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Allison Mathis Files For Bankruptcy; Says Bosh, Worth $109 Million, Only Pays $2K A Month In Child Support

January 31st, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Allison and Chris

I don’t know if you remember, but in 2012, the mother of Chris Bosh’s daughter Trinity, Allison Mathis, was fighting him on a couple of different issues. For one, she wanted a spot on Basketball Wives in 2012, but he blocked that attempt. Because of his intrusion, she claimed that she lost her spot on the show, along with the income she would have brought in for her daughter, and ended up having to petition for food stamps:

“I was offered a job on ‘Basketball Wives’ and I filmed a couple episodes and it leaked that I landed the job and Chris of course did not want me to go on it so he sued me to keep me from going on it. I would have made a hell of a lot of money than with other job offers that I’ve had.”

Secondly, they’ve been fighting over custody of their daughter, and with that, financial support for Trinity AND Allison. As of the middle of last year, he was battling for full custody, and there were allegations that he lied about his residency to keep from having to pay up hefty child support in Florida. Mathis felt that he should help her more with financial support since he’s more than able to.

“I’m not the only one and I don’t expect people to just to feel sorry for me and have pity on me, but I do think that the father of my child, given that he is able to help his child out, should be willing to.”

But he’s not helping Mathis, and since she hasn’t been able to receive more financial assistance for herself, Mathis has had to file for bankruptcy according to Radar Online. Mathis claims to be a part-time research assistant as far as employment, and that brings in a monthly income of $3,985. On top of that she has $320,446 in assets. However, after paying monthly expenses of $1,615, she’s not left with much. Mathis claims to only have $1,250 in her checking account and owes a whopping $286,946 to creditors. According to Radar she also has the following:

$18,000 in her savings account, furniture and jewelry worth $3,700, and a 2007 BMW worth about $15,000 and owes $284,000 on her Windemere, Florida home.

She gets $500 a month from her family to help with her income, and get this, only $2,685 in child support from Bosh, who during this NBA season stands to make $19.07 million  from a six-year contract that guarantees him $109 million.

You can check out the legal docs over at Radar Online for more of the low-down on homegirl’s finances. Share your thoughts about this whole messy situation below.

Adrienne And Chris Bosh Show Off 1-Month-Old Baby Dylan

December 5th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Adrienne and Chris Bosh with baby Dylan


The year 2013 has definitely been one for the babies. So many famous folks announced pregnancies or gave birth, and that includes Adrienne and Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat. Already the proud parents of baby Jackson (born in 2012), the couple welcomed their second child together into the world, baby girl Dylan Skye Bosh, on November 4. Now more than a month old, Adrienne had photos taken of her baby girl (just as she did with Jackson, and some were taken right after Dylan’s birth) and shared all the adorable pics on Instagram. A sleepy baby Dylan snapped photos with her brother, as well as cutie patootie sister Trinity, Chris Bosh’s daughter from his relationship with ex-girlfriend Allison Mathis. Check out all the cuteness overload below and share your thoughts.

Baby Dylan and Jaackson




baby dylan




Chris And Adrienne Bosh Welcome A Precious Baby Girl!

November 5th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Chris and Adrienne Bosh

Source: Instagram

Back in June we told you that Miami Heat star Chris Bosh and his wife, Adrienne, were expecting their second child together. The couple announced their upcoming birth with an adorable photo shoot starring their son Jack and Chris’ daughter from a previous relationship, Trinity. Last month Adrienne celebrated her pregnancy with Gabrielle Union and fellow basketball wives during a Parisian princess-themed baby shower. After much anticipation and tons of celebrating, Chris and Adrienne welcomed their new baby girl into the world yesterday. Adrienne made the birth announcement to fans via her Instagram page.

“What a perfect day to witness a miracle and be humbled by the beautiful process of Life and Love We appreciate all the well wishes, positivity, and words of support we have received! To my husband…you continue to bring life to my dreams and joy to my world. I Thank You for helping me welcome this perfect little angel #PrincessDylan #BoshFamily,” she captioned the above photograph.

Chris also took to Instagram with photos of his family’s latest addition.

Chris and Adrienne Bosh welcome a baby girl.

Source: Instagram

“I’m a father again! I can’t believe it!!!” he exclaimed.

They seem like such a happy family! And check out that little smile Dylan serving up. She’s already camera ready, which is great, because y’all know her mama loves a good photo shoot.

Adrienne Bosh Celebrates Pregnancy With Parisian Princess-Style Baby Shower

October 7th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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adrienne bosh baby shower

Source: Instragram

Adrienne Bosh had a baby shower fit for a queen over the weekend — or make that a Parisian princess — which is the nickname the wife of Miami Heat baller Chris Bosh is giving their little expectant one.

