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Ciara Loses Fight For Sole Custody Of Son, Has To Share Joint Custody With Future

May 17th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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A photo posted by Future Hendrix (@future) on


Despite all the ugliness that has played out in public between Ciara and Future, they are going to have to find some way to keep the peace. A judge has just granted Future, born Nayvadius Wilburn, joint custody with the singer of their son, Future Zahir Wilburn.

Before entering court this morning to settle their custody battle, Ciara was optimistic about everything. She posted a message on her social media that said “Where There’s FAITH, There’s HOPE. God is An Awesome God!” And the singer was hoping that she would be able to walk away with sole custody of 1-year-old baby Future. According to TMZ, Ciara’s lawyer painted big Future as a bad father who really hasn’t been much of a presence in his son’s life. There were also reported attacks on the rapper’s character in the courtroom as Ciara fought to get the rapper out of the picture. As for Future, he sought out joint custody in court. And as TMZ pointed out, because “California courts favor joint custody,” he ended up leaving with what he asked for with a judge rejecting Ciara’s request for sole custody.

While that case has finally been settled and this pair will have to figure out a way to play nice, Ciara’s defamation lawsuit against her former fiancé for $15 million has yet to be resolved. And with that case still going, things probably won’t get much better between these two. As you already know, everything has turned so sour that Future called her a “b—h” with “control problems” on social media. And while announcing nominees for the Billboard Music Awards (which Ci Ci will host this upcoming Sunday), the singer didn’t speak his name when necessary.

I can’t say what kind of father Future has been behind the scenes of all this drama, and I am quite pleased with the joy Ciara has obtained from moving on to a new love, but I think joint custody is best for their son until it can be proven otherwise. And based on the few images we’ve seen of Future with baby future, it looks like the 1-year-old is crazy about his dad. Here’s to hoping that even if Ciara and Future decide to never speak again, they will work together in a positive manner to provide a healthy and happy upbringing for their child. Fingers crossed…

Censored But Not Muted: Musicians Who Have Been Boycotted And Banned

May 9th, 2016 - By Nneka Samuel
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Musicians, much like other artists, have been censored by radio stations, universities, libraries and practically any other space you can think of for decades.  Before them, writers who spoke out against atrocities committed by governments the world over had their books burned and banned. Typically, musicians are targeted for censorship because their lyrical content is deemed too risqué or inappropriate.  Or, their music videos are considered sexually suggestive or outright explicit and therefore unfit and unsafe for public consumption.  But censorship and the flat-out banning of songs and videos always seems to work in favor of the artists – earning them more public attention and ultimately more album sales, giving credo to the saying there’s no such thing as bad publicity.  Controversy, whether intended or not, sells, and these artists clearly aren’t afraid to push boundaries or to speak their minds.  Here is but a small list of artists whose music was at one point or another censored, boycotted or banned.

Meet John Legend & Chrissy’s Teigen’s Daughter, Luna! And See 9 Other Memorable Celeb Baby Reveals

April 20th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Some celebrities are very private when it comes to their children. The little ones don’t ask to be brought up in the same limelight that their parents inhabit, and therefore, some famous moms and dads keep their children out of the public eye. That’s exactly why you probably won’t see Kerry Washington’s daughter, or Michael Ealy’s son until they’re probably adults with their own kids…

But other people want to share their joy with the world when it comes to giving birth and bringing up little ones. So they show off their kids in simple ways, like on Instagram, and in grandiose ways as well, like on the cover of magazines. Here are 10 memorable times our favorite ladies showed off their babies–many babies who are now well into childhood and have grown up right in front of our eyes.

We’ll start with a baby who just made her debut online this week:


hi my lulu!

A photo posted by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend

After giving birth to a baby girl named Luna Simone Stephens last week, Chrissy Teigen showed off baby Luna yesterday. And based on her parents, we’re sure Luna will be gorgeous–and quite the vocal little lady on social media.

A photo posted by John Legend (@johnlegend) on

He Who Must Not Be Named: Ciara Refuses To Say Future’s Name Announcing Billboard Nominees

April 11th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Me and My Boy Having A Blast How We Always Do! So Ready To Host The #BBMAs Together!

A photo posted by Ciara (@ciara) on


We all know breakups can be very difficult, especially when they happen in the public eye. There really is no blueprint to follow on how to handle yourself with dignity and tact. And in this age of social media, tea-spilling blogs and ever-present cameras, it’s hard to keep all those emotions private and in check at all times.

We saw that today with Ciara.

We all know the story of former lovers, rapper Future and singer Ciara. They were red hot for one another; sadly, after the birth of their son, they crashed and burned. And while things are certainly looking up in Ciara’s love life, (Heeey Russell!) there still seems to be a little bit of resentment there.

