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Celebrities Who Were Betrayed By Their Spouses

January 23rd, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Celebrities Who Were Betrayed By Their Spouses featThere are far too many celebrities whose relationships have ended because of infidelity. Just like regular folk. Cheating is so plebeian. And while stepping out is pretty bad, these following celebrities were hurt on another type of level when they were betrayed by their spouses–or former spouses. Find out who I’m talking about on the following pages.

Pass Or Play? Christina Milian And Lil Wayne Remix “Drunk In Love”

January 21st, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

Just when you thought the peculiar situationship between Christina Milian and Lil Wayne couldn’t get any more awkward, they turn around and do this. Last night, the unlikely pair debuted their remix to Jay Z and Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love,” and it’s pretty graphic.

On the track, which has been included on the rapper’s newly released Sorry 4 the Wait 2 mixtape, Wayne and Christina get straight nasty with him rapping about her “p—y” being “warmer than a Northface” and her singing about riding his “skateboard.”

The song was released on the heels of the premiere of Christina’s new reality show, “Turned Up,” which seems to perfectly describe her lifestyle right now. We can only imagine what Nivea must be thinking right now.

Get into it below and let us know your thoughts…

Is Christina Milian Trying To Get Married Again?

January 18th, 2015 - By Brande Victorian
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Are you ready for “Christina Milian Turned Up”? Well, whether you are or not her new reality show with her sisters and her mom is airing on E! tonight and from what we’ve seen of the previews so far, the ladies are definitely turnt.

We had a chance to chat with Christina and her sisters earlier this week to ask them if they’re at all worried about the infamous reality TV curse that has ruined many a family and couple in the past but the Cuban ladies told us no. Christina Milian offered up an excited “yes,” though, when we asked the ex-wife of The Dream if she’d be open to marrying again and even having more children. Naturally, we had to ask about Weezy after that and whether Christina’s rumored boo would be making an appearance on her reality show. Guess what she said…

Watch the video above and tell us what you think. Will you be watching “Christina Milian Turned Up” tonight?

“#WhatsMineIsMine”: Christina Milian Clapsback At Karrine Steffans Over Lil Wayne Comments, But Steffans Strikes Back

January 16th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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We told you yesterday that Karrine Steffans decided to send a message to Christina Milian on Instagram after the singer made Lil Wayne her “MCM eeeryday” and gushed about him on “The Wendy Williams Show.” That message read as followed:

“And most importantly, little girl, be careful not to claim a man who belongs to the world.”

As it turns out, Milian saw what Steffans had to say (thanks to the folks at TheShadeRoom) and responded:


Oop! #ChristinaMilian came to The Shade Room and clapped back! Watch #KarrineSteffans take it back! #ClapbackSeason

A photo posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoominc) on


If that wasn’t enough, Milian went on to post this image of a wolf and this statement on her own social media pages:





But Steffans, who really wants us to believe that she wasn’t directing her original comments towards Milian, wasn’t going to take such shade lying down. In a lengthy response on her Instagram page, the author and former video vixen reminded Milian that she’s just “one option on a very long list of options” in Lil Wayne’s life:


Here's the thing about life. Not everything is about you. And if someone says or does something that has nothing to do with you but, somehow, you feel convicted by it, that says a lot more about you and your insecurities than it does about the other person. Not everything is shade. Some shit is just the truth. But not every palm tree or personal truth belongs to you. Other people have experiences, too, and their account of those experiences has everything to do with them and nothing to do with you. Confidence is key and not everyone has it. This is obvious. Also, here's the thing about men. They do what they want, how they want, when they want, and with whom they want. Just like women. Because of this, be careful when pouring expectations into people. We all have a history but look at a person's patterns. I have mine. You have yours. The next person has theirs and they all tend to repeat. Know the difference between being one option on a very long list of options and being the one and only. Be truthful with yourself about the state of your affairs and you'll never be mad a day in your life. None of us belong to eachother and we all belong to God. Be well. 💋

A photo posted by Karrine & Co.® (@karrineandco) on


And to prove her point, as well as to add insult to injury, Steffans posted a screenshot from a story on VLADTV about a model who just posted some pictures from what she is claiming is Lil Wayne’s bed. Steffans co-opted Milian’s own #WhatsMineIsMine hashtag in the process…



Interesting enough though, on “The Wendy Williams Show” yesterday, Milian couldn’t actually define what she and Wayne are doing, but seemed happy enough with what whatever it is.