In May, we found out in the most adorable way possible that Chris and Adrienne were going to have another baby. At the time, the couple’s son, Jackson was just 1 year old, but the little cutie pie and Chris’s daughter, Trinity, from a previous relationship broke, the news in a super cute photo shoot. A month later, the siblings spilled the beans that the new baby was going to be a girl and this past Saturday we got a sneak peek into how spoiled this little “Parisian Princess” is going to be.

From elaborate flower arrangements to Chanel placards and gold cake pops, it’s clear no expense was spared for the celebration which brought out a slew of celebs, like Adrienne’s “basketball wife” in crime, Gabrielle Union. Check out all the pics from the baby shower in the shots below and on the next couple of pages. What do you think?

adrienne bosh baby shower

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

adrienne bosh baby shower

Source: Instagram

Is She Bumpin’ Her Gums… Again? Royce Bashes Chris Bosh’s Wife For Exploiting His Daughter

June 26th, 2013 - By La Truly
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Chris Bosh is seeking full custody of his daughter, Trinity, with his ex, Allison Mathis, who happens to be close friends with ex-”Basketball Wives” reality star, Royce Reed, who we already know is constantly in the headlines for “speaking her mind.” TMZ reported that Bosh is seeking custody because he feels Mathis is trying to alienate him from his child, keeping her from traveling with him and turning her against him, and upon hearing that news, Royce went off on Adrienne — on Twitter, mind you  – on her alleged “exploitation” of little Trinity, airing out the Boshes dirty laundry and calling foul on the way they are going about trying to keep Trinity from her mother.

In her tweets to Adrienne Bosh, Royce said:

“if it was abt Trinity y do u exploit her all the time like she’s never w/her mother when she is most of the time”

“why not mention the reason Trinity can’t travel overseas is bcuz she has chronic ear infections, & her DOCTOR denied travel”

“allison has repeatedly asked 4 a sit down w/ur new parenting coordinator. y yall keep canceling? oh and ur residence is tx? Ok :-(

While it is reasonable to want to support your friends, it seems that Reed is being a bit too messy. Isn’t this a fight that the lawyers should be having? If she’s as grown as she has claimed to be throughout her time on Basketball Wives it seems that she should give the public arguments a rest and and speak face-to-face, if it’s even necessary.

We previously reported on Chris Bosh claiming Texas to be his permanent residence, despite the fact that he is employed by the Miami Heat with a permanent address in Miami. The reason is as clear as day: child support payment is much less for Texas residents.

The Boshes story IS fishy at best but do you think Royce had a right to publicly speak out on an issue that doesn’t directly involve her?

The Fight For Trinity Continues: Chris Bosh Files Legal Documents Against Ex For Physical Custody Of Daughter

June 23rd, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Bosh family pf"

Chris with wife Adrienne and daughter Trinity (Johnny Louis/WENN)

“Chris Bosh, you just won another NBA championship! What are you going to do now?

“I’m going back to court to fight with my daughter’s mother!”

Yes, the ongoing battle between Bosh and Allison Mathis continues to roll on. According to TMZ, the Miami Heat forward has filed papers for primary physical custody of their daughter, Trinity.

Seriously, we just told you on Friday that she was filing papers saying he lied under oath about his residency.

The former couple has been fighting over child support, custody and anything else you can think of since Mathis was six months pregnant.

In his documents, Bosh says Mathis has been doing everything in her power to alienate him from Trinity, including blocking contact, not allowing her to travel with his family and smearing his name to their daughter.

Last year, Mathis did an interview where she stated Bosh was not a good provider and that she faced foreclosure on her home and was going to have to get on welfare because his $2,600 a month child support payments weren’t good enough. Bosh’s team fired back with documentation stating that not only does he pay child support and gives as much physical and emotional attention to Trinity as he can under the circumstances, but he also pays for schooling, extracurricular activities, medical expenses and more. They also provided proof that he gave her $250,000 in 2010.

Bosh, who married his wife Adrienne in 2011, also has a son and another baby on the way.

Mathis and her team have filed their own documents stating that Bosh’s claims are untrue.

This ongoing fight between Chris and Allison is really ridiculous and in the end, Trinity is the one who is really losing. Hopefully, they can one day find a resolution.

Ish Just Got Real: Chris Bosh’s Ex Set To Prove Player Lied Under Oath To Lessen Child Support

June 21st, 2013 - By La Truly
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Source: WENN

After a very long child support legal battle between Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh and the mother of his 3-year-old child, Allison Mathis, it seems like Bosh might be facing even more legal trouble. The two-time playoffs champion soothed murmurs that he would be traded from Miami by stating that he loved Miami and wanted to retire there. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who’s side you’re on) this statement directly conflicts with statements he made to be considered a Texas resident in earlier legal battles with his baby’s mother.

