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Where You Been? Cassandra Lucas Of Changing Faces

March 12th, 2014 - By Brande Victorian
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Remember Changing Faces? Better yet, remember the 1994 hit “Stroke You Up” by the R&B duo…”Would you mind if I stroke you up (I don’t mind)”?

When the Millennium came and went, so did Cassandra Lucas and Charisse Rose, but we’ve found one half of the sultry female group and she’s here to catch us up on where she’s been these past 15 years and what happened to Changing Faces after their ’97 hit “G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T.” Check out the video up top with Cassandra Lucas of Changing Faces as we ask her “Where You Been?”

Pied Pipeeeeer: 10 Songs You Probably Didn’t Know R. Kelly Wrote

July 11th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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R. Kelly

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Say what you want about R. Kelly personally (we get it, he’s a mess), but musically his contributions to the jams on our iPods has been major. When we’re not listening to one of his classics (my personal favorite is the “I Can’t Sleep” remix), we’re listening to somebody else’s music that he wrote and produced. And while you can often tell when he’s written a song for an artist (he sometimes does background vocals for them or appears in their video), sometimes his contributions go unnoticed. But not anymore! Here are 10 songs written by the R-uh that you might not have known he was behind.

“808” by Blaque

Boom like an “808” was by R. Kelly? Tis true, tis true. It was written solely by Kelly and he also helped to produce the track. Released in 1999, they were the supposed to be the new Millennium’s TLC, and they gained a lot of attention out the gates with this song. It was a hit, peaking at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100, and four on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Tracks.

Where Are They Now: ’90s R&B Groups, Part Deux

January 2nd, 2013 - By Kendra Koger
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Hello wonderful Readers!  As you all know, Kendra is nothing else if she isn’t dedicated to making you all happy.  So, when I’m not talking in third person (which I just did on the fly, weird experience, but Kendra digs) I try to find ways to make you all smile.  When I did the first 90s Where Are They Now, QueenNTheMaking said:  “This list needs a part 2,” and Queenie, I’m hear to abide.  Here are SOME of the groups that you requested (seeing that some of the others have been covered on this site already, and someone broke down “H-Town’s” fate in the comment section).

All right, let’s get to it!


A Youtube commenter said:  “Before there was swag, there was steelo,” and how right they were.  The group 702 who hailed from Las Vegas came on the scene in 1996 after being discovered by Sinbad, mentored by Michael Bivins, and had a few member changes hit the scene hard with songs like “Steelo,” “Get it Together,” and “Where My Girls At.”

In 2001, the group took an hiatus and Kameelah Williams decided to go the solo route.  She sang background for people like Faith Evans and Missy, and she wrote a few tracks for Faith on her Faithfully album.  When Kameelah left, she was replaced by Cree Lamore and the newly formed group performed a single from the Pootie Tang soundtrack.  In 2003 Kameelah came back from touring with other artists and they gave Cree the boot, and released the album Star, that placed on the Billboard R&B charts.  But in 2008, original member, Orish Grinstead, the twin sister to Irish Grinstead sadly died of kidney failure.

In 2010, Kameelah announced on her twitter that she was working on a solo album, she performed in a SWV tribute concert in honor of Coco’s birthday at BB King’s,  Oh, and she also had a child with Musiq Soulchild and the two have been together for 3 years.  She’s still cool with the girls (who have been relatively quiet since their last album), but don’t look for a reunion anytime soon.  Check out Meelah’s own thoughts in an interview she conducted with

Where Are They Now? 11 Singers and Rappers Who Didn’t Blow Up Like We Thought They Would…

August 30th, 2012 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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We’ve talked many a time about people we used to jam to in the music industry who didn’t go as far and become as big of staples in said industry as we thought they would. To put it less than nicely, they fell off. It could have been that their sound just wasn’t all that, or that their look wasn’t HOT enough (no crotch shots, no love) for the mainstream, but you won’t find these people with near as many fans as say a Drake or a Rihanna has today. Not to say that they didn’t have their share of success, but c’mon, where are they now?



After Amerie dropped her debut album, All I Have, the future looked incredibly bright for the Korean and African American singer. She had a different look, a different voice, and a great personality. And once she dropped “One Thing,” the lead single for her second album (Touch), which hit number eight on the Billboard Hot 100, I assumed more and more doors were going to open for the singer. But while she had Beyonce’s producers for her second album, she didn’t have Bey’s success. Though Touch did reach gold status, it wasn’t enough for her label, Columbia Records. She was dropped in 2007. Since then, Amerie released another album, In Love and War, which didn’t sell well at all thanks to a lack of radio support. She has hopes to release a new album, under the name Ameriie, and she’s given herself a big makeover by chopping off her hair and slimming down her nose.


10 Blush-Worthy R&B Duets

March 29th, 2011 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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With the help of a continuously embattled (but still Hot) Chris Brown, last week, Keri Hilson debuted the song and video “One Night Stand” from her album, No Boys Allowed. The Hot duet, scorching from the recording to the dark video and its synchronized dance breakdown, brought to mind all the dope duets in Hot R&B over the years. Not the lovey-dovey Ashford & Simpson or Marvin & Tammi type joints, but the make your ears melt and make you turn it down when people come around type tracks. There’s too many to narrow down, but here are a few you’ll need to get a hold of ASAP.