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Kenya Moore Is Not Alone: Celebrities Who Tried And Failed At Matchmaking

May 20th, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Kenya Moore isn’t the only celebrity having no luck with matchmaking. These stars said that when they tried to seek help to find Mr. Right or Mrs. Right, things went horribly left for them.

Do Honorary Degrees Devalue The PhD?

May 13th, 2015 - By Tanvier Peart
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Kanye West honorary degree, via Kim Kardashian West Instagram


Well folks, I think I have seen everything. Kanye West just received an honorary doctorate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Thankful for the recognition, “The College Dropout” Grammy winner also mentioned how important the art of “I’m sorry” can be. “‘I’m sorry’ is something you can use a lot,” mentioned West. “It gives you the opportunity to give your opinion, apologize for it and give your opinion again.”

I personally never understood why colleges are willing to hand out honorary degrees, but do understand the marketing ploy. Having a socially relevant and influential figure associated with your institution can certainly help when it comes to funding and attracting applicants. Yet it seems like these days they’ll hand almost anyone an honorary doctorate.

Do you think standards have gone out the window when it comes to the recipient? Or is anyone who makes a splash in pop culture fair game?

“Recipients of honorary doctorate degrees do not earn the degree through academic achievements, rather with generous and altruistic actions or lifetime accomplishments that benefit a community, nation or humanity in general,” one site notes.

This might explain why figures like Bill Gates, Oprah and the late Maya Angelou have complimentary degrees. They made significant contributions to society. Now we want to add Kanye West into the mix? Just to put things in perspective a little, the late great Steve Jobs (y’all remember him) who once gave an amazing commencement speech at Stanford University and didn’t even receive a honorary doctorate. He thought it was weird!

Like West, Jobs was a college dropout whose success is a testament to hard work and dedication. Come to think of it, many celebrity recipients of an honorary doctorate either dropped out of college or didn’t attend at all. Both Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and True Blood star Alexander Skarsgård are two examples of people who received an honorary degree from the very college they left. Mike Tyson dropped out of high school and received a Doctorate of Human Letters from Central State University.

I guess better late than never?

At the end of the day, honorary degrees are subjective. If a college or university feels someone is an appropriate recipient, they will have no problem giving out a doctorate to a celebrity. We might agree with some and side eye others, but ultimately just have to nod and keep it moving.

And what about celebrities with shamed legacies like Bill Cosby? Given he has well over 15 honorary degrees, should they be rescinded?

I personally don’t have a PhD. It’s too much school for me, but who knows what can happen down the road. I do however know plenty of friends and relatives who went to school and put in the hard work to obtain one. Some don’t care if a celebrity gets an honorary doctorate while others think it sets the wrong tone for those pursuing higher education. Why pay so much money to the point of debt when you can just have one handed to you?

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Financial Sense Or Attachment Issues? Do Celebrities Get A Pass For Living With Their Parents?

April 17th, 2015 - By Tanvier Peart
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It feels like society frowns upon people living with their parents, and yet, it seems like more and more celebrities are doing it.

Is something not considered taboo if you make millions?

For the most part, I don’t think many adults want to share a roof with their parents. Outside of being a buzz kill for personal relationships, many of us go to college and work hard to have something of our own. You also don’t want your mother or father trying to dictate how you live.

When I left home for college at 17, I told myself I wasn’t going to come back to my parents. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great childhood, but I wanted to be independent. Outside of staying with my mom for a semester when I transferred colleges, I’ve pretty much lived on my own up until I met my husband and got married.

Everyone has their own individual needs and preferences. I know a few people who had to move back in with their parents due to a job loss, desire to pay down a debt, or save up for a house. Living with your folks to make a sound financial decision is smart, though most of our society would look down on people who do it instead trying to see the reason behind their choice. For example, how many people are turned off after hearing a prospective boyfriend or girlfriend still lives with their parents? You might even go so far as to call them “moochers,” lazy, or having some weird attachment issue to their folks.

I’ve been guilty of side eyeing a family member who had no problem moving back in with her parents after college, and did little or nothing to “maintain her keep.” Because she didn’t have to pay rent, she was able to pay off most if not all of her debt, and yet, didn’t feel the need to help around the house or pick up after herself. I’m sorry, but you really can’t complain about how hard it is to be an adult when you don’t cook or clean for yourself, and have someone else do your laundry.

Doesn’t work that way boo.

After learning Bow Wow (or Shad Moss) lives in the basement of his mother’s house with fianceé Erica Mena, I grabbed a snack and started looking through the comments. It seems like people are 50-50 when it comes to his situation. On one hand, he’s playing it smart by living with his mother, especially when you consider his new gig on CSI:Cyber is still fresh. That didn’t stop criticism from coming in that he needs to be a better provider for his soon-to-be wife.

And what about Bradley Cooper who moved his mother into his house after his father passed? Perhaps that was the reason why he and his ex Suki Waterhouse have been so on-again/off-again.

While I personally couldn’t live with my parents, I’m not going to knock someone who chooses to do so (not counting my relative. Her laziness is public knowledge). In the case of Bow Wow, the home he shares with his mother is a mansion. Lord only knows the number of rooms and the privacy everyone has. Hopefully he has a great relationship with his mother that includes a love and mutual respect for his future wife. Should things go left, he and Mena can always get a place of their own considering they have the money to do so.