“He’s my man crush everything. How about that? Is than an answer?”

“We have great chemistry and we have a really great involvement in each other’s lives.”

When you’re squabbling on social media over Lil Wayne, and he’s somewhere silent, you might want to rethink your priorities…just saying!

Is Lil Wayne Your Man Or Nah? Christina Milian Opens Up About The Relationship On The Wendy Williams Show

January 15th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Wendy Williams

Source: Wendy Williams

In promotion for her new show “Christina Milian: Turned Up” Christina stopped by The Wendy Williams Show. And since Wendy never bites her tongue she asked a few questions we’ve all been dying to know the answer to…like umm “Is Lil Wayne your man or what?” Check out Christina’s response to this and other questions in the excerpts below. 

On her relationship with The Dream these days.

You know what, her father and I have definitely–we’re in a really great place. He and I have grown to this really great place, this partnership as far as parenting now. And he trusts me. At the end of the day, I’m Violet’s mom and I want the best for her. And he understands, he knows for me, I know the ins and outs, the ups and down of being in the spotlight.

He’s got a beautiful wife and we all get along.

Her family not liking him initially 

When we first got married, honestly, it was hard. At first, I think it was because I went on this whirlwind romance. I just left and just enjoyed— I had the time of my life. And honestly, I think my family wasn’t ready for it. We were very codependent on each other and all of a sudden this guy comes along…They were like he’s just another artist. Here goes Tina.

Her relationship with Lil Wayne…is he her boyfriend?

We doing this? He’s my man crush everything. How about that? Is that an answer?

Do you sleep with him at night?

Oooo We’re in the studio late at night. We’re at a skate about that?

So you and Lil Wayne are sometimes together…It’s not a full boyfriend but a sometimes thing. 

Balks Well, I mean, girl, don’t put that out like that. We have great chemistry and we have a really great involvement in each other’s lives. And I did want to protect that as well, like my daughter. I think sometimes that if you just give it all out to the world…

You’re on reality tv.

I know but it’s sexy to have a sense of mystique. We want a second season huh?

And then she talked about Karrueche and Chris being back together–and the fact that they’ve always been together. Figures.

Take a look at Christina Milian’s full interview with Wendy Williams and let us know what you think about her very coy response to the Lil Wayne questions.


Karrine Steffans Reminds Christina Milian Who Lil Wayne Really Belongs To: “Be Careful Not To Claim A Man Who Belongs To The World”

January 15th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

If you didn’t know by now, Karrine Steffans is pretty much head-over-heels in love with Lil Wayne. She has made this clear on more than one occasion, including through a variety of channels. For instance, she wrote the book, How To Make Love To A Martian, and wrote a thorough essay about their complicated love, which she posted on her blog, to say things like this:

He may not be all mine, he may not be the best, but he’s here even when I’m not at my best. We say things, we do things, we hurt one another, other people hurt us but they don’t matter and our wounds heal when we’re together…

I don’t care where he’s been and he cares nothing of where I was the second before I fall into his arms. I don’t share in his world and he doesn’t participate in mine. We create our own where only we live, love, and know.

And when I am broken into a million pieces, it is he who makes me whole, who picks me up from the floor and reminds me he provides a greater love than that of any other man.

Yeah, she’s in deep…even if he has never publicly said anything of that magnitude (or anything really) about her.

And despite the fact that he is supposed to be happily taking part in something with Christina Milian these days, Steffans doesn’t seem to be phased by all that. Remember: “He may not be all mine, he may not be the best, but he’s here even whenI’m not at my best.” Still, she thought it would be good to let Milian know the real deal.