Today, in announcing the nominees for the Billboard awards, Ciara refused to speak her ex fiancé and father to her child’s name.

Check it out.

It’s funny.

She hit Future with that Voldemort treatment. Thankfully, her good buddy Ludacris was there to pick up the slack.

Naturally, we want to know what you think about this. It’s great for the internet but a part of me is giving her an “ok, girl.” I mean, she named her son Future. Nicknames aside, I’m sure she’s used to saying the name. Plus, nothing says I’m truly not over my ex, like I can’t speak his name. And as someone who’s newly engaged and in what appears to be a fulfilling relationship, she might want to clear her head and her heart first.

But, you never know what’s going behind the scenes. Future might be making her life a living hell. And it’s highly probable considering these two are still in court fighting a slander and libel case. Legally, she might not be able to say his name, in which case, what can you do?

What do you think about Ciara’s decision not to speak Future’s name?

Ciara Talks Coming To The Realization That She Was Going To Be A Single Mom

April 11th, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Ciara is Essence‘s May cover girl, and the newly engaged beauty has plenty to talk about. Not only does Ciara open up about her journey to “I do” with fiancé, Russell Wilson, but also, her broken engagement with her ex-fiancè, Future, who also fathers her 1-year-old son.

On becoming a mom in 2014:

“I’d always wanted to have my own family,” she said. “And my pregnancy was planned when I was at a point in my life when I was finally ready to take on the responsibility.”

On her split from Future:

“That wasn’t necessarily part of my vision,” she recalls. “But the moment I realized I was going to be a single mother, I had to reflect and reorganize my thoughts. I decided to trust that God had a plan for me, and move forward one day at a time.”

On her new beau, Russell Wilson:

“I remember telling my friend the kind of guy I wanted: a God-fearing man with a very fun spirit who loves kids and would really, truly care for me. I was very specific because I do believe you can have it all.”

The May issue of  Essence hits stands April 15th.

She Said Yes! Russell Wilson And Ciara Are Getting Married

March 11th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Chile. While Khloé was fixing her lips to start talking about Ci-Ci and her decisions, homegirl was out with her boo getting engaged.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. You read that correctly.

If you follow Ciara or Russell, then you know the two have been on vacation for the past week. And this proposal is just the icing on the cake to what I’m sure was a lovely getaway together.

I Feel Complete. ❤️

A photo posted by Ciara (@ciara) on

I’m not here to preach for y’all but let this be a lesson to somebody. It doesn’t matter what your situation looks like or what type of fool missed his blessing and broke your heart, there is always better out there. Better emotionally, better spiritually, and judging by the look of that ring, better materially as well. As Ciara and Russell said, and as many of us know to be true, God is good…all the time.

So happy for these two!

“It’s Not Like We Don’t Know If She’s A Virgin Or Not” Khloé Kardashian Doesn’t Get Ciara’s Celibacy Decision

March 11th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Khloé Kardashian Doesn't Get Ciara's Celibacy DecisionKhloé Kardashian Doesn't Get Ciara's Celibacy Decision feat

For one reason or another, FYI gave Khloé Kardashian a talk show. It’s called “Kocktails with Khloé,” and to be perfectly honest, it hasn’t been doing all that well ratings-wise. According to the New York Daily News, after its January 20 premiere, the show lost half of it’s viewership by early February. If you’ve seen a floundering talk show before, you know things can get a little desperate.

And while Khloé loves to hop on Twitter and tell people to stop judging her family for their very public decisions, i.e. her underaged sister dating a man in his mid-twenties, she was quick to offer her opinions about Ciara and Russell Wilson taking a vow of celibacy. In a clip that is gaining the show quite the bit of attention, Khloé, in a conversation with Cassie and comedian Alec Mapa, discussed a “new trend” in Hollywood: celibacy.

Here’s what she said:

“There’s this trend that’s going on in Hollywood right now. And it’s people taking a vow of celibacy. 

With all due respect to Ciara, she has a baby. It’s not like we don’t know if she’s a virgin or not… 

None of us would know about it if they weren’t publicly telling us that they were practicing celibacy so 

Who are you trying to prove this to, is it a look?”

Interesting right?

I think shockingly so when just this week Khloé’s most famous sister Kim was clapping back at critics who had something to say about her decision to share nude selfies. She was tired of the slut shaming but what is it called when you attempt to shame a woman who’s made another decision about her sex life? I can’t wait until we get to the place where people, men and women alike, respect women and their individuality enough to respect the decisions they make for their own lives. In a world of video vixens, leaked sex-tape stars and celebrities who are always ready to tell us entirely too much about their sex lives, Ciara and Russell are a refreshing change of pace.

