asked for with a judge rejecting Ciara’s request for sole custody.

While that case has finally been settled and this pair will have to figure out a way to play nice, Ciara’s defamation lawsuit against her former fiancé for $15 million has yet to be resolved. And with that case still going, things probably won’t get much better between these two. As you already know, everything has turned so sour that Future called her a “b—h” with “control problems” on social media. And while announcing nominees for the Billboard Music Awards (which Ci Ci will host this upcoming Sunday), the singer didn’t speak his name when necessary.

I can’t say what kind of father Future has been behind the scenes of all this drama, and I am quite pleased with the joy Ciara has obtained from moving on to a new love, but I think joint custody is best for their son until it can be proven otherwise. And based on the few images we’ve seen of Future with baby future, it looks like the 1-year-old is crazy about his dad. Here’s to hoping that even if Ciara and Future decide to never speak again, they will work together in a positive manner to provide a healthy and happy upbringing for their child. Fingers crossed…