Milian posted this image earlier this week on her Instagram page, making the rapper her Man Crush Monday, which people refer to as #MCM:

#MCM eeeryday #TNT

A photo posted by Christina Milian (@christinamilian) on


But a few hours ago, Steffans posted this cryptic message on her Instagram page:



But if Steffans was hoping to deter Milian from being excited about her…thing with Lil Wayne, that’s not going to happen. Especially since Milian has already acknowledged the reality that the rapper does, in a way, belong to “the world.” If you’ll recall, a woman posted a picture on Instagram of Milian, Toya Wright, Nivea, Lauren London and Sarah Vivian (the mother of one of his sons) with the caption, “These hoes love Wayne!!!#IJS” The person tagged Milian in the photo and didn’t expect her to respond, but when she did, the star said, “Sho do.”

Clearly there is just something fantastic about Lil Wayne that I’m not seeing…

Nivea Talks New Album, Christina Milian And Why She Doesn’t Listen To Beyoncé

January 13th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Slowly but surely, Nivea is making her way back to the spotlight. During a recent interview with Team Curtains, the mother of four discussed her new album, Nivea Revealed, his issue with Christina Milian and Lil Wayne’s relationship and why she doesn’t listen to artists from her generation. Check out some highlights from her interview below.

On her new album, Nivea Revealed:

“I’m currently working on one [an album] now. It’s called ‘Nivea Revealed’ and you can expect something at the top of next year. ‘Nivea Revealed’ is on the way. The title is really the premise for the album. ‘Nivea Revealed’ will be my way to expose and reveal a lot about me that people don’t know. Not just me personally, but the story and my journey and why, what happened and where I am now.”

On the sound of her new project:

“I’m pretty much staying traditional R&B, but it’s got hip-hop and my essence. I’m R&B and hip hop and I’m sticking with that. That’s my lane.”

On why she doesn’t listen to Beyoncé:

“Everything I listen to is old. I love Brandy and Beyoncé and I do listen to Brandy’s third album, but I’m not really a fan of listening to too many artists who came out when I did or started when I did because we all kind of pull from each other anyway. My upbringing is what I come back to because that’s where I got my voice and my sound.”

On juggling motherhood and her career:

“I’ve had a lot of time home with my kids and I’m just now taking that time away. They’re at a certain age to where I feel like I can do that. My youngest is almost 5. I have twin boys that are 8 and my daughter is 9.”

On the status of her relationships with her exes Lil Wayne and The Dream:

“We’re very much great co-parents. [Wayne] is very much involved with Neil, his son with me and the rest of his sons. We make sure all of the boys see each other. The children front is good. As co-parents, we’re great. That’s all that matters.”

On her issue with Christina Milian:

“For me, it’s been that we are mothers of siblings. It’s such a damn crazy a—story. She married the same dude I did. She has a daughter by my ex-husband who is now her ex-husband as well…Now she’s dating my other baby daddy. Go figure. I haven’t talked to her. The only thing that I was concerned about was making sure that Violet, her daughter, was in my kids’ lives. They know their little sister and that’s my main thing. All of the other craziness is just people being damn crazy. There’s nothing I can do about that. I definitely don’t support the craziness, but it is what it is. All I can do is focus on raising my children and telling them that people are crazy in the world so they don’t be surprised like their mommy was.”

Speaking of Christina Milian, it does not appear that she intends to pump the brakes on her whirlwind romance with Lil Wayne anytime soon. Just yesterday, for Man Crush Monday, the E! reality star deemed the rapper her Man Crush “eeerday.”

#MCM eeeryday #TNT

A photo posted by Christina Milian (@christinamilian) on

Watch Nivea’s interview below.

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“The Wanna Be On The Run So Bad:” Christina Milian And Lil Wayne Struggle To “Start A Fire” At The AMAs

November 24th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Christina Milian And Lil Wayne

Source: Getty

Oh Weezy F Baby.

Last night we half-tuned in to the “American Music Awards” just to see who was there since we already knew there weren’t too many of us on the performance roster. But low and behold a surprise performance occurred and we’re not talking about the good kind of surprise that makes you thankful you watched a three-hour award show.

About two hours in to the AMAs, Lil Wayne hit the stage and brought his current bae of the month, Christina Milian, with him to debut the couple’s new song, “Start a Fire,” and we don’t mean to be rude but somebody needs to call the fire department. We know it’s been a while since Christina performed in front of a crowd that big, but ol’ girl came out looking like it was 2004 and she was ready to “Dip it Low” in a Japanese bath house again. And the vocals and stiff body movements? Let’s just say they both could’ve kept this duet to themselves. Watch the video below and see the struggle for yourself, but we think our Twitter follower summed it up best when she said:  “They wanna be ON THE RUN soooo bad.” Sounds about right.

