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Illuminating Your Locks: Tips for Shiny Hair

March 2nd, 2012 - By madamenoire
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By Chrissi J


Everyone asks about what they can do to make their hair grow, and to keep their hair moisturized, but are you checking to make sure your hair has shine? The kind of shine where your locks are shining when you step out in the sun? Try these tips to keeping your hair all aglow no matter what time of the year.

Cold Water closes your hairs pores so that your hair will reflect light rather than absorb it. The water doesn’t have to be freezing ice cold, but try giving your hair a cool blast after you shampoo & condition.

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum smells great & works wonders for most textures, especially fine hair. I would especially recommend it for straightened hair… It’s a gloss and isn’t heavy at all. For longer lasting and the shiniest of results, massage the Garnier ‘Sleek & Shine Anti Frizz Serum’ into your hair when it’s damp. No worries though, you can also use this product on dry hair as well.

Coconut Oil is great for all hair types & textures. It’ll definitely give you shine & moisture. You want to make sure that you only use unrefined coconut oil, and use it when hair is moist for best moisture penetration. Coconut oil is also great for hair growth and helps prevent hair loss. If you’ve ever had any severe breakage, try massaging coconut oil into the area and watch your hair grow back!

Grapeseed Oil coats the hair and is very great for shine. Grapeseed oil helps to repair brittleness and is a God-sent product for fine and straightened hair. It’s so light and doesn’t weigh the hair down at all. It’s not greasy or overly-oily and you can use it while your hair is damp or dry. You can also use grapeseed oil for a hot-oil treatment.

Almond Oil smells great and is also great for shine. Be careful not to use if you’re allergic to nuts though! Almond oil also great for hair growth and has been said to prevent hair loss.

Castor Oil is great for shine and maximum moisture. If you have straight hair, loose curls, or sometimes even fine hair, you’ll want to steer clean of this for everyday use as to not overdo it. But castor oil does make a great conditioning treatment for all types of hair. Soak your hair in castor oil for about 15-30 minutes after you shampoo and rinse thoroughly with warm/hot water. Castor Oil also great when used to twist locks!


Chrissi J is a hair-care specialist currently based in New York City, specializing in creative natural hairstyling and overall hair care. She is the originator of the Keepin’ It Kinky Campaign. Check out her work and videos at Keepin’ It Kinky and through her YouTube page.

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10 Common Natural Hair Habits You Should Stop…Now

February 14th, 2012 - By madamenoire
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By Chrissi J

For women with natural hair, we always ask 101 questions about our hair to figure out when it will grow, to know what products work for other people, to understand how to maintain our strands and more. But in the midst of trying to learn about our heads of hair, we’re making some mistakes that in the end could be damaging and even a waste of time and money. Time to make some changes!

1. Scratching!!!!

Hair Care Stylist PSA: PLEASE do not scratch your scalp! If you suffer from itchy scalp, first identify your problem. If your scalp is itching, the PH levels of it could be off balance. Pure peppermint oil is a great treatment for that. The causes of itchy scalp vary from lack of moisture on one hand, and over moisturizing on the other, both of which you can change. If you suffer from itchy scalp because of a medical condition, ie. psoriasis or eczema, you should consult your physician immediately.

“Why Won’t My Hair Grow?!” 4 Reasons Why Your Hair is Stalling

February 2nd, 2012 - By madamenoire
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By Chrissi J

“Why Won’t My Hair Grow?!”

There are several potential answers to this commonly asked question. Unless hair has been permanently damaged for some chemical or health-based reason, our hair is and always should be growing in one way or another. Growing slow, growing fast, growing in crazy directions–it should be growing nonetheless. Everyone’s hair grows on average about ¼ inch every month. If your hair seems to be growing less than that, here are some explanations as to why that may be and tips to help.

1. Breakage– In my experience, this is the number one reason hair seems not to grow. A lot of times we forget to moisturize the ends of our hair so they dry up and break off. You must remember that the curlier your hair, the less likely oil is to reach the end of the strands, so that’s where you need to step in. It is just as important to oil the ends of your hair, as it is to oil the scalp.

2. Split Ends– Split ends can be caused from lack of moisture, heat, chemicals, and plain carelessness. It’s important to trim chemically treated hair every 6-8 weeks, and natural hair every 3-5 months, and make sure to keep hair moisturized to avoid split ends. When hair splits at the end, it splits all the way up the shaft causing breakage and creating a thinner strand. Wearing weave and extensions can also cause split ends, so you will want to trim a little every time you take your extensions out.

3. Scalp Build Up– Grease and other heavy products can clog your scalps pores, stunting the growth of your hair. Your scalp needs to be able to breathe! Use light products that penetrate your scalp and hair. Try to use all-natural essential oils and avoid grease, wax, or jam. If heavy product is required for styling, be sure to shampoo or clean your scalp with an astringent at the end of the day.

4. Diet/Medication– Everything that goes into our body effects what comes out of it… including our hair. Make sure to maintain a healthy diet full of live foods and drink a lot of water. If you’re taking medication, speak with your nutritionist about taking vitamins. Biotin and Vitamin E are both great for hair growth.


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