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A Little Business, A Lot Of Pleasure: Serena And Her Coach Spotted Getting Cozy!

December 22nd, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Serena in red pf"


A few months ago, tennis champ Serena Williams was spotted in Milan seemingly wrapped in arms with her tennis coach, Patrick Mouratoglou. Everybody was talking about it because not only is he obviously much older than Serena but because it was also rumored that he was married.  Serena actually took to Twitter to ask a cameraman to stop taking pictures because it had people assuming false things.

See, this is why you shouldn’t lie about things when pictures tell the entire story.

Our good friends over at Hip Hop Wired have posted a gallery of pictures of Serena and Patrick super booed up over in Mauritius on a boat catching sun with friends as they begin training for the Australian Open. In the pictures, Serena is spotted kissing on him, he’s feeling on her boo-HOO-ty (that’s the R. Kelly voice) and the obligatory hand holding picture. She can tweet all she wants but I don’t know any other conclusion you can jump to other than this is more than a working relationship.

We know Serena hasn’t had the best luck with men over the last few years (even though some of you are still hoping for a reunion with Common) and it’d be nice to see her in a good relationship if that’s what she wants.  But if he’s married…Serena, you in trouble, girl.  The idea of her possibly dating a married man will likely not go over well with fans.

Here’s to hoping he’s not married and this works out because if not, she’ll be under major scrutiny and she’ll be looking for a new coach.

We’re going to keep an eye out on this one, for sure.

Ask a Very Smart Brotha: Freshmen Woes & Possessive Types

January 4th, 2012 - By madamenoire
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Dear Champ,

I’m a freshman in college and I’m finding I’m having some trouble in the love department. I’ve been single for almost a year now and my last relationship was quite well…horrible, to say the least. All the issues my ex and I had have been left in the past and we are on good terms (which was a big step for us). I want to start getting back out there and dating but I feel like guys only want one thing from me…the goods. I’m still a virgin and will be until I feel its the right time but that seems to be all the guys that talk I’ve talked to or approach me about. They say they just want to have fun right now but we can still do the do. NO Sir! I want something special and real but it seems unrealistic at this moment because college boys (or any other boys for that matter) are not trying to commit if you are not at least not putting out and I know I can’t be one of those girls. I know I’m pretty and that I have a lot to offer in a relationship and to a guy but I’m not the best looking girl around. I have realistic but high standards when it comes to guys, physically and personality/characteristic wise which makes me kind of picky so I turn a lot of guys down (or just because I don’t want another let down). Since I’ve been in college I’ve also had quite an attraction for white males but don’t know how to show them I’m a black girl that is interested in their race. I hate approaching males out of fear of rejection and because I want to be chased but I have before. I need some advise on how to find the “good guys” and maybe even branch out into new areas for love because my method doesn’t seem to be working. I recently meet a guy and he was almost everything I could have ask for but like all the guys I almost there is one little detail that sends me running. he had just got out of a relationship and was still in love with an ex who wanted nothign to do with him. I really liked this guy but for the sake of protecting myself from hurt, I stopped talking to him. I refuse to be in a relationship where I am not happy but at the same time I just want something real and to be in love. I guess I’m just looking for some advise from the male perspective.


Single and Looking

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Ask a Very Smart Brotha: My Best Friend is Dating a Married Man

December 22nd, 2011 - By madamenoire
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"woman consoling friend"

Dear Champ,

When I was in college, I met and then became best friends with a very smart, pretty, down-to-earth young woman. Everything about her was fun and bright; except for the abusive relationship that she was in with her lowlife, longtime boyfriend. Throughout the years, my friend tried very hard to stay positive and hide her unhappiness. She was successful for the most part, but she couldn’t hide all of her bruises, black eyes or the broken arm he gave her as a Christmas gift in our senior year. The routine of her getting beaten up and then weeks or sometimes just mere days later making up with the guy, confused and angered me and our other close friends. About a year after we graduated, she and the guy moved in together and shortly after, she became pregnant. She was so happy to be pregnant and I wanted to be happy for her, but all things considered, I was actually upset because I was sad and scared for her and the baby. We got in a huge fight because of my lack of support. She (not so nicely) asked me to stay out of her life. I complied. A year went by before she contacted me. When she did I learned that she miscarried at four months after a particularly brutal fight with the lowlife…We cried about it, rekindled our friendship and she told me that his causing her to lose their child finally gave her the urgent motivation to move on.

My friend had been single since the incident. She was very introverted and somber all the time…Given everything she’s been through, I completely understood, but I didn’t want her moping around forever. Sso I encouraged her to fix herself up, go out, and live. She did. She met an actor who stars on a popular TV series–a very MARRIED actor with kids! She confided that they’ve been having unprotected sex…

I feel like she’ll only end up being hurt again. Maybe not physically, but definitely emotionally. He is the first man that my friend has been with since coming out of her shell, so to speak. She is so happy and giddy and I am ecstatic about that aspect because I hadn’t seen her smile in so long that I damn near thought she forgot how. I really don’t want to steal her joy and I don’t want to tell her what’s on my mind and get into another big fight with her, but biting my tongue is beginning to hurt. I find myself distancing myself from her and I hate this. So, I ask you, what should I do? Do I speak up? Will it cause a fight? Should I just mind my business and be a supportive friend?

-Sincerely, Walking On Eggshells.

Ask a Very Smart Brotha: Booty Calls and Greedy Goldfish

August 24th, 2011 - By madamenoire
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Dear Champ,

Perhaps you can help me with a strange situation I have never found myself in and I’m trying to make sense out of it. I met a guy about a year and half ago. When we first met at a gathering, sparks were flying between the two of us. We were totally smitten by each other the entire time we were there. If there was ever a such thing as a Soul Mate, we were probably close. However, after awhile, it was obvious that a romantic relationship was out of the question. His secrecy and emotional maturity bothered me and it became more than a notion to try to get him to open up truthfully to me. Even though things didn’t work out between us romantically, we still liked each other on a personal level, and we developed somewhat of a friendship—–over the phone!

For some reason, he is content with this phone friendship. We talk 24/7, day and night, night and day for months and months. But, we have very little face-to-face interaction. Now, he claims that he lives in another state, but I never believed it. I believe he lives in the same state and city as I do. Whenever he claims he’s in town, it’s like pulling teeth to get him to visit me.The few times we have spent together, we had a great time (and electrifying sex). I have invited him to different events but he never comes. He always gives me some excuse about his money being low.

Sometimes I feel like he wants me but he can’t articulate it. He’ll do strange stuff like ask me if I’ll move to a new city with him if he decides to relocate, or one time, without my knowledge, he tried to get me a job in the city he says he lives in. But then, there are times where I feel like I’m simply his “friend” and nothing more. For instance, he’ll talk to me about other women he’s been seeing.

I have broken this relationship off several times because I don’t like it, yet he ALWAYS comes back!! It’s not going anywhere, it’s not getting any better, and I’m not interested in playing this game any more. I told him that I’m bored with this and that he needs to be honest and tell me the truth about a lot of things (namely his life and his feelings about me), but he refuses. So I cut him off for good this time. So my question is, why doesn’t he leave me alone? I’ve been as patient as I can be, hoping that he would eventually come around and be truthful, but he still hasn’t and I’m done. From a man’s perspective, what is this about because I honestly don’t get it. What is he getting out of having a phone-friendship without any face-to-face interaction? Truthfully, I get nothing from it.

Thoroughly confused