Instagram User Gets Shock Of Her Life When She Criticizes Christina Milian For Dating Lil Wayne On Her OWN Page, And Milian Responds

November 14th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Splash News

Splash News

What are the chances that as an everyday person, you would make fun of a celebrity on your social media page, only for them to find out and respond? One woman got the shock of her life when she took a dig at Christina Milian and the women of “the circle.” The circle, according to this individual, is the group of women who all know each other, get along (for the most part), and oh yeah, either have children with Lil Wayne or have dated him. She posted a collage of all of the women, including his ex-wife Toya Wright, Nivea, Lauren London, Sarah Vivian and of course, Milian. She shared it with the caption, “These hoes love Wayne!!! #IJS #AllHisBabyMommas #ChristinaAndNiveaBothHaveBabiesByDream #TheCircle” In essence, she was trying to call the women, specifically Christina Milian, messy.

But things didn’t go the way she planned, because Christina Milian actually ended up being tagged in the collage, saw it, and responded with something short and simple: “Sho do.”



Once the woman saw that Milian had responded, she tried to backtrack on her statements: “@christinamilian no offense boo. its all love.”

But it was too late. Once Milian ended up commenting, her fans went on attack mode and started insulting the woman’s looks and calling her everything but a child of God. She eventually had to make a whole new post to defend herself.

“Post made #TheShadeRoom quick. Probably only because @christinamilian commented but now my neck is being chopped over it. Simply because I used the word hoes instead of females. Lmao. I really didn’t mean they were “hoes” but okay. Wayne refers to all his females as hoes but that dude is loved. Feeling like Wendy Williams right now. Lol. People claiming I got 5 seconds of fame. Lmfao. It’s IG. This ain’t sh*t.”

While I personally wouldn’t date a man who has a child with a woman whose ex-husband I used to be married to and whose children call my daughter their sister (waaaaay too complicated), people need to let these grown folks live. But what do you think of all this?

Lil Wayne Takes Aim At His Exes And Defends Girlfriend Christina Milian In New Song

October 17th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Threw a Bossy @$$ surprise party for the REALest I know.. #HBD #CakeDay Part✌️ #Duecé! The Queens of YM came out to play.. Love you guys!

View on Instagram


Ever since news spread that Christina Milian and Lil Wayne were having more than a working relationship (she’s an artist on YMCMB, which Wayne is the founder of), people have had quite a bit to say about their relationship, but more so, about Milian. People like Wayne’s ex, Nivea (and the mother of his son), and Candace Cabrera, a reality personality he was seen with for a little while, have been vocal in slamming the “Dip it Low” singer. And even everyday people watching from the outside looking in have tried to criticize Milian for getting involved with the rapper, knowing that he’s the ex-boyfriend of Nivea (Milian was also married and a had a child with Nivea’s ex-husband, The-Dream). They all have children in common. Through all of that, Wayne has been pretty quiet. But in a new song called “Take Kare” by Young Thug, Lil Wayne drops a verse about his appreciation for his new lady, while simultaneously slamming his former flames. His verse goes as followed:

They be hatin’ on my girl, though/And they wish they was the b***h they’re hatin’/Salutations to my old h*es/And thank you for your participation/No chaser for my girl though/She go harder than me on occasion/Gettin’ wasted with my girl/Then we 69 ’til we need ventilation/You don’t know about it/Gotta open new accounts ’cause the others overcrowded/Gotta open up the stores when they’re closed when we shoppin’/For my girl, wear the clothes that ain’t nobody rockin’/She so bad, I don’t know what to do with her/I know just what to do in her/Homies hit me up, they said they’re goin’ out tonight/I said I’m with my girl, tonight I can’t f**k with you ni**as/I’ma take kare of her

While I’m not sure how far things will go between him and Milian (especially since the rapper reportedly flew out his daughter and ex-fiancée, Dhea Sodano for his birthday last month, just days after Milian threw him a big Mardi Gras bash), but clearly they’re both happy with one another.

You can check out “Take Kare” in full here.