While in an ideal world, children would base their decisions about what their parents suggest or what they know to be right for themselves. Children aren’t like that. They’re impressionable, easily persuaded and heavily influenced by celebrities. It might be good for them to see the option Ciara and Russell present, to know that every romantic relationship doesn’t have to involve sex if both parties are not comfortable with it.

I was particularly perturbed by the fact Khloé mentioned Ciara’s child as if her previous sexual activity would hold any weight in a new relationship. By that logic, far too many women would be having quick, painful, non-orgasmic sex, just like the first time they did it. Sexual activity, or lack thereof, is different in every new relationship. And despite her past, a woman always has the right to make a different choice.

What’s interesting to me is that the Kardashians will occasionally state that their Christians. As such, you would think that something like taking a vow of celibacy wouldn’t be so foreign and unheard of that Khloé referred to it as a “trend” or “look.”

Girl, it’s Bible.

Later, after all of this blew up in her face, Kardashian took to Twitter to defend herself against the backlash saying that her words were misconstrued and people should watch the whole show instead of judging her words based off a clip.

That’s true. Clips are often edited to get people talking. And this one was certainly successful. But I’m not watching this show. And no matter what she said during the latter part of the segment, her initial comments clearly expressed her feelings. She, a member of a family who has established careers, brands and an entire empire out of offering up every single facet of their personal lives for public consumption, can’t understand why Ciara and Russell want to tell the world what they’re not doing. Oh, okay…

The Double Crown Braid — Would You Rock It?

March 6th, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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With the countdown to spring closing in and summer on the horizon, it’s time to start deciding which hairstyles we saw on the runway will make it to the finish line as a full-on must-rock trend.

And after Paris Fashion Week, we’ve added another must-try ‘do to our list: the double crown braid. Of course, leave it to global star Ciara, known for her eclectic head-to-style, to put a fun twist on the hairstyle. During H&M’s Autumn/Winter reveal, she gave her long tresses a break, opting for a braided crown situation.

Similar to a milk braid braid that we’ve seen many starlets rock before, CiCi’s style features two distinct fish-tail-like braids with a cornrow base in the front that gives her the perfect middle part. Not to mention, the blonde highlights spice up the boho chic look that is both trendy yet timeless, and we’re sure ladies will give a try in the upcoming months.

Another thing to love about this style is the fact that it’s quite easy to execute. Ciara’s stylist Cesar Ramirez shared just how to get her same look:

  • Part the hair down the center from front hairline to the crown. Then from the crown down to the neck, create an invisible part in the back by doing a zigzag part.
  • Next, start braiding down each side off the part using MIZANI Defyne Wax to really detail the braids. Once you start braiding off the head, switch to a fishtail braid.
  • Take a separate bundle of custom color blended hair to match your color and made a long separate fishtail braid.
  • Cross and hair pin the two loose ends in the back to sit right above the neck, then pin in the separate fishtail like a headband behind the previous braid.
  • Pull on each strand of each braid and lightly spray MIZANI SHYNE Bodifying Sheen Spray for slip – this creates all the loose frizzy texture.
  • Finish the look with MIZANI HRM Humidity Resistant Mist for hold.
  So, what do you think? Would you rock the double crown braid?

Would You Do It? Celebrities Who’ve Sued Their Exes

February 11th, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Tumblr

Image Source: Tumblr

Folks have been getting on singer Ciara’s case recently for her decision to sue her former fiancé, Future, for defaming her name in public. But she’s far from the only Hollywood celebrity who has had to take their ex to court.

Breakups have a tendency to be messy, especially when stars split. But when lawsuits get involved, the messiness can quickly skyrocket to another level. And you won’t believe the reasons these celebrities are taking their exes to court. From STDs to explosive arguments that happened years ago, these former couples are taking their past baggage to court to let a judge sort it out. Sometimes for millions in damages.

If you could take your ex to court, what would you sue him or her for? Or is it petty to get the legal system involved no matter how badly you feel you’ve been done wrong? We want to know what you think. So tell us whether you’re #teamlawsuit or #teamletitgo in the comment section.

Future Shows His Entire A– On Twitter: “This B-tch Got Control Problems”

January 4th, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Future Shows His Entire A-- On Twitter


Just when you thought Future couldn’t stoop any lower, he does this.

Apparently, he and Ciara are in the midst of some sort of legal battle regarding their son; however, instead of hashing things out in court and keeping his dirty laundry out of the streets, he decided that Twitter would be a good place to let a load off.

“This b-tch got control problems,” he tweeted. “I gotta go through lawyers to see baby Future…the f-ckery for 15k a month. I jus want baby Future that’s all. I been silent for a year & a half..I ran outta patience.”

As if exposing intimate details about their relationship and sex life wasn’t enough, he apparently felt the need to attempt to further embarrass his former fiancée by berating her on social media.