Then again, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your parents at a small distance, like a guesthouse or nearby property.

What do you think about people who live with their parents?

Work! 15 Celebrity Women We Can’t Believe Are Over 60

April 15th, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Instagram

Image Source: Instagram

Tina Knowles looks stunning in her recent wedding photos. And the newlywed and mother of two isn’t the only celebrity woman keeping us inspired. We can’t believe these gorgeous celebrity women are over 60. They look amazing at any and every age!

Did You Know? Celebrity Men Who Admit To Having Plastic Surgery

March 5th, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Women aren’t the only ones who get a nip and a tuck. These celebrity men who admit to having plastic surgery say they’re not ashamed to say they’ve had some work done.

A Kanye West Video Game? When Do We Stop Buying Into A Celebrity’s Brand?

February 25th, 2015 - By Tanvier Peart
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Borrow money


Is our society so focused on pop culture and celebrities that we need to buy everything they throw at us? Don’t get me wrong, there are some products and even services that are pretty darn good, but I’m starting to side-eye those who will put anything on the shelves for a dollar.

In case you didn’t hear, Kanye West has plans to get into the video game industry. This shouldn’t be anything too surprising considering Mrs. West (Kim Kardashian) tried her luck at a mobile game about life and luxury that grossed millions. What makes Kanye’s idea very left field is its focus. He wants you to help his mother get into heaven. “The idea is it’s my mother going through the gates of Heaven,” Kanye explained during a radio interview. “You gotta bring her to the highest gates of heaven by holding her to the light.”

Say what now?

While the thought of trying to honor his late mother in some way is nice, this concept for a video game is a bit…eerie. Plus if you’re a believer in heaven, you kinda know there are certain steps a person needs to take before they pass away to get an admission ticket to the upper room. I’m just saying.

This had me thinking about celebrities, their brands and the things they try to get us common folk to buy. Some items make sense and some things don’t, but if you really enjoy the entertainer, you might be willing to shell out a few bucks. I personally enjoy Steve Harvey and his brand of humor and inspirational reads. Even though he has a ton of jobs, his brand message is pretty consistent which gives a certain authenticity to his thoughts.

Kanye and his “get me into heaven” video game idea doesn’t make a ton of sense, which begs the question: At what point do we stop buying into a celebrity brand?

Maybe his camp doesn’t advise him on trying to create a cohesive image considering his volatile and out-the-box behavior. After all, not everything has to be about music as he has expressed an interest in fashion and design. Perhaps his followers will pick up a copy of this video game when it comes out to support his evolving empire. If fans of his wife were willing to spend their hard-earned money to live her life through a virtual game, who’s to say they won’t do the same for him?

I get the importance of trying to get all the money you can while you’re still relevant. Not everyone is afforded the opportunity of lasting more than 15 minutes. It just seems like certain stars are focused on selling products to gain a check instead of being authentic about the things they enjoy. How many times have we seen a photo–or read a tweet–about a Kardashian pitching a “must have” product that worked for them? Honey you more than likely didn’t use that, so why are you trying to push it on us?

At some point, we’re going to get tired of your “hustle.”

Personally I think there are some serious emotional issues Kanye should uncover in therapy not in a video game. Then again, can you really blame him for working through his issues while getting paid?

Are You Even Excited To Watch? Major 2015 Oscar Snubs & Nominations

January 15th, 2015 - By Tanvier Peart
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The Academy Awards is one of the biggest award shows of the year, and yet, this year’s list of nominees is not all that exciting. Could it be the highlighted films were so-so — or all the “snubbery” happening? Here’s a rundown of this year’s Oscar nominations and people they failed to recognize.

FYI — all of the acting nominees are White.


Golden Globes 2015: Winners, Surprises and Pop Culture Discussions

January 12th, 2015 - By Tanvier Peart
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George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin Clooney


Last night, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler took to the stage to host the Golden Globes for the final time. The comedic duo always bring something interesting to the table when it comes to celebrities and pop culture. In case you missed the big event, here’s a rundown of the winners, surprising losers and unexpected antics.

Winners & Snubs From The 2015 People’s Choice Awards

January 8th, 2015 - By Tanvier Peart
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Anthony Anderson

John Rasimus/Future Image/

Did you tune in to see the 2015 People’s Choice Awards? Hosted by Mom stars Anna Faris and Allison Janney, the night honors some of the best entertainers in film, television and music. What makes this awards show unique are the voters — the people. Here’s a rundown of the night’s winners and those who should’ve won.

New Year, New Love? 2014 Celebrity Divorces

January 2nd, 2015 - By Tanvier Peart
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Nick Cannon is upset over Mariah diss album reports: "I will never say anything negative about Mariah Carey. We are forever a family rooted in love."


Happy New Year! Did you make any resolutions for 2015? One popular promise is to not bring baggage from the past into your future, that includes any past partners. It’s certainly no secret how quick stars join together and separate, but did some of these celebrity divorces surprise you?