As we previously reported, Bosh claims Texas residency despite the fact that he both plays for the Miami Heat and lives there. Why? Simply put: Texas only requires $2,600 in monthly child support payment whereas Florida requires about $30,000.

We see what you did there Boshie, but it looks like it’ll all come back to bite you in the rear. According to the Miami Herald, Mathis’s attorney, Jane Carey, fully intends to use his declaration of Miami retirement against him:

“You can’t be a resident of Texas and retire in Florida.”

Carey plans to show and prove to the court that Bosh did, in fact, lie to lessen his support payments and she believes that the original lower court decision will be rescinded when it is all made clear.

I can’t imagine why Bosh wouldn’t want to supply the funds for his own child to live even a smidgen of how luxuriously he is living himself, but it looks like he might have to bite the bullet and pay up for running his mouth.

Do you think the original ruling will be overthrown? Should he have to pay $30,000 in child support for a toddler?

Chris And Adrienne Bosh Are Expecting A Baby Girl!

June 13th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Last month Adrienne Bosh announced that she and her NBA-playing hubby, Chris Bosh, were expecting baby number three via an adorable photo spread, featuring their 1-year-old son, Jack, and Chris’s adorable daughter, Trinity. Now it appears that the Bosh’s are announcing the sex of the baby in a similar way.

The family’s photographer, April Belle, recently posted this photo to her Instagram page, accompanied by a congratulatory message to the expectant parents.

“Sending love, light & congratulations to the Bosh family! Expecting a baby GIRL! @mrsadriennebosh@chrisbosh

Source: Instagram



Lil Wayne On Why He Called Out Adrienne Bosh: ‘I Was Too Turnt Up That Night’

June 12th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Earlier this year at an All-Star Weekend celebration, in what seemed to be a fit of frustration, Lil Wayne took the stage at Stereo Live in Houston and in a clear attempt to take shots at Miami Heats player, Chris Bosh, announced to a room full of party-goers that he slept with Bosh’s wife, Adrienne Bosh, before the pair hooked up, dated and eventually married.

“If you’re wondering why you didn’t see me at the All-Star Game it’s because I was banned from attending all NBA events. The Miami Heat got me banned. F**k NBA! F**k Lebron! F**k SheWade! F**k Chris Bosh! And I f**ked Chris Bosh wife!”

The TMI moment came after Lil Wayne was ejected from a Miami Heat-Los Angeles Lakers game. Not long after, during a radio interview with Miami’s 99 Jamz radio station, Weezy discussed his actions and revealed that he wasn’t the least bit remorseful about what he said.

“I don’t apologize for that night. That’s who I am, and yes, I did say those things,” he said.

The public diss was followed up by explosive claims made by an inside source who suggested that they had knowledge of Adrienne and Wayne’s relationship. The insider claimed that Bosh and Wayne’s relationship ended when she scammed him out of a hefty amount of money by stating that she had cancer and needed money for treatment. Once Wayne coughed up the cash, Adrienne allegedly disappeared.

It appears that Wayne has decided to let that grudge go, though. During a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, the “High School” rapper admitted that he was doing the most that night.

“I was too turnt up that night,” he humorously told Kimmel.

On a more serious note, he also revealed that seizure episodes are related to a medical condition that he’s been dealing with for a long time.

“It’s a private medical matter I’ve been dealing with my whole life. We’re used to them happening so my doctors prepped all my homies.”

Check out part one of his interview below. Flip the switch for part two.

Chris Bosh And Wife Adrienne Are Expecting Another Baby!

May 14th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

If there is one thing that we absolutely love here at Madame Noire, it’s adorable little ones. We’re thrilled to report that Miami Heat player, Chris Bosh and his wife Adrienne Bosh are expecting another child. Adrienne took to her Twitter page yesterday to announce the wonderful news via these adorable photos of their two children holding signs with cute phrases etched onto them such as:

“Guess what?!”

“I’m a big sister again!”

“I’m being promoted to big brother.”

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Along with one of the photos, Adrienne posted a message to her Twitter page, confirming the news.

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 12.17.39 PMThe new baby will actually be the couple’s second child together and Chris’ third child. They already have a one-year-old son, Jackson. Chris also has an adorable little girl named Trinity (pictured above) from a previous relationship. The Bosh family just got through celebrating little Jackson’s first birthday earlier this month.

Screen shot 2013-05-14 at 12.24.23 PM

We’re not really sure how far along Adrienne is in her pregnancy, but we’re assuming she’s still in the early stages, as she doesn’t appear to be showing in recently released photos. We’re very happy for the Bosh family. Fatherhood looks good on Chris and this has got to be one of the most adorable pregnancy announcements we’ve seen in a long time!

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